Hi, my name is Meanie Pixies and I am a great Belorussian candy corn something hairless to Luminescence Pixies, who is the leader of our land. I very much dislike Luminescence because she is so dumb and cute and innocent and our planet needs to expand its Horowitz to the galaxy so Luminescence is dumb, period.

So anyhow I was being in Lumina Squires's castle waiting for her to come from the other part of this dumb planet when someone messaged me. It was... ARANNA SORKET! (Except I didn't know who Aranna Sorket was because this was our first conversation)

- artifiocularGambler [AG] began trolling coloredCondescessence [CC] -

AG: Is there anyeight I can talk to?
CC: no get out
AG: Now now, mysterious girl, I can see you're there.
CC: do not call me mysterious girl
CC: have you not seen me on news
CC: you know
CC: the hairless
AG: Not ringing any 8ells.
CC: you know
AG: Meanie Pixies!
AG: What a gr8 pleasure to talk to you.
CC: no thanks
AG: It's okay.
AG: I was just asking for a favor.
AG: Do you Flarp?
CC: whats flarping
AG: I got it, you don't.
CC: very well
CC: thank you and go glub yourself

- coloredCondescessence [CC] ceased trolling artifiocularGambler [AG] -

- coloredCondescessence [CC] began trolling artifiocularGambler [AG] -

AG: What will it 8e, Meanie?
CC: theres a cool frog temple and i thought i would
CC: check it out
CC: and i dont have any friends and it is lonely and scary there so
CC: would you be willing to go with me
AG: That's an interesting proposal.
CC: so is it yes
AG: Yes, it is a yes.
CC: meet me at luminaconde...
CC: lets just call her lumina
CC: meet me at luminas castle tomorrow
AG: Thank you.
CC: and maybe you can teach me your flarping
AG: Sure deal.
CC: and well become like B-EST-EST FRONDS 8EVER
AG: You're going too far, 8ut okay.
CC: bye

- coloredCondescessence [CC] ceased trolling artifiocularGambler [AG] -

I then o-mouthed to make up for being letter-mouth-less for the entirety of the conversation. I'm finally going to go to the frog temple! It's the closest Belarus has to aliens and so and so.

But then someone came to my room. It was... LUMINESCENCE PIXIES! I immediately set a mean face and listened to her. "Hey Meanie get off I'm on TV! Again! You'll be so cheerful when you see me! I'll even rename you Cheerful Pixies just because of that!" "No" I said to dumb Alexander Lukashenko so she immediately left and I resumed the o-mouthing.

I then started packing all my stuff like my golden trident and golden clothes and golden everything. Tomorrow would be a big day, I said thinking to myself but then looked at my mirror and had a brief vision of an alien. She looked very white and with a cyan beast on her shirt and basically like my ultimate nemesis (AN: really it's basically like Janet Roberts except Meanie Pixies and Janet Roberts still do not share a body yet and Meanie Pixies still doesn't even know yet about Janet Roberts yet still already really yet) so I shook the vision out and continued packing and felt like I was in there with one leg.

But then... SAID LEG SUDDENLY TURNED WHITE! There also were some changes such as white clothes on the white leg that looked like someone cut a skirt in half. I immediately looked for black paint to wash it off, but everything was golden at my house so I just covered it with some gold. But then... THE GOLD BECAME SO BRIGHT IT WAS WHITE!

I realized it wasn't going to do any good so I took the white away and it became gold again, like that leg worked like a Philosopher's Stone, which I would surely sell for a steep price. I would just cut off my leg with a trident, I thought but then I realized tridents aren't actually good at cutting legs off so I didn't cut my leg with a trident because unlike California I don't have a robot leg to replace it and it will somehow cause me to lose my tooth and require a golden one which I don't have either.

But the whiteness over that area still won't do. I decided that the best action to take at this point is to take some of spare Luminacondy's clothes and wrap them around my leg so much so the clothes wouldn't turn white and just pretend to her and Aranna that I broke my leg.

But one thing was unmistaken: some plots were going on. And it sure was because of that frog temple I hadn't yet even yet visited yet still already yet really still basically yet.

Seriously Written Note: It's me with a Post-SCrash Session sequel- wait, I mean "seekwill"! And that "seekwill" is about the Belorussians! Yay! Bow against me!'re still thinking Gothic Emo Girl and First Contact Alien is my magnum opus, aren't you?