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Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of the characters. This is from an RP I was in. So there are 2 POVs bear with me, please.

Unknown Number: sup fabray ;)
Quinn: Who is this?
Unknown Number: guess whooo
Quinn: I swear if this Jewstalker I'm going to change my number again. Jacob leave me alone, I will not give you my panties.
Unknown Number: i might b a jew but i aint jacob.
Unknown Number: want me to punch the hell out of that kid?
Unknown Number: y does he even want ur panties?
Quinn: Who is this then?!
Unknown Number: ur new bestfriend
Unknown Number: puck :D
Quinn: Leave me alone.
Puck: wat? i just wanna be friends ;) wat's wrong with dat?
Quinn: I'm not interested.
Puck: y not? thot ur miss goodie tushus.. guess ur really the ice queen tsk
Quinn: Bye.
Puck: see my point? come on. im the new kid. and im cool. even your friends think i am
Quinn: So? Go hang out with them then. I've got a date to get ready for.
Puck: ooh. Q's got a date. hu's the poor guy?
Quinn: So? Go hang out with them then. I've got a date to get ready for.
Puck: ooh. Q's got a date. hu's the poor guy?
Quinn: Samuel.
Puck: sam? sam evans? poor guy. he's a gud guy. dnt break him hahaha
Quinn: Oh shut up.
Puck: hahaha u excited?
Quinn: Bye.
Puck: seriously? i bet ur thinking of ways how to b all sexy for sam. rn't u?
Puck: u dnt need to. u're already sexy, Q
Quinn: I don't strive to be sexy, I want to look beautiful and classy.
Puck: well u're beautiful and sexy. classy if u wanna impress rich white boys. but 4 me, u're the full package
Quinn: You are not getting in my pants.
Puck: did i texted that i want to get in your pants? dnt think so
Quinn: I know your hidden intentions.
Puck: really? well they arn't hidden anymore, are they?
Puck: yea, i wanna fuck you. y? cause u're freakin hot, sexy, beautiful…
Puck: …. and I cant stop thinking about u!
Quinn: You are disgusting.
Puck: can u blame a guy? look at u
Quinn: Just go away.
Puck: y? i dnt believe u're not into this. everybody is into me.
Quinn: You're unattractive.
Puck: really now? i guess u havnt seen me shirtless
Quinn: I never want to.
Puck: suuuuure
Quinn: You are so gross. It's making me nauseous.
Puck: mhmm. lets see if u're still saying that after you see me shirtless
Quinn: Fine, if that'll make you back off then come over. I'm in my backyard tanning.
Puck: cool. be there in 10 ;)

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