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IKU: *salute* Good morning, sirs.

KOMAKI: morning ^^

DOJO: Hey.

KOMAKI: Be nicer, Dojo. *whisper* Tell the Princess good morning.

DOJO: X( Good morning, Kasahara. Now get to work.

IKU: Yes sir! *thinking* He's in a good mood today~


SHIBAZAKI: Oi, Te-zu-ka. *hefts box* This is for your team. You mind?

TEZUKA: ... No. *takes box* I'm on the way in to work right now, so it's fine.

SHIBAZAKI: ^^ Great! Make sure to give my regards to Instructor Dojo~

TEZUKA: *sigh* Okay. *leaves*

SHIBAKAZI: *mutters* At least act like you're jealous, Mr. Perfect.


TEZUKA: *takes large drink* What am I going to do about that woman? She's a demon.

KOMAKI: If you mean Shibazaki-

DOJO: *laugh* Who else? When are you going to ask her out, Corporal?

TEZUKA: o/o Sir-! *gathers himself* What about you and Kasahara, then?!

KOMAKI: I think you two just need to cowboy up.


KOMAKI: It's an expression I learned from Marie; she was reading about the old American west. Cute, isn't it?

OTHERS: *look at each other and then hurriedly drink*

KOMAKI: You guys are too much fun ^^