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But I'm upset to say this but I think this will be the last chapter for this fic. I might do a one-shot sequel, but its more than likely this is an AU leading on to 'Invisible Storms'.

A Little Bit Worried

Mac wandered around the Piazza, it was past the hour when Leo said he would meet back there. But Mac absently mindedly wondered if Leo was still searching for Tom. Of course he would be. Mac thought to himself. Whistling four times, the scruffy boy from earlier appeared next to his side. "Any information " Mac asked, leaning down to the boy's level.

"He's with a boy, its you friend, the crazy inventor." The boy whispered into his ear.

Mac straightened up and reached into his pocket and pulled out another shiny coin, "Where are they?" he asked, noticing the boy's eyeing the money. The boy looked into Mac's eyes suspiciously. The little small boy snatched the coin out of his hand and looked at it.

"They are down the alley, that's what the people say, near the morgue." Mac raised his eyebrows but said nothing. What had Tom been doing that made her go down there? But a weight was lifted, Leo had found her at least, at least she was with someone. He waved his hand at the boy and watched as he ran off. The morgue... Mac thought as he walked out of the Piazza, it was almost noon, they had been searching for Tom for , far longer than they had first thought. As Mac sped towards the morgue he noticed the floor beneath his feet, it was speckled with splashes of red...paint? When Mac finally reached the alley where the boy had told him about, he stopped still at the sight before him.

Leo gently, as to not hurt the girl whose head rested on his knees, removed his jacket and bundled it up into a small ball, he placed it on the dusty ground near Lisa's head and put both of his hands beneath her lifeless head and carefully lifted it up, he then rested it onto the makeshift pillow. "Come on Lisa," he muttered, placing his left hand on the mentioned girl's forehead, testing her temperature. "Normal," he sighed, relieved, he moved his hand to gently grasp her right, but as he opened her hand, a piece of thick parchment like paper fell into his own hand. Glancing once at Lisa's peaceful face, he carefully opened it. His eyes begun to scan the page with spidery writing dashing across it.

1 week, 1 week until your time is up.
Hurry, Hurry da Vinci, or you friends with suffer.

"Unsigned," Leo said, turning the single small item over and over in his hands, drawing in everything he could from it. It was obvious who it was from, Piero de' Medici, who else could it be from? it was about the war machine that he had commissioned, Leo had to hurry and build it, get it built or who knows what might happen if he didn't? That was the message.

Leo was snapped out of his musings by a soft groan, he looked down and over to Lisa, and smiled as she opened her eyes. "Hey Lisa," he said softly as she looked up to him, but as she started to sit up, he looked to her and sighed, before helping her to sit up, her leaning against him he ignored the looks sent his way that screamed I don't need help!

"You just fainted," he simply said, and before she could reply he said, "And your head is bleeding, let me see." Leo reached into his bag and pulled out a long strip of material, ignoring Lisa's protests that she was fine. He parted her hair and winced when he saw a darkening bruise which had a large gash in the middle of it, which was still bleeding. He got the material and placed one end just on the cut, he then wrapped it around her head, being oh-so-careful - he seemed to be doing a lot of that lately, being careful that is. Once Leo had got to the end of the material he then tucked it in.

CRUNCH! Leo turned to see Mac stood stock still at the entrance to the alley way. "Mac!" he cried, his eyes flickering between Mac and Lisa.

"Leo...Tom!" Mac said, noticing that Lisa was sitting up, her hair disheveled and a pale green material wrapped around her head. "What. What happened here?" he asked as he walked over to the pair and got onto his knees at Lisa's other, free side.

Mac met Leo's eyes, the former's full of worry, "I-I don't know." Leo said, and then looked down to the paper in his hand. He glanced up to Mac and wondered if he could tell him. He nodded, mostly to himself, he opened out the note and thrust it in Mac's hands, "Read it," He stated, nodding to the paper now in Mac's hands, "its from Piero, i'm sure of it." Mac nodded as he read the few sentences on the paper. By the time he had finished his eyes were wide opened.

"Leo..." He started to say.

"I know," the boy in question said, standing up and helping Lisa onto her shaky legs. He wasn't really worried about the note, well he was, but first he had to see if Lisa was okay and that she was going to be fine. He hooked an arm under hers and he nodded to her wig on the floor and said to Mac, "could you get that?"

Mac reached to the floor where the wig lay, picked it up and brushed it off of all the dust. He placed it on Lisa's head and positioned it carefully for that he didn't hurt her even more and so that the material of the makeshift bandage couldn't be seen. He turned to Leo and gestured to the exit of the alley. "I think its about time we got out of here."