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Nee-chan tells Jesa the riddle for learning her true name. Nee-chan decides to visit Sode no Shirayuki, but tells Jesa not to go wandering around in others' inner worlds. Jesa protests but soon acquiesces. After Jesa finds the door back to her physical body, she wakes up and finds Ririn watching over her, and everyone else upstairs. Ririn takes a liking to Jesa, surprisingly. Jesa's mom calls her, asking where she is, as it is now after 7 at night. Jesa says she's been having fun with friends and is about to have dinner. After Jesa and her mom's conversation, Jesa and Ririn head upstairs and hear a knock at the door to Urahara's shop. They look up and see... the dreaded cliffhanger!

Chapter 11: The Plot Arrives! Teaser Chapter

"Tatsuki-chan? Mizuiro-kun? Keigo-kun? What are you doing here?" I asked, not as shocked to see them as I probably should have been.

"We were talking about what you told us earlier," Tatsuki answered, frowning seriously. "And it seemed like going to Urahara would be our best chance of getting a better understanding of what's going on." Keigo and Mizuiro nodded nervously, though whether this was caused by their proximity to the shop, or by something else, I couldn't tell.

"I see," I said as I walked over to open the door for them. "Well, come on in, I guess. Ririn said everyone's in the back having dinner and talking about the message Renji brought from the Soul Society. Since you've already been told about it all, I see no point in trying to hide any new info from you."

When the five of us arrived at the back room, all talk ceased, and everyone stared. Well, mostly everyone. Urahara smirked at me, and Yoruichi grinned. Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Sado, Orihime, and Ishida stared in various levels of shock and disbelief at Mizuiro, Tatsuki, and Keigo, who stared back likewise. Ririn stared at Kon, and I felt worry coming from her. Noba, Kurodo, and Kon were staring blankly at a wall in shock, but since they had been doing that even before we entered, I wondered if it was because of something in the message Renji had brought from Soul Society. And I? I stared at Urahara.

"Okay, can we please stop the awkward staring contest now?" I asked after what felt like minutes, but was probably only seconds. Cue everyone else turning to stare at me... "Okay, not what I expected to happen..." I mumbled as I scratched my cheek in embarrassment. "So... Renji, Ririn told me you had a message from the Soul Society...?" I prompted, hoping I would lose the attention along with getting an answer.

"Uh, yeah," Renji said, a little startled from the attention being turned to him, but he quickly regained his composure and summarized the report. "It pretty much said that the 12th Squad has been picking up new reiatsu signatures in and around Karakura. Most of them have yet to be identified," Renji said, narrowing his weird eyebrows. "But a few were confirmed to be human, and one of those underwent significant changes yesterday. I was stationed here to work with Rukia and the others on investigating the situation."

"Well, you're in luck, Pineapple!" I grinned. "Most likely, the human reiatsu with the significant changes is mine. Ishida here even commented on the changes when we met yesterday," I said, gesturing at the Quincy. I smiled a bit at the nod of confirmation he gave. Maybe we could become friends after all... I thought briefly.

Kon then spoke up hesitantly. "I might have some information about the unidentified reiatsu..."

"What do you mean, you have information?!" Ichigo yelled, grabbing Kon by the head. "Why didn't you mention it right away?"

"Hey, hey, put me down! That hurts!" Kon whined, utterly failing in his attempt to punch or kick Ichigo's face. "I'll explain; just put me down!"

Ichigo glared at the mod soul currently in a plushie body, but did as requested... if you count throwing him at the wall 'putting him down', at least. Hehe.

Kon jumped back onto the table, glared at Ichigo halfheartedly, and sighed. When he spoke, there was nothing of his usual self-important tone in his voice. "Right. So, the information. I think the reiatsu that the 12th squad couldn't identify belongs to mod souls."

A/N: Sorry it's been so long! Writer's block hit me hard, and then I went and left you with another cliffie. Gomen nasai!

As always, thanks to Apocalyxtic98 for her awesome beta-reading help. (And, yes, Alyx, it is awesome.)

Note not directly related to BGK: For a while, I had been wondering how to reconcile my Christian beliefs about God with the Bleach concept of the Spirit King. And I finally found a connection!
The Spirit King doesn't involve himself in affairs of the other realms, unless he absolutely has to do so to prevent the entire universe from collapsing. All he does is keep a figurehead position, it seems.
Some people believe that God created the world and then left creation to its own devices without caring what happened to it after that, which sounds a lot like the apparent role of the Spirit King.
I believe that God holds all of creation together and wants the best for His work of art, but He also gave us free will. Hence why He sent Jesus to die for us, but we still have to choose to believe the Truth to receive the gift. I also believe that God works all things for the good of those who believe, and He does so in a way that could sometimes be taken as coincidence. I don't know how true this is. But it's what I believe wholeheartedly. I have firm footing on my rock of faith.
Connection to Bleach: What if the Spirit King isn't just a figurehead? What if he's been helping Ichigo-tachi 'behind the scenes', so to speak?