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The sun was shining like it always does. He never noticed it before but somehow, it was not warming him. The world moves on with no regards to who is left behind. He knows the reason is laying lifeless in his arms. For once, he was hoping, he would be sharing this world with his mate...but it was too late.

Sesshomaru sat by his mate for hours. No one dared to come closer. Inuyasha tried an hour ago to get Rin cleaned up but Sesshomaru's youki seared everything that came within twenty feet of him.

'NO. She's not gone.'

He can still feel her touch. 'We just became mates last night.'

He could still hear her voice. 'She promised me... forever.'

'Why won't she get up? Why is she mocking this Sesshomaru? Does she not know that I love her and can't live without her? She can't be gone. This is unacceptable.'

' NO!' His youki cried over and over, 'Save our mate. What is the use of being the most powerful if we can't have the one we love? Save her!'

He... he didn't know how. He was defeated. He yelled to the heavens, "GIVE HER BACK TO ME!...Please... give me back my Rin.."

"Destiny, you better send Rin back before mother finds out and we'll get into trouble." Fate told her sister.

"But Fate look," Destiny said holding a white pearl with a warm rainbow light illuminating it. "Isn't she beautiful? She's the best one yet. Her light is so warm. She even melted that evil demon's heart. She is unlike any other." With the mention of Sesshomaru, the pearl's warmth dampened and it's rainbow turned grey. Her light sent a gut wrenching pain into their heart. Fate and Destiny began to cry.

"You two never learn, will you?" Mother Karma said standing at the door once again. "Just because you are Fate and Destiny, does not mean people have to follow your every whim. People can change what is given to them by fate and destiny. The desires in the their heart will overcome even the grim fate presented and change their destiny. Give Rin to me. We must return her before her container degrades."

Destiny took another look at Rin and smiled. "Sorry. You are not an object one can possess, but a love for all to share. You will be happy, I promise you."

Karma whisked her back to her body. "As a token of you sacrifice, I will grant you a lifetime with your love. Continue to change his heart and those around him. Remember my little light, a candle loses nothing by lighting another."

A lightning struck Rin's body and it disappeared from Sesshomaru's grasp. He looked around. "Rin, where are you? Don't leave this Sesshomaru. Come back... come...back... " Sesshomaru fell to his knees as his chest tightened some more. "Nothing in this world is worth your life. Nothing."

His eyes were closed, head down towards the ground and his teeth clenched. The great Lord of the West sat defeated on the ground. An unknown wetness streamed from his face and dropped to the ground. He could not protect her even after death. The sky thundered and roared. Raindrops streamed down his face alongside the wetness already there.

A warm pair of hands caressed his cheek sending shock down his spine.

'Mate!' His youki rejoiced.

Must be his imagining. Rin is ...she is gone.

Warm lips grazed his, sending warmth to his soul.

He had a very vivid imagination. He missed her too much already.

"Sesshomaru." That was it. He is not only foolish, but completely mad! He had wished her to life.

"Open your eyes, Mate." How is it, that this figment of his imagination was ordering him around? But he complied nonetheless. Rin. Was he dreaming?

She felt so real as his arms pulled her in. And how delectable her lips and mouth tasted as their tongue danced in harmony. How realistic her moans were as he flickered his tongue over her mating mark. How beautiful she looked as she gazed into his eyes. He must have gone mad, there was no other reason. But as insane as he was, he would not let her go...never again.

"You are not allowed to leave This Sesshomaru. EVER!" Sesshomaru was adamant. He never wants to feel that hopelessness again; falling into a black hole with no end and no way out.

She smiled at him. Yes, that was the smile which started his spiral into madness.

"Never again, Love. I promise." Her smile became crooked with a whimper. She held him tight, breathing her warmth onto him. "Never again." She leaned into his lips with the utmost urgency.



Inuyasha rushed to where Sesshomaru was the moment Rin's scent came back...alive. There was a picture of his brother with Rin, in the rain, making out. 'I'm gonna have nightmares of this now.' He smirked, there is only one way to stop them before they went any further, cuz it doesn't look like they were going to stop.

An annoying voice made Sesshomaru realized he was not dreaming or fabricating his Rin.

"Oi, you guys going to stay there in the rain all day or can we sign this treaty and start the celebration." Inuyasha huffed. " You can get cozy afterwards. Rin, welcome back. Miroku will do you wedding ceremony if you can get Mr. I -will- destroy- everyone- because- Rin's- not- here to budge without destroying another forest." He pointed at the newly cleared field which once housed a fifty trees. Inuyasha turned and ran. He knew he was saying too much but if anyone could calm his brother down, Rin could.

He was right on the money. Just as Sesshomaru's youki began to surface, she pulled his face towards her and kissed his nose. He stood in shock as she dragged him to stand up and head towards the human camp. After a few steps, his claws were laced with hers and he stopped for another kiss, and another and another...

"Love, we won't get back at this rate. Please. I want you to sign the treaty. Will you not grant my dying wish?" She pouted.

"No. I will do no such thing if you die." He turned away, "I never promised to sign that."

"But I am alive so you should sign it." Her smile beaming. He pulled her closer and inhaled her scent, kissing her once more. She continued to pull him until he swooped her up and flew to the camp.

Inuyasha had already told everyone about Rin's return but no one believed him until they saw it. Sesshomaru flew in with his mate in his arms, her smile infectious and contagious spreading from one person to another. Even the Great Sesshomaru was not immune to it. His lips curved slightly upward for a second, long enough for his mate to see it and jump to kiss him.

The treaty was sign with no further delays. Kohaku and his conspirators were release from detainment with the pleas from Rin. Sango thanked Rin for forgiving her fbrother. Everyone rejoiced at the wedding ceremony for Rin and Sesshomaru.

After leaving his orders with his general, he whisked Rin away for two weeks. To this day, she still could not speak about what they had done without blushing.

Four months later as they lay under the moonlight, hands intertwined, Rin looked up at the skies and mouthed 'thank you' to fate, destiny and karma which led her to this point of her life.

"You know that Fate allowed me to meet you, Destiny gave us our reunion and Karma brought me back to you?" Rin said out of the blue.

"Hn. We make our own fate and destiny, Rin. And karma is just something you humans made up to keep you from doing evil, reminding you of consequences. I do not believe in such things." Sesshomaru responded. "Ridiculous." He looked at his little human and his core warmed. She had such power over him even when she was speaking of nonsense. How the great have fallen; though he regrets nothing.

'If only he knew' she thought.

Rin smiled. After all this time, he still uses the 'human' term. But it was endearing to her because she was his human now. His arms held her close with another hand rubbing the little bump on her belly. 'Oh well, he'll have to learn the hard way how ridiculous humans and hanyous a few more months.' She thought as she looked at him. 'He should know that his world is about to go upside down again, right?' She giggled into his chest. She would give up the world to be with him like this forever.

As for now, she will be happy in his arms as their journey together truly begins.

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