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Summary: What would life have been like if Hermione Granger was born a Black? Follow our little heroine as she grows up in the House of Black and becomes Bellatrix's right hand girl.

Chapter 65 - Epilogue

Ten and a half years had passed since the end of the war, Bellatrix and Hermione had settled back into the beautiful Villa in Russia, Lucius and Narcissa had redone their Manor to brighten it a bit more. Draco had married Astoria Greengrass and had moved into the château in France, they had two beautiful children, Scorpius who was eleven and Elladora who was going to be nine. Lucius and Draco had been placed in the Ministry by Lord Riddle, Draco taking over from Tyron as Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and Lucius as the Head of International Relations. Narcissa had taken a position in St. Mungo's after finding that she rather enjoyed healing wizard's and witches, she soon became one of their most revered healers.

Many of the light side had conformed to the new world, having accepted their fates and moving on with their lives. Those that hadn't had been removed from society and were not spoken of again, and some who had first been punished, had begged for mercy with the promises of embracing the rule of Lord Riddle. All children that were born to muggles that showed magic at an early stage were removed from the muggles and placed into the magical foster care system, Lord Riddle had declared that all muggle-borns were to be educated in the magical society. They of course would be reminded of their status as a mudblood and would be taught to respect their superiors as well as the old traditions. If the muggle-borns began showing any hostility to their ways, they would be exterminated without a second chance.

Hogwarts had been rebuilt and the teachers that chose to remain had stayed and those that hadn't, had been replaced by those younger and more willing. Hermione and Bellatrix had both chosen to take up teaching positions after Hermione had finalised her N.E.W.T's. Hermione was the new Ancient Runes Professor and Bellatrix had become the Arithmancy Professor. Minerva McGonagall had remained as Transfiguration Professor and Headmistress until she'd retired nine years later and her successor with Lord Riddle's encouragement had been Hermione, who had happily agreed after first requesting that she remain as the Ancient Runes Professor.

Bellatrix stretched out under the duvet, her back giving a satisfying pop as she did so. Hermione lay next to her still sound asleep, leaning up against her back she let her fingers dance across Hermione's exposed hip and side. Goosebumps broke out across the flesh as she tickled the skin with no response from Hermione. Bellatrix decided to up her game by pushing her knee between Hermione's legs and curling her lower body around her back. Moving the palm of her hand over Hermione's stomach before sweeping upwards to tickle the skin underneath her breasts, Bellatrix kissed at her shoulders while her fingers played with her wife's skin. Trailing her fingertips up and around slowly hardening nipples, earned her a soft sigh from partially opened lips of her still sleeping wife.

Her other hand slid between the side pressed against the bed and the mattress, tickling the skin of her pelvis. Hermione shifted in her sleep at the feeling, her body moving until she lay flat on her back, though still asleep. Bellatrix couldn't help the small giggle that escaped her lips as she moved her own body slightly so that she had better access to Hermione's body. Lowering herself down until she was straddling the warm thigh of her wife, she wiggled her leg until her knee was pressed against Hermione's centre. Leaning down until she could latch onto Hermione's nipple, she slowly started moving in a back and forth motion, creating a friction against her needy centre as well as Hermione's.

Hermione's eyes fluttered at the feeling of wetness against her thigh and the rubbing against her core. A moan escaped her chest as her eyes finally fluttered open, settling on her wife who was thoroughly suckling on her nipples with equal attention. Her back arched off the bed in response and a groan broke from her lips when Bellatrix's knee brushed her clit. "Now this is a morning greeting I will never tire of." Bellatrix lifted her head as she leaned back into a sitting position. She found Hermione's eyes trained on her, a coy smile playing on her lips. Bellatrix cheekily ground down against Hermione's thigh, breasts bobbing with the movement. Hermione's hand slid between her thigh and Bellatrix's wet centre so she could play with her clit, watching as her wife's eyes rolled back at the pinch she bestowed against the sensitive nub.

Hermione moved her hands until they were both holding a pair of hips, "Come up here, let me give you a proper greeting." Bellatrix got into a standing position and walked up the bed until she hovered over Hermione's head. Lowering down until her knees were either side of her wife's ears, she placed her hands against the wall and soon enough she felt a warm tongue slip between her folds and a nose brush against the underside of her clit. Slowly shifting back and forth in time with Hermione's thrusting tongue, Bellatrix's eyes rolled back once again. Her body was burning in delight of her wife's ministrations to her core, her toes periodically curling with the gentle movements. Lowering her hands to the pillow on which Hermione's head lay, she leaned over as her strength slowly ebbed away the closer she got to her release.

The sudden sound of thundering footsteps alerted them to the imminent arrival of their children, causing Hermione to pull away from her. Groaning at the sudden loss of a dextrous tongue, she looked down only to find a pair of smirking eyes watching her, she grinned, "You'll have to finish what you started later." Lifting her leg over Hermione's head as she moved to slip back between the sheets, she hurried to pull the duvet back over herself. The second her upper body was covered once more; the door to their bedroom was thrown open and a twin set of unruly black curls came racing in, both children shouting, "Mum! Mother!" eleven year old bodies crash landed onto their bed, each sporting matching grins of excitement. "Our letter arrived this morning!" Hermione eyed them both with admonishing expression and flicked each of them on their noses, "What have I told you about knocking?"

Both of children looked at her with apologetic expressions, "Sorry Mother." Raising her eyebrow and motioning them from the bed, she waited until they removed themselves. "I have also spoken to you about casually throwing yourselves onto our bed, it is not acceptable behaviour." Their apologetic eyes found hers once again, both of them apologised while shuffling their feet. Bellatrix patiently waited for Hermione to finish reprimanding their children before she greeted them, "Good morning my little stars!" Pulling each of them closer to her side, she placed tender kisses against their foreheads. Hermione looked at them carefully, eyeing their hidden excitement, "You will both head to the dining room and will patiently await us. Now off with you." Hermione's strict tone brokered no room for any arguments, watching as their children exited their room, the door closing behind them with a soft click.

Bellatrix turned to look at Hermione, her eyes gleaming with hidden mirth as she wiggled her hips suggestively, "I'm still needy." Hermione eyed her wife with a smirk "Yes and you're still insatiable." Pouncing on Bellatrix, pulling her body closer to her own, Hermione bit into her neck. A shudder racked Bellatrix's body at the feeling, a moan escaping her chest. Arching her back and pressing her chest into Hermione's, she tangled their legs together. When the warm thigh was pressed against her sensitive centre, she ground her hips. Hermione sensing the desperation in Bellatrix's movements, shimmied down the bed until she was resting between a pair of beautiful milky white thighs. Knowing that Bellatrix was still very sensitive, she did the one thing she knew would bring her a quick release. A quick kiss against her aching core was all Bellatrix felt before three fingers entered her. Teeth bit into her clit at the same time as Hermione curled her fingers into the universal come hither motion.

Hermione began thrusting into her hard and fast, splaying her fingers before curling them back again to hit the right spot. Bellatrix's cries were encouraging to Hermione as her teeth nipped at the skin of her clit. Changing tactics slightly, she began suckling and biting at the flesh of Bellatrix's overly sensitive bud, her thrusting fingers picked up speed the second she felt the first flutter. Hearing the whispering words to go harder, Hermione angled her wrist upward to hit the spot that would unravel her wife. Bellatrix unintelligible noises were all the encouragement Hermione needed, pulling her fingers out earned her a disgruntled cry which soon turned into a low moan as her tongue replaced them. Swirling her tongue against her walls soon had them fluttering even faster as her impending release drew closer. With a final thrust into Bellatrix's tightened centre and a pinch to her swollen clit, Bellatrix felt her release rip through her body.

Hermione kissed her way back up Bellatrix's body, pulling her closer until she could capture her lips in a chaste kiss. Fully satisfied and eyes still sparkling, Bellatrix watched as Hermione slid out of bed to get dressed for the day. "Mmm, now that was delightful." Hermione smirked, "I'm just sorry it had to be rushed." Bellatrix muttered as she slid out the other side of their bed. "I know my love, but our little balls of energy have never had the best timing." Slipping her leather pants on and then buttoning up her emerald green shirt, Hermione turned to face Bellatrix who was slipping a simple dark blue dress over her head. "You do know that they are going to be an absolute nightmare at Hogwarts." Bellatrix nodded, "They will be but with you as Headmistress, they'll soon curb their need to cause mayhem and destruction." Bellatrix headed for the door, leaving Hermione to finish getting ready. Hermione slid her coat over her shoulders, securing the two clasps in the middle, padding over to the dressing table, she quickly worked on securing her hair into a French braid before slipping her heels on.

When she was satisfied with her appearance, she left the room and headed for the dining room. She could hear Bellatrix talking to their children about leaving the fish alone so as to not incur their Mother's wrath. Entering the dining room, she glanced at her two younglings. "What's this I hear about the fish being harassed?" Her children both gulped, eyes downcast. "Alexia and Corvus, you both know that the fish tank is to be left alone. How many times must I speak to you about this?" Both children looked up at her, a twin pair of ocean blue eyes showing their apology. "Sorry Mother." Hermione looked at each of her children before she nodded. Taking her seat at the head of the table, she snapped her fingers twice, advising the elves that breakfast was to be served.

Hermione watched as her twins tried and failed to keep their enthusiasm at bay, "Alright show us these letters." Bellatrix placed her napkin upon her lap as both Alexia and Corvus hurriedly produced their letters, both fighting to give theirs to Hermione first. "Enough! Behave yourselves and act accordingly." Both immediately stopped fighting with each other and placed their letters down in front of Hermione before taking their seats once more. Hermione picked up both letters, internally smiling with pride as she read both their names; Alexia Cassiopeia Black and Corvus Polaris Black. After reading through both acceptance letters, she placed them down upon the table. Spooning her breakfast onto her plate and then sipping at her tea. Hermione cleared her throat and looked at her twins. "We can go through to Diagon Alley in a month's time."

Matching smiles met her as Bellatrix nodded her agreement, dishing up some scrambled eggs, "It will be easier to get this sorted before the rest of our society rushes through the Alley like a herd of Hippogriff." Biting into her toast, Hermione looked up at the sound of a scuffle. Glaring at Corvus when he attempted to steal a piece of bacon from his sister's plate, she slammed the palm of her hand against the table. "Corvus Polaris! Stealing is what filthy mudbloods do, it is not what young pureblood heirs to an Ancient and Noble House do." Corvus cringed at being caught and quickly apologised. "I should not be reminding you of such. You had better remember your manners when you're at school. Sometimes I think that even the house elves have better table manners than the pair of you." Alexia blushed a bright red, her mouth snapping shut at her mother's tone.

"Come now my love, they're but children." Alexia saw her mother turn a sharp-eyed glare on her mum, "Do not voice such absurd nonsense when I have reprimanded my children, Bellatrix. They are to eat with the correct manners that I have instilled in them." Bellatrix was about to say something further but Hermione silenced her with a dark look, "That is all that will be said on the matter. It is my final word." Hermione watched as Bellatrix lowered her gaze back to her plate, Alexia hurriedly removed her elbows from the table and kept her mouth closed while she ate and Corvus pulled his plate closer so as to not spill food down his front. She turned back to her own plate, periodically checking the Daily Prophet as she ate.

When the day arrived for Alexia and Corvus to attend Hogwarts arrived, Bellatrix couldn't contain her own excitement at seeing her children so happy. They were still waiting outside the great hall, the first years were to be led into by Bellatrix. Walking up to the edge of the landing where the first years all stood waiting, Bellatrix looked at their bright eyed expressions. "Welcome to Hogwarts. This institution is where you will spend the next seven years learning all that you can. You will be led through those doors where you will be sorted." Pointing toward the large oak doors of the great hall before folding her arms behind her back.

"Once you have been sorted, your new House will become like a family, you will treat each other with the utmost respect. Rule breaking is how you lose House points, doing well in your classes or helping your fellow classmates is how you earn House points. At the end of the school year, the House with the most points wins the House cup." Bellatrix watched as each of the new first years, murmured amongst themselves before looking back at her, "The four Houses that you can be sorted into are Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor." Turning to face the doors, she called over her shoulder for them to follow her.

Leading the new students down the long aisle toward the raised platform, Bellatrix motioned them to gather in a neat half circle around the stool. "Now when I call your names, you will take a seat and I will place the sorting hat on your head to be sorted." All students kept their eyes upon her as she stepped up to the stool." She spotted Hermione and gave her a flirtatious smirk before turning to face the student population. Unrolling the scroll, she smiled softly at seeing her children's names being the first on the list. Bellatrix cleared her throat and was soon reading off the names from the list; "Black Alexia" Turning her eyes toward the gathered students, she watched as her daughter walked confidently toward the stool.

Placing the sorting hat upon her head, she waited as it decided on the House that would become Alexia's home for the next seven years, soon after being placed upon her head, the sorting hat called out her House; "Slytherin". A round of applause and cheers broke the silence of the hall as the Slytherin's welcomed their newest Housemate. Bellatrix turned her eyes back to the scroll and read from it once more, calling out the next child to be sorted; "Black Corvus" Looking back to the children gathered as her son slowly made his way toward the stool to be sorted. Placing the hat upon his head, she waited once more as it decided on the House that would become his home. After a few seconds more it called out his House; "Ravenclaw"

Hermione turned to look at her son and saw the happy smile upon his face as his new House was called out. Bellatrix seemed startled but recovered quickly enough and continued to call out the student's names. She could see Ravenclaw's welcome her son into their fold just as the Slytherin's had done to Alexia. Her ears picked up the name of her nephew as he was called out for his sorting, "Malfoy Scorpius" His platinum blonde head bobbed as he pushed his way through the small group of fellow first years as he made his way to the front. Taking a seat upon the stool, Bellatrix placed the hat upon his head. After a couple of seconds, it called out his House; "Slytherin" Loud cheering and applause was heard as he made his way to the green and silver House.

Standing up from her chair when the sorting had finalised, Hermione made her way to the podium that held the depiction of a raven in flight. "I would like to remind each of you that the forest is forbidden unless accompanied by a Professor and the list of restricted items within the school has been updated, you will the list on the board outside the caretaker's office." Looking pointedly toward her children before she continued, "Now without further ado, welcome all to another year at Hogwarts and welcome to our newest students." Casting her stern gaze across the hall briefly, before she lifted her hand and snapped her fingers. Food filled the long tables and the students begun digging in.

After settling herself back in her chair and filling her plate with food, she felt Bellatrix lean in closer to whisper in her ear, "Congratulations kitten." Hermione turned to face her with a raised brow, "On what my love?" Eyes sparkling and dark red lips curling into a serene smile, Bellatrix placed a gentle kiss against her cheek, "You're going to be a Mother… Again." Hermione's mouth dropped open in surprise before she pulled her wife toward her, kissing her deeply, pouring all of her love into the kiss, completely ignoring the whistles and shouts from her students.

*The End*