"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"

-Marcus Tullius Cicero-

0600 Hours, Central Headquarters

The creaking Gate of Hell was waving with the wind, its gloomy entrance looming above the sky Heavens as numerous Demons continued their journey from the Underworld to the face of the Earth to cause devastation. 7 massive locks in the form of symbols hanged lazily above the Gate; unused and broken due to the fact that it was forced open after only 20 years. Those locks that blare bright red as a sign that they were open were the only things here that have the significant amount of power to keep the Gate of Hell chained up and closed to avoid Underworld beings entering the World of the Living. They can only be opened or closed by 7 keys, belonging only to the 7 Masters of Hell. Watching over those 7 open deadbolts was the ever-uncontrollable Wrath. The aggressive Sin known to represent the anger and hatred in the souls of humans was pacing the entrance of the Gate of Hell with a large amount of impatience and restlessness. Unlike his other brethren Sins, he was one who would jump into battle with unreserved battle lust and glory. Captioned by the sharp strategies that Tyki Mikk had in his mind, Wrath was not one to be fooled with unless one had a death sentence. Feeling mighty proud of himself, Wrath nearly lost sight of the young man in front of him. Pride wore his black hoodie in check when he came forward, covering that face that both Wrath and Tyki loved all too much.

"Have you killed him?" Doubt edged into his usual gruff voice. Pride could only give him a nod as his silent reply. Regarding that Pride was lamenting over the death of his weakness, Wrath wanted so much to let bygones be bygones. Of all the Sins, Pride would always be the one who would take the deaths of humans upon himself the most. Wrath had spoken his mind, saying that mourning over their deaths were useless and worthless of their attention. But Pride shrugged him off as he continued to bear their deaths over his head and shoulders like the Sin he was. Reminiscing about the past had distracted Wrath for a moment, and that small opening was all Lavi needed to start his attack from behind.

Exiting the shadows that Allen had casted around him as camouflage, the Black Order Leader jumped and struck Wrath with his enlarged hammer. Taken by surprise, he didn't have time to conduct his 'Choose and Refusal' technique and Wrath could only narrowly dodge to the safe side. The Sin immediately placed himself to the ready, albeit shock that Humility was still alive and definitely kicking. That would mean- Allen Walker swerved his Crown Clown forward, his killing intention clear and true. Wrath 'choose' Allen's sword, but the Noah Leader was one step ahead of him; taking his sword back, Allen struck Tyki once again without wasting time. Wrath's arm revealed a spliced cut just above his elbow, making a visible line of blood come watering out of the small but deep wound. Allen took off his black hood to reveal that white head that represented purity all too well whilst his eyes gleamed silvery grey. With his Crown Clown at the ready, Allen was everything that Pride was and more. Joining him was Lavi Bookman, Black Order Leader of Sector Seven, holding his wielded hammer.

"So, Allen's back, huh?" Wrath chuckled darkly. This battle is going to be interesting…

The one called Allen took a step forward. Putting on his most solemn face, Allen offered his hand to the raging Sin, "it's not too late, Tyki. Come back and let's put all this behind us,"

Wrath shook his head and laughed out loud at the persuasion he regarded as a joke, "You can't order me around! You're not Pride!" And with that statement, the battle came back to life once more.

Allen was separated from Lavi as Wrath struck between them with all his might, giving him the title 'Wrath'. Allen's sword doubled as a giant shield as Wrath rained blows after blows that rang deeply in the flat sword. Lavi pushed Wrath away by his hammer, but only drove the Sin only a few steps. Recovering quickly, Lavi circled around while Allen stood to offense. Using 'Godspeed', Allen bought Lavi a handful of time before Wrath counterattacked with his own 'Choose and Refusal'. Neutralizing the both abilities, Lavi went about attacking the Sin unaffected by the exchanged skills. With strung-up strategies and quick reactions, both Lavi and Allen continue to keep the battle up.

With two-against-one, the quantity provided was certainly one-sided. But the quality wasn't. With the supreme power that was Wrath, the angered Sin was done dodging and attacking futilely. Placing his hands on the ground and summoning up a spell, his opponents couldn't take the time to attack him head on. Wrath grinned from ear-to-ear as he finished his destruction spell, his trump card that could destroy an entire city with one blow. To make matters better, this type of spell cannot be withdrawn or eradicated after it has been casted, no matter how powerful the mage may be. He laughed manically as the bright circle of magic commenced the spell summoned, and that was the last of it.

Just before impact could happen, Allen's Crown Clown was struck into the ground as well. Yet another large magic circle enveloped them all, but this time the circle intended was to override Wrath's own. Allen's mouth flew words of ancient language as his own lighted circle blazed white and decorated with symbols unknown to mankind. Enveloping Wrath's circle with his own, Allen casted his own spell to counterattack Wrath's own. The furious two sides of magic made the entire area glowed brightly at the opposite ends; each trying to overcome the other half. Soon, one side will win, and the other will break.

Upon instinct, Allen took out his sword and encased Lavi within Crown Clown's magic cloak along with his own body. Explosion of massive impact blew apart the nearby buildings to smithereens as the wind picked up enough speed to rock even the highest mountains. Two swirling magic clouds dissipated into thin air after it had done its part in life, leaving the battlefield in shambles. Everything in the area had been annihilated -empty of both life and inventions- but only at a certain distance. The magic that Allen had casted both reduced the ruining magic's range and also protected other buildings that had survived the explosion.

Crown Clown unfurled its protective cloak from the two bodies like a giant bird, revealing safe and living men. Lavi could only gasp in awe at the colossal damage and power needed for that magic. This was the doing of truly gifted mages that once roamed the land freely, seeing that pure and undaunted magic was not one to be underestimated during a fight. Struck by a loud noise, Lavi turned his head to hear the clashing sound of Allen's own sword. The mighty two that had caused all these carnage to happen was at each other's neck. With swift moves and calculated steps, Allen held the upper hand as he threw effective blows against the defensive Sin. Wrath was in the state of desperation; seeing that his ravaging spell had been ineffective against the two fighters. Unlike Allen, Wrath spent most of his magical energy into making that invocation and was now hanging onto his main energy supply. A quick glance to the left made Wrath change tactics. He took Allen by surprise, his mind intending to attack Lavi instead. But Wrath was blinded by anger due to his natural Sin, and he did not see the oncoming blow that threw him backwards. Wearing the serious yet humble face that had once cause many to bow down to their knees, Allen stood by Lavi's side faithfully; protecting the treasured human and holding his singing sword which shouted out for victory. Wrath, amazed at Allen's unnatural power, could only shiver while standing up. This Allen was not the same as before, Wrath realized. Last time, he had Allen playing at the palm of his hands. That past Allen was weak-minded and devoid of any magical power sources. But Wrath cannot deny the fact that the Allen he was fighting against now was stronger, faster, better. What was going on? Wasn't he the one who had more power and authority than a mere human? Then the Sin recalled something human inside of him and made his eyes widen with understanding. Everything clicked into place as the sprawled pieces of the finished puzzle had conjoined with another part.

"Do you remember now, Tyki?" Allen said, reading Wrath's thoughts so easily like an open book. At breakneck speed, Wrath found himself lying on the dusty ground with a glorious sword at his chest. At this close a distance, Wrath can finally see Allen's eyes that spoke of unshakable determination and revered domination. It made him rethink the past, where a familiar conversation took place at Sector Seven. That was the time when the Noahs were training to become the top best killers Sector Seven has ever seen. Tyki and Allen were talking about becoming stronger and the discussion came to a midpoint where Wrath dreaded to hear.

"So what does 'overcoming your weakness' gotta do with becoming stronger, Tyki? I don't get it," Opposed his favorite Leader. Tyki only laughed lightly and the inexperienced boy he came to love as his own. Patting his wild, white head and coming closer, he whispered into Allen's ear like he was about to tell a deep, dark secret.

"Allen, when you have finally surpassed your weakness-

-You become invincible," Allen's sword fell judgment into the chest of Wrath.

Wrath's life went out without another word. No other last comments added, no insults thrown. Just plain and straight revenge. The wind blew lightly now as the skies cleared away the moody thunderclouds. Lavi walked behind slowly as he tried catching up with Allen, who had his head bowed low and humble. Allen's sword was standing upright with its sharp edge buried in the ground with nothing but dirt at its end. Wrath's-or Tyki's- life, now in the form of a pure white feather that you normally would find on the back of an angel, was held lovingly inside the hands of Allen himself. Stepping back, Lavi saw Allen doing something he had never thought possible for a condemned person; Allen was praying. He was actually praying for Wrath, the one that was trying to kill them and everyone on earth, that Wrath. With clasped hands that whiten the knuckles, Allen's shut eyelids were trying their best to stop the tears from flowing out as his small heart wrenched out in pain and guilt for the murder of his fellow mate. Lavi could both see the shaky mouth whimpering words of plea for mercy and peace and there were small tears running down his pale cheek and scar. Standing by solemnly and making the sign of the cross, Lavi accompanied his companion in the prayer of the dead while the silence moaned its nature to the prayer.

"Let's go, Lavi," Allen finally said. Lavi didn't say a word as Allen's voice still came out a bit shaky and sad. Lavi found it curious and satisfying at Allen's reaction of Wrath's death; curious that Allen would actually ignore his pride and actually pray for the mass murderer, satisfied that the Allen he knew and loved would never harm anyone unless forced to. Allen had literally been through Hell and back; the last thing Allen had intended to do –by his own free will- was to kill yet another person who he loved so much. His heart can bear no more pain and knowledge of another death.

Allen Walker stood at the entrance of the Gate of Hell with his poker face in place. Just as Lavi wanted to ask on the closing of the Gate, Allen's clasped hand glowed brightly. Opening the hand that held Tyki's life, Lavi could catch the sight of not one, but 5 other white feathers. The others must be done with their battle too, seeing that the Sin's own lives were now at Allen's disposal. But Allen's anything but relieved, thought Lavi. With an unreadable mask on, Lavi can safely presumed that Allen was feeling sorrow for the ones he had called his family. But just as that glimpse of grief passed by his eyes, Allen breathed a heavy sigh. It was as if the world's burdens were finally lifted from his shoulders and he can finally breathe again. Holding the precious feathers in one hand and Crown Clown on the other, Allen murmured a spell; the spell that would lock the Gate of Hell for all eternity. The feathers glowed ever the more brightly as the symbols above the Gate glowed in return of its key. Placing Crown Clown on the ground and with his arms outstretched, casted his magic.

The Gate of Hell creaked close reluctantly but surely. As they close the doors to the Underworld, the skies turned clearer and brighter at the coming sunrise. Demons, which cannot survive without the Underworld, were killed and was dead within seconds as the mighty Gate finally blocked the only entrance to the Underworld. The spell casted lingered on, caressing the closed locks that were already in place. 7 supreme locks; 7 Master of Hell. The deed has been done and the world was saved once again from the apocalypse. Everything went back to its original and rightful place at God's absolute command.

Black Order Squad had already gathered at where Lavi stood by and their faces revealed to be relieved and happiness. They celebrated their victory, but Lavi deigned to join his comrades. He intended to beckon Allen to come with him, but saw that his lover was busy with something else. Something that he could take heart in.

The entire Noahs Ark Squad was around Allen Walker, who had already dissipated his Crown Clown. His Noahs Ark Squad was standing by his side, watching and waiting to say their last goodbyes to their small but matured Leader. Allen hugged his family members tightly, not wanting to let go in case they disappeared again. They all smiled, but said nothing as their spirits held no voice over them. A smile of both happiness and serenity calmed Allen down slightly. Allen was relieved to know that God had actually answered his prayers –probably out of pity- but He answered them nonetheless. He hugged LuluBell who welcomed him like a mother would to her child. He exchanged fist bumps with Jasdero and Devit, who were silently crying out tears that were weren't ruining their mascara. Skinn got Allen into a giant bear hug in which Allen couldn't breathe in; but he didn't mind the force of love hidden behind the hug in the least. As Tyki came forward, Allen tugged on his sleeve just like he would normally do to seek comfort from the stronger man. Holding his face in his hands, Tyki gave one last gentle kiss to Allen's forehead. Tyki kissed the running tears away as Allen hugged his precious with all his might. Rhode hugged and kissed and hugged Allen like a rag doll, but like Skinn, Allen didn't once minded the last goodbye she gave. Looking closer, Lavi knew he had seen that young girl before. But he couldn't put his finger on it. That face… Rhode finally released Allen and looked at Lavi knowingly. Then his mind jumped in surprise. You're the one in my dream that told me to save Allen back then! Back when we were in Sector Seven's brig! Rhode only smiled innocently as she placed her finger to her lips. The 'keep silence' motion conveyed made Lavi smile in return. Thank you. That was expressible even without the use of words.

The Noahs Ark knew that Allen would trade his life for them, but they cannot let that happen. They couldn't linger on; they had to go away soon. They knew that, Black Order knew that, and Allen knew that. Tearing his heart away and summoning up the courage to speak, he regarded his one true family one last time. The Noahs waited patiently and quietly, the angelic smiles still on their faces gave support and encouragement to the shaking Allen. They had waited for 20 long years, and now was finally the time to cast out all earthly things to join God in Heaven.

"Noahs Ark Squad, heed my last order: Rest in peace."

One by one, they turned around and left Allen by his own. Tyki sent Lavi a reassuring wink before he too left. Without a single wave goodbye or a turnabout, the Noahs were gone to the afterlife, where the Heavens waited for them with open arms. A moment of silence filled the air knowingly as the sun finally took its high throne above the clouds. The sunlight shone through the battlefield, casting out all the misery of shadows and dark desires laid to rest.

~All was well, all was done. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes~

Lavi came forward to see the quiet Allen looking at his opened compass. Unlike before, there was a peaceful smile on his face. No longer holding any secrets or mysteries, Allen looked almost like a perfect angel that wasn't marred by the troubles that humans carried. His family now resting forever in the Heavens, his pain and sorrow washed away with the guilt he had borne for years now, Allen felt completely at ease for the first time in 2 decades. Two strong arms encircled his waist as the chin of his lover nuzzled itself on his shoulder. Allen leaned into Lavi's touch as the two kissed their last remaining anxiety away. Rubbing his cheek with Allen's own lovingly, Lavi watched the needle of the compass turned from his direction to Allen's and back to him, telling the two that they belonged within each other's arms. This compass had saved both their lives, just by conveying a silent message that both their hearts' desired secretly. It was no wonder that Allen treasured this precious antique so dearly.

"Who gave you this compass, Allen?"

Allen only smiled his true smile, as he watched the needle pointing to the person he truly wanted the most. He answered the question with a loving kiss to Lavi.

"Tyki did,"

The End

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