It's a shame that there is not enough Gaara/FemNaruto stories, so I decided to give this pairing a little love, I think they are perfect for each other :3 Hope you like it!

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Summary: Fem!Naruto gets sucked in a new seal she makes. Her fiancé, Sabaku no Gaara, finds her, but is it the Naruto he knows and loves? Not quite. Struggling to get back, Naruto meets a monster she had forgotten. They both will have to face doubts, betrayals, new extremes and old scores to settle in order to keep what is dear to them. Romance/Drama/Humor. Gaara/FemaleNaruto

In this fanfic, FemNaru will be referred to as both Naruto and Naru.

Important: This story takes place 5 years after the invasion of Konoha, meaning that Gaara and Naruto are both 17. They are together for love, not for political reasons. You may notice that in the story Gaara is a bit more opened up, but that's due to Naruto's loud persona rubbing off on him. You may also notice that Naruto is a bit more rational in some moments - that's due to Gaara's presence in her life.


"Talking in memories"


Kyuubi talking/Jutsu

koi = love; fuin = seal

POSTED: November 28, 2012

Enjoy! :)

Gaara had just finished with his paperwork. Honestly, it was getting gradually annoying and he would do anything to get rid of the stacks and piles of paperwork he had to sign and stamp every single day.

The village's strongest shinobi everyday duty is to sign contracts and stamp paper? Really? The young Kazekage thought as he was about to head home. But not until he had checked on a certain person.

The redhead walked two floors down of the Kazekage tower. On his way, his guards and ANBU greeted him. His forty year old secretary flashed him a seductive smile and pretty much stuck her cleavage in his face. She used to do that pretty often. he remembered how his last secretary pretty much tried to rape him.

He neared a big metal door with two ANBU on post in front of it. Seeing him, the guards saluted him. Gaara just nodded politely in reply.

"Is my fiancée still in here?" He asked, his eyes pointing to the door.

"Yes, Kazekage-sama." One of the shinobi replied. "She has been in the library the whole afternoon. We have been guarding and checking on her every now and then, but two hours ago, she told us not to enter. She explained she was experimenting with a new seal."

Gaara took in the information. "I understand." He pushed the door to the library open, closing it after him. The Suna library - the place where they kept the jutsu scrolls, various information, and most of the contracts. Only a select few people were allowed access to this place. That is why it was so empty and dusty. And quiet.

The quietness was torn only by soft murmurs. Gaara followed their lead.

"Come on! Did I succeed?! Yes, yes-" Then there was a sound quite similar to the one when you inflate a balloon and then let the air out. "Awww! Dammit! Nhg!"

He came to the sight of his fiancée, standing behind a large table; scrolls and books scattered all around her. Her hands and clothes were covered in chakra ink; she even had some on her cheeks, and nose. And her neck. And forehead. Her blonde hair would have been colored with it as well, had she not tied it in a messy bun.

She was leaning over the large scroll before her, painting some more characters to the already complicated scriptures on it, murmuring something and cussing under her breath.

Gaara chuckled to himself, walking closer to her, and making her look up.

Her face brightened immediately, cracking a smile. "Gaara!" She happily greeted him, letting go of the brush she was holding. She started to hug him, but stopped herself, realizing how colored her clothes were. She smiled sheepishly at him, making him sigh.

"You look so like yourself, koi." Gaara said jokingly.

"Hey, watch what you say before I add some pretty colors to your curtain dress!" The redhead chuckled yet again, amused by her threat to mess up his Kazekage robes.

He stepped closer and caressed her cheek. "But you wouldn't, yes, Naru-koi?" He asked teasingly.

Naruto thought for a moment and sighed in defeat. " No." She looked him in the eyes and smiled playfully. "But that's only 'cause you'll make me clean it!" He leaned closer to her, making their lips almost touch.

"Is that the only reason?" He asked in a low voice; there was amusement in his eyes as she sighed in defeat yet again. She gave Gaara a light kiss on the lips, careful not to color him.

"And because I love you." Naru added, making Gaara chuckle. No one else could make him smile so often. Only she.

"I love you, too, Naru-tenshi." Only she. His angel. He kissed her again, more lovingly.

He withdrew his hand from her cheek, noticing that he had some ink on it.

"Ahaha, gomen, Gaara-kun." Naruto apologized, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

The redhead just sighed and looked at his fiancée. "It's okay. But you need a shower to scrub this mess off of you, Naruto." He knew she would not be overjoyed having to rasp the ink off her face.

The blonde girl rolled her eyes in annoyance but then stopped as a certain thought crossed her mind. She smiled the most mischievous smile. "Okay. But only if you join me, Gaara-koi." She leaned in closer him, trailing a finger on his chest; their faces almost touching.

For a moment, Gaara was lost at the seductive suggestion and manner, but then cracked a small smile himself and cupped her cheek again, not worrying if he will be colored. "How would I not, koi." He kissed her more deeply this time, the tips of their tongues touching, teasing.

"Just give me 20 more minutes and I'm ready." Naruto said, withdrawing from the kiss, but pecking him a few more times, not able to resist.

"Fine, but don't be late. It's getting dark already."

"Not like I'm gonna get lost. We live right next to the Kazekage tower, you know."

Gaara smiled at the childish pout she gave him. "That's not what I meant." He leaned to whisper in her ear. "I meant to say, don't be late, so I can be with you, inside of you, as soon as possible, my love."

Gaara mentally congratulated himself, as he saw the light blush on Naruto's cheeks. They had something like a little contest, trying to make the other blush, given that they had been lovers. Point for Gaara.

He pecked her goodbye and exited the library. "Twenty more minutes and you are dismissed." He informed the guards and trailed down the hallway.

"Now where was I…" Naruto spoke to herself after Gaara left. She tried redoing the seal, but could not collect her thoughts, as her mind was trailing off to thoughts about going home to Gaara.

Sighing, she decided to leave the library, not even thinking of rearranging the scrolls she had taken out. After all, who would see? And she would come back to continue her work tomorrow, as she had been doing for over two weeks now.

She stepped away from the table and untied her bun. Locks of golden hair fall down, covering her back and shoulders. She stretched and yawned.

Maybe I really could use a nice bath. She thought to herself, looking at her hands, covered in dark ink. She could feel some of it on her face and neck. I must be so attractive right now. She thought, sarcastically. Maybe I could get it off now… and leave the other part to Gaara.

Yet again, a mischievous smile graced her features, as she remembered the last time she had a shower with her fiancé. The activities they did under the shower, to be particular. And the bed. And the floor, as they rolled over and fell down. If it was going to be half as good, leaving her work half-done was completely worth it.

She made a few signs and used the Refreshing jutsu, then found an old dusted mirror. She smiled, seeing as the ink was gone off her skin. She was on her way out, when a certain scroll caught her attention. She took it out and opened it, her eyes widening at its content.

"That's it!" She exclaimed happily, rushing back to the table she had the huge scroll placed on. She grabbed her brush, put it in some ink and proceeded to add carefully a new section of characters on the empty space she found.

The scroll was huge, literally. If you unrolled it on top of the Kazekage's tower, it would probably touch the ground beneath. It was covered in characters, divided into groups and panels; some were small and tiny and some were big and had strange images next to them. These images were actually smaller seals, added to help the work of the bigger seal. Seal in a seal, nice, huh?

Naruto threw her hands in the air. "Yes!" She shouted happily. "Finally!" She had finished her original seal. Never has there ever been a time travel seal. She believed she had just created one. Moreover, she believed she had adjusted it to travel ten minutes back in time, when Gaara was still there.

She made a long row of hand sings and stopped. If he's here after this, then I truly have succeeded. She thought to herself, shaking her head to get rid of the hesitation. She slammed her hands on the scroll, pouring chakra in it.

Characters arranged in a circle with many lines emerging on the table, going down to the floor. Some parts of the circle were going up the bookshelves.

She inhaled deeply and put the worry aside.

"Be here after this, my love." She said for only her ears to hear.


Little did she know that the worry she was having was not in vain.

Yet again, I nodded, pretending to be listening to the woman standing before me. I was at the end of the hallway, when the wife of the Feudal lord of Wind appeared out of nowhere. She has been babbling non-sense for the last ten minutes or so. I tried to avert the topic and excuse myself a few times by now, but she just would not listen and would not shut up.


I just wanted to slap her across the face, go home, prepare the tub, and when Naru came back – make love to her. Instead, I was stuck with this crazed woman. She obviously thought I was interested in the matters regarding her cat, and did not hesitate to update me on them.

I completely ignored her, traveling away in my own thoughts. My eyes flickered mischievously as I stared at the wall just behind her. Two or so months ago, I had taken Naru up against that very wall. I had stayed up until late at night to sign paperwork, wanting to spend the following day with my beloved fiancée. Naruto, on the other hand hand, had thought that she wanted to surprise me and came back to Suna earlier than expected from her two week long mission. When she did not find me at home, she headed for the Kazekage tower.

Meeting in the hallway, lust and desire took over us and we did not bother finding another place to show how much we missed each other. In that time at night, there were guards only outside the building and on the roof. We were to express our love freely, not bothering to muffle the deep moans and whispers that echoed off the walls. Quite a nice surprise, indeed.

I was taken aback when the electricity in the building flickered for mere seconds before stabilizing again, only to be followed by a loud sound of an explosion that rocked the walls of the building.

"Kazekage-sa-" A guard started to inform me, but I did not need to be informed. I knew where the sound was coming from. The library.

I quickly disappeared in a swirl of sand.

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