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This is the first of the 'House of Black' series:

Summary: What would life have been like if Hermione Granger was born a Black? Follow our little heroine as she grows up in the House of Black and becomes Bellatrix Lestrange's right hand girl.

Chapter 2 – The Black Family

The Granger's along with Hermione arrived at Black House and were immediately staring at a group of people with different heights, builds and age. There were five men and five women standing around the very large living room. Hermione felt extremely small and very uncomfortable with all their eyes trained on her.

"Katherine, Edmund, lovely to see you both again. Hermione?" Druella was the first to speak.

"Druella, it is. Yes, this is Hermione."

"Hello Hermione, I'm your aunt Druella, it's lovely to finally meet you."

"H-Hello aunt Druella, it's very nice to meet you as well." Hermione was aware that she needed to be very respectful. She put it down to the lessons she'd been given as she grew up.

"Let me introduce you to the rest of us." Druella smiled and placed her hand gently onto Hermione's shoulder in a form of comfort.

"Hermione, this is your great-great uncle and aunt, Arcturus and Melania." Hermione bowed her head slightly in respect. Arcturus was a regal looking man, he had long raven coloured hair that was graying and sharp blue eyes. Melania had dark brown hair that was speckled with gray and light brown eyes that sparkled with mirth as she gazed down at her great-great niece.

"Their daughter and son-in-law, your great uncle and aunt, Ignatius and Lucretia Prewett." Again Hermione bowed her head respectfully. Ignatius had short mahogany hair with flecks of gray; he had a long jaw and a rounded chin. His nose was a little hooked and his eyes were sterling blue. Lucretia had snow white hair and the traditional black features, her eyes were the most beautiful forest green Hermione had ever seen and she stared longer than she should have.

"Then there is your great-great uncle and aunt, Pollux and Irma Black." Hermione smiled while bowing her head. Pollux was at least six foot two and was very intimidating. He too had raven black hair, but with less gray than Arcturus and Ignatius. He had deep brown eyes with violet flecks just like Hermione's eyes. Irma had long light brown hair that was streaked with gray and light topaz-blue coloured eyes.

"Your great-great grandmother Cassiopeia Black." Hermione gave her a soft smile before bowing her head. Cassiopeia had long white blonde hair and beautiful blue-green eyes. She stood at six foot one and for her old age, she didn't look a day over fifty.

"Your uncle and aunt Orion and Walburga and then there is Cygnus and I." Orion was a tall man with a head of dark brown hair that reached his shoulders, it was going gray around his temples, and he had stormy gray eyes. Walburga had hazel coloured eyes and light mousy brown hair that was in a tight French braid. She was about five foot six and had rounded chin and an aristocratic nose.

Cygnus was six foot and very well built, he had broad shoulders and dark brown cropped hair. His eyes were like Pollux and Hermione's, deep brown with violet flecks. He had heavy lidded eyes and high cheek bones with a square jaw. He nodded to Hermione and she smiled in return. Druella had long black hair with soft mahogany highlights, her eyes were the brightest blue Hermione had ever seen, it had her staring yet again. Hermione could see some similarities that they shared in their faces.

"It's wonderful to meet you all; I hope that I can live up to the name Black." She could see Melania, Pollux, Arcturus and Orion nodding while Cassiopeia and Cygnus smiled. Lucretia, Ignatius, Druella, Irma and Walburga just gave her soft approvals.

"Mr and Mrs Granger, is the both of you would follow me we'll settle the last of this." Pollux said while exiting the living room. Hermione watched as they left, leaving her with her biological family.

"Well, Andy and Cissy should be here within the hour." Melania was pouring a cup of ginger tea when Walburga spoke.

"Beg pardon?"

"Andromeda and Narcissa will be here soon, they too were eager to meet our little Hermione." Irma stated.

"Hmpf, well the least they could've done was be here on time." Lucretia said in irritation.

"Oh hush Lucretia; my daughters do have children of their own." Cygnus looked at Druella who was nodding in agreement.

"Right well, Hermione let us show you to your room, you'll be staying with Arcturus and I for a month. You'll then move into Black Estate with Pollux, Irma and Cassiopeia, you'll stay with them for a month as well. When you get back from Hogwarts for your holidays you'll stay with Orion and Walburga for two of the holidays and when Christmas holidays come you'll be with all of us at Black Manor, our home." Druella was now sitting on an armchair looking at Hermione.

"Where will I stay when the summer holidays start?"

"With whomever you choose, but you're new home will be at Black Manor with myself and Cygnus." Just as Hermione opened her mouth the fireplace lit up and out stepped two women that were quickly followed by a man.

"Hello everyone."

"Hello Andromeda, Tyron, Nymphadora. How are you all?" Andromeda was a woman of a slight build, she had long dark brown hair that had tamed curls, and she had light brown eyes. Tyron was a shorter man than Hermione's uncles; he had long blonde hair that was tied into a queue. He had blue-gray eyes, high cheekbones and a square jaw. He was broad shouldered and thin. Nymphadora was odd young woman as far as Hermione was concerned; she had bright pink hair and bright neon green eyes. She was looking around at everyone and spotted Hermione giving her what could only be described as the famous 'I-Just-Smelled-Something-Disgusting' it was the perfect Black family sneer.

"Who're you?" Nymphadora questioned.

"Oh silly me."

"Andromeda, Tyron, Nymphadora, this is Hermione."

"Merlin's beard! She's a carbon copy of Hydra, there's not even that much of Evan anywhere."

"Don't be ridiculous Andy dear, she's a good mix of both her parents." Tyron admonished.

"It's good to finally meet you Hermione."

"Thank you, sir. It's wonderful to meet my family."

"I'm sorry dear, it's lovely to meet you cousin." Andromeda had a slight pink tint to her cheeks.

"It's lovely to meet you too and you as well Nymphadora." Nymphadora grumbled under her breath.

"Call me Yaxley, I have no idea what my mother was drinking when she named me."

"Alright everyone, settle down for goodness sake. Let the child breathe." A male voice growled. When Hermione finally got a chance to see who it was she was surprised to see Pollux and her adoptive parents.

"Little one, please come here." Walking over to where he stood she followed behind him and the Granger's as they walked back out of the living room.

"Edmund, Katherine, I'll leave you to it."

"Thank you ever so much Mr Black, we will be forever in your debt."

"Speak nothing of it my dear, you did a world of wonders with our sweet Hermione." Pollux smiled at a slightly tearful Katherine. He walked out and left Hermione and her old parents.

"Hermione sweet heart, this is where we part. Edmund and I will be moving to France in the next month. You gave us eleven years of absolute boundless joy and love, but unfortunately you were never ours to keep. Hermione, never believe that we never loved you as our own alright. We wish you all the best with your family and new life, we know that you will be the best that you can be and you'll make your family very proud. We love you sweet heart." Katherine embraced Hermione and kissed her forehead; Edmund grabbed Hermione in a bear hug and placed a kiss on her head.

"Do your very best at school and prove to the rest of the world that you are a Black and Rosier and nothing and no one will ever change you. Be good." Hermione watched as Katherine and Edmund bid her new family farewell before flooing back to the Leaky Cauldron.

"Hermione dear, it seems Cissy won't be here till the morning, would you like to join the family some supper or would you prefer to eat in your room?" Druella asked Hermione, she knew it had been a very emotional day for her niece and she wasn't sure if she'd care to be around the others anymore tonight.

"I'd like to join you and the family aunt Druella; it'll help become more accustomed to my new life." Smiling Druella made everyone leave the room.

"Will you join me by the fire please?" Hermione joined Druella by the fire place and waited patiently for her aunt.

"My darling, I know it's been a very long day for you and I'm sure you just wish to retire to your bedroom. Please don't feel obligated to stay with the rest of us if you're not ready too, we understand it must be difficult adjusting to your new life and home after living with the Granger's for eleven long years."

"I'll be alright aunt Druella, yes it will take some time, but eventually I'll be comfortable and able to continue on as though I'd never been taken from the family, the only way that'll start to work is if I stay tonight and eat with you all. It'll help the process of accepting this world and my new life completely. Just please don't push me."

"I understand dear, and don't you worry, no one will push you." Druella smiled at her niece and patted her shoulder.

"Let's get to dinner then before Arcturus has a fit over late supper." Hermione giggled softly and followed Druella into the large kitchen.

It had been a week since Hermione was reintroduced to her family and so far she'd had three break downs with Druella, but she's finally adjusted to her new way of life. She'd taken a shine to Orion, Cassiopeia, Melania, Cygnus and Druella. Her favourite family members were Arcturus, Pollux and Melania, but she'd never tell anyone that.

Narcissa hadn't shone up the whole week, it was due to Lucius falling ill with Wizard's flu and then Draco got the flu as well. She'd arranged to floo in later in the afternoon, with Irma.

"Hermione, breakfast is ready come on love." Melania called.

"Coming aunt Melania." She walked quickly down the stairs, stopping as Pollux came out from the room that he and Irma were staying in.

"Could morning uncle Pollux, sleep well?"

"Ah good morning little one, yes indeed I did and your slumber was peaceful I presume?"

"Oh yes, I slept very peacefully." Gracing her great-great uncle with a charming smile she continued on down the stairs.

Sitting at the table were Druella, Walburga, Irma, Melania, Cassiopeia and Lucretia. The ladies sat on their own for breakfast and the men the same, but in Arcturus' study.

"Did you sleep well darling?"

"Yes, thank you aunt Druella."

"Good. Alright, let's eat then, Melania?"

"Bring in the breakfast twinkle." A house elf popped into the kitchen and bowed low to the ground. She wore a black toga with the House of Black's motto and emblem. Twinkle snapped her fingers and their breakfast appeared. The five women and one girl ate and chatted for the duration of breakfast.

"Hermione, this summer you'll be taught about magic by myself, Druella and Cassiopeia. Your uncles Arcturus and Pollux will teach you all sorts of different spells, and Orion and Cygnus will teach you all about The House of Black and what it means to be a Black and a pure blood. Irma, Lucretia and Walburga will teach you the foundations of becoming a Lady, as you are now the head of the Rosier family." Melania was buttering some toast while she spoke.

"That sounds very exciting aunt Melania, when will I start?"

"You'll start tonight at midnight with Orion and Cygnus."

"I look forward to it."

"Good, good. Now on to other business, we'll be heading to Diagon Alley today to get you a new wardrobe. We'll leave at ten and will be back by one just before Narcissa arrives."


"Alright girls, I'll be on my way, I have to finish cleaning out my office." Cassiopeia stood up and made her way over to Hermione.

"I'll correspond with you through out the summer Hermione. I'm afraid I shant see you for a while. You'll be with Melania and Arcturus from now on after tonight. Of course your lessons will be intensive and I won't be available to teach you magic this summer, but fear not as I will be teaching you during the holidays. Until then my dear, have a good summer and do your family proud." Cassiopeia disappeared with a soft 'pop' as she apparated to Black Estate.

"Hermione, please go and get ready we leave in ten minutes." Hermione nodded and disappeared up the stairs to get ready for her trip to the Alley.

Hermione and Melania walked up the cobble stone street of Diagon Alley. Madam Malkin's came into view and already the shop looked like it was bustling with customers.

"Aunt Melania, what will I be getting?"

"All sorts darling, first we'll get you a summer wardrobe, which will consist of short and long dresses, robes and travelling cloaks. Then we'll get you a winter wardrobe which will consist of robes, travelling cloaks and long dresses. Finally we'll be getting you formal robes, for balls, formal ballroom dresses and over robes and then we'll get you everyday robes."

"Oh, we'll be here most of the day then?"

"Yes, that we will." Hermione gave Melania a soft smile just as Madam Malkin came over to help them.

"How may I help you today Mrs Black?"

"My niece needs a complete new wardrobe, summer, winter, formal and everyday."

"Yes, of course. Please follow me." Hermione looked around as they past some racks that had dresses and muggle styled clothes. She saw many other children and their parents, she could now tell the difference between children from the muggle world and children from the wizarding world. They looked at everything that was different from their world with awe and intrigue.

"Hmpf, look at the filth in this shop."

"What filth aunt?"

"Mudbloods. They're disgusting creatures, you are to never speak to one or associate yourself with one. Do you understand?"

"But I was one…"

"No! You were never a mudblood; you have and always will be a pureblood."


"No, Hermione do not disrespect me. You will listen to me and do as I say." Melania looked at Hermione with a stern expression.

"Yes, aunt Melania."

"Good. I will not have you reeking of their filth." Hermione knew that, that was the final word on the subject.

Hermione had been measured and her clothes fitted all in under four hours, during that time she had, had been brought food and something to drink. She was just being fitted for her last over robe for her silver ballroom dress and then she was finished.

"Right well that's it. When all of your wardrobes are complete, I will floo them over to your house. Let's get the payment done and you lovely ladies can be on your way." Madam Malkin gave Hermione a smile and walked over to the counter to tally up the amount they owed.

"Alright all together it'll be two hundred Galleons and forty eight Sickles." Melania paid the amount without question.

"Aunt Melania, could we go to Eeylops please."

"Of course we can. Does Matilda need more treats?"

"No, I would like to get a new owl, Grandmamma has taken a liking to Matilda, so I thought that she could have her and I'll get a new owl."

"A very clever idea, Cassi has never been one to not love owls ever since I can remember." Hermione smiled, she had loved spending time with her family. Her grandmamma was a brilliant and talented witch and Hermione knew that she would teach her everything that she knew.

They walked into the emporium and Hermione went in search of her new owl. Sitting at the very end of the room is a spectacular raven coloured owl with bright indigo blue eyes. The owl is staring directly into the eyes of Hermione and without knowing has begun to form a bond that would run deeper than any familiar bond.

"Aunt Melania, I've found the perfect owl." Melania looked at the owl and gave a soft gasp. The owl truly was a magnificent bird and she knew without a doubt that Hermione and her new owl would be together for a very long time.

After paying the female owl Hermione followed her aunt all the while thinking about a name.

"Aunt Melania, what would you name this beautiful owl?"

"Hermione darling, I can not name her for you, but after tonight's lesson on our family's reasons for naming most of our children after the stars will help you to decide."

It was coming up to one thirty in the afternoon when the fireplace flared to life bringing in Lucius and Draco Malfoy who was closely followed in by Narcissa Malfoy.

"Ah finally!" Arcturus grumbled. Hermione was seated next to Melania on the couch in front of the fireplace.

"Hello uncle Arcturus, aunt Melania. How are you?" Narcissa asked.

"We're fine now that you three are here." Hermione observed the three new occupants. Lucius was a tall broad shoulder man with long silky white blond hair that was bound in a black ribbon. He had a pointed chin, high cheekbones and an aristocratic nose; his eyes were a silvery grey colour that held contempt in them as he gazed around the room. He was carrying a cane that had a snake head with emerald eyes and had his gloves clasped in the same hand that held his cane.

Narcissa was tall as well, she had a mixture of colours in her hair, the top quarter of her hair was a dark brown with mahogany highlights and the rest was white blonde like that of her husbands. She had the same eye colour as Druella, bright blue. Hermione smiled at her cousins and they returned it.

Draco stood half hidden by his father, from what Hermione could see Draco was a carbon copy of his father, there was nothing of Narcissa in him.

"Hello Mr and Mrs Malfoy, cousin. It's a pleasure to meet you all." Melania nodded at Hermione as she did what any respectable Lady should do.

"Hello Hermione, it is a pleasure to finally meet you as well, but you may refer to us as Lucius, Narcissa or Cissy and Draco, there's no need to be so formal with family." Lucius chided softly.

"Yes, of course, my apologies." Hermione turned a little pink as she looked at Melania for reassurance. She received a smile, it relaxed her and she was able to control her blush.

"Draco, say hello to your cousin." Lucius squeezed his son's shoulder ever so slightly causing the boy to move forward.


"Hello Draco, it's nice to meet you. Would you like to see my room?"

"Nice to meet you too. Uh, sure." He looked toward his parents who nodded.

"Aunt Melania, would it be alright if I showed Draco my room?"

"Yes, darling."

"Thank you! Come Draco." Hermione took Draco by his hand and pulled him along behind her. They walked through the long passage that housed family members from the past. All the paintings were smiling. Eventually they reached the stairs, they were made of yew wood and had a dark red carpet leading up to the first floor.

"Wow!" Draco exclaimed when he looked around. Hermione was standing just on the forth step when she heard him. They were in the main entrance; there were three doors, the first, which was a dark cherry wood, led to Arcturus' study. The second was a mahogany elm wood door that led to Melania's drawing room and the last which was under the stairs was a birch wood that led to the kitchen.

The entrance room was cylindrical in shape, the stairs wrapped around the left wall and opened into a small balcony. There were many paintings and portraits. A round table in the middle of the room had flowers and ornaments set up and it gave the room a homey feeling.

When Draco and Hermione came to a stop on the first floor he looked around again. There were no carpets anywhere, there were tiles made of obsidian instead. The walls were decorated with paintings of landscapes. There were four dark oak wood doors; the first door led to Arcturus and Melania's bedroom. The second door led to the private study for Arcturus, Melania and Hermione. The last two were the library and Hermione's bedroom.

"This place is smaller than the Manor, but it's so spacious and homey." Draco said while walking into Hermione's bedroom. Her room had been decorated in purples and blues; she had a double four poster bed with indigo coloured drapes. She had two armchairs in front of the fireplace. A writing desk just to the right of the window, two shelves filled with books. The second window had a window seat that was adorned with four cushions with four different shades of blue. She had a door that led to her wardrobe and another that led to her bathroom.

"Your room looks nice Hermione, very colourful."

"Thank you Draco." She smiled as he continued to look around.

They were called down to dinner a few hours later. Meeting Narcissa and Melania at the foot of the stairs the group walked into kitchen.