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Prince in Disguise

Written by Shuffle Princess

Chapter 21


I find it disturbing that this little brat sister of mine hadn't told me anything about the trip yet, which will be next Monday. She was so excited about it, telling me the places they would visit with those sparkling eyes. And now, just nothing. This is so out-of-character for her.

"Aoi," I called for her attention. She was watching her favorite cartoon again.

"Mmhhmm?" She lazily mumbled and faced me with her eyebrows raised. She had this grin on her rounded face.

"You never told me when's the deadline for the submission of payment for the school trip. Do you still want to go?" It hurt to think that my little sister, at her age, is thinking about money matters. She's still young, she should enjoy everything I hadn't done at that age.

She pursed her lips and stared at the floor, as if trying to hold something back. I was afraid she would say no, but her answer surprised me.

"It's already paid, onii-chan." She giggled and leapt up to her feet, ran to gave me a bear hug.

I patted her head and held her close.

"Sorry, I didn't tell you." With a pout, her eyes held all the greatest regret and fear that I would scold her or something. But just seeing her apologize so sincerely is enough to make me smile. I tousled her hair.

"That's alright." I tickled her sides. In a minute, she was on the floor, laughing her lungs out. "So did you forget to tell me, or you just didn't want me to know?"

"They didn't – pfffttt – want you to know, 'nii-chan." She managed to say in between laughs. She let out a big sigh to end her fits of laughter. "They told me 'nii-chan would worry about it. And that I should just tell them everything I need so you woudn't worry."

I hated myself for feeling this, but I was relieved. For a bit. The thing is, I don't want to worry them as well.

"And they told me that you have to go tomorrow and pay the hospital a visit." Her lips curled into that little pout again. "Aoi wants to go, too. But I have to go to Yo– playmate's house." I snickered at that. She has a crush on this kid on her class and is trying her very best to hide it. But she's just a little girl who always eye something she wants and slash or likes. And so it didn't take a genius to figure out she likes that kid.

"Don't worry," I assured her. "'Nii-chan would be okay. Be safe and don't do something bad, okay? His mom will scold you and will not let you two play together again. And don't go wander off somewhere. I will pick you up tomorrow after five."

"Yes, 'nii-chan." She saluted with her left arm, and realizing this, she changed to her right hand and giggled.

I smiled, stood up and headed for my room upstairs. I didn't know if I was convincing Aoi that I'd be okay... Or myself.


Before I knew it, check up day dawned on me and slapped me on the face. Dad was sitting across from me, waiting for the doctor while my Mom was on the other room, waiting for her personal doctor – her college buddy. Dad decided to stay with me which made me feel so loved I could feel my mouth would be so tired from smiling.

I fidgeted on my seat, trying to find my peaceful self, but waiting for the results make my nerves jumpy. Every month, I had to endure this. Sure, I should be used to it by now. But every month, it just hightens the tension. As if by doing this, some sort of sickness would just pop out of the result and say, "Thanks for waiting!"

That thought made me shiver. Dad saw it and gave me a comforting look. He was about to say something but the door opened and closed. I saw my Dad's anxiety reflected mine. I guess his was worse. I do not know anything about how parents love their children to extent, but it sure is gratifying to see my Dad worry about me.

The doctor sat on his comfy chair in front of us. His hair was a bit long and was tied bak with a ponytail. His glasses were a bit rounded and he wasn't that neat (because he hadn't shaved fully.)

He faced us and handed my Dad the folder. "So far so good, Mr. Yukihira." Then he looked at me. "Don't worry, little girl. You're okay. The results are by far, normal. Nothing out of place." He faced my father, smiled a little. "Except that she is a bit... tiny for her age."

I was about to protest but my Dad chuckled. "She's just fun-sized, doc." They laughed. They were in their own bubble of paternal thingamajigga. The doctor told my Dad about me that I'd be fine as long as I continue to eat healthy foods (well, sorry doc. My stomach wants bacon and burgers!) and to keep myself in shape. By in shape, he meant doing walks on regular basis and not being stressed out. Finally, he told my Dad I could skip check-up next month and come back after two months. That's the best news I've had all day! My Dad nodded. After saying goodbyes and farewells, we went to the waiting area to wait for Mom.

Dad was showing me Paris through his iPad and I was so jealous!

"Don't worry, I'll take you and Mom there next time." He tousled my hair. I groaned in irritation which earned me a chuckle. He then stuck his tongue out at me. My Dad's just... also like a teenager. Guess this was what my Mom saw in him.

"You know I fixed my hair for thirty minutes!" I tried to brush it with my fingers, trying to smoothen the waves. My hair is just a mess of waves, I sometimes want to cut it all out. If being bald is normal (for a girl), I would've done it ages ago.

Mom came out of one of the doctor's offices with the doctor beside her. They were both laughing. Mom scanned the room for us and her eyes twinkled when she spotted us. She motioned for us to come over.

This might seem funny, but I've never met Mom's doc. She's always busy with appointments that after my Mom had her results, next patient will come in through the door. I guess she had a window on her schedule today.

"Hello, sweethearts." My Mom greeted us when we reached them. Dad kept an arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead. They're just so sweet sometimes I want to go away and not be there. (When it gets too cheesy.) "This is my husband, well, you know him."

"Hi Izu." The raven-haired doc greeted and patted Dad on the shoulder.

"Yo," dad greeted back and fist-bumped with the doc. I guess they were pretty close, huh.

I observed the doctor for the first time and my heart fluttered a bit when I saw her eyes. They were ruby. It scared me as it reminded me of someone I just... decided not to talk to forever. Her raven locks fall on her shoulders and she braided it to one side. Her smile was friendly so I had to force my lips to smile back. It was freaky. I mean, the resemblance...

"This is my daughter, Mikan." Mom introduced me.

"The lovely, Mikan." Her voice sounded so nice to my ears, I'm sure it would be a pleasure to hear this doctor sing. "I've heard a lot about you." She winked at me.

"I hope it's all good..." I playfully gave my Mom a mocking stare. "...and all true."

They all barked a laugh at that.

"I actually have a son your age as well, darling." She smiled. I looked at her badge. Dr. Kaoru Igarashi.

Dr. Igarashi looked behind us and her grin went wider. "Oh there he is." She waved and gestured for someone to come over.

We all turned our faces around and I felt like time stood still.

For a moment, I was just staring into those red orbs I never thought I'd see again.


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