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Summary: It all started with a bet to ask the nerd guy – who eventually turned out to be someone I never thought would be.

Prince in Disguise

Written by LunarChan

Chapter 1

The odd one out.

"Dammit, you guys." I scowled and tried my very best to look as fierce and angry as I could. "This isn't fair."

"I'm sure the phrase 'life is unfair' is familiar to you, dummy." Hotaru shot back while taking a spoonful of crab meat in her mouth. Her purple eyes looked interested enough in what I was about to do. Ugh. It just made me feel worse.

"Do it, Mikan." Permy urged, making my stomach churn. Her face was almost split in half with her Cheshire cat-like grin.

"Fine," I stood up and headed for the table on the farthest corner on the cafeteria.

We had a bet. It was Hotaru who came up with this bet because I asked her to give us some motivation to study and ace the next Chemistry exam. She only said that the one who scored the lowest – which happened to be me – will take one dare from the highest scorer – which happened to be her.

I studied like I was possessed. I actually believed in myself, that I could do it. I'm not really that bad. I sometimes score higher than Sumire or Anna or Nonoko. (You get it, I couldn't get past Hotaru's score.) But... Maybe I was just unlucky. It was just an ordinary test by Misaki-sensei. A multiple choice kind of test. When I don't know the answer, I always get the nearest possible correct answer. And when I got really stuck, I go with letter C which is 64%approximately correct, according to google.

Maybe I was just really unlucky.

I trudged slowly to the person I was about to talk to. It seemed as though I was walking towards my death... Slow, utterly boring and painfully twisted. Like a death march.

I glanced behind me to see the amused faces of my friends following my every move. Ugh. This is sickening.

Their dare was for me to ask the new boy out on a date. With them on my tail, of course. They intend to hide and see if I could charm the guy. I don't even know what the heck came over them to think of such a dare. This might be Permy's idea.

He just transferred here this semester and he had no friends. I even heard some news that he was being bullied. He's mostly on my classes and I could see some of our classmates tried to pick on him. Other than that, he kept to himself all the time.

My footing landed across him on his table. He looked up from the book he was reading, and his eyes bore into mine.

I bit my lip. Do it, Mikan.

"What?" He asked, a little rude, if you ask me. I mean, I hadn't talked to him before and this is how he'd greet me? I hadn't done anything to make him get annoyed at me. Well, maybe staring at him pissed him off.

His hair was stuck in its usual bowl-cut style. Not a hair stuck out of place. You could put an empty bowl of ramen on his head and see the measurement of his bangs. They were perfectly aligned. His square, black-framed glasses were gently sliding down his nose. His left brow rose at me and his coal, black eyes staring irritably at me.

"Hi." I began and grabbed the chair in front of me to sit.

"Who told you that you could sit there?" He drawled, making me frown at him.

Now I know why he still got no friends.

I decided to just be nice. "I'm Mikan Sakura. You're... Natsume Hyuuga, right?"

He just stayed silent, closing his book and putting it aside. "Yeah, so what?" His eyes annoyed me, it was intimidating.

"I… Uh…" I sucked in a deep breath. "Let's get this straight, shall we?"

He blinked and looked dumbfounded at me.

I continued. "My friends and I had a bet. Whoever got the lowest score on our Chemistry quiz will take a dare. And well, I don't really know what came over their minds to… Uhhh... They want me to... Uhh... Go on a date —"

"With me?" He cut off, making me blush furiously before nodding my head.

I don't even know why the hell I am blushing with this rude guy in front of me. His low laugh made me glare at him. Had I missed a big joke?

He grabbed his things and stood up, looking at me – that intimidated me again – before his mouth opened and he spoke that one word that changed my thoughts about him being rude.


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