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High citrus content, you have been warned.

Floating in the middle of Nabiki's bedroom, Ranma nervously rubbed the back of her neck as Nabiki closed the door. "Uh, why are we here, Nabiki?" she asked.

"To take care of your hunger problem," Nabiki responded with a sigh. Turning, she slipped off her house slippers and walked over to her friend. "Listen, Ranma, there's two ways to get you fed. First, I can take a nap and you can join me in my dream —"

Ranma was shaking her head. "No way, I'd lose control again an' as hungry as I am it might be dangerous for you, so it's not happenin'."

Nabiki nodded. "I thought that's what you would say. Well, the other way is sex."

Ranma stiffened. "But I thought ya said ya knew a way ta avoid that!"

"I do, sort of," Nabiki agreed. "Look, Ranma, you need sex to feed in your spirit form, but there's no reason why you have to be involved."

"Huh?" a now confused Ranma queried.

"It's simple enough," Nabiki said with a shrug. "I get myself off while you're touching me, you feed on the energy produced, you get fed without doing a thing."

"G-g-get off?"

"Sure," Nabiki said with a grin. "You're a guy, you've jacked off before, I'm sure."

Ranma jerkily nodded as a blush turned her cheeks rosy.

"Well, girls have their own way of doing the same thing. I figure if I do that while you're holding me, you should be able to feed without doing a thing." When her friend started to unconsciously drift backwards, Nabiki stepped forward and pulled a stiff Ranma into a hug. Look, Ranma," she said softly, "I'm not letting you starve so those are your choices — a dream party or me getting myself off, which will it be?"

After a long moment, Ranma relaxed. "You gettin' off, I guess," she said dully. "How're we doin' this?"

Nabiki winced at the tone and gave Ranma an extra squeeze. Then, letting Ranma go and turning toward her closet, she pulled her shirt off over her head and quickly unsnapped and removed her bra. "Get over by the bed," she said as she slipped her pants and panties off together before opening the closet door.

As a still blushing Ranma moved toward the bed, Nabiki pulled a box out from a drawer, then started going through it. Let's see. This is going to be a 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am', so nothing fancy. She lifted out a dildo realistically shaped and colored and very generously endowed, then shook her head and put it back. No, that one would get me off the fastest but let's not scare Ranma too badly. She pulled out another dildo, still sort of realistically-shaped but smaller and made out of clear, smooth plastic, and nodded. That'll do — the proper size and shape to do the job, but not so clearly a penis-substitute as to shake Ranma up even more than she already is, if she can even see it.

She closed the box and put it away, then turned toward the bed and sighed. Ranma was curled up with her eyes closed. "Ranma, what's the point in not looking at me? It's not like you haven't been seeing me naked ever since you first arrived!"

"Y-yeah," Ranma said, "but ya always had clothes on, even if I could barely see 'em — now ya aren't wearing anything. It's ... different."

Nabiki just shook her head ruefully and walked over. "Ranma, you need to straighten out and move back against the wall." Ranma complied, sinking halfway into the wall while keeping her eyes closed, and Nabiki lay down on the bed, spread her legs, then reached over and pulled Ranma against her. "Come on, Ranma, you need to be holding me for this. Put your arms around me." Ranma's arms encircled Nabiki just under her breasts while leaving her arms free, pulling Ranma halfway into the bed, and she pressed her face against Nabiki's neck and shoulder. With Ranma pressed against her side Nabiki could feel the shivers running the length of Ranma's body.

Damn, Ranma really hates this, even worse than I was afraid of. There's got to be a way to make this easier on her. Nabiki lay still for a few minutes, thinking furiously while hoping that Ranma's shivers would die down — they didn't. Finally, Nabiki shifted her hands toward her breasts, and sighed to herself when she felt Ranma's arms tighten. Well, maybe the feelings she picks up will make things better. Wait a minute, feelings! Ranma's an empath, she's been picking up my lust all day! She needs more to feed, but what if I change the 'flavor'?

Closing her eyes, Nabiki started thinking back over the time she'd spent with Ranma. Ranma, covering up when she first realized Nabiki could see her. Her smile when she'd pop in wherever Nabiki might be. Her focused concentration on her katas, for hours at a time. The way she'd blush at the least hint of Nabiki being attracted to her. The dreamy smile when she'd had her head in Nabiki's lap just that afternoon. Nabiki felt the happiness that would fill her when thinking of her friend flood in, and Ranma first stiffened, then relaxed and her shivering slowed and finally stopped.

Good, Nabiki thought, that's done it. Now to the main course. Slowly, keeping the images of Ranma clear in her mind, Nabiki reached up and ran her fingers over and around her breasts. The room suddenly seemed warmer as tingles of pleasure shot through her. Ranma stiffened again but soon relaxed, and to Nabiki's relief the shivering didn't return. Great, it's working! Now to up the ante.

One hand still massaging her left breast, she reached down with her right hand and ran a finger between her legs. Slowly, she felt the warmth between her legs build and radiate out through her body, as her breathing deepened and she began to squirm. Deciding she was aroused enough, she slipped a finger up inside, then added a second, then a third.

Even as she started to gasp, she brought new images to mind, ones from her daydreams rather than her memories. Nabiki and Ranma in a deep kiss, hands running up and down each other's back as their naked breasts pressed together. Ranma moaning as Nabiki nibbled and sucked on a generous breast, with one hand massaging the other breast and the fingers of her other hand between Ranma's legs. Nabiki gazing down at a wealth of red hair as she held her friend's head firmly between her legs, so that her writhing wouldn't displace the mouth sucking and licking at her.

Now Ranma was beginning to squirm, and to Nabiki's shock her friend's hand shifted up her side and began to massage Nabiki's right breast — a little too hard, but Nabiki was beyond caring. Reaching down to where she'd laid the clear dildo beside her leg, Nabiki slipped the head inside her and slowly began pumping. She felt the familiar pressure building even as her hips seemed to take on a life of their own, thrusting up to meet the pumping dildo, and then she barely managed to hold back a scream as the wave broke, sending waves of echoes washing and rebounding through her. Through the haze of pleasure Nabiki barely felt the way Ranma's one-armed hug and grip on her breast tighten at the same moment.

Going limp, she just lay there for a moment as her breathing slowed, then slipped the dildo out. Putting it to the side she tried to hug Ranma, and on finding it difficult to hug someone half-embedded in a bed she grasped Ranma's arm and pulled her out and across her chest. With Ranma's head on her breast, Nabiki began gently running one hand along her petite friend's back while stroking Ranma's hair with the other.

Neither of the two had noticed when Nabiki's door had opened a crack, and then quietly closed.


Akane panted, sweat dripping from her face, as the sound of shattering blocks filled the dojo. Try as she might, the exercise just could not chase the memory of what she'd seen in Nabiki's bedroom out of her mind. She'd gotten back early from her study session with Yuka and Sayuri — it had degenerated into a gossip session, mainly about Nabiki — and had been headed to her room to drop off her books before practicing her Art when she'd heard some odd sounds coming from Nabiki's room as she passed. Thinking that maybe Nabiki was with the elusive boyfriend everyone seemed to agree she had to have (while violently disagreeing on just who the boyfriend might be), Akane had cracked open the door prepared to attack whoever might be corrupting her older sister only to get the shock of her life.

Okay, so it wasn't that much of a shock. So my sister's a pervert, it's not like I didn't already know that she isn't exactly normal. And maybe this explains her weird behavior over the past week or so, she's just wishing she had a boyfriend instead of actually having one, maybe even daydreaming about one boy in particular. Akane found her mind focusing again on what she'd seen, the way Nabiki had been slamming the dildo home, the way she'd gasped and moaned out her pleasure, the way her breast —

Akane shook her head and glared at the shattered blocks. Okay, this isn't working. Maybe a long hard run will help wear me out and take my mind off things. She headed out to change into her running clothes, once again carefully ignoring the memory of Nabiki's right breast palpitating, as if an unseen hand was helping Nabiki with her self-pleasuring...


Ranma slowly loosened her grip on Nabiki as the aftershocks of the flood of energy from Nabiki's orgasm died away. She stiffened momentarily on being pulled up onto Nabiki's chest, then relaxed and snuggled a bit into her breasts as Ranma felt Nabiki's hands begin stroking her hair and along her back. Wow, that was just ... wow. I thought that dream was powerful, but ... Ranma thought back over the last few minutes. The trickle, and then flood, of energy had been familiar from the dream, but it hadn't been alone. Mixed with the energy had been the same warmth she had been basking in lately while in Nabiki's presence, combined with the eager lust she'd felt from time to time and even a few images that just remembering made her blush even as she luxuriated in the feelings they'd been piggybacked onto.

"Ranma? Ranma? RANMA!"

Ranma jerked as Nabiki's near shout right next to her ear finally penetrated her introspection. "Yeah, Nabiki?" she responded almost drowsily.

"How do you feel?"

The concerned tone in Nabiki's voice finally penetrated, and Ranma pulled away from Nabiki's comforting hands and sat up — well, floated up into a sitting position — and gazed down on the sweaty but worried face of her friend. "Actually, I feel pretty good. That was kinda the same as the dream, but ... but different. There was yer lust and warmth all mixed up with the energy, and even ..." Ranma's blush deepened, "... even some pictures. How'd ya do that?"

Nabiki sighed with relief even as she quirked an eyebrow. "You actually saw some of what I was imagining? Impressive. How clear was it?"

"Not very," Ranma admitted. "More like flashes, little pieces a few seconds long."

"They must have piggybacked on the emotions you were picking up from me. You weren't picking up anything like that earlier?"

Ranma shook her head.

"It must take really strong emotions to do that. Still, in the right situation that could be a very handy ability," Nabiki said thoughtfully.

"Maybe," Ranma said, shrugging.

Nabiki focused again on the naked redhead on display beside her. "That lust and ... and warmth the memories came with, did they make a difference?" she asked hesitantly.

Ranma nodded. "Yeah, it did."

"So, are you ... well, full?"

Ranma focused inward, on the 'void' at her center, and frowned. "Naw, a ... a bit over halfway, I think. Hard ta say for sure."

Nabiki frowned. "Well, I suppose we could leave it at that, though it'll probably mean a repeat tomorrow. Or ... or we could have another go right now, and maybe tide you over until your father finishes his swim."

Ranma said nothing for a moment, frowning thoughtfully. Ya know, that really felt good — even better than the dream. The ... the feelings really changed things. And I do feel better now, with some a' that void filled. And it looks like Nabiki's right, 'bout this being what this body demands, so it's bound to happen again, so I might as well get used to it. And ... and Nabiki's been so nice ta me, I need to do something ta pay her back a little...

Blushing again, Ranma said, "Let's take care of it right now. But ... but this time ... thistimecanIgetyouoffmyself?"

Nabiki deciphered Ranma's last blurted statement, then stared in shock at her busty friend. "Did you just ask if you could get me off?"

Ranma nodded mutely.

Niabiki smiled broadly and spread her arms wide. "Of course you can. Now come here!"

Ranma floated down and was instantly enveloped in an enthusiastic hug. "I thought maybe after this you wouldn't want to be around me anymore," Nabiki mumbled into Ranma's shoulder.

"Nah," Ranma replied, returning the hug. "I know you're only tryin' ta help. Even if it hadn't been so good I'd still wanna be your friend."

Nabiki broke their hug, only to grab the back of Ranma's head and pull her into a heartfelt kiss while the fingers of her other hand traced a path along Ranma's side. Ranma relaxed at the warmth washing into her from Nabiki, without a trace of lust. Then the kiss deepened, and a growing trickle of lust started coming through. Unconsciously, Ranma's lips parted and Nabiki's tongue slipped into her mouth, their tongues dueling. Ranma moaned into the kiss, then stiffened and broke away towards the ceiling as she felt a hand slipping between her legs.

Nabiki froze. "Moving a bit too fast for you?" She sighed at Ranma's jerky nod, then smiled. "All right, I'll be good. Come on back down."

Ranma hesitantly floated back down and resumed their kiss, to find Nabiki as good as her word — hands ran along her back to the upper part of her ass, and along her sides to the swell of her breasts pressing against Nabiki's perky pair, but no further. Slowly, she again relaxed and sank into the bliss of the moment, as the warmth and lust again enveloped her and the energy she craved resumed trickling into her void.

Finally, Nabiki broke off the kiss and smiled ruefully up at her soon-to-be lover (even if it was still a little one-sided). "Ranma, as much as I'm enjoying this, we're going to have to move along or Kasumi's going to be knocking on the door to announce dinner, and that isn't how I want to break the news to her."

Oh, crap, she's right! Ranma thought, feeling slightly panicky. There was something ... off ... about Kasumi. Ranma didn't doubt that Kasumi liked her and was glad to see her when their paths crossed, but something about the way she looked at her didn't quite feel right. Ranma considered it briefly, then put it to the side. Whatever Kasumi's problem might be, right now Ranma had something more important to take care of.

Floating down along Nabiki's body, Ranma captured the tip of one breast in her mouth and smiled to herself as she felt both the lust and the trickle of energy coming from Nabiki jump. She grasped Nabiki's other breast and started to massage it, only to freeze and look up at her friend's face when Nabiki gasped and a spike of pain overrode the pleasure she radiated.

"You're squeezing just a little too hard, Ranma — don't stop, just a little gentler, please."

Ranma frowned even as she eased up. "Didn't it work like this in the dreams?"

Nabiki chuckled. "The problem with dreams is that they're based on what we know, or rather what we think we know. Since neither of us has much real practice to base our dreams on, be a little careful using them as a guide."

Ranma nodded and — carefully — resumed her ministrations of Nabiki's breasts, and sighed in relief as the flow of lust, pleasure and energy also resumed even as Nabiki resumed running her hands along Ranma's back. Running her free hand down along Nabiki's stomach, Ranma ran her fingers through the trimmed pubic curls framing her cleft, then smiled to herself as her hand slipped between Nabiki's legs and her new lover twitched and sucked in a deep breath. The pleasure and energy Ranma was drinking in took another jump.

"Liked that, did you?" Ranma asked, looking up and grinning.

"Oh, yes, please don't stop!" Nabiki breathed out, and Ranma returned to suckling at her breast while inserting several fingers. She slowly began to pump her fingers in as deep as they would reach, picking up speed as none of the pain she'd felt at her earlier blunder manifested while Nabiki's pleasure, and the energy filling Ranma's core, soared.

But as good as it felt, and as much as Nabiki was enjoying what Ranma was doing to her, something was missing. Driven by a need she could barely recognize, much less understand, Ranma pulled her fingers out and abandoned Nabiki's breasts to slide down along her body until her face was over Nabiki's crotch. Ranma took a deep breath and the scent of arousal hit her like a sledgehammer, indescribably sweeter than anything she'd ever smelled before, and Nabiki's half-coherent protests at Ranma's breaking off her lovemaking ended in a strangled shout as Ranma buried her face in the source of that captivating scent, licking and sucking for all she was worth and finding the flavor even more delicious than the scent had promised.

By now, Nabiki was babbling barely understandable promises to make Ranma's life a heaven on earth if only she wouldn't stop even as, tremors running through her body, she replaced Ranma's attention to her breasts with her own hands. Ranma was just as lost in the intoxication of the moment. The bewitching flavor combining with the lust and energy flooding into her core in ever-increasing waves, all enfolded in the warm feeling Nabiki radiated, pushed Ranma to the same edge as her lover. Ranma wrapped her other arm under and around Nabiki's thigh to hold herself in place as Nabiki's hips bucked.

Then Ranma gave a muffled shout as her world exploded, the rising flow of energy turning into a deluge and washing her away even as Nabiki convulsed and screamed into the pillow she'd hastily pulled over her face.


"Welcome back, beautiful," Ranma faintly heard Nabiki say as she slowly came back to her senses to find herself again enfolded in a gentle hug, her head resting on her lover's breast.

"Wow," Ranma murmured as she snuggled up against Nabiki. "That was ... was ... was ... I don't think anything could ever top that. It was even better than the first time."

Through her cheek, Ranma felt Nabiki's breast quiver as she chuckled. "Actually helping out beats just watching? Big surprise there. So, are you full now?"

Ranma nodded. "Yeah — overfull, feels like."

"Good," Nabiki responded, glancing at the clock, "because not only are we about out of time, but I don't think I could handle another orgasm like that for awhile." Then she sighed and sat up, transferring Ranma to her lap. With a hint of worry in her voice, she asked, "Ranma, are you all right? I know you're worried about what this might do to your manhood, and after the way my orgasms wiped you out I'd have to say you have a point."

Ranma was silent for a while, then finally just shook her head. "I dunno, Nabiki, I just dunno. This was great, an' I'm glad ta be able ta spend time here, but it isn't who I am!"

Nabiki winced. I don't think you're going to have a choice, my friend. I guess I'll just have to try and cushion the blow and be there to pick up the pieces when you realize that. For a moment, she blissfully considered that magical word, friend: a real friend, mine — best deal I ever made. But she hadn't been kidding about the time, so pushing the thought into the back of her mind, she regretfully moved Ranma off her lap and stood up. "Well, you may be fed but I'm not, and there's no way I'm going to sit down to dinner smelling like this!" At Ranma's sour look she laughed. "I know, I know, you'll have to find a way to keep yourself occupied while I'm eating, but be good and I'll put in a movie for us to watch after — The Fellowship of the Ring, I think. You should like it, even if Americans made it."

The chapter title comes from the title of the song sung by Cathie Ryan. And yes, this is toned down to hopefully "M" rating. The full-up version is available at AO3.