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"Blessings? No way in hell." Yolda's voice sounded more like a pang in his ears.

It was only the two of them in the room. En, Izabella, and Satura were in the other room since he told them that he would like to talk to Yolda in private.

An almost graceful, demonic grimace was dancing on Yolda's lips. It was as if she had known that he'd come looking for her and was rejecting his request on purpose. He had around six hours left to persuade Yolda to give him the blessings.

For the first time in his life, Oga realized that a fight won't end a problem.

'Think, Tatsumi, think!'


= Darling, You IDIOT! =
Lesson 5: Get Your Family's Blessings -Hilda part-


Around two hours ago…
"Oh God, it's a pain in the ass to look for that damned brat!"

Hilda massaged her temple, "Not good. This is starting to drain my energy." She muttered.

Oga's cellphone abruptly rang, indicating that a message had been received. He flipped his phone open and read the message as he scroll down before nodding understandingly and flipped it close.

From: Lamia
Subject: Darling, You IDIOT!

I am guessing that you and Hilda nee-sama are looking for Yolda since she wouldn't want to face her parents for this, so… I have done you a favor to locate Yolda. She's inside an apartment near the Shopping District.

By the way, just in case, I will write you the rules of DYI:
-you cannot quarrel
-you should not be too intimate towards people other than your couple
-you have to get your family's blessings within 3 days of activation
-you can quarrel as long as you hold hands
-you can quarrel as long as you use love calls
-you cannot be separated for more than one meter
-you can be separated as long as one of you is asleep

I wish you luck! And oh! If possible, I want you to less involve Hilda nee-sama in this. She has complex about her parents, after all.

The last piece of rule Lamia wrote him caught his attention. So they could be safely separated as long as one of them was asleep? Now that's a useful info!

Then, he might as well not involve Hilda in this at all.

He grinned.

And here he is now, facing the bemused Yolda who seemed to be enjoying this a little too much.

"Okay. If you don't want to give me the blessings now, can you at least tell me about your parents?"

"Huh? Why do my parents suddenly come up in this conversation?"

"Do you want me to answer that honestly?" Oga grinned.

Yolda smiled in amusement, "Well, let me think. Or not." She brushed her hair to the side, "Let me guess…"

Oga waited.

The blonde pointed out her index finger and smiled, "It's Hilda, isn't it? She said something about her being abused by our parents to gain your sympathy or something? What a whore." She spat.

Oga's eyes shot wide open at that, "Abused?!" he almost shouted.

"Abudah?!" Beel seemed to be just as surprised.

"Oh? She didn't tell you that far, I guess? Well, it's not like she's physically abused."

The delinquent was already too alarmed to process her words, as he quickly grabbed her by her shoulders and shouted in her face, "Tell me the details!"

Yolda blinked. But after a while, she came to her senses and slapped his hands off her shoulder.

"You do realize that this is something you should ask the person herself and not me, don't you?" she eyed him.

Realizing his own mistake, Oga lowered his head, his face covered by the shadow of his bangs. That was when he realized that this blonde, Yolda, wasn't trying to be the villain here. She must have a good reason behind this…

Why does it bother him so much?

Everything that happened to Hilda…

The frightened look on her face when she mentioned her parents never left his head.

"I could give you a hint, though…"

He raised his head up with hope.

"It was all in Hilda's head." Was all the blonde could say.

Oga didn't reply, nor did he understand what the blonde was talking about. If it was all in Hilda's head, then it meant he had to ask her by himself. Then what's the point in this hint?

"The story is getting intense, Lamia!" Demon Lord exclaimed excitedly.

"Yes, I can see that, my Lord."

"I wonder how that Oga kid will get the blessings~! I do hope he succeeded in it!"

Biting her lip, Lamia nodded.

The little girl felt guilty towards her idol. She knew well, if not more than anyone else, that the blonde had troubles regarding her parents. But at the same time, she wanted her Hilda nee-sama to conquer this fear of hers and move on. This problem is the only one she couldn't get over with even after a mountain of consultations.

Intertwining her fingers, Lamia silently prayed that this would end Hilda's problem.

'I am counting on you, Oga.' Lamia mentally stated as she fixed her eyes to the huge screen before her.

'…Please help Hilda nee-sama!'

"A—nyway!" Yolda said playfully.

The blonde patted Oga's shoulder and smiled almost genuinely at him.

"I will give the blessings after you can get them from my parents." She smirked. But for some reason, Oga could tell that the smirk didn't have any ill intentions behind it.

Yolda twirled around and touched the doorknob, as she was about to spin the knob, she stopped, "Hilda needs to get over this. I will lend a hand in this, but only if you promise me not to tell her anything." She looked over her shoulder and put a finger on her lips while winking her eye at the delinquent.

Oga and Baby Beel stared at her wide-eyed before they grinned at each other and nodded at Yolda.

"You rock!" Oga cheered.

The blonde giggled before she got out of the room and made a phone call outside.

The small girl ran throughout the corridor and stopped when she arrived in front of a room.

She pushed the door open and smiled at the two people inside, "Mother, Father!" she chirped as she ran towards them. The two parents welcomed their daughter with a loving embrace as the girl giggled.

For a second, it felt like heaven and hell had switched place.

Nothing felt more blissful than this.

But as the girl rested in the arms of her loving parents, the whole place went dark. Frightened, she faced her parents to look for comfort, but found nothing of the sorts… nothing besides the resentful expressions on her parent's face.

They pushed her away.

"Hilda! You're a big girl now! How many times do I have to tell you to stop being scared?!" her Mother shouted.

"Why are you yelling at your daughter?! Her become like that is obviously your fault!" her Father shouted at her Mother.

"What?! Why are you blaming me over everything?! This is all Hilda's fault!"

Her eyes shot open and she panted heavily.

She found herself in Oga's room. Maybe she fell asleep when they took a rest in his room earlier.

She realized that her whole body was covered in sweat. Her dream, no, nightmare, was certainly terrifying enough to make her sweat at least this much. She laughed at herself. When did she become so weak?

No, weak sides don't exist in her dictionary.

Creaking sound could be heard as someone opened the door, "Hilda…" that person called.

It was already quite dark in the room but she could tell that it was Oga. He was walking towards her and finally stood on the spot where the moonlight shone. Hilda raised her head up to look at him.

"…What?" she questioned.

Once she finished her question, Oga shoved a phone in her face. No, a hellphoneto be exact.

"Whose is that?" Hilda asked, suspicious. "It can't possibly be yours."

"It's not mine, it's Yolda's."

At the mentioning of Yolda's names, Hilda became wary.

"We put your parents on the phone. Talk to them." He said, almost as if he was begging her into it.

But on the other hand, she widened her eyes. Sweat started to roll down her face once again. She was hesitating, but her trembling hand reached for the phone anyhow. Gulping once, she brought the phone on her ears.

"…H-hello?" she stuttered.

"Hello, Hilda? This is mom. I heard from Yolda that you're getting married?"

At the woman's voice, Hilda's body tensed. She was scared. That was the same voice she heard yelling and screaming at her Father when she was little. It had been a long time but she could never forget it. It still left terror lingering in her chest. She just prayed that they won't be yelling at each other at all this time.

Being strangely considerate, Oga put his hands on her shoulder, reassuring her. He had heard from her parents that Hilda used to blame herself for what happened to their relationship.

And it's true… indeed it was just all in her head.

Hilda relaxed after a short while and continued the phone call.

"Y-yes, I mean, no! I mean — Mother and Father do not need to worry too much about this. You don't really have to come to the party either since you must be very busy with your work, just…" she looked down. Oga raised an eyebrow.

"…just don't fight…" her voice trailed off. All of a sudden, her parents' loud voices could be heard ringing in her head.

The other side of the phone seemed to go silent as well.



"Hilda dear, we were just asking about your marriage. There wasn't any reason for us to fight over something like this, was there?"

Hilda blinked. All the voices in her head vanished along with the end of the sentence.

"And Father was excited to know who the lucky guy is, too. Was it the one who called us earlier? He was asking strange questions about your childhood too. Must be him!" she could hear her Mother giggled.

But wait, Oga called them?

She whipped around almost instantly and saw him grinning at her.

She half-glared at him before she turned back to the phone.

"Oga called you?" she asked.

"Yes! That guy is called Oga? Yolda told us that he's Beelze-sama's human contractor. Are you perhaps afraid that we might not agree with your marriage because he is a human?" her Mother asked with a worried tone.

"Yes… I thought you might start a fight with Father because of this… I was afraid…" she bit her lip and asked herself whether what she would say after this was a lie or not. She took a glance at the delinquent behind her before she built up the courage to finish her sentence,

"…I was afraid that I might be separated from him…"a hint of blush could be seen across her cheeks as she finished her sentence. She was glad Oga couldn't see her from this side.

Behind her, Oga blinked in both confusion and fluster.

The blonde's face reddened even more when she heard her Mother laughed at her over the phone but thanked the darkness in the room for covering it. She quickly motioned Oga to get out of the room as she continued the phone call.

Hilda ended the phone call with a smile.

"We argued not because we hate each other, Hilda. It was because we love each other that we can argue like that. That's why you shouldn't blame yourself for it."

When she remembered those words, it brought smile on her face again, so all these years she was worrying over nothing.

It made her realize that every couple had their own way of showing affections…

…Maybe her and Oga too.

"…I was scared that I might be separated from him…"

Shock hit her when she remembered what she said before. Why did she say that anyway? There's no way that she in her sane mind would say something like that. Something might have possessed her before. Yeah, must be that.

But she remembered the time when Aoi admitted her defeat to her.

"You win, Hilda."

The blonde didn't expect Aoi to say that with a smile on her face.

"Anyone with eyes could tell that it was a tie, Kunieda. Or are you looking down on me?" she narrowed her eyes at the dark-haired girl.

"Well, technically, that was a tie. But I've never seen you like that before, right? Even I was a little surprised, you know." Aoi giggled.

Hilda raised an eyebrow, unable to comprehend what this girl was trying to say. "I was like what?" she asked, a little pissed off.

"Well…" she put a finger under her chin. "…You were seriously fighting for Oga." Her expression softened as she said those words and it left Hilda wide-eyed, dumbfounded on her spot.

'I was seriously fighting for Oga? That's ridiculous…'

She got out of the room and found Oga standing beside her. He must have been waiting since earlier.

The two of them went to the living room and found Oga's family members throwing endless questions towards Yolda who was sitting uncomfortably on the couch. Her eye twitched in annoyance when they asked about Hilda.

"I told you I don't give a damn about Hilda!" she yelled.

"You guys should stop pestering her she'll blow up the house, I'm serious." Oga deadpanned as he walked towards the fridge to get some water, followed by Hilda.

"Oga Tatsumi, there you are!" Yolda went to him as if he was her lifesaver. "Those guys keep asking me pointless questions!" she whined.

"I know they're annoyingly loud but please bear with it." Oga sweatdropped.

"It's so cute! Who would ever have thought that Hilda-chan had a twin sister?" Misaki exclaimed excitedly.

"What's so cute about it?!" Yolda snapped.

Oga rolled his eyes.

"Yolda, you're being rude to them. And Oga, why aren't you defending your own family?" Hilda narrowed her eyes at them.

Just then, Hilda went to sit on the couch beside Misaki and they talked together with Oga's parents. Yolda watched as her sister smiled towards the family members.

"Hmm? So this is the environment Hilda lives in…" Yolda muttered, sounding uninterested. But a playful smirk formed on her lips after that as she tiptoed and whispered something to Oga who was standing beside her.

"I also give my blessings for this. And also…"

Oga's expression after that was priceless and she laughed before she made her way out of the house after she stuck her tongue mockingly at him.

As expected from a Transdimensional Demon.

She teleported somewhere just a second after.

Oga clicked his tongue.


Most of all, he couldn't forgive himself for being so flustered over her words. He used his palm to cover his face.

"I also give my blessings for this. And also… you can marry her for real, too. I won't mind. No one would object too, I'm sure."

Oh God, why did she have to say that?

Both Oga and Hilda couldn't sleep until midnight, wanting to make sure whether they really won't be shocked or the other way around. The two of them sat on the roof, looking upside while holding hands. Not that they planned to quarrel, but it kept their hands warm.

"It has already pass midnight. I think we can return to the house now." Hilda said when she looked at Oga's watch she was holding.


Hilda stood up, but before she could make another step, Oga pulled her back, making her land on his lap.

"What?" she asked, visibly annoyed by his action.

"The thing you said before… do you mean it?" he asked.

"What thing?" she raised an eyebrow.

"You said you were afraid that you would be separated from me or something?"

Oga caught her off-guard. She couldn't hide her blush and all she could do was turn around.

They stayed in that position for a few minutes. With Hilda sitting on his lap and all, he couldn't help but getting a little uncomfortable.

Baby Beel had long fell asleep and it made them feel even more nervous than necessary.

"…was true…" her voice was too low for him to hear.


Hilda turned around to face him, "It was true! Happy now?" she snapped at him.

Oga blinked.

Neither of them realized that their faces were merely a centimeter between each other. Hilda was the first one to realize and she made her move to back off but was caught by Oga into an embrace.

Hilda gaped, her heartbeat accelerated.

Oga grinned and whispered in her ears, "Hell yeah I'm happy."

~To be continued~