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Prince in Disguise

Written by Shuffle Princess

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Chapter 17


"Dad left you?" I felt a pang of sadness from within me.

She nodded and continued. "I had to leave the University even if I paid half of my school fees. My Aunt was so mad at me. She cut her ties from us then – now, she's fine and I heard they moved to live in Singapore. My dad just stayed calm when I told him. He just asked me if I wanted to keep the baby or not. Of course I said yes."

"You could've said no, Mom." My mouth slipped. She gaped at me, so I talked on. "If you've aborted me, then you could be a doctor now and Dad will never even think of leaving you."

"Mikan, I'm beyond surprised – or shocked is more like it – at you!" Her tone was that of a mother scolding her daughter. "How could you ever think I am in a position to kill or murder an innocent baby for something I've done?"

I bit my lip, clinging to the blanket tightly. "Just a thought."

"No, honey. No. Not ever. Even if I was given a chance to go back, I wouldn't regret the choices I'd made." Her smile was full of happiness. "I would still want you. I'm happy right now because the most important persons in my life are always with me. If I gave you up, I might've regretted that forever. Anyway," She changed the subject. "He disappeared. I didn't hear any news of him leaving the University as well. I tried calling him, his phone number, his landline... No one was answering my voicemail. Then one time, someone answered. But nobody spoke. Still, I knew it was him. So I talked on. I said, 'Izumi, I know it's you. I'm... I know this is sudden, but... I'm pregnant. Even if you don't want the baby, I'll keep it. I will love my baby like I love you. See you, maybe?' Then, it got disconnected."

She held her breath and exhaled great amounts of air. "I didn't see him for months. I was helping daddy work on the wet market. It was horrible. Our money is barely enough for our needs, I was really worried if you were healthy on my tummy." She paused, like she was remembering the misery. "I often got sent to hospitals for check-ups on you. I insisted to daddy that I'm okay. But he knew how worried I was." She faced me, her eyes brightened a little. "Then one day, Izumi showed up in front of me at the wet market. You were 7 months then. My belly was huge and he was staring at it. I was shocked to see him. 'Izumi?! What... Why are you... here?' I didn't know if my voice was full of malice, but he cringed. Then, he frowned. Tears were welling in his eyes I couldn't even believe it. Never did I see him cry in front of anybody. So I excused myself from my Dad. Daddy told me it's okay for me to go home, so I did. He was quiet on the journey. He wasn't saying anything. He was just staring at the ground. But when we were in front of my house, he looked at me with that pained look in his eyes, I was so close to breaking down. He spoke then, 'I'm sorry, Yuka... I... I didn't know. They... My parents didn't tell me. They sent me to California to study so suddenly – forced me to change email address and cellphone number and when they...' I silenced him after that. Tears fell on my eyes, by then. I wanted to get mad at him, I wanted to blame somebody... someone! But I couldn't. It wasn't his fault. It was never his fault. Even though I told myself that I don't hate him when he didn't show up for months, I know deep in my heart that I resented him a bit. I mean, he never spoke a word to me. He just vanished. That's... too cruel." She croaked. "Then he told me that he heard his parents were talking about not letting him have a vacation in Japan because of the odds of seeing me. That was then that he got suspicious. He confronted them. It was so brave of him to do it. And he flew back home with his savings. He ditched them. And his parents were so mad that they told him they wouldn't help him raise a family. He happily accepted the challenge. I was crying pails of tears when he informed me what he did." She laughed mildly. "So he also had to work in the wet market with us. We weren't rich, but we were happy."

Mom smiled a full-toothed smile at me. It was charming. "And when you were born, we decided to name you Mikan."

"My surname..." I blurted out, feeling a little blue. That was the main reason why I was being teased by my classmates back then in primary. Because my surname wasn't my Dad's.

"Dear, sorry." Mom kissed my forehead. "It was me who told Izumi to let you have my surname. Since his parents cut him off of everything, I was afraid that when they found out about you claiming his surname, they would think that I want you to inherit some of their properties or that I want Izumi for his money. And no, I don't." She assured me. I felt a bit calmer. "Sorry, honey."

"Are you still planning on getting married, Mom?" I suddenly asked and giggled when she flushed.

"I don't know, honey." She shook her head. "It wasn't on our plans. And besides, since his parents already accepted everything and gave him a position in their company... And also gave me a good position for someone who didn't finish a degree. We're quite contented." She sighed a sigh of relief. "We... uhh... didn't talk about... marriage."

I nodded. "Well, that was a long and interesting bedtime story." I grinned at Mom.

"Right." Mom chuckled and patted my head. "Go to sleep now, honey. Have sweet dreams."

"You, too, Mom." I stretched my stiff arms before burying it inside the duvet. "Mom?"


"I've already made up my mind."

Her brow was arched when she turned to meet my gaze.

"I wouldn't go back to see him. Ever again."

With a smile, she kissed my forehead. "Night night, honey." She reached for the lamp switch on the bedside table and the room turned dark.

I knew then, she was happy with my decision.

My heart felt a lot lighter when Mom told me everything. It was as if a barrier was lifted. I don't know why I never had the courage to ask her about what really happened between them before. Maybe because I was afraid to know that she didn't want me. But now that it was all cleared up... I couldn't help but smile in the darkness.

I was so elated I succumbed myself to sleep.


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