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xXx~ False Dilemma~xXx


Summary: One day, Kisaragi Chihaya discovers the Producer singing a special song with another one of 765's idols. A song she has been wanting to sing with him for a very long time.


"Over simplifying a situation, giving it two extreme and opposite sides. Completely removing any other possibilities and leaving no room for compromise or middle ground."


Kisaragi Chihaya didn't know what to make of the scene that greeted her when she entered 765 Pro's recording studio.

The studio, or more specifically the recording room, was the perfect place to practice singing. It was isolated from the rest of the office and, more importantly, it was totally soundproofed. No sounds coming in or going out. Chihaya could have practiced to her heart's content in the room.

She, and any of the other idols, had not been scheduled to use it today, which was pretty rare considering the massive amount of audible material the production company was now producing. Especially since it was the middle of day - in the middle of the work week. But Chihaya hadn't really cared too much to think about that. She had only wanted to take advantage of the opening and use the room for herself.

So when songstress entered the small sound room to enter the larger recording room Chihaya stopped to stare through the window that divided the two rooms. She saw two people.

The first person, she recognized, was the sole individual in charge of scheduling the recording studio. The very same person who was not only in charge of the scheduling of - but also all aspects of 765 Pro's Idols. Essentially, the individual in charge of her very being as an idol.

765's producer; her producer.

The second individual, she recognized, was another idol. The only other idol in 765 Pro. to rival her own vocal prowess. An idol she had, up till now, very much respected. The silver queen, Shijou Takane.

The weight of several different emotions suddenly bared down on her soul.

'Why...' It is obvious what was currently transpiring in the room. She would've only needed a glance. She'd also probably guessed the few words being exchanged.

Chihaya's feet were standing solidly on the floor. But why did she feel as if she were slipping... falling...?

She looked down at the buttons in front of her and eyed both the 'audio' and 'record' switches. With a shaking hand, she unplugged her earbuds, which she was already wearing, from her ipod and attached it to the console. She flipped the first switch.

Instantly, two voices resonated through her ears. They were filled with passion, lust... and love. It was the most beautiful song Chihaya had ever heard.

She instantly hated it. Why? Because it wasn't her voice with the producer's.

'... This is wrong. Why is this happening... this shouldn't be happening.' Chihaya didn't know when it moved, but her hand now painfully clutched her chest, trying to reach into body to squeeze at her breaking heart. '...please stop?'

The duet didn't stop, but continued to sing their song. She listened through to its entirety. She listened to their numerous verses, harmonious choruses, and even their reverberating climax. It was a masterpiece.


Event: Voice 'Lessons'




"Anata-sama. We need to get dressed."

"Huh. Why? We have some time before we need to leave? Didn't you enjoy it?"

"I enjoyed it very much. You should know that. But that is not the problem. Our performance seems to have attracted an audience."

With a, suddenly, stiff neck, the producer slowly turned his head toward the soundproofed glass window. "... Chihaya..."

The girl in question, lifted herself up from her hunched form just in time to see the producers eyes recoil from her own. "Producer..." she whispered, though it was only her that could hear the other.

She watched the two... lovers... stand up, facing away from her, and quickly refasten their clothing. But, they slowly took their time to remove any signs of their activities in the recording room. Not that it would matter since they were seen. They were just stalling.

'Probably wanting to spend as much time together as they can.' The brunette thought bitterly.

Eventually, the heavy doors which divided the two rooms opened, and both Takane and the producer stepped through. They didn't make any motion to approach to Chihaya, who was seated several feet away from them looking between the two with uncharacteristically large eyes. Instead, they chose to regard the slightly trembling girl in manners contrary from the other.

The producer chose to remain silent. He bore a face that was a mix of both nervousness and resignation.

Shijou Takane remained calm and had slipped on her cold mask, usually reserved for individuals outside the production company. She chose not to remain silent.

"So, what will you do now Kisaragi Chihaya..."

The older girl's voice softened slightly when she saw Chihaya hug herself with her arms. "..Expect no violence, or any sort of opposition from the both of us... We knew what we were getting into when agreed to this relationship. Well will accept any consequences you chose to bestow upon us."

Standing at her side, the producer nodded gravely.

"My fate, and the fate of my beloved produced, are now in your hands."

Chihaya flinched at 'my beloved'; her fingers dug into her arms. The producer wasn't a very perceptive man when it came to matters concerning the heart. But Takane was. She saw the signs. She realized both the women in the room shared the same feelings for the man next to her.

Pity had briefly shown through on the platinum woman's face before it was replaced, alarmingly, by resolution.

"... I'm... Sorry, I was mistaken. I meant... our producer." Takane corrected, causing another flinch.

'That's not fair!' Chihaya thought.

Now, she had to choose between turning them in, or not turning them in. Either way, she would lose. If she revealed them, not only would 765 lose two key individuals, she would lose the producer. And if she chose the opposite, Chihaya would still lose the producer.

Why couldn't there be another choice!? Her mind scrambled for a solution as her heart continued to fall into complete despair. Why wasn't there a way for 765 Pro to keep their two members, and for her to have the producer. The man she had grown to love.


"Greetings! From this day forward I'm going to be your producer, Kisaragi-San. Please take care me as I try my very best to help you achieve your dream."

"Kisaragi-San that was amazing! You have the most beautiful voice I've ever heard!"

"Kisaragi-San I know you don't like dance practice, but being an Idol is not just about singing. So please..."

"I'm sorry Kisaragi, I'll get you more chances to your voice! Just please be patient..."

"Kisaragi! Guess what?! I got you your first live event! With this your name and voice will spread all throughout Japan!"

"You did Great! Don't you hear them?! The audience is still chanting your name!"

"Don't worry Kisaragi... I'm sure it will just blow over. Your fans love you. They won't believe a couple of rumors..."

"Kisaragi! Please answer your door! You haven't been to the office in over a week. The company, the other girls... we're all worried about you! ...I'm worried about you... So please..."

"Kisa- Chihaya... He wouldn't have wanted you to be like this... You told me once that you started singing because of him and because it made him smile. Please remember why you decided to continue singing. You love singing. You love making people smile with your beautiful voice. Just like you did with your brother."

"Chi-chihaya... that performance... I'm so happy. You're finally smiling."


'Takane, y-you bi-bitch... If only you hadn't taken the producer. If only you'd let him go.. If only you didn't love him too..."

Takane... she would lose her reputation, and most likely her career as an idol. But... in the end, she would lose her job standing next to the producer, with a content smile on her beautiful face. So either decision, the platinum haired woman would continue her illicit relationship with the producer, even if she faced the ire of an entire country or a single jealous woman...

Chihaya shook her head. "No!"

Guilt slowly seeped into the whirlpool that was her emotions, it was too hard to hate... to be angry at the woman standing in front of her. A woman she had come close to - as a co-worker, rival, partner... and friend. A woman who also... shared her own feelings. Even if-


"Hello. My name is Shijou Takane. I look forward to working with you Kisaragi Chihaya."

"...You are an amazing vocalist Kisaragi-dono... I will not be beaten."

"Be ready Kisaragi-dono. Tonight, not only will you sing to a full moon, but also to hundreds of adoring fans..."

"Good. It seems the seasons have begun to change in you. It is nice to finally see you smile."

"Hmmm... I believe our voices are compatible. Do you not think so as well?

"Today is the debut of 765 Pro's Melody Duo. Are you ready to sing our first live duet ...Chihaya?"

"Prepare yourself Chihaya! Today is the day that I, Shijou Takane, will defeat you! Choose your playlist wisely."

"Chihaya! Let us partake in this wonderful meal together!"

"Our Producer... Do you not think he is a good man, Chihaya?"


Even if the situation was just so damn unfair.

'Why do I have to choose one or the other? Why am I the one that loses in the end!?' Why wasn't there an option where she could win?!

More guilt flared... 'Or... where both of us could win?'

"I... I don't want this..." Her voice cracked.

She stood up from her chair and slowly approached the couple, stopping a few feet away from them.


The blue haired girl shook her head and wiped her face with a sleeve. "Why can't we all be happy?" She looked toward the only woman whose voice rivaled her own, then toward the man that had once saved her from herself.

"Producer, you've helped me so much, not only as my producer, but also as someone I hold very dear to me. You showed me how to feel happy after I had forgotten for so long. Because of you, I was able to truly enjoy singing." She felt more tears running down her cheeks, but continued her soft monologue, " I know Takane loves you. And that y-you love her as well... B-but I love you too!... You showed me how to smile... Why can't the three of us leave this room smiling?"

The producer had recoiled slightly in shock. But the woman next to him merely tilted her head, and thought over Chihaya's words.

"Hmmnn... A solution where everyone gets what they want? Or... at least, not end up with nothing." She regarded the only other woman in the room. "Is that what you mean Kisaragi Chihaya?" Takane stared deeply into Chihaya's eyes.

"Yes." The other girl replied, not looking away from her friend's soul searching eyes. "Please?"

The two idols held their gaze for several minutes. Unknown to the producer, a silent conversation was being held.

"Fine. What am I, to deprive a friend of what she wanted?"

"You mean...?"

"Yes, the three of us will form a mutual... contract."

"What..." The producer's head turned frantically between the two women. "W-wa-wait! H-hold on a minute! Wa-what just happened here!?"

"We have just come to a compromise, Anata-sama, and created a contract. The three of us will leave this room together. Smiling. Do you understand?" She kissed his cheek.

"What? I don-" The bluenette swiftly leaned in to kiss his other cheek. "Chihaya!?"

Takane continued, not at all bothered by the other girl's action. "This contract will be binding. Meaning, it can not be broken- ever, right Chihaya?"

Chihaya nodded silently, suddenly looking very shy.

"W-wait! Isn't this going a bit too fast!?"

"I disagree, Anata-sama. I believe this is the most optimal outcome because-"

Chihaya stopped listening to Takane's reasoning, choosing instead to wrap her arms around the producer and rest her head against his chest. At that moment, she did not care about the small details of the newly created solution. She was just relieved she hadn't lost lost the producer... or her friend.

As she snuggled closer to his side, she idly thought, 'A song sounds better 'sung' by a trio anyways.'


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