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Love Is A Battlefield

The four remaining Wolverines left the house, Jed and Danny, more so Jed, were determined to prove to Matt and Erica that this town was whack. They followed Jed to a sandwich shop about two blocks from the station, and three blocks from the house. He shoved his hands in his pockets, and subtly nodded towards the people.

They all shuffled along somewhat miserably, but when they saw the four of them, their moods were significantly more cheerful. When they walked into various shops it was the same reaction.

They sat down in the park, Erica and Danny occupied the bench while the Eckert brothers stood and watched the people across the street.

Jed whispered, "Do you guys see what I mean?"

Matt nodded, "Yeah, they're acting pretty weird."

Erica watched a thirty-something woman scurry across the street, not making eye contact with anyone. Erica nudged Jed, "That lady is acting strange."

The boys watched the woman move along, Matt narrowed his eyes, "Jed, remember when we went back into town?" Jed nodded, "Yeah..?"

Matt nodded towards the woman, "She's acting like everyone we tried to talk to.."

Jed turned to the three of them, "Oh God, this really is worse."

Danny asked, "Why is it worse?"

"Colonel said that people have heard of us, possibly to California, and behind enemy lines!" he whispered with urgency, "This place might already be occupied!"

They all leaned away in shock, "What?!" Matt was the first to recover.

They sat in silence as they thought about it, Jed let it sink in. It was much easier to point out a Cuban or Nicaraguan mole, just because of the uniqueness of their ethnicity. But the Russians, would be slightly more difficult to spot, mainly because the majority of the inhabitants in this area were the same color of skin. None of them wanted to sound racist thinking about this, but the facts were simple, there was Russian camping out in this town. It would be easier to find them if they spoke and had a heavy accent, but no one ever seemed to talk, just plaster on a smile.

They all started to head back to the house at dusk, Matt pointed to the soda shop, "Erica, how about you meet me there at like seven?"

She nodded with a small smile, and when they arrived back to the house they were greeted with the strong scent of a home cooked meal. They savored it.

"Oh god, that smells good!" Matt moaned.

They practically ran to the kitchen, Mrs. Mason was standing at the stove stirring a large pot. The boys tried to look over her shoulder, and she shooed them.

"Boys," she muttered, "This is dinner, homemade recipe of ours, chicken noodle soup. Now wash your grubby hands!"

They hung their heads and shuffled away, and Erica laughed, "That goes for you too missy."

Erica continued to laugh and walked away. Within twenty minutes the Wolverines had downed two bowls of soup and were working on the third. Matt was practically racing Jed and Danny. He slurped the rest of his third helping, and quickly refilled with the fourth.

Jed stopped, he didn't want to compete now that his stomach was filling up, "Pig." he muttered.

Matt smiled as he shoved his spoon in his mouth, "You are what you eat!"

Danny looked up, "Chicken?"

Matt scowled, "No. Do we have any wolverine meat?"

"No but we do have deer, dear." Erica smirked.

Matt sat back, "Oh hah hah. You're so punny."

"I try."

Matt checked the clock, it was five past seven. He finished up his bowl and cleaned it. "Hey, Erica it's time to go."

She washed her bowl, "I'm going to change first."

He nodded. Erica ran upstairs, and her grandmother followed. Five minutes later, she called, "Matt, I'm going to be a bit, you go on ahead."

He called back, "Alright, I'll get us a seat."

He grabbed his varsity jacket, and walked out the door.

Matt sat at the bar sipping his root beer. He felt stood up. He checked the door for what felt like the hundredth time tonight. He turned just as Erica walked in, she beamed at him before bouncing her way over.

"Hi!" she removed her jacket, resting it on the back of her seat.

He smiled into his drink, "Hey.."

She gave him a hug, "Sorry I'm late. Grandpa kept disapproving my outfit."

Matt looked her over, she was wearing a nice navy colored dress, that didn't cling but flattered her. "Well, you look way better than I do." he couldn't help but wonder where she got the dress from.

She laughed and sat down, "Thanks, I guess."

Matt nodded to the bartender, "Refill and a root beer for the lady."

Erica spun a bit in her chair, taking in the sights, "Is this where you've been running off to?"

He guzzled his root beer, "Running off to? We've only been here for two days! Hardly enough time to run off."

She sipped her root beer, and Matt got up. "Matt?"

He walked over to the jukebox, putting some change in, he flipped through the options. He selected the one he wanted and walked back to his date, he raised his eyebrows suggestively, Erica laughed in recognition of the song.

"Oh my god!"

He smirked, "Come on!" he grabbed both of her hands and pulled her to the dance floor. Pat Benatar's 'ohs' resonated through the soda shop.


He pulled her close, whispering, "I still don't like this place."

"Matt, aren't you enjoying this right now?" she asked, upset.

'Love is a battlefield.'

"Well yeah, why wouldn't I?" she rested her head on his unwounded shoulder, "Matt, I know you want to go back there and finish them off, I kind of do too," she sighed, "I just want you completely healed before we go back."

'And I'm chained by your side…We are young. Heartache to heartache we stand. No promises or demands. Love is a battlefield.'

"Yeah.." he sighed, "I know. It's just, Jed is going back soon."

She looked up wide-eyed, "Already?!"

Matt nodded, "Yeah. I should be there." she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, "Matt..what about Danny?"

Matt shrugged, with a wince, "I think he's weighing his options."

Erica sighed. "Maybe we should do some recruiting."

He nodded, "Yeah, do you think your grandpa still has contact with those people?"

Erica looked up, "What people?"

"Remember, at Christmas? Your grandpa talked about some parents wanting their kids with Jed?"

"Oh yeah! I don't know, like I don't know if my grandpa will have the same connections. Since he's with us now…in Free America."

Matt let out a breath, "Yeah…it's kind of ironic isn't it?"

She raised a brow, "Whoa, bringing out the English terms."

Matt rolled his eyes and smiled, "Hey, I might be stupid but not that much.."

'..If your heart surrenders, you'll need me to hold. We are young! Heartache to heartache! We stand! No promises! No demands! Love is a battlefield.'

"What's ironic?" she asked with a smile.

"This," he gestured to them, "we're dancing to this song in a soda shop as if World War Three isn't happening. I don't know.."

'We are strong! No one can tell us we're wrong! SEARCHING OUT HEARTS FOR SO LO-ONG! Both of us knowing…Love is a battlefield.'

Erica looked into his downcast eyes, he was in a far off place, "Yeah..it is."

He nodded almost robotically, still zoned out, "Yeah, you know what else is ironic?"

She eyes him warily, concerned in his change of mood, "..what?"

"Us." it was as if he wasn't even there.

'We are young! Heartache to heartache! We stand! No promises, no demands! Love is a battlefield.'

She furrowed her brows, turning his face to make direct eye contact with her, "Don't zone out on me Eckert."

He blinked, "I wasn't, I was just thinking.."


The song faded out, her eyes glistened, "Oh really? And what about us is so ironic?"

He ran a hand through his hair as someone else played a song on the jukebox, The Police started drifting through the shop, 'Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take I'll be watching you..'

"It's just like when we first met I guess, you thought I was a dick that just wanted to use you. And now, all of a sudden, all you do is care about me…" he shrugged, "I don't know."

'Ohhh can't you seeee? You belong to me..'

He avoided making eye contact with her, afraid of her reaction, she held his face turning it towards her, he kept his eyes in any direction.

"Matt.." she said softly, uncontrollably, his eyes snapped towards her voice. She sounded so weak, "Yeah?"

Her eyes were tearing up, oh god how he hated that. Every time she cried, he felt the need to hold her for hours until she stopped.

'..Every smile you fake, every claim you stake I'll be watching you.'

"I always cared.." she buried her face into his neck, hiding from his reaction. He held her there, rubbing the small of her back affectionately.

'Oh can't you see? You belong to me..'

She spoke up, "Matt.."

'Every move you make, every vow you break, every smile you fake, every claim you stake I'll be watching you.'

"I can see why you think we're ironic together..but you grew on me. From the first day, and even the dish thing. I really crushed on you that one night though,"

'every breath you take every move you make every bond you break I'LL BE WATCHING YOU every single thing..'

"What night?" he asked.

"The night you pinned me against the tree," she started to laugh at how awkward that sounded. He smirked, "You did?"

"Well yeah," she said with an eye roll, "You can't exactly pin a girl against a tree, offer some sexual release and not expect her to think about you."

He whispered in her ear mockingly, "Oh that's nice, you were only interested in me for the sex, thanks."

She slapped him on the chest playfully, "Whatever helps you sleep at night."

He snorted, "Yeah, 'sleep'.."

Their conversation started to lighten up along with the music, it was now mid-song in Talking Heads' Burning Down the House. The next song was Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes. Matt really got into it with dancing. He held Erica's left hand and put her right hand on his undamaged shoulder. Wrapping his free hand around her waist as he lip synced along with the music. He rocked them back and forth and even dared to spin her with his bad shoulder. He covered his wince with laughing, and Erica beamed. When Talking In Your Sleep by The Romantics came on her actually started to sing along with the song.

Erica laughed, enjoying his voice, "It's like they're playing your record collection!"

He grinned, "And I'm okay with that!"

'You tell me that you want me!'

"You tell me that you need me!"

'You tell me that you love me!'

"..And I know that I'm right, 'cause I hear it in the ni-i-ight!" he inserted the lyrics, and Erica joined in eventually, "I hear..the secrets that you keep…when you're talking in your sleep..I hear..the secrets that you keep…when you're talking in your sleep!"

"You actually have a nice singing voice.." Matt admitted to her.

She blushed a bit, "Hah, well, thanks."

'When you close your eyes and ya..fall asleep-leep-leep…Everything about you is a mystery!'

Matt started, "You tell me that you want me!"

Erica alternated with him, "You tell me that you need me!"

He smiled, "You tell me that you love me!"

She smiled back, "And I know that I'm right!"

They sang in unison, "'Cause I hear it in the ni-i-ight! I hear the secrets that you keep! When you're talking in your sleep. I hear..the secrets that you keep! When you're talking in your sleep. I hear..the secrets that you keep! When you're talking in your sleep."

As the song faded they walked back to their abandoned drinks. As they drank another hit came on, 'I wear my sunglasses at night…'

Erica smirked, "Corey Hart."

Matt started singing again, more for the amusement of her tinkling laugh, "Well, she's deceivin' me, it cuts my se-cur-ity."

She didn't disappoint, she started to laugh, and he continued, "I turn to her and say! '..Don't switch the blade on this guy in shades! Oh-no!' …Don't masquerade with this guy in shades oh-no!" he pointed his thumbs towards himself, "I can't believe it 'cause you got it made with this guy in-"

She cut him off with her finger, "I think that's enough Corey for one night." This time she got up and picked a song from the jukebox, she walked back with a smirk. He gave her one look and gulped down the rest of his root beer.

She pulled him to the dance floor, and rested her head on his good shoulder, closing her eyes with a contented sigh, as her hands rested on his chest. While his hands wove their way around her waist, he bobbed his head to the beat.

He whispered in her ear, "Eddie Money..good choice."

She smiled at his voice, "Like I needed to be told."

"So is this song supposed to indicate something?" he asked, and she looked up at him with a smirk, "Like all of your preferences were?"

He pouted, "Hey, I picked one song, one. The rest were random."

She cocked her head, "Well the answer is yes. This is supposed to indicate something."

'Lets find the key, and turn this engine on!'

"Would it bother you if I said this was also part of my record collection?"

'I can feel you breathe, I can feel your heart beat faster!'

"Not really," she laughed.

'TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT! I don't wanna let you go until you see the light. TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT! Listen honey,' they looked at each other in anticipation, Erica broke their silence, "Be my little ba-bay! Oh oh ho!"

Matt laughed and sang along too, "I hate to sleep alone!"

Erica nuzzled him, with a sultry voice she whispered, "I can help you with that.."

He didn't miss a beat, "Oh girl, I need you!"

She nuzzled against his neck again, and he continued, "I can feel you breathe…I can feel your heart beat faster…"


She expected him to continue singing but was surprised when he didn't, she opened her eyes when the music stopped. The shop was pitch dark, and she tightened her grip on Matt, "What's going on?" she asked, everyone else in the shop was murmuring.

Matt led her back to the counter, "Stay here." he ordered. Before she could protest, he bolted out the door. She could see his outline from the moonlight.

He looked down both streets, no lights in any of the buildings. He ran back inside, everyone asked him questions, he just shrugged. He sat next to Erica, "What happened?"

He shrugged to her as well, "I don't know, a power outage, no other buildings on this block have power as far as I could see." he paused, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Erica grabbed his hand giving it a squeeze, before putting on her jacket, "Should we get back to the house?"

Matt fished out money, courtesy of Mason, to pay for their drinks and nodded.

They walked out of the shop, Matt held her close his arm wrapped around her waist. She entangled her fingers in his, looking around cautiously. The couple was illuminated by the moonlight, they heard voices and their grips tightened.

She placed her free hand on his other arm. He ushered them into the shadows, they watched as a Russian informant walked past. They looked around to see if there were more, to their surprise he was the only one.

They stood and followed, Matt told her to stand back, as he tackled the informant. He punched the Russian, he was knocked unconscious as a result.

He looked up at Erica with a grin, "Benefits of being a football player." he pulled off the informant's scarf and tied it around the Russian's eyes. Matt stood and dragged the unconscious man through the streets to the house, Erica followed with an alert look out.

"Jed will probably know what do to with him."

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