Stephen walked into the quiet village with William and Hamish all of them drained with Hunger and exhaustion, All the Villagers whispered and cowered slightly as they walked passed them, whispering and pointing at William. Frances watched eagerly from her window watching the three Shoulders pass before running outside to greet them.

"WAIT!" All three of them sharply turned their hands automatically ready to take out their swords, Frances smiled warmly and apologeticly at them walking confidently over to them,

"I`m so sorry I had no intention of startling you! It`s a honour to meet you fine gentlemen would you like to have some shelter for this evening?"

"If that would be no trouble for you Miss then that would be most appreciated!" Frances beamed at William her blue eyes glistening,

"Of course! please follow me inside!" she led the way back into her small house, the warmth hitting them as they walked inside and the rich fragrant smell of broth cooking on the stove,

"You live alone Miss?!"

"No I live with my little Brother James!" William and Hamish went to tie up their horses for the evening making sure they were comfortable, while Stephen sat at the small wooden table watching Frances prepare the dinner.

"So uh you are off to fight tomorrow?!"

"That is the plan!"

"right. Well you make sure you kill those Bastards then!" A smirk spread accross their faces, Stephen was amazed by her beauty, it was a warmth presence that filled you with anticipation. Little James joined them all at the wooden table his excitement barely contained as he rushed out exctied questions at us, Especially in William`s direction Frances smiled amused at her Brothers happiness which she hadn`t seen since Father was alive.

"Say goodnight James!"

"Goodnight! Thanks for letting me hold your swords!"

"No problem lad!" Frances took his little hand and led him into the tiny bed, kissing his cheek goodnight as he closed his eyes, she walked back into the other room to join the others to find that it was only Stephen sat there.

"Oh have the other two gone to bed?!"

"Yes we all have a important day ahead of us...I uh wanted to just say how uh kind it was to let us stay here!"

"Yes it`s no problem you are always welcome!"

"That is so nice to hear!" Stephen moved forward and leaned closer towards her making both of their hearts race,


"Goodnight Miss!" Stephen says kissing her cheek gently before making his way to the barn, leaving Frances rooted to the spot blushing slightly her body giddy with a rush of excitement that she had`nt felt before!