7. Akashi – Defeat

The thing about the Generation of Miracles was that they lived, breathed and ate basketball. There was nothing else for it. Their lives simply revolved around that one game, and that one game was theirs for the taking. It was simple, and absolute.

However, on this day, it was different.

They were, as a matter of fact, not playing basketball. Neither were they conditioning themselves, training their stamina or anything else related to basketball.

Instead, they were playing volleyball. It had been a whim, when Akashi had stood on the beach and yawned. He had stared at the team playing on the sandy beach, before calmly directing his team to the lockers to change.

They did.

They spent approximately 5 minutes getting ready, and Akashi was already waiting for them when they were done. They had long stopped wondering just how their captain changed.

Stretching idly, Aomine had asked, "So what are we training for today?"

Akashi stared at his team flatly, heterochromic eyes flashing, and said, "We will be playing volleyball."

"Uh," said Kise with a frown, "I thought we were strengthening our balance today?"

Akashi sent him a glare that would have frozen hell, and said again, "We will be playing volleyball."

His team agreed, because what else could they do?


(Slowing down to walk in pace with their manager, Kise said, "What the hell is up with the captain?"

Momoi whispered back, "One of them called him short and challenged the 'red midget' to a volleyball game."

And everything made sense.)


While the Teikou regulars were by nature basketball players, they were also just plain fantastic athletes. So it was little surprise that the volleyball game turned into a slaughterhouse movie.

Apparently, Kise could and would copy any moves from any game, and had for a while been part of the volleyball club. Musakibara was freakishly tall enough to reach everywhere he wanted; Midorima's supernatural aim traversed over to volleyball too; Kuroko opted to sit out, but their opponents still seemed freaked out by the disembodied voice shouting comments to the team currently crushing them. Aomine was in superb physical condition, so watching him apply his formless basketball to a new game was fascinating in itself.

And of course, there was Akashi, who would have been cackling in malevolent glee if he were that kind of person. But he wasn't, so he just shot an asshole smirk to the team they had just decimated.

He said, sounding as he were merely commenting on the weather, "You will never rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation."

Then, equally as calmly, he turned to his team and said, "Well, that was fun."

In unison, the Generation of Miracles blinked at their captain before saying, cowed, "Yeah."

"I thought so."



I've decided to turn this into a GoM drabble series. And I had to write this, just to pay tribute to Azula from ATLA. You know, because she's awesome and that was bloody hilarious.