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O Model of humility, divest me of all pride and arrogance. Let me acknowledge my weakness and sinfulness, so that I may bear mockery and contempt for your sake and esteem myself as lowly in your sight.

The best of the best fighting squad in all of Sector Seven geared up as they fitted themselves up with suits of armor in the airplane. Sector Seven was made for the top elite fighters trained to combat any hostilities on the face of the earth. There were many top-notched squads that built this very house of killers, and Black Order Squad was at the top of that list. Black Order Squad was given direct orders early in the morning; no questions asked, no answers given. The young man, who turned only 19 this year, surveyed his team of extreme soldiers/fighters that were capable of killing their targets in a blink of an eye.

O meek Savior and Prince of Peace, implant in me the virtues of gentleness and patience. Let me curb the fury of wrath and restrain all resentment and impatience so as to overcome evil with good, attain your peace, and rejoice in your love.

Lenalee Lee, tall beautiful yet dangerous female of equal age, was on her laptop making plans and strategies again. The man scoffed as he saw her eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. When they were given the order not to kill but to capture the target alive, Lenalee was the first to release a gasp of surprise. Usually her strategies would end up them practically tearing out their target's guts with bitten bullets and heavy punches, so it wasn't a surprise to the man that her 'gasp of surprise' held a dash of disappointment. After all, this squad was made to kill.

O Teacher of abstinence, help me to serve you rather than our appetites. Keep me from gluttony - the inordinate love of food and drink and let me hunger and thirst for your justice.

Krory Arystar the III, drastically thin in body size but lithe in movement male of 23, was flipping through the order file. Order given to them as soon as the sun broke dawn. There was nothing but a single order to capture the specific target in the clipped picture. That was it. No details of the target, no backup, no nothing. As the red-headed man passed by the elder, he could detect the troubled expression on his face. True, they didn't like this strange new order at all, the thought of Sector Seven had already sent a first line of soldiers to apprehend the target and to be on standby until the Black Order Squad intercept wasn't much of a comfort.

O Lover of purity, remove all lust from my heart, so that I may serve you with a pure mind and a chaste body.

Miranda Lotto, physically fit and permanently on edge female of 20, was furiously scrubbing her precious weapon that she carried around so protectively. The Accuracy International AS50 sniper was lying on its master's lap, shining brightly. The man recalled the countless of times that gun barked bullets that turned live bodies into dead ones. Miranda wasn't known for her mother-hen personality, but annoy the woman and the lovely motherly figure turns into a killing monster with killer-accuracy. She was obviously worried of the first line soldiers that were sent to intercept the target before their arrival. All of them knew that those soldiers would take the brunt of the battle, and Black Order would only be there to capture the weakened target. To put it bluntly, those poor soldiers were to become scapegoats.

O Father of the poor, help me to avoid all greed for earthly goods and give me a love for heavenly things. Inspire me to give to the needy, just as you gave your life that I might inherit eternal treasures.

Yu Kanda, strong and silent male of 19, was sitting quietly in the corner sharpening his katana into perfection. Unlike the dotty Miranda, the Japanese killer had no heart or 'unnecessary' feelings towards the unlucky first line soldiers. He was the trained not to show emotions during a mission, and this-although weird- one was no different. With no patience and quick to battle, Kanda can slice through bodies like they were made of butter. The redhead had butted heads with the silent man once too often, and once too often he ended up with cuts and painful memories. He should know; he got the scars to prove t.

O Exemplar of love, keep me from all envy and ill-will. Let the grace of your love dwell in me that I may rejoice in the happiness of others and bewail their adversities.

Reever, calm in nature and respected by all male of 45, reported to his Black Order leader that the airplane was coming to a stop 1.4 click away from the target's position. Oldest and wisest among the younglings, Reever had been serving under Sector Seven for more than 2 decades. The veteran of Black Order Squad had no weapons in hand, preferring the 'up close and personal' method of eliminating a foe. The red-headed leader gave a short nod of approval whilst the floor of the airplane vibrated as a sign of touchdown.

O zealous Lover of souls, keep me from all sloth of mind or body. Inspire me with zeal for your glory, so that I may do all things for you and in you.

The shuttle bay doors opened to reveal blinding sunlight. It was already afternoon as the best killers of Sector Seven came striding down the airplane with their weapons in hand, spreading around the perimeter. They waited as their leader came down last with his fiery hair tussled with the wind. Lavi, with broad shoulders and lean figure, pulled on his black gloves neatly and touched his sheathed hammer in security. The leader looked once more at the target's picture and a single order printed plainly below the entire white blank page. Their orders were so simple yet hidden with questions and mystery: To capture this boy called Allen Walker alive.


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