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Prince in Disguise

Written by Shuffle Princess

Chapter 19


It was torturous night for me. I'd already served seven customers. I'm so freaking exhausted. But I need the money. I let my mind keep on thinking about how much Aoi will be happy if she could join their school trip.

My eyes lazily glanced up at the clock.

Twenty minutes left. I groaned, thinking this would be the longest twenty minutes of my life. How ironic that when you're waiting for something, the time will drag longer than it was supposed to.

"Neko, one customer looking for you." Tono knocked on the staff lockers. "Table number 21."

"Yeah, be out in a sec."

It was crazy how teenage girls go to a host club on school days. Do they even study? Girls are so shallow-minded and attention seeker's, aren't they? That's why they like it when boys compliment them with their dress or with anything that has something to do with them.

I made my way to the front, straightening my polo shirt with my hand as I went through. I was surprised to see her sitting there. Before I knew it, I had stopped walking and I was staring.

Her head bobbed up and looked at me. I wasn't sure if I just saw her blushing, or were the lights too dim?

Her brown wavy hair was falling off on her shoulders. She never wore her hair down at school. It's always in a ponytail or in a bun. Sometimes, even in pigtails! (Can I mentally roll my eyes here? I mean, we're Juniors in High School already!)

The girl I'm tutoring: Mikan Sakura.

I walked up in front of the table, grabbed a chair and sat down.

I thought she wouldn't want to see me again...?

Girl's brain. So fucking mysterious.

"Um, hi." She greeted. She's always shy around Neko, but always sarcastic around Natsume. The heck.

"Hi." I gave her my most polite smile, the way I would greet any other customer since the bastard Tono was looking. "Would you like to get anything?"

"Oh no," She waved her hand dismissively. "I just came here to talk."

"Sorry, but no."

"Huh?" She was confused.

"You're not going to ask me to go with you to those love hotels, aren't you?"

"What?" Her face turned red. "Of course not!" She gave me a sullen glance with a scowl.

"I'm just kidding." I couldn't help but chuckle, partly amused and partly because Tono is still doing his supervise.

"Hmm." She eyed me. "You're all chuckly tonight, huh. I bet you don't want your manager to scold you later." She gave a brief gaze over Tono who was standing at the front of the door, looking at the tables with customers. Mostly, on the top hosts which include me, the Shadow freak, and a dude who wants to be in a band named Reo (but is nicknamed Tomato. Why? His hair is red. And that's his alias at the club. Also part of the reason why he gets girls. They're always curious why that's his nickname.)

"Exactly." I nodded, all the humor gone. "Now, that's why you should get something to eat or drink, little girl."

"Oh, I'll be out in two minutes." She shook her hand. "No, thank you." She fidgeted on her seat. "I just... have something to tell you."

I stayed silent. What is something so important that she has to go here at this hour?

"Umm..." She inhaled (I guess to gather her courage to speak) and exhaled audibly, and her eyes met mine. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry for all the troubles I'd caused you and thanks for the last time. I guess I won't be seeing you next time." With that, she stood up and left some bills on the table. "Thanks. Have a nice night." She paused, only to look back at me. "Oh, and... There's already someone I like."

I watched her bow to Tono and say goodnight, hastily walking out of the door. That earned me an instant glare from the bastard, thinking I'd done something wrong. I shrugged at him before standing up and taking the bills on the table.

No. I should thank her, actually. Aoi can now go to the school trip.

And why would she tell me about her meeting someone she likes? I don't really care.


True enough. In the past two weeks, she didn't go back to Paradise. Or will she ever set foot there again? I hope not. Everytime she goes there, there's bound to be trouble. She's Trouble. With capital T.

I was sitting alone at my usual lunch table when she walked up to me and plopped down at the seat in front of me without asking permission.

I suddenly felt nervous. I dn't know why. It's like this has happened before. Like the first time she talked to me. Asked me to go on a date with her. I instantly glared at her. What sort of game is she playing at?

"What are you doing here?"

"Ooh, that tone won't work on me anymore, Sir." She stuck her tongue out. "Can't I sit with the loneliest guy on school?"

I glared again, but she giggled. I sighed. There's no point arguing with a stubborn girl. "You're here to annoy me again, aren't you?"

"Not really. My friends already left and I was sitting alone there, so I figured I could sit with you."

I gazed all around me. Her friends weren't really around.

"So what do you want?" I asked, putting down the manga I was reading.

She stared into my eyes for like two minutes. I wanted to cringe at her stare.

She couldn't have! Could she really guess who I am?

"You know what?" She began, her eyes staring intensely at me. My palms began to sweat.

When girls stare at you for a long time, they're going to tell you something you'll like...

"I like you." She finished, with that dreamy look on her face.

... Or not.


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