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Love Is A Battlefield

They sat around the fire, it had been a successful day. Danny had started a conversation about what he missed most. Toni said, "That's easy. A shower."

Danny shrugged, "I miss my bed."

Jed laughed, "I miss both."

Daryl sighed, "I would have preferred graduating before all this happened." Matt punched him in the arm laughing. Robert smirked, "Oh yeah? And what do you miss Matt, or should I say who?"

Matt raised a brow and smirked, "Depends, there were plenty if chicks I was interested in." He slapped fives with the guys, and Erica countered, "And none were interested in you."

Jed muffled a snort and a wave of 'oohs' started. Matt narrowed his eyes at her, while she crossed her arms with a smug expression. "I wouldn't be so sure. Every girl I've been with always enjoyed it. Always."

"Doubt it."

"Is that a challenge?" he smirked. She gaped and proceeded to punch him, only he caught her fist before impact. Toni laughed, "Okay, save your fighting for later."

Matt stood up and grabbed both of their dishes. He leaned in to Erica, "Let me get that for ya." He flashed her a wink and walked off to wash the dishes. Jed brushed himself off and collected the rest of the plates and joined his brother. The rest got ready for bed, Toni walked to her sister a grin on her face.


Erica blushed red, "Am not!"

Toni snorted, "Oh come on! You totally like him."

"No I don't. Why would I like a disrespectful, rude, insensitive jerk?" she fumed.

Toni laughed, "Why not?" and walked towards her sleeping area, Erica grabbed her arm, "What do you mean?"

Toni turned to her and gripped her shoulders, "Listen I can sense some tension goin' on."

Erica rolled her eyes, "That's called annoyance."

"I meant sexual tension."

Erica slapped her sister playfully, she couldn't conceal her grin, "Oh go to bed!"

Toni turned and waved her off, "Yeah yeah, go talk to him."

She stubbornly crossed her arms, "Why should I?"

Toni sighed, "Because you obviously want to and have some unfinished business."

Erica narrowed her eyes and walked back to wait. Meanwhile, Jed and Matt were laughing. "Now Mattie, you've been offered a challenge, you backing out?"

Matt shrugged, "Well she needs to clarify that challenge first."

Jed gave him a pat on the back, "Hah, well good luck with that. 'Night." he walked back to the camp, leaving Matt with the rest of the dishes.

He cleaned up and walked back to camp. He was suddenly grabbed and pulled behind a tree, Erica was inches from his face and she had a tight grip on the collar of his jacket.

"Geez! Calm down!" he hissed. She pulled him closer, "We need to talk."

"Talk?" he said skeptically, he smirked, "Sweetheart, at this distance it looks like you want to do more than talk."

She shoved him back against the tree and let go, he grabbed her by the wrists and switched their positions. "Now, what did you want?"

"Why were you flirting with me?" she hissed.

He gave her a puzzled look, "Flirting with-? For the love of-! Really?! I was the one flirting?! No no no, you were the one flirting." he shook his head.

"No I wasn't!" she countered.

"Yeah you were! You started the argument. Instigator!" he sneered.

"It wasn't an argument, it was a fact!"

"Oh hah hah, you're hilarious." he rolled his eyes.

She smiled up at him, "I know."

"So what are the terms of your challenge?"

"My challenge?" she asked.,

"Yeah, the challenge. You know, what do you want?"

She was silent, "…"

He ran a hand through his hair and returned it to her wrist, "Okay, what do you want a kiss, make-out, of more?" he waggled his eyebrows.

She gaped and wanted to slap him, but he still held her wrists. "Why would I sleep with you?"

He smirked, "Why not?"

She glared at him, and firmly said, "No. None of them. At all, ever."

He let go and backed away, his hands held up in defeat. "Alright. But you don't know what you're missing out on."

She looked him over and scowled, "Oh I have a pretty good idea."

He quickly leaned in menacingly, "But I guarantee, I'll get stuck in your head, and you'll think about me constantly. And you'll be stuck wishing you had." he winked and stuffed his hands in his pockets, and walked back to his sleeping area. He left Erica standing by the tree breathless and conflicted.

"With and ego as cocky as yours? God no!" she went to bed, but couldn't sleep. His voice and words rang through her ears, "…I'll get stuck In your head, and you'll think about me constantly. And you'll be stuck wishing you had." she shook her head. There was no way she'd think about him constantly, no way at all.

Matt snuggled into his sleeping bag content that he won the argument, now he could focus on everything else. Surprisingly, he didn't have the same issue that Erica had. He fell asleep, and didn't worry a bit. He figured it was water under the bridge by now. Boy was he wrong.

Erica wouldn't show it but for the next few weeks she'd think about him too much, she was almost tempted to go back on her word. That was, until the Colonel arrived. She decided to like him to distract herself from Matt, boy did that work. When they were playing football, she played twenty questions with him and was shocked when he told her, "Met her in a closet at a party, couldn't stand her at first but," he clicked his tongue, "once it took, I loved her so much it hurt." she watched Matt play, so he was attractive yeah so what?

His first impression wasn't the best to sweep a girl off her feet. "Why don't you make yourself useful?" the Colonel's words were like a little red flag. She was lying to herself when he died.

"I'll never love anybody. I'll never love anybody again!" She sobbed, trying to convince herself not to like Matt again. It would hurt her too much if she lost him too.

Then she lost Toni and Robert, well they all lost Toni and Robert. It was pretty obvious that Erica felt lost and distraught and it was taking a heavy guilt toll on Jed. He blamed himself for what happened. Thinking he could've prevented it with proper planning. They should've went back to camp instead of the rocks.

Now it was just the four of them; Erica, the Eckert brothers, and Danny. This was it.

Erica sobbed, she couldn't believe him! After everything, they wanted to leave them out and get themselves killed.

"Somebody's gotta live! Somebody's gotta make it!"

She hugged him tight, her body wracked with sobs, "No Mattie! I'm not leaving without you!"

Matt held her at arms length, "Erica, come on! You're a beautiful girl, this is your chance to go and live that dream that all girls wish for. You know? The one with the pretty house and the cute kids and…and a husband!"

She cried and gripped him fiercely, "Danny, can you give us a minute?"

Danny looked back and forth at the two, before awkwardly shuffling up, "Y-yeah. I'll go find Jed."

Erica glared at Matt, "I'm not leaving without you."

He sighed, "Come on. We're giving you a chance for that dream-!"

"I don't want it!" she yelled.

"What? Why not?"

"Because," she lowered her voice, "because, that husband I've pictured is…is you! It's you Mattie! Happy?!" she cried even harder.

"You…you like me?" he asked quietly, she nodded, "But, you never showed it! I mean anytime I said one word you wanted to sock me in the face!"

She wiped her tears, and smiled a little, as Matt continued ranting, "I mean I thought you were beautiful when I first met you, but the whole dish thing, and you hated me and I knew you'd never be interested in me! A-and the Colonel! You started liking him, and I was like, "What does the old guy have that I don't have?" I was seriously getting jealous with an old guy!"

Erica interrupted, "I know. It's because I kept thinking about you and that one night, and I wanted a distraction. I'm sorry Matt."

He held her close, "You shouldn't apologize, I should, I've been a jerk to you."

Erica snuggled closer, and laughed, "Yeah, well I haven't been the nicest to you either. But Matt.."


She looked up at him, "We're not leaving without you."

He sighed, "Erica…"

"Matt…" she mimicked.

"Well, it's Jed's call. I'm his brother, I have to follow him."

"Not without me." She pulled him up and out to Jed.


He turned, "Yeah?"

"You aren't leaving without us!"

"We're creating a diversion. So you can escape. We need someone to live!" he yelled.

"With more of us to help, more of us will survive!" she countered.

Jed softened his tone, "Erica, I've already failed your sister, if I fail you…I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

Erica prodded him in the chest, "Oh yeah? And what if you fail him?!" she pointed at Matt, her eyes brimmed with fresh tears. "Huh? What if you fail him, because he gets shot, all because you didn't have the extra pair of hands?!"

"Extra pair of guns really.." Danny corrected.

Matt turned her around, and rested his hands on her shoulders, "Chances are, that I am going to get shot and die. But the point of this is so you can get out of here without being shot at."

She shrugged his hands off, "I don't care! We're coming with! Don't fail me like you failed Toni!"

Jed sighed, "Fine. Grab your guns."

Erica grinned, "I have a plan."

Jed sat down, "Alright lets hear it."

"We get someone on high ground. Have them shoot down the soldiers on patrol, while the others sabotage their vehicles. Then we meet over to their cargo and blow it up with our remaining rockets."

Jed thought about it and looked back and forth between the others, "Sounds like a solid plan."

Erica immediately said, "I'm staying with Matt."

"Well okay. Matt, since you're the best shot, you are going to take the hunting rifle and snipe down the patrolmen. Erica, you'll spot for him. Danny, you'll be with me and help me sabotage the vehicles, and watch my back."

They all nodded in agreement.

They had taken out just about all of the patrolmen, and Jed was working on the last vehicle, a truck.

Matt let out a breath, "So you ready to call it quits?"

Erica nodded, with a small grin. He smiled back, and aimed down the sights, keeping an eye on the corner near Jed and Danny. When a soldier started to turn the corner, he pulled the trigger. It was a clean shot and he was down.

Matt sat up from his position, and rested the gun to his side, he held a hand out for Erica, "Okay that's the last of them."

Suddenly Matt was hit in the shoulder, the blood splattered as the bullet came and went through his body. Erica shrieked at him. Jed looked up to see his brother collapse on Erica who was sobbing uncontrollably. Danny nudged him to the Russian commander, holding his gun, the steam still emanating from the barrel.

He had a smug look on his face, but he was unaware of Jed and Danny's presence. Jed pulled his grandfather's already cocked pistol out, he hid behind the truck and fired directly at the Russian's head. He didn't even see what was coming.

Jed tucked the pistol away and kicked the Russian's body, before signaling to Danny to go check on Matt and Erica. They rushed to their position.

Erica was holding Matt's body, she was sobbing and he had a lopsided grin.

"I-I'm fine…really!" he slurred.

Erica cried, "No you aren't! You're shot!"

Matt attempted to stand, but nearly collapsed, he gripped his wound with a groan. Danny grabbed the rockets, and Jed wrapped Matt's arm over his shoulder, hoisting him up with support. Erica grabbed Matt's rifle, and they headed over to the cargo.

Jed turned to Danny, "You a good shot kid?"

Danny shrugged, "I'll do it. It doesn't have to be perfect."

Jed nodded and Erica tried opening the nearby cars, she found the mayor's car and hopped right in, unlocking the doors. She ushered Jed over with Matt. He slowly rested his brother in the backseat. Erica joined Matt in the backseat, as a loud explosion occurred nearby. Danny ran to the car, with a grin, "I did it!"

Jed smiled, and turned the ignition. Erica watched Matt worriedly, "Jed, we need to check how bad it is."

Jed nodded, "I'll try to get him to your granddad's." He turned to look at Matt, and his brows furrowed in concentration, as he sped over to the Mason's. Danny watched as Erica gingerly opened each of Matt's layers.

He let out a chuckle, "You…just wanted to see me shirtless…heh…"

She let out a laugh and smiled at him, "Sure Matt." Once she opened his varsity jacket she could see the large blood stain, it spread from his shoulder to his upper rib area. She stifled a gasp.

Jed quickly turned onto the Mason's property, and jerkily stopped the car. He hopped out and supported his brother inside. Erica and Danny grabbed the guns, and hurried inside.

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