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The gym was mobbed with crowds, especially those who wanted to use this opportunity to ridicule the special class in case they made any error on stage. The one Aoi made a bet with was included among them. She was smirking in a very provoking manner.

That made Aoi's blood boiled, of course, and she told them to not make any mistake on stage or she'd personally crack their bones.

Everyone gulped and made a silent warning in their heads not to make any mistake.

On the time of the play, Furuichi greeted the spectators as the MC.

"Now, let us begin this short and simple drama: 'Afro's Love'—wait, who changed the title?!" Furuichi freaked out. He cleared his throat and continued "Pardon me, it was a mistake. The real title is 'Under Aphrodite's Blessing'!" he cheered before retreating to the left side of the stage.

The title seemed to catch the spectators' attention, since the students here were fond of holy stuff, for some reason, perhaps to live up to their school's name?

Behind the scene, Oga snickered.

Yes, the title-changing was his doing.


= Darling, You IDIOT! =
Lesson 8: Do Not Ruin the Performace


Kanzaki and Yuka entered the stage.

"Dear, I am thinking that it is time for our daughter to be betrothed to a fine man." Kanzaki spoke up. It's amazing how he didn't laugh after saying those un-Kanzaki-ish words.

Next, Yuka spoke with a very un-Yuka-ish high-pitch voice. "Yes, dear. How about Himekawa? He has known our daughter since childhood."

"Hmm… Well, let us talk to Ogabride—I mean, our daughter, first."

A misspell right off the bat. Say hi to the Nadeshiko style soon, Kanzaki.

Behind the stage, Aoi had began cracking her knuckles.

The light on stage went off and after it went on again, it was Hilda who was standing there now. Kanzaki and Yuka appeared from the side and approached her.

"Hilda dear," Kanzaki said as he put a hand on Hilda's shoulder. "We were discussing about your engagement. You are of age now. It is a must for you to find a befitting person to be your hu-husband soon." He stuttered since Hilda was glaring at him, probably because he was touching her.

"I see. Who might it be, Father?" Hilda asked, sounding angry for some reason and she emphasized the 'father'.

"We-well, it's Himekawa. You do remember him. He is your childhood friend." Kanzaki said, still stuttering. The punishment would double for sure.

"Himekawa, you say? I loathe that man. Cancel the engagement or I shall leave the house."

"My dear, you shouldn't be too rebellious." Yuka coaxed, her voice was still high-pitch. Beside her, Kanzaki shuddered at her voice.

"Fine." Hilda looked away.

Kanzaki and Yuka left the stage.

Furuichi narrated the next scene, "On the very night, Hilda left her mansion and went into the woods. As expected, her disappearance was realized by one of the house's maids. Her Father sent his guards to look for her but she successfully hid from their sight. And on the next morning, Hilda successfully –again– made it out of the woods."

"It's your turn now. Good luck, Oga!" Aoi encouraged, slapping his back and sent him on stage.

After composing himself for a while, Oga, accompanied by Tojo, finally walked toward Hilda on the stage.

"Dude, look! There's a girl over there!"

Oga turned, looking at Hilda who was sitting on the floor.

"Shit, what's she doing there? That ground is like, so dirty!" Oga commented, though it sounded humorous.

"Dunno, dude. Looks like she's in languish, too. Maybe she dropped her wedding ring and it rolled into the sewer."

"Yeah, she does look miserable."

Oga and Tojo approached Hilda with Oga bending down and offered her a hand nonchalantly. "Oi, stand up. Whatever your problem is, we can talk 'bout it." He grinned.

Slowly, Hilda looked up and into his deep, dark eyes. She let out a long sigh as if she's tired of this kind of treatment and decided to stand up all by herself, brushing the dirt off her dress in process. Oga pulled his hand back with a tsk and rolled his eyes in exasperation. On the other hand, Hilda examined him with her single emerald eye and a smirk formed on her face afterward.

"What is your name?" she asked.

"For God's sake, telling your name before asking another person's is like a common sense already."

"Such a rude man. Fine, I shall tell you. My name is Hildegarde, however you can call me Hilda." She smiled a cool grin while offering a handshake.

Oga half-heartedly took her hand, "Oga Tatsumi, a hunter."

The play went smooth after that, and for some reason Oga managed to memorize all the lines without any notable mistakes, seemed like he could escape Aoi's divine punishment today. Hilda, on the other hand, had managed to express the emotions quite well, especially around Oga. It was as if they didn't actually practice it, rather, it came out naturally.

Actually, whoever made this story might just be a genius. Who'd come up with the idea for this one and half an hour play the second they were told that their class had to present something for the festival. Rather, who wrote the script anyway? Come to think of it no one was told about it.

Putting that aside, the story went naturally. Oga taking Hilda in, her deceiving his family, and several obstacles that got in the way of their still-unrealized feelings, like Oga's enemies who thought that Hilda was Oga's girlfriend and wanted to take her as hostage, and Hilda's fiancé—Himekawa—. But the helpful character, Aphrodite (for some reason starred by Kunieda Aoi), finally made them realize their feelings.

That fiancé was the one who leaked the information about Hilda being a Demon.

"Forgive me for hiding this fact, I…" Hilda looked down to her knees—something she would never do in real life. The scene was after Hilda confessed to Oga about her real identity as a Demon.

"You what?" Oga asked with a cold tone.

"I… didn't want to disgust you. I mean, humans and demons could never…" she gripped on her skirt and bit her lip. "But I…" she muttered.

"Hilda. You wanna know why I'm mad?" Oga asked with a kinder tone, but still slightly cold.

"…" Hilda kept silent, not even looking up from her knees.

Oga moved his arms around her waist and pulled her into an embrace before he rested his chin on top of her head. Hilda was taken aback by his action, her eyes widened. "I hate it when you don't trust me enough to tell me all about you…"

"…Oga…" she muttered, resting her head on his chest. "Forgive me, I should have told you sooner."

"Hell yeah, idiot."

She smiled.

"Humans and Demons could live alongside each other. Nothing's wrong with that. Don't you think so?"

It was almost the end of the play, but this was where their real battle begun. For this was where the kissing scene would occur. Hell, they didn't even practice for this. But after the incident the night before, an action of this level should not bother them that much, shouldn't it? But doing it in front of all the students under broad daylight was just plain suicide! This was more embarrassing that it looked like, mind you!

Oga and Hilda began looking into each other's eyes as they inched closed to one another. The spectators began wolf-whistling and some even cheered on them. Damn, it became ten times more embarrassing now!

Oga even thought of changing this into a comedy scene by saying "just kidding" to Hilda, but he would definitely have to say hi to Nadeshiko style together with Kanzaki. You might be oblivious of this but being hit by that attack was deathly painful even for him.

But hell, how could Hilda be this calm in a situation like this? Could it be she wasn't a virgin? No, no, there was blood when they—fuck, it's not even the time to be thinking about that. Now his face was even redder than before. And he swore he could hear Baby Beel cheered among the crowds.

Shit, he's panicking.

What was he, a girl?

Look, Hilda was being calm so he should calm down also.

Right, let's do this.

Oga tried to make it fast by capturing her lips in a hurry. In addition, he unconsciously sucked on her mouth and begged for entrance with his tongue. He was only a normal virgin two days ago and by yesterday he transformed into some goddamned pervert who experted in French kiss.

The crowds started to die out and he swore he could see them getting red.

What the hell?

"Oga! Do that at home, not here! Do you wanna get killed by Kunieda like me?!" Kanzaki yelled from behind the stage and Oga returned to reality.

"Even though she's your wife doesn't mean you can make another baby anywhere you please, dammit! You think I'm jealous of you?!" Himekawa added, clearly irritated. He was practically being humiliated on stage when Oga defeated him before so he's kind of sensitive.

Now that really pulled him back to reality.

He realized that he had been pinning Hilda on the floor, though she did nothing to resist him, seemed like she was thinking about the play as well. He could guess that she didn't want the spectators to think that they were off script yet.

After Oga parted their lips, Hilda whispered to him. "Act natural. Do not ruin this performance or Kunieda will make sure she beheads you."

Since when did she care about what Aoi would do anyway?

A perfect line popped into Oga's mind and he grinned at Hilda. Hilda, catching the signal, nodded at him. Though she didn't really know what he would say, she could only pray that it wouldn't ruin the performance.

Oga opened his mouth and began, "Let's create a world where humans and demons could live together…"

Hilda's eyes immediately widened at this.

Since this line wasn't on the script, could it be… he really meant it?

No, that wasn't it. He only thought of it in the moment of urgency.

"Yes," she smiled.

In the afternoon, they cleaned up the equipment. When Aoi began to dismiss everyone, Oga was done with the work and had decided to look for Hilda. He went back to their class and found her sleeping at her desk. She must be tired after the play.

He walked toward her and put a hand on her head, patting her.

He had been wanting to do this for a while. She was much shorter than him so patting her would feel really good but if he did it when she was awake she would undoubtedly kill him on the spot.

The red sky outside the window was a spectacular sight to see. He began to smile for some reason he couldn't get. He was feeling warm in the inside as he stood beside her sleeping figure, hand on her head. She was cute when she's asleep, though he would never say it out loud.

His hand left her head and he began walking away…

…only before the familiar electricity ran down his spines.

"Crap, I forgot about this shitty ring!" he snapped. "The play's over so the time limit is up, eh? Looks like I'll have to get bound with that woman again," he sighed. But wait, a minute, the rings weren't supposed to be active as long as one of them was asleep. That could only mean one thing…

…Hilda wasn't asleep at all.

In this situation, he didn't know if he should be the one embarrassed because he was patting her in her sleep or Hilda should be the one to explain why she didn't get mad after he did it and instead, kept pretended to sleep.

When he looked behind, her single emerald eye was boring deep into him. She looked furious, probably because she was embarrassed by the fact that he found out about her feigning sleep.

Either way, she pulled out the thin sword that was hidden behind her parasol.

He knew it was embarrassing but was it rational push all the blame to him?

But he didn't want her to get any angrier so he wouldn't resist.

As she raised her sword and the dark fibre-like thing began swirling over it, he began to shiver. Was she always this frightening when she's angry?

Hilda swung the sword and a powerful energy blasted into the wall beside him after he successfully dodged it. He was shocked to find that the classroom started collapsing by the impact. The two of them immediately made their escape and watched the whole classroom being reduced to ashes.

Oga was taken aback, and it even applied to Hilda herself.

Since when was she this powerful?

"O-oi, I won't let you get pissed so don't use that attack anymore, I might die." Oga stuttered.

"No… I didn't really put more power than usual—wait Oga, what's that on your palm?"

"What? It's Zebul Spell."

"Not that, you fool, the other palm!"

"Huh?" Oga tilted his head. He brought his left hand up and looked at the back of his palm which had a crest on it. It's different from the Zebel Spell but he just knew that this was the crest that represented the contract with another Demon. "What is this?" he questioned.

"I can't believe it… Don't tell me…" Hilda's eyes widened. For some reason she started to raise her sword again. But now, she didn't even bother to use her Demonword Summon. She only went to the nearest tree and hit it with the hilt of her sword. In a blink of an eye, the tree collapsed. She blinked but it seemed she had finally come to a realization.

She walked back to Oga.

She looked a little uncomfortable as she started the explanation, "Err… You see, Oga… I think we've formed a contract."

Those words were simple but Oga's brain resisted to process them.

"Excuse me?"

"You're such a fool! I am saying that we have made a contract and now you are officially my contractor, do you get it?"

"I mean, how?!"

"You must have presented your blood to me somehow."

The two of them pondered and finally remembered the time when Hilda accidentally bit his lip when they kissed the night before. It was when they were—

Their face heated up when they started to remember the detail.

Hilda coughed, "Right… You did present your blood and now this happens. This is not really a problem, I don't fight often."

"Yeah, and I will be the one to channel your power when you're going to kill me whenever we fight from now on, just like now. This is just too ironic!"

"Silence, sewer-rat! I will be holding back so calm down."

"Like you can talk about holding back," Oga rolled his eyes

With one hit, Hilda put Oga to sleep and she dragged him home with her.

"Look how much they progressed! You could never beat me when it comes to fluffy romance, Mao-chan, you're too slow!" a beautiful woman cheered.

The Demon Lord laughed along with the woman, "I admit it, alright? And this is really entertaining, gyahaha! You're an expert, Aphro-chan!"

"I told you not to call me that! It sounds like 'afro'!"

"Kay, kay."

"Is it really okay for Oga to form another contract, my Lord?" Lamia asked.

"Worry not, Lamia, he's not that weak of a guy. Forming contract with another one or two more Demons won't kill him."

"Th-that's true, but… this contract is with Hilda nee-sama! She's never formed a contract with anyone before…"

"That's what makes this special!" the Demon Lord winked and continued watching the screen.

Lamia gulped nervously.

This was getting more and more out of her plan.