This story will follow the rough lines of the film, except for my new character, Mel. I thought that Riff didn't have enough romance, and thought he needed someone who was an actual Jet. I know that it is unlikely, a girl being one, but I liked the idea, and I hope you do too! Hopefully, this story won't be nearly as sad!

Mel glanced over at Riff, in his blue t-shirt and yellow jacket that she loved so much to see on him, especially as it accented his muscles. Tony was at work, something about an extra delivery coming in. She shook her head, wondering what made her brother ever want to get a job. Tony was so different from what he used to be; more serious, and less of the adventure loving guy who had set up the Jets with her and Riff so many years ago. The Jets were assembled in the playground, Ice standing as cool as his name at the back and Action leaning against the railing. Anybodys was here, of course, sneaked into the crowd. Mel grinned when she saw the little red-headed 14 year old. So hot-headed. Kinda reminds me of myself when I was that age. Mel thought wryly.

Riff looked at her and grinned, snaking his arm around her waist. Mel smiled back, and wrapped her arm around his waist. He pulled her closer and kissed her gently on the forehead. Mel chuckled, especially when she heard Action wolf-whistle. She pulled back, and leant against the railing, wondering how she, a 17 year old girl was ever accepted into this rough, tough loving gang. Sure, she was co-leader, and she had proved that she was an amazing-no, awesome- fighter. But still, she was the only girl here (not counting Anybodys, but no one ever did) and girls just weren't supposed to be in a gang. Mel thought back to how disgusted her mother was when she had the idea of making a gang to keep their territory safe. Yet, Mel loved the Jets; they were practically family, and she wouldn't change them for the world.

A sudden creaking brought Mel out of her silent reverie, and she looked up to see the Sharks sauntering into the playground, Bernado, their arrogant leader at the front. Mel tensed up with hatred as Bernado winked suggestively at her. Riff saw, and wrapped his arm back around Mel's waist, and pulled her to him. There was no mistaking his message. She's mine. Touch her and you're dead. Bernado smirked at them, and stopped when he was right in front of the Jets leaders.

"What are you doing on Jet turf, Bernado?" Mel snarled.

"I see you Americans are no more welcoming," Bernado muttered, his Spanish accent making Mel shudder with rage. Why did these PR's have to move in and try and claim Jet turf!

"Go back to Porto Rico," Riff said, grinding his teeth and glaring at the Porto Ricans. A man on the side of Bernado stepped forward, clenching his fist. Bernado reached out an arm to hold him back.

"Ah, but America is so nice," Bernado sang. "And plus, messing with you Jets is the most fun I've had in years!"

"That's it!" Action growled, darting forward, and catching one of the PR's in a headlock. They spun around, before Action threw the man to the ground.

"Oh, bring it natives!" Bernado yelled, running forward, signalling the rest of the Sharks to do the same.

The battle was on. The Jets eagerly crashed into their enemies, and punches were flying everywhere. Riff had Bernado in a headlock, and Mel was dodging punches from his second in command. Baby John kneed a Shark in the crotch, and Ice threw a man to the floor. Anybodys was fighting too, throwing a number of weak punches, but never actually causing much damage.


A loud voice broke apart the fight.

Mel groaned.

Riff closed his eyes.

Bernado grinned, wiping away the blood pouring out of his nose.

"Lieutenant Shrank! What a pleasure!" The Porto Rican gushed, rushing forward, and grabbing the police officer by the hand, shaking it warmly. Shrank glared at him. Officer Krupke stood in the background, his large frame blocking the exit, glowering at the Sharks and Jets.

"And what do you think you are doing?" Shrank boomed.

Not one person cowered in the way that Shrank expected. Krupke snickered, but was cut off by a glower from Shrank.

"Top o' the morning Lieutenant Shrank!" The Jets chorused , grinning wildly.

"And top o' the morning Officer Krupke!" The Sharks sang. The police officer stood taller, straightening his tie.

Shrank sighed, throwing up his hands in surrender. "How many more times am I gonna have to stop you kids from ripping each other's throats out?" he sighed.

"Kids?" Mel snorted. "I think you will find that we are all legal adults!"

"Oh really? Then what about Anybodys over there?" Shrank said gesturing to the red headed tomboy. Riff looked over and groaned when he caught sight of the girl.

"How many more times we got to tell you that you ain't allowed in the Jets until you're 16?" he growled, storming over to her and grabbing her by the arm.

"But Riff!" Anybodys whined. She looked over to Mel, her eyes pleading. Mel shook her head.

"He's right, kid. Now beat it!" She ordered, and watched as the girl scurried away.

"She doesn't count; we had no idea she was here!" Riff protested, as he saw Shrank's satisfied I-told-you-so-smirk.

"What were you thinking, letting a girl into a gang?" Bernado snorted. Mel clenched her fist.

"Well, what are you thinking, not letting them be Sharks? I'm sure Anita would be a wonderful Shark?" She spat, obviously intending to annoy the Porto Rican.

"Stop!" Shrank growled. "No more fights! The next fight I see, I will personally make sure that every person involved goes straight to the can where I can keep an eye on 'em! You got that?"

No one answered, instead glaring at the police officers.

"I said, GOT THAT?" He roared.

Everyone nodded their heads meekly.

"Good." He nodded his head. "Now get out of here!"

"Sharks," Bernado ordered, and turned around, before leading his gang out.

"No more trouble," Shrank warned, before nodding at Krupke and leading the way out. Krupke glared at the Jets, before reluctantly turning and getting into the police car. After a few minutes, they drove away, leaving the Jets to stare after them.

Riff waited until the car was out of sight before turning to give a once over, over the Jets. There wasn't much harm done; a few bruises here and there, and Action had a split lip. But there was no lasting damage. They had certainly had worse before.

Mel caught his eye and, grinning, looped her arm through his. Riff smiled back.

"We gotta do something," Mel announced.

"My thoughts exactly," Riff nodded. "And I know just what to do…"

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