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"Good morning, grandpa." A boy with big black hair that went in seven directions and a monkey said to a small orange ball with four stars inside of it as he bowed. The boy smiled happily.

"I'll be back soon, see you later grandpa." He said cheerfully as he ran out of the small hut.

Then the orange mystical ball started to mysteriously glow, and little did the small boy know, today was going to be the day everything changed for him.

~Dragon Ball The Grand Adventures~

Find the Dragon Balls! Look out for them all!
You can search around the world with me.
Gotta heed the call of magic Dragon Balls!
What a great adventure this will be.
You can climb on board, 'cause the Nimbus doesn't wait!
A fantastic journey for your dreams - a thrilling mystery!

Through the fires of time, they've waited patiently.
When all seven balls you find, the Dragon is set free.
Rising, rising, mesmerizing, unbridled ecstasy.
Radiant and shining, hidden somewhere in the field,
Luminous and blinding, with your desire revealed.
Ageless, timeless, what you'll find is beyond belief!

Let's try, try, try, look high and low!
Search the sky and the sea below!
Let's try, try, try, seize the day
And make new friends along the way!

Find the Dragon Balls! Look out for them all!
Come and hunt those Dragon Balls with me.
Gotta heed the call of magic Dragon Balls!
What a great adventure this will be.
Set a course for action, adventure doesn't wait!
A fantastic journey for your dreams - a thrilling mystery!

~Dragon Ball The Grand Adventures~

"Come on little fish... Don't be shy." The boy said happily as he put his tail in the river and waited for the fish to arrive.

He soon let his tail out of the water and followed by an enormous fish that was even bigger than the boy.

He grabbed the fish by the tail and started to swing it above himself and wouldn't loosen his grip on it, causing it to become dizzy. And its time has come as it has been out of water for too long already. How unfortunate...

"Ha ha, this might be my perfect lunch. It might even last me for an hour." The kid said cheerfully as he started heading back to the hut, dragging the fish behind him.


A sixteen year old girl was driving in her car along the road of the mountain. She stopped the car though to get out and slide her arm across her fore-head and take out a small device. In the centre there was a red triangle and two orange circles and close to them was another orange circle. The small device continuously beeped.

"Ahhh... There we go. I am close to the third Dragon Ball." The blue haired sixteen year old girl said happily.

"Hopefully it's not too dangerous up there." She continued as she put the device in her waist pocket and hopped back into her car and continued driving.

"Sir, we have located another dragon ball. Shall we send some of our troops over to-" A girl with short light purple hair said until she got interrupted.

"No. Our troops we'll need someone that is more experienced in this sort of activity... Our regular soldiers wouldn't even last a day to even get that dragon ball. Check to see if there are any decent fighters in the area." A male's voice ordered.

"Right, boss." The female answered. She walked over to a computer with a bunch of files loaded.

"Ah Ha." She said with a small grin on her face.

"What? Did you find someone that may be of some use?"

"Yes sir." The girl snickered.

"Well then, what is the name of this person? And what kind of information do you have?"

"It is a teenager named Yamcha. He is a strong desert bandit with the ability to use a technique known as the 'Wolf Fang Fist.' And he hasn't lost a battle in his entire life." The purple haired explained. "The only problem is..."

"What? What is it?" The 'boss' said with a little bit of nervousness in his voice.

"The only problem is that Yamcha is so stubborn that he wouldn't follow our commands that easily." The female said as she was scratching her chin.

"Ah... I see. Does he have any weaknesses or someone or something that he really cares about?" The boss wondered.

"Not that I... Ah ha. He has one weakness. He has a fear of... Pretty girls... He has extreme shyness around girls and he can get pretty distracted. And as for people or things that he cares about, he has one friend named Puar."

"Hmm... That could be useful. Tell me more about this 'Yamcha' please."

Meanwhile... The boy was just hanging around with the local monkeys. (Literally) He was sharing the fruits that were in the trees with them while he left the fish that he caught earlier on the ground just under the tree that he was hanging in.

"This stuff is good." He said as he took another mouthful out of his banana with a big smile on his face.

Just then he heard something, like a roaring of some sort. He looked at the direction it was coming from and swung off of the branch that his tail was wrapped around and he went on the road to see if he could try to get a better look at it. The roaring was getting louder and the boy reached for the pole that was hanging on his back. After a short while the boy saw the strange vehicle and took out his pole.

The girl that was inside the car only just noticed the small spiky haired boy that was on the road. She screamed out as she tried to turn the wheel, but she did it just a second too late as she hit the boy and he slammed into a nearby tree and dropped the pole that he had in his hands next to him. The teenage girl quickly got out of her car and let out a quick gasp.

"Oh, no. Did I kill him?" She asked herself nervously. She then saw the boy moving.

"Ow!" He yelled out. "That hurts."

She let out half a sigh of relief and a confused gasp. "You-You're still alive?" She stammered.

The boy quickly grabbed his pole and stood back up.

"What did you do that for?" He asked as he held his head.

"Look kid, it's not my fault that you were on the road. What did you think you were doing-Huh? Hey get away from my car and stop poking it with you stupid stick." The girl ordered.

The boy turned around to face her.

"Hey, this isn't stupid. And it's not a stick. My grandpa gave me this Power Pole." The boy said as he held up his pole.

"Same thing." The teenage girl simply said as she looked away. "Hey, stop poking me!" She yelled out as the young boy started to poke her with his Power Pole.

"I'm just wondering what you are. You don't look like anyone I have seen before. The only person I have ever seen is my grandpa, but he had to leave a long time ago. Why do you look so different to him?" The boy asked, obviously confused.

"Well silly, it's because I'm a girl. Haven't you ever seen one before?"

"Whoa! So you're a girl?" The boy yelled out.

"Wow, you really haven't seen one before."

The boy looked at the girl's hand.

"Hey! That's my grandpa! Give him back." He said as he snatched the orange ball off and out of the girl's hand.

"Hey, give me back my Dragon Ball, kid!" The blue haired girl screamed.

The boy turned his head, confused. "Dragon Ball? What's that?"

"Wait, so you must have a Dragon Ball too. If you take me to where your grandpa usually is, and I will prove to you that I didn't take him away from you."

"Okay..." The boy said cautiously. "Just let me go get my fish." He said eagerly as he ran to the trees and picked up his two-hundred pound fish.

"Did you actually catch that thing?" The girl said nervously.

"Yup!" The boy said proudly.

The two started walking towards the hut that the boy lives in.

"By the way, my name's Goku." The boy said with a big smile on his face. "What's yours?"

"My name's Bulma..." The girl said quietly.

Goku stopped walking, dropped the fish's tail and started rolling on the ground laughing as loud as he could.

"Hey, shut up! It sure beats Goku!" The girl yelled furiously.

But Goku was still laughing. "Bulma! Bulma! Bulma!" He said as he laughed.

Bulma groaned in annoyance. "Come on let's just go." She said as she continued walking with Goku following not too far behind still giggling a little.

Moments later...

"Here we are!" Goku said excitedly as he ran over to his small orange ball.

"I don't get it. How could there be two grandpas?" Goku said as he held the four star ball.

"I told you kid, they are called Dragon Balls. And I have actually got another one with me..." Bulma said as she reached for her waist pocket and pulled out another Dragon Ball. "See?"

Goku looked at the Dragon Ball closely and back at Bulma.

"What is going on?" He asked still confused.

"You see these are called Dragon Balls. There are seven of them in all and once someone collects all of them, an eternal dragon named Shenron comes out and he can grant that person one wish, for anything they want at all." Bulma said. "Of course it usually takes a lifetime to collect them all, but I have this." She said as she pulled out a small device. "It can show me the exact location of where all of the Dragon Balls are. It's called a Dragon Radar." Bulma explained.

Goku blinked confused. "But what sort of wish would you want?" He asked.

"It's a secret." Bulma simply stated

"Aww... Come on Bulma... Tell me, we are friends after all right?" Goku complained.

"Sorry Goku, no." Bulma said.

"Fine then. If you won't tell me then I'm going to have to use my best technique." Goku said with a small giggle.

Meanwhile, with the Red Ribbon army...

"He's still not coming out from his hiding place..." One of the soldiers said impatiently.

"He'll come out soon. Don't be so impatient." Another said calmly.

"Yamcha! Yamcha! We have company!" A high pitched cat squeaked.

"Do you have an idea on what they might want?" A teen boy asked.

"I think they want to talk to you Yamcha." The small cat answered.

"Fine. But keep your guard up. We don't know what people are planning these days." Yamcha answered as he stood up.

"He's here." The first soldier said as he prepared his gun along with the rest of the army.

Just as he said that Yamcha walked cautiously towards them, gripping onto his sword just in case he needed to use force, with the small blue cat gripping onto his shoulder.

"Alright what do you guys want? I have things I need to do and I don't like it when people waste my time, got it?" He said confidently.

Yamcha looked at the soldiers arms and noticed a red ribbon wrapped around them.

"Aren't you... The Red Ribbon Army?" He asked as he started to slowly pull out his sword.

"Why yes we are, and you're Yamcha aren't you?" A soldier answered.

"How do you know my name?" Yamcha gasped as he revealed his sword to the army.

"We know everything about you Yamcha, your weaknesses, your techniques, your fears, and your advantages in battle." Another soldier replied.

Yamcha charged towards the soldiers quickly, ready to attack them by using his sword.

"Stop...!" The front soldier yelled out.

Yamcha did as he was told to see what the terrible army was about to say.

"...Or don't you care about Puar?" The soldier holding the blue car questioned.

Yamcha then started to growl. "Puar transform now!" Yamcha said, obviously caring about his friend.

Puar nodded quickly but then the soldier put a strange collar around her neck.

She struggled for a while but then gave up.

"I can't Yamcha." She said sadly.

"What did you do?" Yamcha yelled.

"Just enabled her powers, and for as long as this collar is on her, she can't use them at all." The soldier explained.

Yamcha stared and growled at all of soldiers with steaming anger; he didn't want his only friend to get hurt.

"Now put your weapon down." A soldier ordered. Yamcha let out a sigh of defeat and did as he was told.

"Now step away from it." Once again Yamcha had no choice, he backed away slowly until the sword was out of arms reach and put his hands up in the air to show that he gave up and doesn't have any more weapons on him.

"Please, I will do anything just let Puar go." Yamcha pleaded.

The soldiers let out a small laugh.

"Sorry we can't do that. If we did then you wouldn't do a thing that we asked." The soldier stated.

"Just do as we ask, and we will let you and your little friend go."

"What do you want?" Yamcha growled.

"...Yamcha, no..." Puar said softly.

"...Aww... I thought that would've worked." Goku said sadly.

"Fine, kid, you win and so I will tell you what I want to wish for." Bulma said panting from how much she got tickled.

"My wish is for the perfect boyfriend." Bulma stated dreamingly.

Goku gave her a confused expression.

"Well, aren't I a perfect boyfriend?" He asked.

"What are you talking about?" Bulma asked.

"Well, I am a boy and I am your friend right?" He asked, not getting what a boyfriend actually is.

"Man, kid you really have to learn about the real world." Bulma muttered.

"I told you, my name's Goku." Goku said annoyed.

"So, can I have that Dragon Ball of yours?" Bulma asked.

Goku thought about it for a while and then an idea clicked into his head.

"Okay then, but only if I can come with you and you give him back to me once you are done with him." Goku said as he held tightly onto the Dragon Ball.

"Okay, deal." Bulma said happily.

So Goku grabbed the things that he thought that he may need and the unusual pair headed outside to let their search for the remaining four Dragon Balls.

"What are you waiting for boy? We have the two in our sights. Go get them now." One of the commanders ordered.

Yamcha had to think about an excuse. He would've been fine if it was just the boy, but due to the blue haired girl being there, it was going to be tricky. Suddenly an idea clicked into his head.

"Usually I study my opponents before I fight them. Maybe, if you send your soldiers to test their power?" Yamcha asked of hoping that it would work.

"Are you kidding? There is said to be someone or something with great power living up there." The commander blurted out.

"Trust me Commander Blue, my plan will work out well... Uh... Just one favour." Yamcha replied.


"Once your soldiers have finished fighting, get the girl out of the way and if the kid is left standing I will handle him from that point on." Yamcha explained.

"Fine, we will do it your way. But if it fails it'll be your fault." Commander Blue replied.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." Yamcha said mockingly.

Bulma got out a case and opened it up. Inside was a bunch of capsules. She scrolled her finger across them all.

"Here we go!" She said eagerly. "Better stand back kid." She warned as she clicked the button on top of the capsule and threw it a few feet in front of herself.


The thing within the capsule was revealed. It was a motorcycle.

Bulma walked over to it and sat on the seat.

"Well are you coming?" She asked.

"W-what's going on?" Goku stammered. "Is that black magic?" He asked as he began to poke it with his Power Pole.

"No it's just a dynocap, they're all over the place. And stop poking it with that pole of yours and hop in!" Bulma ordered.

Goku did as he was instructed nervously. He had never been near one of these strange things before.

"So what happens now?" Goku asked.

Bulma revved up the engines and off the two went at a high speed.

"I'll follow them..." Yamcha said as he was about to head off to follow the two.

"Wait..." Commander Blue said. "Put this on." He held out a small and unusual bracelet to Yamcha.

Yamcha did as he was told to and put it on.

"What's this?" He asked.

"You'll find out. Just follow those two now." Blue commanded. Yamcha nodded to show that he understood and ran after the two on the motorcycle. He may not be in a vehicle himself, but he is fast enough on his feet to catch up to them, but he also had to be careful not to allow his victims to see him otherwise it would all be over and Puar would be no more. Yamcha couldn't let that happen. He wouldn't let that happen. Especially not to his best friend, not to his only friend. The only one who actually cared about him.

'Don't you worry Puar.' He thought to himself. 'I'll make sure that you won't get hurt.'

As he ran he felt a single tear trickle down his face, and so he quickly wiped it away and forgot about the whole thing.