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Cyrus found himself at his usual spot. The nightmares of the hunched figure long since left his mind when he was greeted with the over bearing smell of burning wood as men huddled around it, their projects left unguarded as the urge to become warm was greater the old phrase 'absent minds equals absent fingers' dwelled well in these parts, Cyrus rolled his eyes as he snorted pushing his body up high as he flicked the reins causing his horse who was already on his last legs to push forward in an absent-minded trot sending a burning sensation through his sensitive legs. Even simple blades of grass that brushed against his hooves made him want to rear in displeasure. Finaly as he pulled into his favourite spot Cyrus jumped down dis-connecting his horse from the cargo he he tossed the reins to a worker, who hovered around looking to make some easy money his clothing showed that he didn't have much money to keep his toes from turning blue.

Gripping a hold of his hips he looked towards his covered 'masterpiece' walking towards it he stood upon the tips of his toes as he grabbed hold the end of the cloth, he began to unwind it from where it had been hammered into place lifting it up he peered underneath his eyes widen his frown split into a grin as he nodded his head in a approval he pulled back, patting it like it was a childs head: no damage had come to it during the journey.

"I see you've yet to gain enough shame to never show your face around here."

The voice made his hand snap against the cargo hold almost as if he was expecting the owner to have x-ray vision he gritted his teeth as he hissed through them, holding on his wrist as his hand began to pulse in time with his own heart beat he turned himself around as he looked towards his 'friend', a man who had grown to loathe Cyrus when he first learnt his name and so entered these shows to make sure that Cyrus never won: something that he had yet to accomplish as he didn't have as much money as Cyrus to bribe people to make them think that this was a break through in history.

"Typical speaking out of the horse's mouth as always."

Cyrus grunted as he turned himself around not bothering to waste his breath with trash that were jealous of his master handy work. As he walked past his cargo he was unaware to notice the hunched figure leaning against the large wheel his breath ragged like he had been running for hours bags decorated the under part of his eyes, he inclined his head to the side amused by the way that the mortals greeted one another pushing himself away from the wheel he limped on after Cyrus the other mortals around him, didn't seem to notice him a couple even brushed past him but didn't stumble to the side due to the contact. Reaching the left side of Cyrus he made sure to keep his mouth firmly closed not wanting to startle the younger male beside him he was biding out his time, waiting till he was sure that they were in a more sechluded area.

The inventions remained hidden beneath the fabric that had brought them to this place many of the inventors busied themselves by hiding away in sheltered ares, their hands trembled the bitter cold easily creeping through the fabric that covered naked backs everything had been put on hold due to a storm that seemed to come from nowhere. A couple of men some of whom weren't here to show off simply to look began to joke that Cyrus was behind the storm, it seemed convient as his was the only piece of equipment that was covered enough to with stand natures anger laughter broke out between them as Cyrus hovered in the corner, his lips stained red from the wine that he had drunk without adding water this was a disgrace to the gods but considering they were now dead Cyrus thought that a little fun was in order.

At first he thought it was the drink.

Everything around him began to move slowly voices began to become slurred when something had been knocked over it happened out of sync to the noise.

Turning himself around Cyrus squinted his eyes causing his to nose to scrunch and his forehead to crease he saw a figure not far from where he stood, the figure shifted almost looked like it was jumping from side to side while its center began to blur like a bad painting he stretched his hand trying to grab something finger tips grazed against the fabric he wasn't able to ball his hands into fists in time before he fell crashing on his back. Eyes rolled the ceiling above him turned different colours shifting from ebony to velvet white spots blurred his vision making his head roll between his shoulders, a gurgled scream erupted from his throat when a hand grazed against his frantic heaving stomach he wanted to smack it away yet it felt like bodies were pressed against the back of his hands.

"I have news of your daughter and I think you might want to hear about it."

He sat upon the ground his legs pressed against his chest as he held onto his hair pulling it from his scalp eyes closed tightly lips drawn into a painful looking pout, drool hung from the corner of his mouth no tears spilled his face yet his eyes were red raw like he had been rubbing them to hard with his knuckles, a shadow loomed over him like a bad stench as the hunched figure watched his words slowly taking effect the mortal brain was far to weak to process information such as what had been delivered, he stretched a hand forward the fine hairs upon his knuckles moved against the wind sending a shiver up his spine that not even his hooded cloak was able to protect him from. Gently he began to pet the hair that had become covered in sweat.

"There, there"

The hunched figure soothed the victim.

A man such as Cyrus who had corrupted people with his money that he had inherited from his father now began to feel their pain and confusion, sure it wasn't linked to the crimes that he had committed but he was being turned into something as feeble as a mouse caught out in the open.

"Why did you tell me this? Why now?! The snow storm has prevented me from leaving this place, it will give her more time to soil everything I worked on."

Cyrus had rolled his head up to look upon the hideous face that grinned down upon him he could feel vomit traveling from the south though did well in gulping it down. The hand that stilled he could feel over grown finger nails dragging down his scalp his heart began to raise when those very same nails hovered near his eyes, he forced himself not to blink or look away this impressed the hunched figure whose grin broadened or it could have been the shift of the light from the heavy clouds that brought the snow storm upon the unsuspecting victims. Cyrus had to force himself not to flinch when bones cracked as the figure crouched in front of them their faces meer inches apart, his upper lip wanted to coil in disgust at the stench of the mans breath never had he smelt something so foul.

"This storm will pass, and then you can have your revenge."

The words should have made any father shake in disgust and pull away though for Cyrus he could only feel himself feeling eager to prove himself to show that he wouldn't allow the death of his wife to cloud his feeling of justice. He allowed his daughter to get away with too much thinking that if he let her rebel it would allow her to get over her mothers passing, slowly he dropped his arms upon the ground and stood himself up the nails were drawn away from his face to press against the owners palm, Cyrus was sure that he heard a pleasured sigh coming from the hunched figure though put it aside as he stood to his normal height no longer cowering beneath the gaze that burned through his skull.

The once calm expression upon the hunched figures face turned to one of anger eyes began to glow an inhuman colour the mouth opened wide a roar that caused Cyrus to cover his ears tore through the air.

He gasped loudly almost falling over as it felt someone had punched him in the gutt. As he looked around himself everything had returned to normal people were picking up the chair that had been accidentally knocked over, the laughter returned just as loud and obnoxious though this time Cyrus paid it no heed as he turned his back on the people, walking forward-looking for something that he would be able to use to clean his mouth as his tongue wouldn't do the work for him.

He over heard a conversation about everyone needing to head home as soon as they could before this storm got any worse.

It was time to head home.

Pay day

Her father was late returning home: she would have realised this had she not been caring for Lykaios who was starting to leave the bed in order to test out his ankle, he would need a few more days of bed rest before he would be able to stand fully on his own two feet.

Persephone was disappointed: she had hoped that when she woke up it would be a pleasant day to send the cows outside so that way they could lose some of the weight they gained, during these colder days she had been given them extra feed to make sure that they would stay warm as she leaned against the wood that kept them in place the ground far to hard even for her feet she lightly stroked the head of a female cow who looked at her with large brown eyes, clearly she wanted to be outside where she could spread her legs and enjoy some much needed freedom. Leaning forward Persephone lightly placed a kiss against the large ear as she pulled back smiling gently.

"Tomorrow. The ground should be soft enough by then and hopefully it will be warmer."

Pulling herself away she grabbed two arms full of hay which she placed in the troth though she knew that the cows would be fine outside today it was her conscious that forced her to keep them in the warm just for another day. Leaving the barn she was shocked to find that Lykaios was outside leaning against the wall she ran over towards him, striken with panic while glad to see him outside.


Hades turned his head at the mention of his fake name he was about to smile until he saw the way that Persephones brow was creased and her plumb lips stretched into an adorable pout, he shifted himself trying to stand up straight though as soon as he put pressure upon his tender limb he knew it was a bad idea.

"I was trying to find a cane of some sort to use as support so I could get used to walking around."

His voice remained calm even when Persephone's facial expression didn't. Persephone should have guessed that Lykaios wouldn't stay in bed if he was willing and able to get himself dressed then nothing would hold him back. Pushing aside a strand of hair that fell from behind her ear to tickle her nose she walked past Lykaios into the side of her home she pulled out a cane, it was constructed so that there was a thick piece of wood at the top that would allow the person using it to place it under their arm pit making walking easier and possibly more comfortable. She had yet to try it herself to really understand.

"Here. Use this its better than a stick anyway."

Thanking her Hades took the cane from Persephone as he slotted it under arm, he leaned as appropriate and took a small step forward though it was more of a limp it was uncomfortable though with some padding he was sure that it would work well for him. Turning himself around he found to his surprise that Persephone didn't watch from a distance and instead had placed herself beside him, she was staring at his bandaged foot scratching at her chin with her fingernail something that she had caught her father doing many times and so inherited the motion. Noticing that Lykaios gaze bored down her a blush creeped upon her cheeks as she quickly looked away it never seemed to faze her how easily he could get her flustered like that.

"I came outside because I wanted to see if there was anything I can do to help."

Persephone turned herself around as she looked towards Lykaios she was flattered that he wanted to help but she couldn't risk injury to his ankle.

"Please I want to do something."

Looking towards him Persephone knew that whatever she would say Lykaios would be able to say something else against it, pressing her lips together in a frown she nodded her head thinking that she could give him simple jobs to start with and then when he got better if he wanted to stay and help out more than she would give him some more jobs.

"Ok. But I insist that I pay you as its only fair."

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