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Chap. 6
As History Repeats Itself

A teenager with black hair sighed heavily as he made his way to his father's office, hoping that the man wasn't going to teach him something stupid, like more non-technological mind-tricks that he already knew, seriously, couldn't the man come up with something new? As a child Sai had been frowned upon for not using technology 'the way it was supposed to be used', all because his father really loved to explore the possibilities and the young man had inherited that trait, which was how he ended up using technology for making furniture to producing energy; it wasn't very energy-effective, but it had been fun to change and he was making it better. His father had been excited once he got it working and had proudly stated that once he got to know all the secrets and was tested he would be named as the successor of the Kudou Corporation of Science and Technology, but first he would be in charge of the Kudou Industry and Development, making sure that he could see the possibilities of every piece of machinery that went into their products.

Sai was both excited and terrified at the same time; excited over the fact that his father saw him as good enough to even be considered to take over and terrified that he might prove to be a disappointment in the end. Neither of his two elder brothers were interested in taking over since they had both gone into two completely different areas. Diego had become a chef, specialising in both nutritious food and fillers. He loved making fillers since people could eat them without them actually containing anything. Diego also had a company, own by the Kudou Corp. but that still had its own agenda, since their father only came with help if they really needed it, but Diego was both a perfect businessman and a marvellous chef, which was how Kudou Corp. became the owner of the best brand of dieting food.

The teenager stopped outside the office and stared at the opener to the right of the door shining in a weak blue light. He felt like he was under a lot of pressure as both Diego and Yana were already successful while he was still digging around for discarded technology and playing with it, sure the both of them were five and ten years older than him, but he still felt bad. Even his older sister had a successful carrier outside of the company, which meant that he was the black cheep in the family, given that he had done nothing but invented useless gadgets and had fun with learning his father's mind-tricks, which his father for some reason called magic, even though everyone knew that there was no such thing as magic.

Yana was a medical engineer and scientist inside another department, not interested in any administering work; he just wanted to create and find new medicines while using a special kind of robots, called nanbos, which his grandfather had invented.

Sai touched the blue orb and watched the door withdraw into the wall. The young man entered the circular office and looked around in surprise; it was empty, and only a small information disk was lying on the table. With a quiet sigh the teenager walked up to the table and stared down on the disk, knowing that it was likely for him, but he wasn't completely certain; it could've been left for his father. Touching the edge of the object made it activate and show a small holographic projection of his father.

"Sai!" his father's holographic image smiled, "you have exceeded my expectations in every way, and that's not a small feat, but there is one last challenge for you. Don't feel bad if you fail it, none of your siblings managed to complete it, but they didn't have your mind. In the mansion of old you will find the secret of life. A great challenge and an even greater past; all for you to take part in, if you succeeds in finding and understanding it..."

The teenager looked around the office, wondering if his father was somehow watching him, or trying to pull some kind of prank on him.
"The mansion of old, huh?" he muttered as he left the office to get to the transporter, "what could possibly be there?"

The mansion of old wasn't just a place anyone could go; it was an antiquated building that had been passed down his family and Sai had only been there a few times, astounded that the place was still standing, not that it would without the help of modern technology. The government had multiple times tried to get the house into the hands of others, trying to preserve it, but his father would have none of that, and since his father didn't consent to letting others preserve it, the house had stayed in their care.

The transport to the relic took over an hour since he first had to get to the main lobby and then wait for a while to get to one of the gate stations so that he could transport to Tokyo, after which he was forced to walk the rest of the way, since his father refused to put a transport near the house for some reason. Sai walked into the old, abandoned building and looked around, finding nothing interesting other than protected objects coming from every time period, making the house look more like a museum than an actual home.

After his search Sai sat down in an old armchair in a large oval room, with walls covered in bookcases, tapping his fingers against the old material while he wondered what his father wanted him to find.
"Of all my siblings I should be able to find it?" Sai mumbled to himself and then snorted in thought at the idea; he didn't have anything to boast about. He wasn't good at anything.
"What differs between me and Yana?" the teenager asked the room and pursed his lips, "I'm interested in taking over the company, Yana's not. Yana has a skill, I have not. I'm only good at picking things apart to see at what they look like on the inside, while Yana can make new stuff up." Sai clicked his tongue and looked around; he'd tried hard to become good at developing technology, but he didn't really have that extra instinct that made the development good and successful, it only turned out fun and a bit useless.

"Yana didn't find it; the secret. Then, what about Diego. He can cook, I can't. It has something to do with the mind; the way we look at things? Yana would've examined the relics inside. Diego would've searched the kitchen first to see how they made dinner in the old days. They would've searched the cupboards and the technology, but that's not it; a secret wouldn't be out in the open, or it could, just to mess with people. What about Samantha?" Sai got up from the armchair and took another look, "Sammie-Sam, what did you look at? The pictures? A secret hidden in plain sight in the background of a photo?" Sai tilted his head, "oh, that's good; it's certainly unexpected, and not a place where people would look." The teenager took up an old communication device from a shelf and looked at it before he placed it back, "but I would never be able to go through all the photos in this house. It would take more than a lifetime, so the question is; what would I look at that my siblings wouldn't? Not the kitchen, not the bedrooms, not the yard... Or maybe the yard, it had a pretty interesting design. Design, I like design. I want to know how things are designed, not only on the outside, but also on the inside. I already am on the inside."

Sai began walking in a circle muttering for himself. "What differs me from them; I am unsuccessful, likes designs and are really good with mind-tricks, stupid, unnecessary mind-tricks. No, that's not helping. Go around it another way. A secret, hidden in a house where technology doesn't even work. Where is the secret? What kind of secret? 'The secret of life. A great challenge and a great past.' A great past could be shown in pictures, but I hate looking at pictures; that's the last thing I would ever do. So this house harbours a great challenge and a great past?" The teenager released his breath in a sigh.

"What would that even look like? How do you hide something in a place where you can't make it invisible? Or use illusions?" he opened the drawer of an old desk and looked inside to find it empty, "you hide it in a box or behind something. Pfft, like the others wouldn't have found it if that was the case? Now, stop, this leads nowhere; I need a new perspective," Sai fell to his back on the floor and stared up at the glass ceiling for a while.

"How would I hide something without technology?" he asked himself with a frown and narrowed his eyes, "dad, you moron, you hid it with some kind of mind-trick, didn't you?" The teenager got up from the floor and looked around again.
"Where did you put something that looks like it is something but it really isn't?" Sai walked around the house for hours, checking in the back of empty cupboards, making sure that they actually were empty, and did the same to both drawers, chests and mirrors, slowly and methodically until he hit jackpot.

In one of the bedrooms he had accidently pulled out a handle from the wall; a handle which was supposed to control the grill in the fireplace, but once he put it in again the floor opened in front of the fireplace, revealing a couple of stairs down.
"A floor, that's not a floor," Sai muttered and looked into the darkness, "no one will find my body if I don't get out of there alive." Intrigued he walked down and then watched all the light disappear as the floor closed above him. He moved slowly through the narrow corridor, using the light from the chemical mixture in his neclace to show him the way and wondered where he was and how he could've missed the pathways until he saw two small holes in the wall. Looking through them he realised that he was staring into the kitchen. "I'm in the wall? I'm actually on the inside of the inside! What's wrong with this place?" he muttered, "floors aren't floors, walls aren't walls; no wonder dad loves his place."

Sai continued on his expedition and then ended in a dead-end. Touching a leaver made him frown and pull it down, hearing a quiet rattling that made the dead-end smaller and he realised that he the wall was moving towards him. The wall stopped just before he was about to run away and then retracted to his right, letting light in and showing that he was in the library again.

After another hour of searching the house he found the fourth pathway in the library and walked down the stairs. He entered the room at the bottom and saw a strange room, combined with both old technology and new cutting edge ones. Seeing a portal on the floor in the corner made him frown.

'Time,' he thought and the eyepiece activated, showing him that he would soon need to return despite the fact that no technology was supposed to be functioning inside the house, trying out his theory he stepped back into the corridor and watched the time turn into static, until he went into the room again. The teenager walked into the portal and pressed the wrist bracelet seeing that the gate only had one other destination. After choosing it he found himself in what appeared to be a gigantic laboratory, and he immediately recognized the strange hybrid-technology that the internationally wanted criminal Kaitou KID used. Sai gaped and decided to look around before he made his way back, finding a computer interface. Placing his hand on it made it activate and show him a virtual screen.

"Welcome, heir of the Kaitou KID blood line," the computer stated and Sai frowned.
"I'm not of the Kaitou KID blood line. I'm of the Kudou blood line," the teenager stated as he removed his hand watching his own family tree appear before him.
"For generations the Kudou's have been everything from scientists, teachers and police officers to bus drivers, shop owners and politicians," the computer informed him, "every generation of the Kudou blood line has kept the illustrious Kaitou KID alive. DNA-scans show that you are Kudou Sai and therefore will take over after Kudou Bishamon. Shall I play the recording for you?"

"What recording?" Sai asked in disbelief, staring at his family tree, seeing how pictures of Kaitou KID and his different, yet similar outfits showed up beside each and every picture, followed by the gadgets that were associated with just that thief.
"The recording of Kudou Bishamon. Every new Kaitou KID has made a new addition throughout history. Recording either a statement or made a few notations about the world in honour of the ancestor. Every message can be viewed either in the original voice or as translated by me."

"Play my father's original message," Sai demanded and saw a young man take shape in front of himself; a young version of his father he could tell.
"My name is Kudou Bishamon, son of Kudou Ebisu and Dianna. I will carry the Legacy of the Phantom Thief with honour in my heart. I will teach the world the beauty of magic and the value of honesty, for there is only one rule; No one gets hurt," his father grinned happily and turned to look at something that was outside of the recorded field.

"Play the original message of Kudou Ebisu," Sai commanded intrigued, seeing his father change into who he had to assume was his grandfather; a young man with a much more serious look.

"My name is Kudou Ebisu, son of Kudou Hiroshi and Reiko, and I will carry the Legacy of the Phantom Thief," the young man stated before he flickered and became a lot older, letting Sai know that it was a second recording. "I have found the most wonderful woman, a fan of Kaitou KID, but still understanding. Her name is Carter Dianna," Sai's grandfather reached out his arm and a woman came into the picture, smiling happily at the computer, "we're having a child!" The couple laughed and Sai blinked as they vanished with the end of the message.

"How many messages are there in general?"
"It differs greatly. The ancestor made his recordings for his partner, since he knew that he was going to be murdered. The time during the third world war was also a period when a lot of messages were saved, most of the progress of the war, the propaganda and the corruption amongst the leaders."
"Why did the first KID start stealing?"
"Who was the first Kaitou KID?"
"The father of the ancestor; Kuroba Toichi."
"Wait, you said Kuroba. Who was the first Kudou and why did he or she begin?" Sai asked confused.
"The first Kudou was Kudou Shinichi, a detective, son of Kudou Yuusaku and Yukiko. Lover of Kuroba Kaito; the son of Kuroba Toichi and Chikage. After Kuroba Kaito's death he started stealing to scare his lover's murderers into believing that he was still alive."
"That makes sense in a bit of a messed up way," Sai sighed, "but why didn't it stop with him?"
"Kudou Yuusaku convinced Kudou Daichi and Mizuki, son and daughter of Kudou Shinichi and Ran, to continue. Daichi is the first Kudou to ever use the phrasing 'carrying the Legacy of the Phantom Thief' as his statement. He is also the first to begin making recordings for the sole purpose to keeping a history of Kaitou KID and telling what it means. He ends his explanation of why Kaitou KID exists with the phrasing that was continued to be used by every KID ever since. The only information about the first KID comes from Daichi and Mizuki."

"Ooh? Is that so?" Sai commented, "has there ever been a female Kaitou KID?"
"Sweet, which generation would I become?"
"You would be the 50th Kaitou KID,"
"Okay, let me hear the messages from the very beginning, translate when needed," Sai smiled; this would become interesting, hearing history as if it happened in front of him, and he would probably need to come back many times, and he really needed to have a serious talk with his dad; how could he expect him to become a slightly insane thief?

Daichi grinned towards his smiling father, happy that he was allowed to buy a new recorder and begin telling his story with the older thief shaking his head at his vivid explaining of everything Kaitou KID related. Mizuki sat beside her father, trying to keep herself from snickering at her brother's enthusiasm, happy that her father hadn't gotten angry by the fact that they had listened to the recordings and happy that their mother had forgiven him for bringing up two thieves.

"My name is Kudou Daichi, son of Kudou Shinichi and Ran, and I will carry the Legacy of the Phantom Thief with honour," Daichi said in a serious tone and smiled as he stopped recording.
"Let me guess," Shinichi began with an amused smile, "that legacy speech was dad's idea, wasn't it?"
"Maybe," Dichi winked and threw his arms up, "I confess to nothing!" The teenager threw the recorder to his sister that caught it with ease. "It's your turn Miz, say the sacred words!"
"What?" she smiled and threw a glance to her father, "could we lock him up? He's thinking that this is way to fun to be healthy."
"Hmm, I agree," Shinichi smiled while Daichi gaped theatrically and placed a hand over his heart, "but stealing really is unhealthily amusing."
"Come on, Miz, you have to say the same thing!" Daichi put his hands together, begging.
"Why?" she asked curiously.
"Because it has to be a thing! A great thing! And whoever becomes KID after us has to say it too. Just think about it; in a hundred years, or even thousands of years someone will hear those tapes! It will be amazing!"
"Yea, right," Mizuki snorted, "Kaitou KID won't survive more than a few generations." The teenager pressed the button to the recorder, "My name is Kudou Mizuki. I will carry the Legacy of the Phantom Thief. I will be Phantom Lady." The girl stopped the recording and smiled while Daichi took the recorder back, silently promising to protect it and the material on it. "There's no way that that recording will survive longer than to our grandchildren."

Oh, if she only knew. If Kaito only knew what kind of inheritance he left after himself. The Legacy of the Phantom Thief, surviving throughout the times. The idea of a gentleman in a hat and mantle, stealing and returning for the sake of bringing happiness and wonder to the world; a non-violent criminal, and an idea that never died.


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