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Summary: What would life have been like if Hermione Granger was born a Black? Follow our little heroine as she grows up in the House of Black and becomes Bellatrix's right hand girl.

Chapter 64 - The War Ends

Harry Potter stood before the Dark Lord and his Death Eater's, he spotted the mad-man and his two most loyal standing atop a small mound of earth. Hermione stood tall and proud, arms crossed over her chest, wand clutched between a tight knuckled fist. Her coat tails were swaying with the breeze, as was her hair. He could feel her dark soul-searching eyes boring into him, when his eyes landed on her form, he noted that her pale skin was like milk, the scar on her chest and the one over her eye seemed to glow a faint red under the light of the moon. Feeling his spine tingle and the fine hairs upon his neck stand on end, he refocused his gaze upon Lord Voldemort. He could see the crazed and jerky movements of Bellatrix who stood just behind Voldemort, she was hovering around the giant snake almost protectively.

"Harry Potter. The Boy-Who-Lived, come to die." Chuckling voices filled the clearing, all amused with their Master's words. "You've been a thorn in my side since your birth and I will finally rid this world of your existence." Hermione and Bellatrix both moved slightly forward when their Master moved away from them, his arms were outstretched and his eyes trained upon the messy haired teenager. "Get on with it then." He nearly shouted when Voldemort began to speak. Ruby eyes bore into Emerald at the command. Lips curled over sharp teeth in a snarl at the sheer cheek the young man had spoken to him with. Bellatrix and Hermione both aimed their wands at him, their faces morphing into angered expressions, black eyes glinting with the promises of pain. He turned his gaze back to the snake-like man and lowered his arms in surrender to his fate.

Bellatrix watched as the Dark Lord raised his wand and directed it toward the idiotic boy, her teeth bared as the temperature around them dropped. The seconds ticked by and her restlessness grew steadily, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she along with the others waited for their Master to end the sorry existence of the Boy-Who-Lived. Her wife was edging closer to her side the longer it took for the Dark Lord to cast the spell. Then as if by the sheer force of the wind that filtered into the clearing, he shouted the spell, "Avada Kedavra" The area around them became illuminated with an eerie green and white light, an explosion of sound blew apart the silence with a deafening crack. Hermione and herself, along with their Master were blown backwards by the sheer power of the spell as it connected with the body of Harry Potter.

She tumbled through the air, her skirts catching on the broken twigs of the underbrush, hair tangling with debris from the ground. Lights exploded in front of her eyes when her head connected with something solid, vision swimming moments after. Time seemed to become null and void after the spell struck its target, her bearings were nearly non-existent. The undercurrent of her blood pumping through her veins was a dull roar of sound beneath the ringing she could hear in her ears. Laying in and amongst the fallen leaves, twigs and mud of the earth, she felt as her whole world spun on its axis. Every moment was slowed down, her thoughts were silenced, whatever she was attempting to process melted away into nothing. She finally to blink, fingers twitching as life wove back into her still form. Slowly she sat up, rubbing at her eyes in an attempt to clear the stars, coughing and spluttering as air filled her empty lungs in a heavy gasp.

Eyes cleared and vision no longer swimming, she looked around. Her wife was leaning against the base of a tree rubbing at the side of her neck and their Master groaned silently as he began to move into a sitting position. Crawling across to his side, she grabbed his arms to help him only to be shoved away with a forceful push, "I do not need nor require your help." Standing up to his full height after dusting himself off, he glared at the unmoving body of Potter. Hermione made her way over to where Bellatrix sat, helping her back to her feet and checking her over at the same time. "Are you alright, my love?" Bellatrix nodded in reply, "You?" Hermione chuckled and nodded as well, "Yeah, just knocked my head but I'm fine." Bellatrix looked back over to the prone form and was the first one to question what everyone was thinking.

"The boy, is he dead?" Narcissa stepped forward when no one else made any move to check. Bellatrix watched her sister as she leaned down to check on the boy. Narcissa stood back up seconds later and turned to face them all, "He's dead." The Dark Lord's mouth pulled into a strange version of a smile, "We've won the war." Both Bellatrix and Hermione could be heard giggling softly at the success of their Master as he declared their victory. Hermione and Bellatrix stepped forward, both heading for the body, taking an arm each, they hauled him up. "Hail our Master the Dark Lord! Victory is his!" The clearing filled with loud cheering as the Death Eaters applauded for the success of their Master. Turning to face Mulciber and Travers, Hermione called them over, "Let the half giant carry the body." Nodding, they carried Potter's body over to Hagrid.

Bellatrix followed Hermione who was walking behind the Dark Lord as they exited the forest, they slowly made their way up toward the school. The walk was nice, it allowed her to clear her mind and take in the fact that they would soon be free to finalise their Master's work. They strode across the main bridge, the Dark Lord clearing the walkway with a wave of his hand. Reaching the large archway of the courtyard, she ran forward to stand atop a broken piece of a pillar and cackled. Hermione came to a stop next to her wife, eyes watching as the opposite side emerged from the inside of the school, slowly littering the steps. "Who is that in Hagrid's arms?" Hermione looked over to where the voice came from and couldn't help the large smile that split her face. Little Ginny Weasley was being held back by her brother, Ron.

Hermione laughed when the Dark Lord silenced the screams of the Weasley girl as he loudly declared the loss of their hero, "Harry Potter is dead!" Bellatrix was cackling and shouting at their enemies about loyalty and the Dark Lord was walking forward with his arms spread. "I have decided to be merciful to you all. You will be given one chance to submit yourselves to my cause. Step forward and embrace the new world." Hermione smiled, stepping away from Bellatrix and moving to be near Nagini. Hermione kneeled next to the Dark Lord, keeping close to Nagini, speaking loudly for all to hear she bowed her head, "My lord, I resubmit myself to your cause and to you." Placing her hand over her chest when he tapped her shoulder. Whispering so that she spoke only to him, she turned her back on the enemy, "My lord, I apologise for stepping out of bounds, but I have a bad feeling."

Her words weren't cold before a spell hit her shoulder and then Nagini, twisting around she found Harry Potter running through the courtyard. "Get him!" She screamed loudly, pointing in the direction of the menace who seemed to have endless luck on living. Her fellow Death Eater's began their attack, spells flew in all directions, some had either run after the light side or had pulled up their smoke apparitions to follow after them. Bellatrix was running toward her, screaming for her to follow after Potter, "We have to keep Nagini safe!" She yelled back; her main concern was to make sure Nagini was not harmed. "I'll sort her out, just go after Potter!" Nodding, she turned and ran off in search of the boy. Dodging spells and students alike, Hermione kept up a fast pace until she was out of sight and then quick as lightning, she shifted into her Animagus form. Racing after the boy's scent, she leapt over boulders and broken bits of stone in search of the young man, her intent was predatory. Kill the boy.

Hermione ran in between broken parts of the castle in her chase of the Potter boy, she'd seen Bellatrix's feline form streak past her a few moments prior as she chased down a few students. Rushing through the broken entrance hall doors, she let out a terrifying roar that rattled through the entrance hall itself. Petrified screams broke the silence that her roar had brought forth, students of all ages ran away in pure fear. A second roar could be heard resonating in the entrance hall and she looked over to see her beautiful wife standing on the stairs. The children that were left in the entrance hall soon began running around in a panicked attempt to get away from them. Bellatrix growled with a slightly higher pitch and Hermione responded with a deep guttural growl, both eyeing the students that had frozen in fear, both ready to pounce but waiting for the perfect moment.

It came a few minutes later when one of the older girls twitched, Hermione was the first to respond. She ran toward the girl and leapt at her, claws outstretched and teeth flashing in the firelight. Bellatrix was next to react, leaping over her wife and pouncing on the young man that stood with his wand arm hanging limply at his side and his jaw dropped open in fright. By the time the two of them had completely decimated the students they both had blood dripping from their jowls. Stepping away from the devastation they had brought, they padded away both very pleased with their actions. Bellatrix walked around Hermione, her tail swishing back and forth as her chest rumbled out purrs of affection for her mate. Hermione rumbled her approval and nudged her shoulder in response. Stepping out into the burning courtyard the two of them let hell break loose on their enemies. Bodies were torn apart in their wake, adults and children alike killed with either the clamping down of their jaws or a swipe of their massive paws.

Hermione and Bellatrix leapt over each other in a dance only they knew, parts of their fur were singed from the fires that littered the area and some of the wizards and witches had caught them with spells before they'd been taken out. Both bore the marks of destruction on their large bodies and neither of them cared. It wasn't long after Hermione had torn an Order member's leg from his body when a massive black cloud of smoke came barrelling down into the courtyard. The mass broke apart upon impact, revealing the bodies of their Master and the Potter boy. Hermione growled and prepared herself for an attack but a high pitch yowl had her twisting her massive head around to check on her mate. There with a sword jutting out of her back was Bellatrix, her dark eyes found hers as she slowly collapsed to the floor with pitiful whine. Hermione watched, frozen from her shock as her wife struggled with her breaths, each puff of air becoming more and more laboured as her body slowly melted back into her human form.

Behind her mate stood a red headed witch that bore a satisfied grin and Hermione saw red. Body vibrating with the power of her growls, eyes glowing with the rage surging through her veins, claws gouging into stone as she stalked forward. Tail still except for the tuft at the end which flickered like that of a rattlesnake readying itself to pounce. Her body lowered until she was nearly leopard crawling forward, eyes unblinking, focused solely on her prey. The witch was filled with terror, body unable to move, mouth opening and closing unable to produce any sounds. Her death was imminent, that much was glaringly obvious. Hermione let out her loudest roar which brought out the blood curdling scream from the female before her as she finally found her ability to move. Turning and running as fast as her feet could carry her, she ran. Hermione was hot on her trail; she had recognised the witch the second she saw her. Ginny Weasley's death warrant had been signed and Hermione was there to collect.

Hermione allowed her prey to get further ahead, toying with her intentionally. Up the stone steps they went, through the entrance hall and down the long corridor that would eventually lead to the greenhouses used for Herbology. By the time Ginny had realised Hermione was no longer behind her, it was too late, the gigantic form of the pure black horned lion was flying down toward her from a floor higher up. Her scream bounced off the walls when Hermione's teeth pierced the flesh of her shoulder and arm, blood splattered Hermione's jowls and nose. Ginny's own face was splattered by her blood as Hermione ripped her off her feet only to fling her from left to right. With all the shaking of her body, she soon heard the sound of her bones snapping and flesh tearing as her arm was ripped away from her shoulder. Landing on the floor seconds after her body had been mutilated, Ginny screamed and cried, the pain having finally registering in her mind.

The growling got louder and Ginny's heart beat increased even more, she stumbled and fell as she tried to run again only for the beast to pounce on her from behind, sending her back to the floor with an audible 'thump' as she connected with the stones below. Hermione's claws shredded her back and sides, her teeth tore her broken skin from her muscles and then ripped her muscles from her bones. Mauling the girl set her blood on fire, the thrill of the chase and the euphoria from her kill had her chest rumbling in appreciation. When she could hear the heart of the witch beneath her stutter to a stop, she let loose an almighty roar of victory, she'd avenged her mate. Dragging the carcass back through the corridor, along the steps and out into the courtyard, Hermione found herself next to Bellatrix's still body. There were groups of people gathering around the courtyard, Hermione's entrance with Ginny's body bringing even more.

Shifting back into her human form she hurriedly assessed the damage and did what little she could to stem the bleeding and partially heal the tear in her lung from where the sword had pierced through. Keeping her under a stasis charm, Hermione levitated her and turned to head back to the forest but stopped when she saw Potter aiming his wand at the kneeling form of her Master. "Not on my watch you don't." She muttered before running and tackling the boy to the floor, looking up she met the eyes of the Dark Lord, "My lord, my apologies, but I could not allow this fool to take you down." Getting back to his feet, the Dark Lord gave her the slightest nod of his head in thanks before he aimed his wand at the boy. She could hear the sounds of those gathered yelling and screaming from behind her, the sound of a mother's shrill voice penetrated the air when her daughter's mauled body was finally seen. Hermione brought Bellatrix's floating form closer and looked at her Master just as he said the spell that ended the war, "Avada Kedavra."

Hermione lay next to her wife; six months had passed since the war had been won. The Dark Lord had declared their victory by severing the Potter's boys head from his body, a rather dramatic way of making sure the boy never came back to life. The Weasley's or what were left of them had fallen apart at the loss of four of their children, Hermione had found their son Ron attempting to kill the Dark Lord after their victory had been declared, she had executed him on the spot. Narcissa's mind had been thoroughly checked by the Dark Lord when he found her, he'd needed to check that she'd not lied to him. When she had checked on Harry Potter's body, he had been without the slightest hint of a heart beat and with the proof having been acquired, Narcissa had been let go. Of course, during this time, Lucius and Draco had been out of their minds with worry. Even Hermione had been concerned, all of them knowing that had Narcissa truly lied, she'd have been killed.

After a week of medical attention, Bellatrix had been declared healed enough to be awoken from her magically induced coma, after a second week, she'd been marked as completely healed and able to depart St. Mungo's hospital. Hermione had been a nightmare during this time, not knowing if her wife would survive or not had driven her insane with stress. It was also during this time that she'd found out her best friend had died in the battle, having been part of the group that had been on the bridge that had been destroyed by two Gryffindor boys and their love of pyrotechnics. Theo's body had been laid to rest in his family's crypts a week after the war ended. Greg Goyle had died by his own wand when his attempt at casting fiendfyre had gone horribly wrong. Blaise, Draco, Vince Crabbe and the Greengrass sisters had all been unharmed and were all safe.

Hermione's thoughts were interrupted by the warm press of lips against her own, "Mmm, good morning to you to my beautiful wife." Wrapping her arms around her waist, she pulled her in closer to deepen their kiss. A knock sounded at their door which drew twin groans of frustration, "Enter." Bellatrix called out, "If you dare." Hermione whispered, twisting around to pin Bellatrix to the bed as she kissed her cheeks and jaw. "Argh! Hermione!" Draco's voice sounded out earning a chuckle from Hermione and a giggle from Bellatrix. "You're going to be late. Lord Riddle is going to be assigning jobs to everyone now that Hogwarts will be rebuilt." Bellatrix grumbled but moved to sit up, "We'll be done in a few, we need to get dressed." Hermione stood up and pulled Bellatrix with her, "By Morgana's name Hermione! Can you wait until I leave the room first!" Draco yelled running out of their room at the sight of their naked bodies.

Hermione's gaze found Bellatrix's hand as it soothingly rubbed at her partially swollen stomach. "You're looking more and more beautiful as the days go, my love." Pulling her wife's chin up and placing a gentle kiss to her plump lips. "I love you so much my gorgeous mate." Bellatrix murmured in response. "I cannot wait to meet my child." Bellatrix giggled, "Our child, kitten." Smacking Bellatrix's backside as she strode passed, Hermione couldn't help but feel the warmth radiating through her body at the loving look she received in return. "You're so going to pay for that later." Hermione chuckled at Bellatrix's words and grinned, "You're insatiable my dark beauty." Bellatrix merely shrugged in response, "Blame it on the hormones darling, it's their fault I'm like this." Hermione let out a loud laugh at that causing Bellatrix to pout, "Ah but my sweet wife, it is I who got you like that." Sidling up to her wife's side, she caressed her scarred back and peppered her shoulder with feather light kisses as her hands ran up and over her stomach.