Chapter 3: Oolong the terrible part 2


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The villagers all watched Goku eat, as he constantly asked for more and more.

"Goku I think that's enough for one day." Bulma said as she still stood there staring.

"I guess you're right, I should save some for later, just in case I get hungry during the fight." Goku agreed.

Bulma let out a sigh and face-palmed herself. "Let's just find out how to get all of the girls back without blowing all of our chances."

Goku nodded happily as he thought about the fight he was about to experience, but to him something just didn't seem right about Oolong, other than the fact that he knows how to change shape at any time that he wanted to. He felt as if Oolong wasn't that much of a threat. And to top it all off, he still had the feeling like he was being watched and it couldn't be Oolong and he had gotten used to all of the villagers watching him eating, so who is it?

~Dragon Ball The Grand Adventures~

Find the Dragon Balls! Look out for them all!
You can search around the world with me.
Gotta heed the call of magic Dragon Balls!
What a great adventure this will be.
You can climb on board, 'cause the Nimbus doesn't wait!
A fantastic journey for your dreams - a thrilling mystery!

Through the fires of time, they've waited patiently.
When all seven balls you find, the Dragon is set free.
Rising, rising, mesmerizing, unbridled ecstasy.
Radiant and shining, hidden somewhere in the field,
Luminous and blinding, with your desire revealed.
Ageless, timeless, what you'll find is beyond belief!

Let's try, try, try, look high and low!
Search the sky and the sea below!
Let's try, try, try, seize the day
And make new friends along the way!

Find the Dragon Balls! Look out for them all!
Come and hunt those Dragon Balls with me.
Gotta heed the call of magic Dragon Balls!
What a great adventure this will be.
Set a course for action, adventure doesn't wait!
A fantastic journey for your dreams - a thrilling mystery!

~Dragon Ball The Grand Adventures~

Yamcha and Oolong were still hiding out of everyone else's sights, just watching Goku as he ate a bunch of meals.

"Gee, and they call me a pig." Oolong commented.

Yamcha looked at the pig.

"Listen, you have to remember this plan that I'm about to explain to you and I'm going to need you to transform for it to work." He explained.

"Listen pal, transforming isn't the best way. The problem is that I can only hold a shape for five minutes at a time and then II turn back into a pig." Oolong said.

"Somehow, I don't think that's going to be a problem." Yamcha said as he looked at the bracelet type thing on his wrist that Commander Blue gave to him. "... Now that I have figured out what this can do anyway."

Oolong looked at the bracelet on Yamcha's wrist and found the Red Ribbon symbol on it.

"What? Are you telling me that you're working for the Red Ribbon Army?" Oolong stammered.

"Trust me, it's not my ideal conversation, but in a way yes I am working for those guys." Yamcha said holding back his tears. "But as long as you are a good little pig, I'll make sure that they won't make pork chops out of you."

Oolong gulped down a lump in his throat.

"Gee, thanks. You're my hero." Oolong said sarcastically.

"I have a sword and I'm not afraid to use it." Yamcha threatened.

"Okay I'll be quiet now." Oolong said timidly.

Yamcha then started to press a few buttons that were on the bracelet and smiled. "There, all done. Now you just have to do your part at just the right moment." Yamcha said to the scared pig.

Goku was doing some stretches and was ready for the next time that Oolong came. That is if he decided to come back.

"I'm ready and set." Goku said happily.

"Great, now all you need to do is what you do best, besides eating of course." Bulma said. "Once you see Oolong, beat him up and then force him to take us all to wherever it is that he is hiding all of the girls at." Bulma explained.

"Yeah, okay." Goku said calmly.

The same earthquake and stomping noises that they all heard before came back once again and the villagers were all paralysed with fear.

"Oolong..." Goku said as he stepped out of the small house and faced Oolong.

"So you're back. What made you run away before?" Goku asked as he grabbed his Power Pole.

"I just needed to get something." Oolong said. And technically it sort of wasn't a lie.

"Okay, so are you ready to fight now?" Goku asked.

"Actually, it's not me you'll be fighting." Oolong said.

Goku gave him a confused look. "What do you mean that we're not going to fight?" Goku asked as he got slightly disappointed.

"You'll get to fight. You'll be facing these guys." Oolong said as a bunch of Red Ribbon Army soldiers came out from hiding.

"Who are these guys? They don't look so tough." Goku said.

Bulma looked closely at the soldiers uniforms and noticed who they were.

She screeched a little and started to feel a little nervous.

"Goku! Be careful! This is the Red Ribbon Army that you are about to fight!" She yelled out.

"Red Ribbon? What's that?" Goku asked.

"They are the most feared gang of criminals Goku! And I've heard that they have also been looking for the Dragon Balls too." Bulma explained.

"Oh, okay." Goku said care-free.

"So the girl mentions their criminal ways and he just answers with an 'okay?' What kind of fool is this kid?" Yamcha asked himself. "He's either very brave or very stupid." He added.

"I'm ready to fight you guys now." Goku said as he was starting to get annoyed of waiting.

"Listen kid, all we need are the Dragon Balls that you and that girl over there have and the radar and we won't have to hurt you." One soldier in the front said.

"No way, I won't give my grandpa's Dragon Ball to you. He said to never help out people unless you're a good person." Goku said as he held out his Power Pole.

"Alright then when do this the hard way." The same soldier told Goku as all of the soldiers shot their bullets at the young boy. Somehow though, as if a miracle had happened, Goku managed to dodge all of the gunshots without even trying.

"Power Pole, extend!" The young monkey tailed boy yelled out as his Power Pole began to glow and extend and as it did that, Goku started to spin around, making the pole hit all of the soldiers and knock them down on to the ground.

"My grandpa always told me that guns are for cowards." Goku said as he stopped spinning. "Power Pole, descend!" Goku yelled out as the pole turned back into its normal size.

"So that's the Power Pole? There could be only one person who could have given it to him." Yamcha said to himself. "Yes, the only person that I know of that had that pole was the man known as Gohan. That must mean that... That kid is the grandson of Gohan. No wonder he is so strong. Yes he will make a fine opponent." He finished with a small smile. "...But, that does make my mission a lot harder than I thought that it would be. Great... Now I have to stay away from that girl and make sure to not make that kid too angry, well isn't this going to all go smooth?" Yamcha said sarcastically as he gave himself a face palm for constantly talking to himself. He was so used to Puar being with him. He gave out a small sigh of sadness but still wanted to control his pride and once again held his tears of sadness in his eyes. But then he brushed away that thought as he had to keep an eye on Goku and his fighting skills and techniques and how he uses them in battle.

"Are you just going to lay down there?" Goku asked. "You're not very tough, are you?" Goku said making the soldiers angry.

"You may be good against guns and using weapons kid, but how are you when it comes to a fist to fist combat?" The front soldier asked.

"That sounds like fun." Goku said as he got into his battle position.

'His posture is flawless. I can't see an unguarded spot on his entire body. I have no doubt in this world now to believe that he is the grandson of the great Gohan.' Yamcha thought to himself as he carefully watched the young fighter prepare himself for the battle.

"This has been fun and all, but I've got to fly." Oolong said as he literally transformed himself into a fly, but it didn't last long as his five minutes have just expired, (Wow that sounds kind of weird to type down...) and he transformed back into his normal self.

This made Goku get out of his fighting position and he ran over to Oolong.

"Whoa, you can turn yourself into a pig too?" Goku asked not even feeling the slightest bit stupid.

"Not by choice kid, this is my natural form." Oolong explained. (Okay that line I have definitely heard before.)

"You seem upset. Don't you like being a pig?" Goku asked.

"Are you kidding? You wouldn't like to be a pig when people always threaten to turn you into bacon if you didn't do what they asked." Oolong said, referring to Yamcha.

"Well if you don't like being a pig, then why can't you just transform into something else?"

"Because I can only hold a shape for five minutes at a time and then I need to wait for one minute to recover for the next transformation.

As the two were talking, the soldier that Goku was about to fight kicked him in the back and knocked him down. Goku landed hard on his head but like always, his head was always harder.

"Ow! Hey no fair! I wasn't ready." Goku said annoyed as he stood up, rubbing his head.

"There are no rules when it comes to fighting kid." The attacker said.

"If we have to fight unfairly then that's fine." Goku said as he moved quickly towards the soldier and punched him in the jaw and then he kicked him in the stomach hard. Once the soldier landed on him back, Goku grabbed his arm and threw him into a nearby boulder, causing it to shatter into many different pieces.

"You're not very strong, are you?" Goku said as he walked over to all of the other soldiers. They all trembled with fear and the soldier that Goku just beat up finally stood up.

"Soldiers, retreat!" He said and all of the Red Ribbon Army soldiers were soon out of sight.

Bulma and the villagers surrounded the defenceless pig with their arms crossed and Oolong knew just what they wanted.

"Fine, I'll take you to my place." He said as Bulma tied him up with some strong rope.

Goku, Bulma and the villagers all followed Oolong to where he was taking them and Yamcha was close behind. Oolong leads everyone to what looked like a mansion and took them all inside to see the girls. And instead of seeing terrified girls crying, screaming and begging for help, everyone saw them just relaxing and chilling out. Well, one of them was working out a bit while the other two were sitting around like they were both princesses.

"Here they are, can you please take them off my hands. They have been driving me crazy." Oolong muttered to the villagers.

"Yamcha please save me..." Puar said softly to herself as she floated over to the bullet-proof window and let out a small sigh.

One of the members of the Red Ribbon Army walked up to the cell bars. She had emerald green eyes and short blonde hair that just came down to her shoulders. She wore a pair of golden earrings and the normal Red Ribbon Army outfit and the red ribbon was placed on the top of her left arm. She looked down at the exact spot she left the food for Puar at.

"Hey, your food will get cold if you leave it there for too long." She said kindly to the blue cat.

"I'm not hungry." Puar stated sadly, looking down at the ground below her.

"I know that you're scared and unhappy, but not eating anything will do you no good. You have to eat something." The girl protested.

"I'm worried about Yamcha." Puar said not moving an inch.

"...Don't be. I'm sure that he will be able to complete the mission that everyone else has given him. His pride will not allow defeat." The teenaged member said trying to cheer the small cat up.

Puar looked at the girl and gave her a small smile. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Now that that's out of the way, you should probably eat,, otherwise you'll starve to death."

Puar nodded and floated down to the meal that was set out for her and cautiously began to eat. And the girl in front of her smiled and kneeled down.

"What's your name?" She asked.

"I thought all of you knew." Puar said confused.

The teen shook her head.

"Only those who go out on the missions know your name."

"Oh. Then my name's Puar."

"That's a nice name. My name is Gold." The teen said with a smile.

"...How come you're so nice to me Gold?" Puar asked.

"Not all people here are mean. Some people are just here for the large amount of money. I have to earn some so then my family can at least eat. I just work here for the prisoners. I don't agree with hurting people." Gold explained. "Anyway I better get going. If someone finds out that I have been talking to you, trouble might start. I'll talk to you again tomorrow. Bye." Gold said standing up and walking away.

"Goodbye, Gold..." Puar said softly.

The elderly lady looked at Bulma and Goku with a smile and she held out the Dragon Ball.

"Here you go, a promise is a promise, and you deserve it." She said making Bulma smile joyfully.

"That means that we only need three more Dragon Balls Goku." Bulma said as she held out the orange ball in front of the monkey tailed boy.

"That was easy." Goku chuckled slightly.

Bulma looked down at Oolong. "And I know what to do with you. You're coming with me and Goku so then you don't stir up anymore trouble around here, got it?"

"Yes ma'am." Oolong said as he knew that he was clearly defeated.

"So that's a Dragon Ball?" Yamcha asked. "I always pictured them to be bigger. Oh well. I should probably wait until they get the six Dragon Balls the Red Ribbon Army doesn't have and then snatch them while they aren't looking. This might not be as tough as I thought it would be after all." Yamcha chuckled.

Now that our heroes have obtained their fourth Dragon Ball, they are getting closer and closer to getting their wish. But will Yamcha get in their way once they get two more? Find out next time on Dragon Ball: The Grand Adventures!

Be as brave as you can be

A childlike love of fantasy

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A miracle, an adventure too

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The beating of your heart will see you through

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Give it another try

The power of your youth is strong and as big as the sky

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The mountains and you'll see

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Come on I'll give you romance!

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