An assassin must deal with their targets swiftly, quickly and avoid any unnecessary combat. That is the first law which binds all assassins.

The next law upheld dutifully by all is to never sympathise with the target or their relations. Only by abiding, can one rightfully title themselves as assassins.

The third, which was not as strictly followed, was that debts had to be paid. As cheesy as it sounded, gratitude is attitude. What would be the consequence of breaking these laws? No one had lived to tell the tale.

A shadow moved swiftly away from the corpse lying in blood, undetected in the darkness of the night.

"Thorn Owl reporting. Target has been eliminated", she spoke to a device fitted snugly on the helix of her ear.

Her eyes glowed a soft amber in the darkness. The unnatural glow was a trait forced onto the survivors from back when the Alberi Famiglia conducted inhumane experiments. Kurayami emerged from the foliage of the trees with a soft rustle.

"Dutifully noted, Thorn Owl. Permission is granted to return to base. Another mission will be awaiting you once you arrive," a monotonous voice replied.

The monotonous voice was the distinctive trait of her trainer, Raniero. Raniero was held in high regard within the Alberi Famiglia. He polished every single assassin in the Famiglia to perfection after all. With a matter of fact the most respected would undeniably be the boss, the Alberi Ottavo, Attava.

Quickness in obliging orders was an important aspect for the Famiglia's assassins. The Alberi Famiglia was greatly known for producing the most talented assassins consistently in the mafia. If the quality were to drop from a member's tardiness, it would surely cause the image of the Famiglia to fall even further. With that in mind, Kurayami returned to base hastily.

Entering the room dimly lit by a single fluorescent light bulb, she had finally reached the mission room designated for the assassination squads.

"Salutations, oh great and wonderful leader," a playful voice, heavily laced with sarcasm called out to her from the corner of the room. Chortles of laughter followed after the comment.

Kurayami retorted with a click of her tongue. It was pathetic and childish of them to mock her, just because she was young and held the most potential among them. But what could she do but set a proper example and ignore their jabs? Challenging them to silence would only gather more hatred from her fellow assassins so the only way to fight back was with apathy.

Right after that thought, their Ottavo entered the room with Raniero following close behind. All assassins present saluted to the duo before taking their seats, leaving Dante and Kurayami standing. A wave indicating approval from the Ottavo allowed the meeting to proceed immediately.

"Reporting in for the female assassins. Assassins 'Iron Fist' and 'Bloody Ripper' have been confirmed to have died in the line of duty. Assassin 'Venom' was found attempting an escape from duties and has been dealt with. Other than the 57 members out on their missions, we have full strength"

"Reporting in for the male assassins. Assassins 'Crusher Mace', 'Whirlwind bullet' and 'Slasher' are confirmed to have died in the line of duty. Other than the 73 members out on their missions, we have full strength," Dante reported consecutively.

Once Dante had finished reporting, their Ottavo nodded, and both Dante and Kurayami took their seats. Raniero followed up by proudly rewarding those who had successfully completed their missions and assigning those who had failed additional training, not before he praised them for surviving of course. As soon as that was done, the assassins excluding Kurayami were dismissed.

Once alone, Kurayami stood up and faced towards where the Ottavo sat. The tension in the room rose as Raniero took a deep breath in. He only did so when he knew the assignment was almost impossible to complete.

"We have received a request to assassinate the latest Vongola candidate. However, we are tasking you to perform this, under the request of our client," the Ottavo spoke with a visible unease in her eyes.

"I do not understand, Ma'am. We never go along with requests that are unfeasible."

"Kurayami," Raniero started, "This task did not come with a handsome reward. It came with threats of our Famiglia's doom."

Kurayami allowed herself a small gasp in surprise for just a moment while Raniero continued, "The condition set by the client, despite specifically asking for you, is that you had to accept this task. It's fine if you turn it down, little one."

Raniero rarely called her 'little one'. Even so, it was blatantly obvious that he had a soft spot for her ever since he saved her from the scuffle between Yakuza and Alberi members. Kurayami detested her trainer's obvious signs of affection that even made the Ottavo pay special attention towards her. This made her seem like her current position was granted by connections and not by her talent, and allowed the other members to mock her. However, she knew the both of them only meant well. Despite that, Kurayami knew this was a chance to great to take. If the request was made by a powerful Famiglia, the already fragile Alberi Famiglia would easily be crushed even with the support of the assassins.

"I am willing to take this request. Please do not worry for me, I will not let the Famiglia name be brought to ruin."

Without waiting for a reply, Kurayami gave a curt bow and left the room. It was certainly an act of defiance to be so bold but she decided not to falter. She valued loyalty and the Alberi Famiglia that raised her the most. And so, to protect the Famiglia she had to. Once she gathered her thoughts, Kurayami requested the information squad to give her details on the remaining Vongola 10th candidate.

She dealt with the school admission and accommodation procedures easily, initiating the start of the mission.

As soon as she set foot onto Japan, Kurayami was warmly greeted by assassins from other families. It was not the first time she faced other assassins. Word about Alberi assassins seemed to always spread out quickly among the mafia once they were sent out. The initial wave of opponents were easily finished off. Almost too easily. Just as soon as that thought came to mind, a barrage of knives whizzed right past her as many more appeared from a distance.

It was a Trad 6 Famiglia assassin.

Sure they were a newly started Famiglia but they had proper, well trained assassins. And even more so when Kurayami severely lacked the skills to fully fight back against long ranged attacks. With each barrage of knives, more cuts swelled up on her skin and knives lodged onto her limbs as she desperately tried to get away. She could not allow herself to be done in by an assassin from a newly risen Famiglia. Surviving the attacks would be less shameful than dying.

As she ran, she turned to look at the proximity of the assassin. The knife was perfectly positioned between her 3rd and 4th ribs.

"This is it," she thought, "I leave defying them only to die in the most disgraceful way."

Regret was the only emotion she felt. Kurayami closed her eyes as the knife inched closer to pierce through her skin. It was unavoidable at this point.


A gun shot rang out crisply through the air. Two shots rang out following the first. Kurayami opened her eyes, amazed at the fact she could still breathe. Before the wave of relief had even washed over, Kurayami knew that this meant she owed her life to the person who saved her. She looked around for who her saviour might be but there was nobody in sight.

"Ciaossu!" The shrill voice called out to Kurayami from below.

She looked down to find a infant smiling at her with a pistol in hand. Was this child perhaps an infamous Acrobaleno? Then the images of Raniero's lectures on people to be wary of emerged. This child was indeed one of those mentioned in the lecture.

"Reborn?" she tried a name.

The tilt of his hat confirmed her guess. This did not mean well. Every self respecting mafia member knew that the Vongola had Reborn working with them. But what done was done. The smirk on Reborn's face meant that he knew of how Alberi assassins would always repay their debts.

"I take that you know of the Alberi rules?" she asked. If she was lucky the smirk Reborn gave didn't mean anything.

"Of course," he started, "are you here to assassinate Tsuna?"

Kurayami nodded. She could only curse at the turn of events that caused her to stray from her original mission.

"Then I would like to request that you take Tsuna under your wing and train him."

Her mission strayed even further from completion.

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