"If I see another Like-Like before I die, it'll be too soon…" Link muttered, sheathing his sword so he could open the door before him.

Link opened the door and stepped into a very strange room. It was a very large pool of ankle-deep water and a pale yellowish sky, both of which seemed to go on forever in all directions. A fair distance away was another door, and right between that door and the one he'd just come from was a strange island with a leafless and, frankly, very creepy tree. He walked through the water and stepped onto the island, examining the tree.

"This is just weird." He deduced. "And all this water… Where are the walls?"

"Well, it is the Water Temple." Navi reminded him.

"Gee, thanks for reminding me. I had totally forgotten where we were after swimming around here for the past 3 hours."

"It's what I'm here for." Link just rolled his eyes and chuckled, heading to the door opposite the one he'd entered. As he approached, he realized it was barred shut.

"What the-?!" he gasped. "There's nothing here; why is the door-" he could sense it; he wasn't alone anymore. He spun around , his hand on his sword handle.

"Show yourself!" he shouted. "I don't have time for this!" He just barely heard a dark chuckle, but he knew that Ganondorf was nowhere near here. He stepped toward the island, looking around. As he got close though, a figure in a black tunic jumped out from behind the tree, swinging a sword at him. Link quickly whipped out his shield, blocking the attack. As he looked over the shield to see his opponent, he thought he was looking into a mirror. The figure looked exactly like Link, but with black clothes, black hair, and demonic red eyes. He jumped back, drawing his Giant's Knife and pointing the blade in his enemy's face.

"Who are you?!" he asked, snarling.

"Isn't it obvious?" the figure chuckled. "I am you, of course." Link chuckled in disbelief.

"Yeah, keep dreaming."

"Really, I am…"

"I told you, I don't have time for this. Who are you?!"

"You're not a very good listener are you?" The figure smirked.

"And neither are you." Link retorted. "Perhaps we are the same."

"Not exactly the same…" The boy vanished suddenly, appearing right in Link's face. "I am your dark side…" Link flinched, jumping back. He put the Giant's Knife between them again, and Dark Link stared at him, a devious smirk on his face. He lunged forward, and Link thrust the sword out. In an instant, Dark Link was standing on the blade, completely unhurt.

"Hey, get off!" Link shouted, yanking the sword from under him. He back flipped off the blade, kicking Link's jaw. The Hero of Time stepped back, slightly stunned and rubbing his chin.

"Okay, Copycat, let's get this over with." He taunted. Dark Link smiled and drew his sword and shield. The two were locked in a sword fight, though neither were able to actually land a hit. Suddenly there was a loud sound. A cross between a metallic clank and a loud snap. Dark Link was laughing at the Hero of Time as he stood there angrily.

"Hey!" Navi shouted. Link held up a hand.

"No, wait!" he shouted. "Let me guess: My Giant's Knife just broke!"

"How'd you know?!"

"Lucky guess…" Link stared at the Broken Giant's Knife, suppressing a snap of frustration.

"Hey, shut up!" he shouted at Dark Link, who was still laughing. He realized then that Dark Link's laugh was a lot like his own, which made sense… He took a second to think, then ditched the broken Giant's Knife and rushed at his opponent, raising his shield at just the right time to block a slash from his shadow's sword. He smacked the shield against Dark Link's arm, knocking the sword away.

"Since when can you do that?!" The young Mid-boss shouted in outrage; he had Link's temper for sure. Link blocked him from rushing to retrieve his sword and grabbed his arm, managing to wrestle him to the ground and pin him there. He got the shield away from his shadow as well, then sat on his back and grabbed his legs.

"Hey, let me go!" Dark Link shouted, struggling as Link wrapped the chain from his Hookshot around his ankles, successfully- albeit hastily- binding them.

"Why don't you make me?" The Hero smirked. He turned around and moved back to sit on his shadow's legs, then reached up and kneaded his sides. Almost immediately, the dark reflection tried to curl up and cover his mouth as his light counterpart scribbled his fingers up and down his sides.

"Heh. Gotcha." Link taunted, reaching up and tickling under his arms. Dark Link burst out laughing, trying to curl into a ball or turn over. Navi watched them, very confused.

"What in Hylia are you doing?" she asked, fluttering around both of them. Link just chuckled.

"You see, Navi; I'm not as dumb as I look." He smirked.

"Really? You look pretty dumb…"

"Hey!" Navi giggled and flew out of his reach.

"So, how exactly are you so smart?"

"I figure that if he's supposed to be my dark clone, he should be just as ticklish as I am."

"You sure? That'd be pretty ticklish." Navi snickered.

"Shut up!" Link glared at his fairy while Dark Link continued his struggling. The Shadow stopped when he heard the Hylian admit to being ticklish, then smirked and reached back, tickling Link's stomach. The Hero of Time laughed and fell back, and Dark Link wasted no time in turning the tables, tickling his hips and stomach.

"Stop it!" Link shouted, curling up and trying to block his opponent's fingers.

"Wow, you are really ticklish." Dark Link teased, tickling the hero's sides with one hand while trying to untangle his legs from the Hookshot chain with the other. Link giggled and squirmed, trying to back away. The material of the Zora tunic definitely didn't provide any protection from the tickling, but with his own willpower, he managed to grab Dark Link's arm and tickle under it again. The shadow collapsed, laughing and trying to pull his arm back. Link released his wrist, but dug his hands into his enemy's armpits mercilessly, finding a rhythm that drove his evil counterpart up the proverbial wall.

"Stop! Stop!" he begged, laughing loudly and trying to kick the chain off. The Hero of Time snickered smugly and tightened the chain around Dark Link's ankles, then tickled the backs of his knees. He squealed, laughing hysterically.

"N-No! Not there!" he laughed, sounding desperate. Tears rolled down his cheeks, and he struggled even more. He managed to sit up, and he dug his fingers into the hero's sides and ribs.

Navi watched their tickle fight from the top of the dead tree. Both of them were just laughing, ticklish kids. It seemed to become less of a battle and more of a game. At one point, Navi noticed that Link wasn't fighting back or struggling when Dark Link tickled under his arms. She knew he wasn't very ticklish there, but it was enough to get him laughing. The same could be said for the shadow, who, even while squirming and giggling, didn't make an effort to stop Link from tickling his stomach. Dark Link noticed one of Link's arrows had fallen from the quiver; the end opposite the arrowhead was detailed with Cuccoo feathers. He sneered and shoved Link off of him, grabbing his ankle and removing his leather Kokiri Boots while he struggled to pull his foot back.

"W-Wait!" The hero shouted as Dark Link picked up the arrow and smirked. "Don't you dare!" The Mid-boss smiled and fluttered his fingers over the sole of Link's bare foot. He laughed and tried to wrench his foot free.

"Not the feet; not the feet!" he begged, his laughter reaching a peak as his opponent twirled the feathers between his toes and softly along his sole.

"Tickle tickle." The shadow teased, scratching the Hylian's arch lightly with the arrowhead. Link was totally hysterical in his laughing fit, and he couldn't believe he was losing to an opponent who couldn't even stand up with that chain around his legs.

After what felt like an eternity, Dark Link stopped, smirking at an exhausted, panting Link. In his torture, Dark Link had undone Link's tunic and tickled his stomach and bare armpits, running the feather over his navel and his neck. He'd also managed to get the chain off his ankles and chain the hero to the tree. Without really thinking, he pecked Link on the cheek and smirked as his cheeks turned red.

"I had fun, hero." He snickered. "Maybe next time we meet, you'll be more of a challenge." Dark Link smiled and picked up his sword and shield, putting them onto his back. He blew Link another kiss, fully aware this time, and started walking, fading into oblivion. Link heard that strange chime from nowhere and the bars on the doors raised, making them accessible. Navi flew down from the tree, fluttering beside him.

"Only you could travel through time, fight monsters left and right, and then lose a tickle fight with yourself." She laughed. Link still had a red hue on his face, but glared at his fairy again.

"Just make yourself useful and get this chain off me!"