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The earth slowly started to get its green back. The many empty deserts sprouted with plants to tough for animals to eat: It was a start. Only a handful of mortals remained alive during the terrible few weeks of the plague break out. Most of them centred in Argos, those who stretched further weren't forgotten they received the same help along with the offer of being moved to Argos to help make life easier. Demeter sent a blessed harvest to the mortals, Hephaestus helped create a machine the mortals could use to rebuild fallen homes.

But there was one thing that couldn't be explained, something so many mortals would consider unnatural. The reunion of a mortal woman and an infamous lord of the underworld. When thinking about the lord of underworld many assumed he would be cold to the touch, his scent a mixture of rotting corpses and despair. Maybe they were right. However as Persephone thought about she knew none of it was true. His body was warm even through his armour, his scent did remained her of death but it comforted her rather than sent terror through her very core.

The secret relationship between Persephone and Hades broke out like wildfire, Persephone didn't deny the rumours in fact when questioned she stood with pride ready to accept any hatred or insults. It would be considered a lie if everyone gave her their blessing, many turned their backs on her others spat at her feet. The small few who smiled and nodded in politeness did come and visit her, bringing her food even offering her shelter so she wouldn't have to remain in the house alone. Persephone always thanked them, but would turn down the offer, she didn't want to a burden those who helped where the ones who needed help themselves. Being shunned from the majority of the city didn't bother Persephone much, what wounded her more was waiting for her love to return she wanted to be rid of those who couldn't change, in the small hope that once the gods showed them more love they would in return accept they needed to both work together.

Bathed in the hottest natural springs with a head full of pure white hair along with shimmering orbs, she stepped forward. Her silk hand made dress wrapped tightly around her upper frame becoming loose and parted to expose cream legs along with dainty toes. Upon her wrist she bore her mothers bracelet, around her neck she wore a necklace made by the hand of a craftsman who passed away days after making a fortune. But this necklace wasn't worn to hold his memory high. It was worn to express a love none would even think of considering natural.

How long had she been standing there? She didn't know. Though the base of her feet began to throb in time with her heart beat, and her body began to tremble due to the cold she wouldn't give up. Three months she waited for him, and it was on the last three nights that she finally came to stand in the cold. The first night was out of fear thinking he would come not see her and leave, on the second night she became hurt almost double thinking the words he said to her before he broke one of his own rules.

On the third month. Tears dribbled down her face, she wasn't sad nor was she afraid. She was engrossed in happiness.

Not far from where she stood she could feel the ground tremble, it didn't make her want to flee instead she rose herself onto the tips of her toes, lower lip slipped to rest underneath her teeth allowing tender flesh to be chewed in anticipation. The ground didn't catch fire. There was no fiery stallions of Tarturas, a ghostly hand didn't grab her pulling her down to her doom. Instead black smoke escaped the large gap within the earth it made Persephone close her eyes against her will, she didn't wave her hands in front of her face in a mind of panic. Her hands did move but more to stroke the smoke she couldn't see, smiling gently at the velvet feel which trickled down her arms, almost in a bid to sooth her. As she reopened them the first thing she noticed was the healed earth, along the torn up clumps of mud grew thick pale green stems, with bowed white petal heads.

The Narcissus.

As she looked around seeing nothing of her love she carefully stepped forward, crouching down to rest in front of the flower she stretched a hand forward gliding finger tips across the smooth petal smiling gently. They reminded her of him, the scent and the swelling within her chest all connected as one. As the petting continued she was unaware of someone moving behind her, only when the shadow stretched far enough that she could see a head next to her own did she turn around in shock.

A weight lifted from her chest allowing her to breathe with ease even beneath the tight dress, wasting no time she stood up stepping forward the ground no longer sending pain up the back of her calfs, instead it was almost like she was walking on a rug made from the finest of bull hindquarters.

Standing in his full glory capped in darkness his hand stretched forward, he didn't yank her away nor did he crush her hand instead their fingers entwined chests brushed, heads lowered allowing lips to lock in a mind blowing kiss which made her cheeks glow warm. Her arms wound around his neck hiding her fingers deep into the mess of long hair. To many his body would seem cold and hard but to her. To Persephone it was warm, inviting.

Pulling away silver orbs clashed with green. Each smiled in their own happiness. This day was one they had been waiting for since he was found hiding away in her barn.

Running her hands over his face feeling his forehead, his curved nose, thin lips even his thick beard she finally cupped his face in both hands, stood upon her tip toes and kissed the tip of his nose, smiling at his deep chuckle. A sound she thought she would never hear again. Her head hid underneath his chin. Even at this angle she could hear his heart beat. She snuggled closer against the warmth of his chest, clinging to him like a lover clings to a warrior after his return from battle.

This was their favourite spot. The tree was cushioned by a couple of blankets brought from the house after the bruising that he got on his back the last time they sat here. Persephone took pity on Hades.

Snuggled up against his chest she watched the sunset that began to create shadows that stretched across the fields most of which had started to crumble, due to the cold weather that took effect on the few re born blades of grass, sighing she rested her head against Hades shoulder winding her arm around his waist she felt the gentle pressure of Hades chin resting against her head which made her smile gently.

Each laughed at the fond memories spoken. Persephone laughed with joy at the remembered moment when she found out that Hades was ticklish, this caused him to blush though the smile on his face showed he wasn't angry. They spoke about his home in the underworld, everything from the pits of Tartarus to the ever growing beauty of the Elysian fields. Hades warned Persephone that if she accepted to remain with him Zeus would give her a position, she would become a goddess. Persephone was fearful of this but with Hades calming presence she could only wonder on what it would be like, she didn't care about the fame nor the power all she wanted was to be with the one man she cared about.

"You know..."

Hades finally spoke after a moment of peaceful silence. Persephone didn't turn to look up towards Hades, instead she let out a low hum to show him she was listening.

"This tree is the first thing I ever brought back to life."

This made Persephone turn around. It was strange to think that she forgot this tree had died, now that Hades brought it up so many questions started to fill her mind, even her heart began to race in anticipation to understand him better. She craned her neck in order to look up towards Hades only finding him starring ahead, clearly lost in his own thoughts. Not wanting to disturb him Persephone carefully settled back down, not before she took his hand into her own, where she entwined their fingers together. At the feeling of warmth against his palm Hades smiled gently, leaning his head forward he pressed a delicate kiss against her skull. His lips lingered enjoying her warmth along with the scent of fruits.

As Persephone looked upon the slowly growing field absent from cows even the occasional four-legged hunter or misunderstood boar, she knew she would miss the beauty even the memories of her time here with her mother. So much had happened during their departure of those six months when she wouldn't stand waiting for Hades to return. She had helped those few who survived during the break out of the disease, even designed some of the temples and unlike the first time the gods came down to help, Hephaestus gave them the tools to make work easier he even brought healing herbs.

Persephone had started to think of what to do with her life if Hades didn't return, if his role of being a god became to much that he couldn't return to her. Thinking back on those plans Persephone found she wouldn't be missing anything, now close up against the one man who truly touched her heart she knew that her place was with him.

Watching as the sun began to set causing the sky to turn a deep shade of pink with hints of crimson rays Persephone turned her head only to find herself, staring into the eyes of Hades. How long he had been watching her she didn't know. His head moved closer towards her, she found herself holding her breath before his lips molded against her making her back arch like a pleased cat. The warmth didn't last long as he pulled away from her to stare deep into her orbs.

"I love you."

He whispered in her ear.

Persephone made no comment instead she rose herself onto her knees and enveloped him into a hug, his arms doing the same, she felt his fingers burying within her dress in return her own glided through his long hair allowing her finger nails, to graze against his scalp. Looking at him in the eye she smiled gently before placing a warm welcoming kiss against his lips.

Wrath of the Gods

Sadly all good things must come to an end. Thank you to my lovely readers who stayed with me during this adventure, there is a second story to follow this one. It will be posted in a matter of days. Keep an eye out for it. Here is a small preview.

Laying in his bed with a quilt crafted by the fates themselves Hades turned himself over onto his side his body no longer cold, a feeling of warmth enveloped him as he wrapped his arm around a light olive coloured hip, his face buried into a mane of hair, inhaling the scent of his lover; his wife who lay beside him.

"Morning Persephone."

Persephone smiled while her eyes remained shut; no matter how many times Hades awoke her like it always felt different. Turning her head slightly as not to disturb him she placed a gentle kiss against his cheek.

"Good morning Hades."

It had taken her a while to get used to calling him by his real name. And yet every time she would whisper it brought a sense of humanity inside of her, she was in love and that's all that mattered.

- Signed The Broken Ghost