Summary: Noah Puckerman made a huge scandal to the point that his parents decided to send him to Lima, Ohio. He thought his life was over when he caught sight of a blonde cheerleader named Quinn. He was surprised that he could annoy the cheerleader easily and he intends to annoy her until he gets in her spanks.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of the characters. This is from an RP I was in. So there are 2 POVs. Please bear with me.

Puck was pissed at his parents for sending him to Lima over just a little scandal he made in LA. He thought his life was over, thinking he had to leave his friends and 'friends-with-benefits' gal pals. But as soon as he arrived at the small and quiet town, he slowly realized that it was just another town he could get some new girls to hook up with and have parties away from his parents. He thought he was definitely going to be living the life, living in his own little house but reality punched him in the face when he had to live in his uncle Elijah and aunt Ruth's house. He had to go to school to continue his studies too. So Elijah gave him the keys to his semi-working truck, which Puck was really upset about because back in LA he used to have a red Ferrari as a car. He really didn't have a choice now.

Quinn was known as the goodie girl in the school. She was the most popular and the most sought out girl, but she never really gave in. As the cheerleading captain, she also was the president of the celibacy club. Today was homecoming day and she loved how the school was so spirited. She was voted one of the homecoming court as usual. She recently became single because her boyfriend Tony was a jerk. She literally was the virgin Mary of the school. Pressing her lips together, she made her way out of her car and held her binder against her chest.

The school doors opened and there he was, in his new school. He still couldn't believe he was in a different town but he thought of it as his advantage. He had cool clothes not like the boys in that school. He wore his v-neck white shirt with a leather jacket over it. His 'bad boy' style.

New meat. All he could think all day. Then he saw two cheerleaders walking towards him. A brunette with a flirty look and a blonde.. A little goody two-shoes looking with the cross around her neck. Puck smirked as he eyed the blonde cheerleader. For him, these kinds of girls are hard to get and he likes a good challenge. He tried his luck and spoke up. "Sup?" With his signature nod. The brunette cheerleader stopped in her tracks and responded with a flirty, 'Hey.' He smirked at the brunette but was actually waiting for a response from the blonde.

"Santana!" She called out as she smiled catching up with the Latina. "Coach is on full bitch mode so avoid eating or drinking anything that isn't Sue juice." She informed the girl and walked inside of the doors. The people parted like the red sea whenever they were around. But something new happened, some mohawked boy tried to talk to Santana, but then he looked over at her. She rolled her eyes and continued to walk. Clearly he wasn't the type of guy she wanted to be associated with, he was more of Santana's type. "I'll see you later, Tana."

Knew it. Puck thought as he saw the blonde cheerleader left her Latina friend with him. "So your name's Tana?" He asked with a smile. When the blonde cheerleader's eyes were still on them, Puck made sure to get all flirty with Santana. He stepped closer to her and whispered something while looking at the blonde that made Santana giggle and blush a little. He used his man whore skills to woo the cheerleader on the spot. Puck took Santana's number in a snap. Well Santana practically gave it right away after hearing the way he talked and how smooth he was. "Don't want to leave your friend all alone." Puck nodded to the blonde's direction. "Who? Quinn?" Santana looked and she saw her friend, walking by herself. Quinn. Nice name. Puck smirked as he finally knew the blonde cheerleader's name. "Well, we shouldn't." Santana grabbed Puck's arm and pulled him to walk with her. "Q! Wait for us!" She shouted and the people started to part again for them. "Wow. They all moved out of our way. That's pretty cool." Puck said as they finally approached Quinn. "Yeah, we own this school." Santana said as she looked at Quinn. "Right, Q?"

Quinn rolled her eyes when Tana called out to her allowing the new guy to talk to her. Pressing her binder against her chest, she nodded her head unimpressed. "Yeah, my name is Quinn actually. Only my friends call me Q." She answered as she opened her locker placing the books that she didn't need and taking the ones that she did. She knew guys like Puck and she wasn't interested in being some notch on his belt. "Is there something you need?" She asked out once the mohawked guy didn't leave. Tana was looking between Quinn and Puck. "Hey handsome, let me show you around." Tana purred and pulled on his arm.

Puck nodded as Quinn spoke. He was actually turned on with her bitchiness. Bitchy girls are the hard to get types but all you need is persistence and you're on your way to success getting her the way she actually wants. Before Santana could really pull him away from Quinn, he caught a sight of her schedule on her locker door. "Nice sched. We almost have all the subjects together." Puck smirked and finally letting Santana pull him. He made sure to whisper 'See yah' on Quinn's ear. That would make a good impact on the blonde. "So, what's up with ice queen there? She wasn't very nice to the new kid." Puck laughed softly as he asked Santana when they walked up the stairs to the second floor.

Quinn nodded her head sarcastically as he mentioned their similar schedules. "Fantastic." She mumbled and shook her head. She turned around making her way to her first period. She already knew that Tana was going to try to get in his pants before first period, so hopefully he would miss it (if that was one of the classes they shared). Sitting down in her usual class, she began to take out her homework.

"She's always like that." Tana commented to Puck, but she wasn't interested in talking about Q, "You're hot, I'm hot. So we should gets it on." She raised her eyebrow at him, her lips curling into a smirk.

Puck nodded as Santana told him Quinn was always like that. But then a smirk slowly appeared across his lips when Santana wanted to get it on with him and he definitely knew what it meant. It's basically his language. Puck placed his hands on each side of Santana's waists and practically pinning her to the nearest wall. It was a good thing people were starting to go to their first classes and the hallways were almost empty. Santana playfully pushed Puck off her and pulled him to the nearest janitor's closet she knew.

Puck had a huge grin as he entered his first class. He wasn't late nor wasn't he early either. The teacher was a little kind to him, knowing he was a new student. After looking at his papers, the teacher told the young man to tell the class something about himself. "Sup, I'm Puck." Puck started as he faced the class. "I transferred here from Los Angeles." He ran his hand through his mohawk that made all the girls sigh except for one familiar blonde. "Alright, alright. You can sit down on that empty chair there, behind Ms. Fabray." Puck walked towards Quinn but passed through her and sat down on his seat. He poked Quinn's back with his pen and leaned closer so she could hear him whisper. "Sup, Fabray." Puck smirked and sat back on his chair. This is gonna be interesting. He thought as he chewed on his pen.

Oh fantastic, the annoying guy was in her class. She had a feeling that he was going to bug her. She watched as he cockily spoke to the class and she rolled her eyes.

"Shut up. I'm trying to pay attention." She whispered back not bothering to look behind her. Her eyes remained on the teacher as they started to talk about the book that they had to read. Raising her hand. "Well I think that the author was trying say that guilt definitely is a factor in the murders mind. He thinks he's seeing things because it's a projection of his own guilt."

Puck just laughed quietly when Quinn told her to shut up. Seriously, this girl was really interesting. He had encounters with girls just like her but when he kept pushing their buttons, they eventually gave up. He thinks that she's not like those girls. And it made Puck want to bother her more. He wants to know all of her buttons and push them all at the same time, curiously wanting to know what her reaction will be. Puck raised an eyebrow as he heard Quinn answer a question that the teacher asked, that he didn't even heard. Wow. She's hella smart. He poked Quinn's back again with his pen to ask a question. "What book are we talking about?" Puck whispered.

Quinn smiled once the teacher applauded her for her answer. She felt a poking at her back, she knew it was Puck and she didn't want to turn around. "Tell tale heart." She whispered as she turned her head over her shoulder. "Will you stop bothering me? I'm trying to pay attention to class." She hissed and she turned back around. Tapping her pencil against the desk, she listened to the teacher explain more about the book. She could see the other girls looking at the new boy, clearly they were all attracted to him, hopefully that would get him off her case.

Puck threw his hands up laughing a little when Quinn finally turned her head over her shoulder and hissed at him. He couldn't get over at how he was irritating this girl so easily. When he finally knew what book they were discussing, Puck raised his hand and the teacher called him. "The narrator, which was the killer, argued that he is not mad. Feeling guilt is only a natural feeling after doing such a crime. And the things he was hearing, it was the dude he killed haunting him." He said with confidence even though he didn't really know what he was talking about. He just wanted Quinn to know that he too can recite in class. Almost all the girls in class nodded in agreement to what Puck said. He noticed and poked Quinn again. "Did I do good?" Puck asked with a grin.

Quinn listened to Puck speak and she knew it was a bunch of bullshit that he copied from her. She sighed as all the other girls were all over Puck. Couldn't they see he was an idiot? She laughed as the bell rang and she stood up turning to him. "You're an idiot, you know that? I see the other girls going gaga over you but you are nothing special. So leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with you." She hissed at him looking at the other girls who looked shocked. "I know what type of guy you are and I'm not interested."

Puck licked his lips as he listened to Quinn. He definitely hasn't encountered a girl like her and he was really interested on what she's like in bed, all fired up like that. Hell, he could even let her be in control. Puck smirked at Quinn as the girls stayed and watched the cheerleader blow the new kid off on his first day. He stood up, gathered his books and walked closer to Quinn. Their faces were just an inch away. "And I know what type of girl you are. Ice queen, self-centered, assuming and a know it all. I'm not interested either." Puck playfully scoffed before starting to walk out of their room. "Oh, and by the way." He stopped in his tracks but didn't bother turning. "I'm into Santana. Not you." Puck was still smirking as he stepped out of the classroom and went to his next class. That would get her attention.

Quinn wanted to burst out laughing. Did he really think he could make her jealous? Please, she liked good, sweet guys. She already had her mind set on Sam Evans, the new Quarterback. Speaking of which she saw him coming towards her and she swiftly turned to open her locker. As he leaned up against the locker, Quinn smiled. "Samuel Evans, what can I do for you?" She teased as the blonde kissed her cheek. Turning her head to look at Puck she smirked right back. Two could play that game.

Puck laughed as he saw Quinn looking at him with a smirk and a blonde Bieber looking guy right by her locker. He couldn't stop laughing to himself, knowing what he did worked. Puck totally got Quinn's attention and now she's trying to make him jealous. Step one, completed. He smirked back to Quinn before opening his locker and getting his book for his next class, which was Math. Puck sighed as he checked his schedule for the second time and yes, it was definitely Math. His thoughts were cut when a pair of arms were wrapped around his waist. Puck turned his head and saw Santana. "Sup, babe?" He turned around and kissed the Latina on the lips. In the hallway. For everyone to see. Especially a certain blonde cheerleader.

Santana worked fast that was sure. But Quinn wasn't like Santana, she liked to actually get to know guys before she let them near her lips. It just proved to her what type of guy he was. "Are you coming to Celibacy club today?" She asked Sam as they made their way to Math. She grinned happily when he agreed. "Oh and Church this Sunday, I'll save you a seat." She giggled and entered the room. She sat in her normal seat, Sam next to her and Santana in front of her. Brittany sat behind her. Opening her book, she took the neatly written homework out of her binder to turn in.

Puck let Santana pull him in Math class. For him, Math was the most boring subject in the world. He knew a lot about Math, don't even ask. He wished he could just skip this class than sit there and hear lessons on Algebra over and over and over again. Puck sat on the seat right next to Santana. He was about to open his book when someone tapped on his shoulder. Puck turned to face the person and saw the Bieber looking blonde guy. He pursed his lips to stop himself from laughing. "Hey, I'm Sam. You're new here, right?" Puck nodded in a cool way, of course. "I'm Puck." He shook hands with the blonde boy and sneaked a peak at Quinn who was right beside him. "Oh, and this is Quinn." Sam introduced her happily. "So, you're a jock?" Puck changed the topic, not even bothering to look at Quinn anymore.

Boys will be boys so Quinn left them to talk about sports etc. But her head perked up when she heard her, Brittany, and Santana's names called on the intercom. Perfect, that only meant one thing, Coach wanted to see them. Standing up, she tucked everything back in her bag neatly before tightening her ponytail. Everything had to be perfect. "Sorry, Mr. Robertson." She apologized for the interruption. She turned her head to look at Sam but instructions her eyes fell on Puck.

Puck was a little bit surprised when he heard Quinn and Santana's names from the intercom. They must be really big shots here. He was impressed but he wasn't gonna let anyone know. "See yah later." Puck said to Santana after she kissed him on the cheek. His eyes then focused directly on the standing blonde cheerleader, who was actually looking at him as well. Puck got his books and stood. He got closer to Quinn but before she could say anything, he sat on her seat and continued talking to Sam about football. "Oh. See you later Quinn! I'll save you a seat at lunch." Sam said to Quinn while Puck flipped through the pages of his Math book. When Quinn was about to exit the door, Puck looked at her then at Sam who was still talking about football. "I'm actually the quarterback." Sam said proudly. "Really? I was the quarterback at my old school." Puck said proudly as well.

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