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Prince in Disguise

Written by Shuffle Princess

Chapter 20


I fought the urge to laugh, but I giggled. "Your ears are red." Another fit of giggles. "So cute."

His eyes went sharp. "What dare did they ask you this time? Clean the boys' toilet for a year?"

"What?" Well that was insulting. "Nobody asked me anything."

He was burning a hole in my eyes just by looking at me. "Is this some kind of a joke? I'm not like your Prince who will sweep you off of your feet. And what about that cool guy you're telling me about?" He finished that all in one breath. He must be so mad. I don't even know why he was mad. Shouldn't he be flattered?

"Hey, it's not like that." I frowned. "I like you as you. And I'm not saying this as a trick or whatever you're thinking." Now it was my turn to let my eyes reach the heavens. "I'm not that low. And hey, that guy... that's just... My mom said it's just infatuation. I kind of believed her because it was so easy to let him go and to say to him that I wouldn't see him anymore. Not that we were seeing each other in the first place and–"

"I'm outta here." He stood up, hastily grabbing all his things. "Business is business. We'll continue our next tutoring session on Wednesday."

"Aye sir!" I saluted him with my right hand.

He walked to the exit door without even glancing behind. I grinned at myself. I hadn't realized that I really admire this guy. Not until last week, that is.

I spotted him at one of the Sakura trees on the back of the third building in our school. I was about to surprise him, a major BOO! but when I crept in closer, I heard his even breathing. He was asleep. I carefully made my way to the other side of the tree, hid myself for a few minutes in case he wakes up. But the didn't. He was sitting on the root of the tree with one leg stretched and the other one bent. Two hands were holding a book and his back slumped on the tree trunk. His head was hanging low, a sign that he must've felt drowsy when he was reading. I waded on his left side, trying so hard not to make a sound and sat down in front of him, watching his sleeping face.

For a moment, he looked so angelic, so cute, so innocent. Not that brat who always spit out rude comments and sarcasm like it's his meal every lunch. Then I noticed the small details I had missed. His lashes were thick and a bit long. His nose not too pointy and not too flat, just exact and proportioned for his face. His cheeks were adorable and so are his thin lips. His jaws were a bit angular. His glasses, slightly falling off his nose...

He kind of reminded me of Eriol. That cute anime guy in CardCaptor Sakura? Yes! Or...

"Harry Potter." I murmured quietly, mimicking British accent.

I secretly took a snapshot of his face and left, smiling to myself.


A little giggle escaped my lips as I peeked into that folder in my phone which had his picture in it.

I headed to the classroom with that idiotic grin embedded on my face.

"She's in a good mood." Hotaru was the first one to comment when the classes were done. We were all walking back home which added to the bliss in my heart. We rarely walk home together now because of my tutor sessions, Hotaru's tutor sessions as well. And sometimes Permy's in her own set of bubble, I don't even know where she goes. She wasn't saying much these days. She's probaby hiding something... I should investigate on her next time! Anna and Nonoko were having club meetings. They joined extra-curricular clubs last week. Anna went into Cooking class and Nonoko went into Science class. I was really surprised that they didn't go into a class together.

"Who?" Anna questioned, munching on a candy floss that she shared with Nonoko. She invited us to take some, but we all politely declined.

"The idiot." Hotaru answered smugly.

"Hey, I'm not an idiot!" Permy was the first one to react and I broke into loud guffaws.

"So you admit you're happy? ...Idiot?" I snickered while Permy gave a glower.

"Now you see I'm not happy." With that, her eyes rolled.

"Whatever." Hotaru commented. "I was talking about the other idiot."

"Hey, I'm not an idiot!" I complained.

"Hey, stop copying me, idiot!" Permy shot back.

Anna and Nonoko burst out laughing.

"Whatever." I responded, with Hotaru's tone.

Hotaru gave me that I'm-a-bit-amused-at-you-for-trying-to-be-smart look. I laughed.

See? This is why I love my friends.

"You guys free tonight? I rented a movie..." Permy asked. "I know Hotaru wouldn't watch it because it's Rom Com, but she'll come and bring her own DVD to torture us anyway, after watching that movie..." The twins and I laughed. I know it's funny hearing it, but when Hotaru did that the last time, we were stiff scared at Permy's room, screaming in front of her 42-inch LCD flat screen LG television. Hotaru liked to watch scary/bloody/gory movie with us. WITH US only. She just wanted to see our expressions. She would sit in front of the door, meaning Nobody leaves. Permy's room has toilet inside, so we can't beeline for the toilet. She's the real Ice Queen.

"Yeah." Anna and Nonoko replied at the same time. They both looked at each other and smiled.

Hotaru gave a curt nod, her lips were pressed into a thin line. She was supressing a smile. I idly wondered what blu-ray DVD she'd bring tonight.

"You, idiot?"

"Uhh, I can't. My Dad's just come back, so we're going to have dinner tonight. And then tomorrow... Umm..." I bit my lip. "I have an appointment."

They all fell silent. We all don't want this topic.

About me having an appointment with a doctor. It makes me scared, just thinking about it. Although nothing's wrong. But my Mom scares me. She schedules us for appointment every month 'cause she's afraid I inherited her... fragile heart.

I had a breakdown when she told me that I was born out of marriage, a few years back, when I was ten.

Then last summer, just before school started, I had another major breakdown. Eversince then, she started making appointments every month.

And tomorrow, I would see the doctor with my Mom and my Dad.




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