Sesshomaru to me is cold and heartless. Rin is warm and loving. They are polar opposites so they fit together so well like yin and yang. And only Rin can move Sesshomaru. Now how long it takes for him to grasp that is a whole different topic of discussion. This one popped in my head so I had to get it out. Not sure where I'm heading with this yet. Enjoy and remember to review.

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The world was entering the Great Demon and Human War in Asia. Humans and demons died every second. But among the casualties were innocent demons and villagers. Those who did not declare their loyalty to the Demons were destroyed. Some were destroyed despite their declaration. Though the Demons were strong, they were outnumbered by the humans. Demons reproduced every thirty years where human could every year, thus humans outnumbered the demons after a hundred years of war. Among those fighting back were demon slayers. At first there were only a small group of family demon slayers. But soon due to the excessive need, many commoners were trained in the art of demon hunting and slaying. Those unable to fight, watched helplessly as another village is destroyed. The villagers cried for peace, mercy and salvation to the Gods as they are burnt to nothing.

Among the strongest demon was Lord Sesshomaru of the Western Lands. He is a great dog demon by heritage. The western lands were once tolerant of human and demon coexistence until the passing of the late Lord Taisho. Lord Taisho believed that demon and humans could live in peace. He even married a human wife and had a half-demon son named Inuyasha. Upon his succession of the throne however, Lord Sesshomaru made it clear that all the humans in the western lands were to be eradicated, Inuyasha included. Sesshomaru had a reason to hate the humans. The same humans his father protected were the ones who betrayed and killed him. His hatred of Inuyasha was just sibling rivalry gone haywire.

Years of hiding and training led Inuyasha to mistrust both humans and demons. He was not human enough for the humans and tainted by human blood to the demons. He was a part of both worlds but belonged to neither. He despised being weak as his brother so often pointed out. But luckily for him, the human part of him kept him alive when priest, monks and priestesses purified him. One day, a priestess tamed his heart and healed his soul. Her love for the half-breed help opened his eyes to the world he used to survive in. It was the first time he started to live instead.

Her name was Kagome. She was a new aged priestess who's family was connected to Inu Taisho. She believed the world would be better without prejudice and fear. Together, they help rebuild the trust long lost between human and demons. They even had an orphaned fox demon, Shippo, help out what he could at the village. The leading demon slayer also had a demon cat friend she trusted, Kilala. Shippo and Kilala were prime examples that there were kind and peaceful demons in the world. Together, they fought against Sesshomaru and his legions of human hating demons.

Every summer the group of newly trained Demon slayers came to assist in the war. The line between the eastern and western line was the front, separated by twin peaks and connected by a bridge over an enclosed abyss. Today a new group of slayers just arrived into camp guided by Sango. This group had a special girl amidst, one of a few slayers with priestess abilities. Her name is Rin Uzumaki. Rin's parent were slayers also and killed before her eyes. In despair the eight year old went mute. If it were not for the love a Priestess named Kaede and a short meeting with an injured demon, she would have not found the motivation to live and fight for those weaker than her. No one knew of her brief encounter with the demon. She herself believed it was a dream.


Rin wandered the forest day after day after her parents were killed. She had cried so much, her tears went dry and screamed so hard, her voice mute. No one cared that she was only eight. No one noticed she had but little to eat. No one cared that she lost her urge to speak. NO one cared. She had slid through the cracks. One day she found an injured demon in the forest with red glowing eyes and a hiss of anger. She gulped as she came closer but felt an odd need to protect this deadly demon. She gave it the only food and water she had. She was even beaten for getting him more food. His voice was passive and cold but one question made him stand above all others. "How did you get those bruises?"

For once in her life, someone cared, and a demon at that. Oh he looked so beautiful in her eyes. She started to notice how he carried himself even while he was injured. 'Must be royalty" she thought. She noticed how his features were fascinating and breathtaking. Then she noticed how taken aback he was when she smiled at him. 'How could he look confused from a smile? ' She asked herself,' He must not get to see it much.' She determined at that point that not all demons were evil like she had been raised to believe. There is goodness in everything. But one day when she came back to see him, he was gone. A little sadness swept over her. She was alone again. As the years took its toll on her, so did the image of this demon. All that was left was a faint smile in a distant memory.


From that day forth, Rin made the best of everything. It helped when she met Kaede. She was shown the love that she had lost from her parents. She nurtured and taught Rin the gift of hope and giving. The kindness of a stranger saved her soul. She saw evil intent in humans and the kindest heart from a fox demon, though mischievous. Being the young impressionable girl she was, she saw the world for what it could be, even in the midst of this war. She grew to be beautiful from the inside out. Her heart shown no prejudice or ill will.

Rin had the purest of mind and soul, thus making her an excellent candidate to carry the Shikon Jewel and harness its power to control the demons. Yes, this jewel was once used for evil and sent into oblivion. But the heavens heard the people's cries and it came into Kaede's possession with a warning. "A jewel is neither good nor evil. It can only intensity purifying powers and suppress demonic ones. There should be no ill will in the holder's heart or it will purify that heart too. The war will soon be no more with its presence."

Rin was now the third guardian of the jewel. Kikyo, the one before her, had died protecting it. Rin spent every morning and night in meditation and trained the other hours. For a teenager of sixteen summers, she was poise, delicate, and deadly all the same. But she had one thing no one could match, a smile of genuine concern and love. She believed that all living creatures, be it human or demon, are born with good nature. Their upbringing is to blame for their malicious intent. Upon receiving the jewel, she swore to protect her mind from holding on to hate. She would get mad, but forgive. She would be jealous, but be happy for another's fortune. She was not perfect by any means. She felt all the emotions a human held which made them special. What she had, was a golden heart; loving and forgiving.

Little did she know, there was an old prophesy," As a child representing the Gods, her life would soon be in turmoil. For in the midst of evil and hated, a pearl is born without prejudice. She will pay the ultimate price. But her sacrifice will commence the ending the war and bring forth peace to the lands."

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