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Summary: With the recent rise in death eater activity Harry decided to not finish his fourth year at Hogwarts. He returns to his adoptive dad Charlie Swan and his sister Bella Swan for the first time in years. This takes place in New moon after Edward leaves and in this fic Harry isn't the boy who lived. His parents died in a death eater ambush and Sirius is also dead he was adopted soon after this. Prodigy Harry powerful Harry.

Chapter 1

Harold James Potter sighed he had just got off of a long flight from England to America. Then from there headed to Forks he was excited to return to his home, to his father and now his sister as well. Bella she had moved in with their dad Charlie due to her mothers husband Phil making the pro's and so they would move around. To lessen the strain Bella decided to move to Forks and finish her schooling there.

He was in a a cab on his way to Forks and was looking out the window, the cab driver tried to make some small talk but got the hint by his silence. Harry watched the scenery go by thinking about the reasons why he would be returning.


Harry was sitting in the Ravenclaw common room it was late and the fire was burning, most of his housemates had gone to bed. A few were sitting in chairs here and there. He was reading a letter he received from his dad Charlie it was about Bella, apparently her boyfriend, Edward, had left and she is a mess. Not eating, barely sleeping, isolating herself in her room she was a wreck. Charlie was asking him advice on how to handle this.

Harry was disrupted from his thoughts by his friend Su Li. "Harry what is going on? You look so sad." Said Su.

He looked up at her and sighed. "Its my sister her boyfriend left her and it seems she just lost her will for life. I am thinking of going home if she doesn't improve." Stated Harry.

Su wasn't surprised by his answer as he viewed family very highly and would do anything for them. "Harry you must not make this decision lightly the world out there is more dangerous with the increasing attacks. You should stay where its safe, but I can't force you. Its your choice.

Flashback end-

He was snapped out of his thoughts when the cab stopped and he saw that he was in front of his home. He got out the cab and straightened his suit, he looked at his reflection and saw his very expensive suit and his styled hair . Harry turned to the driver and thanked him for the ride and paid him as well and got his luggage from the boot. He turned and saw the door open and his dad Charlie come out.

Charlie heard the sound of a car pull up in front of his house and the sound of people speaking. He thought one of the voices was familiar and then he remembered Harry was coming home today. He opened the door and saw his son standing there on the sidewalk with his bags next to him. "Harry its good to see you again, let's get your bags and head inside." Said Charlie.

He went and gave Harry a quick hug and collected his bags. "Alright dad and its good to see you too." Said Harry with a small smile on his face.

Once they arrived in the house Harry brought his bag in his room before returning downstairs. He saw Charlie sitting at the table with two mugs of coffee. He sat down and said. "Hey dad so now what is going on with Bella?" Asked Harry.

"She is doing better though as she is currently out with some of her friends at the movies. This is the best I could do, I'm hoping that spending time with her friends will help her get her mind off of that Edward kid." Said Charlie his shoulders slumped.

Harry sipped his coffee. "Well I will speak to her when she gets home, we have always had a good relationship and now that I am finished with the school in Scotland." Said Harry.

Charlie looked at him and asked. " What are you talking about, I thought that this was only a short visit?" Asked Charlie.

Harry shook his head massaging the bridge of his nose. "Well circumstances came up and along with the Bella situation I wrote my N.E.W.T's I had already wrote my O.W.L's the previous year in third year and now I wait for my results." Said Harry.

Charlie stared at him and said. "Harry there is something your not telling me. Last year you were so content to stay the full seven years, now you take your finals what happened?" Demanded Charlie.

Harry looked away for a second before turning to his dad. "The death eaters have approached me dad. At Hogsmeade they met me at a shop called Hogshead. They wanted to sway me to their cause dad, because of my status as heir to three of the oldest and most noble houses one of which dates back to the time of Camelot. With that and my vast fortune I would prove useful to their cause. I naturally refused then a fight broke out, I managed to incapacitate nine of the ten death eaters but one escaped.

That's why I have come home I want no part of this war and the death eaters are targeting me now. I'm no longer safe at Hogwarts so I have left the country, I hope you can get me into the school here dad." Explained Harry.

Charlie nodded. "Well I can't say that I'm not happy that you will be staying here for more than three months. So I will make the arrangements, but what about these death eaters who are they and will they be able to find you here?" Asked Charlie with concern in his voice.

Harry just shook his head and leaned forward and interlocking his hands. "They are the followers of the dark lord Voldermort the one I told you about. He was the one who rallied all the blood purists together believing that only ones with pureblood. Ones who come from an all magical line, deserved to live in the magical world and be able to use magic. That muggle borns and muggles should be treated worse than a house elf.

To answer your second no, I went to extreme lengths to blend in. I went under an alias, took two different planes instead of magical travel and a cab they won't find me and I am also far out of their reach here. The American magical association is very strict in monitoring who comes and goes here, they were very pleased that I returned here on a more permanent bases." Said Harry.

Charlie just slumped in his seat and massaged his temples. "Honestly Harry I don't know how you get in these situations. But its good to know that you are safe now, but why would the death eaters want to target you? I mean you are only thirteen year old boy an extremely gifted on but a kid nonetheless." Said Charlie.

Harry just sighed and stared at Charlie seriously. "Dad I'm an extremely wealthy and powerful and the heir of three very old and influential houses. The Potter's and Black's are noble and ancient houses, while I'm also the heir of the house of Kay. This line dates back to camelot a knight of the round table, king Arthur's step brother and his Seneschal of the house of Pendragon. Which makes me the Earl of Kay and Seneschal of the house of Pendragon which is still recognized by the crown. I am also now the proud wielder of Caliburn." Said Harry proudly.

Charlie just stayed in the chair processing this information, before looking up at him then asked. "I understand that but wielder of Caliburn what is that?" Asked Charlie.

Harry just smirked puffing up his chest." Just before starting my third year I was called in by Gringotts due to a stipulation in the will of one of my vaults long story short I managed to pull the sword from the stone and now am the wielder of Caliburn." Said harry.

Once he said that he stared down at the table eyes glazing as he remembered exactly what happened.


Harry walked through the the doors absentmindedly and nodded his head slightly at the armored goblins who bowed to him when he entered. He walked up to one of the tellers. "I would like to see king Ragnarok he sent a request that I should come today as he needed me to fulfill a stipulation for one of my vaults." With that said he handed the letter to the goblin.

The goblin looked it over then called. "Griphook! Take lord Potter to conference room three."

A small young looking Goblin walked up and hurriedly started ushering him to the conference room, there he waited for fifteen minutes. Then an old but very well dressed goblin walked in one could see that his suit was a very expensive. Harry stood and nodded, the goblin nodded back. "Thank you for coming, I imagine that you are curious as to why I summoned you here today." Stated Ragnarok.

Harry nodded, "well there were stipulations that sir Kay stated to his heirs we will have to go down to the Kay vault for this."

They both nodded and went down to the vault, they arrived at the vault five minutes later. Ragnarok stepped forward then said, "now that you are thirteen you can finally access the vault, just place your hand on the lions head and if you are the heir it will open for you." Said Ragnarok.

Harry stepped forward and placed his hand on the lions head, he was startled when the lions eyes glowed then the door opened.

Ragnarok nodded, "well it seems who are the true heir of Kay, now let's go the trial is up ahead." Said the goblin king.

Harry nodded and so they walked past the mounds of galleons as well as precious metals and piles of precious stones as well. There stood also quite a few weapons and suits of armor. They entered a second chamber and there stood a beautiful suit of armor it was a shining white set of armor, there was also in the middle of the chamber stood a blade. It had a white handle with golden engravings on the guard, the blade itself from what part he could see was a shining silver with a golden stripe on the double edged blade.

Ragnarok stood beside him and explained. "That is the legendary sword of victory Caliburn. Sir Kay gathered the pieces of the blade and had it reforged by a blacksmith known only in legend. He then placed the blade in the rock for when a worthy heir to claim the sword of victory. He then had made sure every one of his line would try to remove the sword from the stone. So its your turn." Said Ragnarok.

Harry looked at him then turned to the sword before slowly walking up to the blade. He stopped in front of the sword before slowly snaking his hand around the grip of the blade watching the runes along the blade slightly glow. He placed his second hand around it and then pulled, his vision then went white as the sword glowed extremely bright. Harry woke up and he looked around and saw he was in a room of white, he stood up and looked around he saw nothing but white.

"Welcome my heir." Said a voice behind him.

Harry quickly turned around and entered a defensive position. He saw a handsome man with long brown hair that came to his shoulders, a regal face and blue eyes. He wore the set of armour he saw in the chamber and was without a sword. The stranger smiled. "My name is Sir Kay and you have succeeded in drawing the sword Caliburn from the stone." Said the now named Kay.

Harry looked confused."So what am I doing here?" He asked.

Sir Kay smiled,"I am here to warn you, if you have drawn the sword it has found you worthy. However this will also mean that you have some major trials ahead of you that Caliburn will aid you immensely. To further help you I had a suit of armor crafted for you, once your magic makes a connection to the armor you can summon it and Caliburn at will."

Harry was shocked at this revelation. "I will have to prepare for this, but how did you know all this?" Asked Harry.

Sir Kay just said, "a seer came to see me and told me what I had to do." Said Kay.

The place was flickering now, sir Kay then told Harry. "We are out of time I'm afraid, train hard and fight for what you believe in and you will get through the trials ahead goodbye Harry Potter."

With that Sir Kay and this white world disappeared.


Harry remembered waking up in a bed with a healer explaining what happened when he drew the sword. He then looked to Charlie and stood up. "Is my workshop still in the forest behind the house?" Asked harry.

Charlie nodded. "I left it just like it was, Harry when are you going to tell Bella all of this. She deserves to know you have kept it from her long enough." Said Charlie.

Harry just stopped in place."I will tell her in time but I don't think she is in the right state of mind right now." Said Harry.

With that he went out the backyard and headed into his workshop, resetting his bounded fields around his workshop. He looked around seeing all the papers and jewels and it led to his first memory about him learning about magecraft.


Harry sat in his room at his dad's house at Forks. He was reading a letter from his parents. He son its dad, I know that if you are reading this then some way or another we are dead. I know this might be difficult but I want you to know we love you, you are so loved. Anyway this was about a man that married into the Potter family, it was about four hundred years ago. We learned that he was a magus one who came from a parallel world. A magus is the artificial reenactment of a mystery, a miracle.

They used what was a number of magic circuits in their body to channel od and prana, its sort of like a second nervous system. It causes discomfort when used like the heating up of your circuits when in use. He was a Tohsaka name Shirou who specialized in their brand of magic called jewel thaumaturgy. We found out that you have 35 high quality circuits followed by 20 sub circuits called a crest. Our ancestor Tohsaka Shirou only received a small part of the family crest. He was sent here accidently to our world, while searching for a way home he met and eventually married Doria Potter. When they had their first child did they see that it could use both magic and magecraft and so the line of Potters preceding them have inherited that ability.

In the family vault you will find everything that you would need to learn mage craft including piles of precious stones. You see our family thaumaturgy is Jewel magecraft as you can guess its a very costly research so we invest in mining companies to get the stones. Well that's all son, just find a girl that you love and that loves you back and have a family. The Potter line only has you left so have lots of children.

Goodbye son we love you.

Harry just stared unblinkingly at the letter with tears streaming down his eyes, "I love you too mom, dad."

Flashback end-

He worked well into the night getting his workshop back up and running and woke up in the morning due to Charlie waking him up and handing him a cup of tea. He took the cup "thanks dad I needed this, so is Bella here? cause I would love to speak to her." Said Harry.

Charlie shook his head, "she left about thirty minutes ago at half past 9 said something about going to Jake's." Said Charlie.

Harry shook his head in disbelief, "what I just got back last night and she leaves without saying welcome home, unbelievable." Said Harry.

Charlie at hearing this shifted uncomfortably, "well she doesn't know that you are home. I didn't tell her you where going to be coming home and when you did get here I forgot to tell here as I was having trouble digesting the information you shared with me." Said a sheepish Charlie.

Harry just shook his head and then he stood up and stretched his back. "Ughhh let me take a shower, then can you take me to Jacobs place?" Asked harry.

Charlie just nodded his head and then both parted ways, Harry to the bathroom and Charlie to the living room. It was 20 minutes later that Harry came down he was wearing a pair of black dragon hyde boots, dragon hyde pants, a black silk open collar shirt and a black leather jacket. He no longer wore any glasses as he had them magically corrected and had his hair slicked back, all in all it gave him a regal look. Charlie whistled, "Harry aren't you a bit over dressed, we are only headed to Jake's house not a fancy party." Said an amused Charlie.

Harry just rolled his eyes at that comment, "dad this is my every day clothing and I can't help that I look so good." He said puffing up his chest a bit.

Charlie just chuckled at his sons antics, "vanity is a sin my dear boy." He said.

Harry just shrugged, "c'mon dad I want to get to Jakes house as soon as possible." Said Harry eagerly.

Charlie just nodded as they both headed out the house and got into the car. The drive past relatively quickly and before he knew it they arrived at the house. Harry got out the car but noticed his dad staying put. "Dad let's go see if Bella is here and I also want to see how Jake is doing." Said Harry.

Charlie shook his head apologetically, "son I got a call, they need me at the station immediately so you have to go alone. Have Bella drive you home okay?" Said Charlie.

Harry nodded and Charlie bid him goodbye, he started the car and left.

Harry started to walk to the door but then he heard someone yelling. His body went rigid when he heard a growl and a feminine scream, "Bella!" He growled.

He ran around the house just in time to see Bella punch a guy wearing only denim shorts and sneakers. The guy started going berserk he saw another guy who was clearly the leader try to calm him down, but it didn't work. To Harry's horror the guy transformed into a wolf! The guy was an animagus, Bella started running back to the house as the wolf started to give chase.

He instantly prepared to activate his magic circuits when he saw another teenager emerge from the house. He saw Bella running towards him and the wolf chasing her, to his further shock this kid ran to meet the wolf before he too transformed into a wolf. Harry stared another animagus! No, this was different and to further add to his confusing thoughts one of the wolfs looked remarkably like Jake.

Bella's POV

"I had just watched my friend transform into a wolf and then fight another wolf. The battle took them out the clearing. She saw Sam looked to where the crashed into the forest and said, "take Bella to Emily's I will meet you there." With that said he jogged after Jake.

The other two shirt less teenagers walked up to her and offered their hand to help her up. She then said, "let's take my truck."

They both nodded and where about to leave, until a familiar voice interrupted their walk one she recognized immediately. "Bella what is going on?" Asked her brother.

They arrived at this Emily's house without any problems and Bella had still not told Harry anything. They all got out the truck and entered the house but before they went in they were stopped by Embry. He said, "don't stare at Emily okay, it bugs Sam."

With that they got into the house, Jared and Embry went to sit on the chairs at the table. They were then greeted by a pretty woman but when she turned her face completely the saw what Embry meant. She had a scar that covered half her face, she smiled and said, "hey guys I made muffins." Said Emily.

"Who are they and save some for your brothers." Said Emily smacking Jareds hand from taking another muffin.

It was Embry who answered, "that's Bella Swan but I don't know who the pretty boy is." Said Embry.

Harry rolled his eyes before stepping up then bowing before smiling charmingly, "Harry Potter, please to make your acquaintance and I am Bella's brother." Said Harry.

Emily replied, "well Harry nice to meet you and such a politeful boy would you and your sister like a muffin?" Asked Emily sweetly.

Harry smiled at her sweet personality, "I would like one very much and so would Bella."

With that he took one and so did Bella. Emily then turned to Bella and said, "so your the girl that hangs out with vampires."

Bella shot back her reply, "so your the wolf girl."

Emily nodded, they both smiled at each other before Emily said "so Jake found a way around Sams gag order."

Bella shook her head, "no I figured it out on my own."

While this was happening Harry's thoughts went at a thousand miles a minute vampires, wolfs what is going on. Embry then spoke up, "alpha's orders get obeyed no matter what happens and we can hear each others thoughts. Weirded out yet?" Asked Embry

Bella shook her head and then Sam came into the room, "Jakes right you are good with weird. Said Sam.

He then walked up to Emily and embraced her and started peppering her face with kisses.

Harry on the other end was starting to get annoyed with them then saw Jake come into the house with another guy who now was named Paul. Paul went and sat on a chair next to Embry and turned to Bella before saying, "sorry." Then took a muffin and started to eat.

Harry grinned at Jacob before giving him a friendly hug, "Jake how's it been and when did you get so buff? Puberty has been kind to you." Joked Harry.

Jacob grinned, "well you are not so short now, you have grown and when did you become such a pretty boy?" Said Jacob amusedely.

Harry just puffed up his chest and said, "I can't help it if I look good, it just comes naturally." Said Harry.

Harry then turned to the rest of the room he was serious now and then said, "I just saw my best friend turn into a giant wolf, so what's going on here?" Asked harry.

It was Sam who then explained exactly what was happening about vampires and their tribe the Quileutes and their ability to shape shift into a wolf. While he was explaining this he noticed that Jacob and Bella had left the room he smiled. It was clear as day without him even having to use his mind arts that Jacob was in love with Bella and to be honest he rather prefer Jake than the Edward boy especially since he knew now he was a vampire.

It was sometime later when Bella and Jacob had returned that he and Bella bid the wolfs and Emily goodbye. He rather enjoyed the time he spent with them as each had their own quirks, Sam being the leader and an mentor to him. Jared the sarcastic brother figure, Paul was the cocky one and Embry the cool friend. He turned to Bella with a solemn look on his face, "Bella when we get home I need to talk to you its very important." Said Harry.

Bella looked at him in concern, "okay Harry when we get home." Said Bella.

With that they spent the rest of the ride in silence.

They reached home in time for supper. All three sat in silence as they ate absorbed in their thoughts. After dinner Charlie sensing this left them alone in the living room. Harry turned to Bella with a smile then asked, "do you believe in magic?"

Chapter End

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