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I was basically flung from Lucy's mind. Just like that. You could say I had a majestic and awesome landing like a boss until it started to hurt. Wincing, I stood up and took in the scene. Lucy was on fire and Natsu was just sitting there. I stared at his face.

Natsu's first thought was Oh, shit. How did I know that? Have I forgotten to tell you I can read minds? I'm joking, everything he thought was practically written on his face. Though I had to admit that bro's a pro at switching facial expressions. See the rhyme I did there? Anyway, I read him in about 5 seconds: Although he was a bit ashamed to admit he found it fascinating the way the flames licked at her skin, he wondered if that's what he'd looked like when he was using magic. It never dawned on him to see what it looked like. He always forgot things and got sidetracked easily. Well, duh I would say he forgot things easily, like how Lucy was on fire right then and how he really needed to wax his ears, because my throat crumbled to dust trying to get this guy out of his mind. Oh never mind. I'll just do it myself. I might dissolve before I get to the lake I saw earlier but oh, well.

Just as I reached for Lucy, he snatched her from the rags and sprinted away like there was no tomorrow. I ran after Natsu and by the look of it, the fire had intensified even more, I bet that his unnatural temperature wasn't helping at all. Go figure. The only one who can hold her adds to the fire that burns her. I might just have had to kick his ass to help him get to the lake faster, though I didn't think he'd appreciate that. Thank you Captain Obvious, I thought to myself. Obviously people like getting kicked. I mean, that's why they even stick papers on their backs with "KICK ME" written on them. Here goes nothing. I sped up to see if he'd notice me. Natsu was so focused on trying to run faster he didn't. Perfect. I stopped, waited for him to get quite a distance ahead, and then I leaped low and landed a boot on his behind, sending him flying like a little birdie to the water. I whistled, watching him disappear through the thick green canopies. I would so remind him for the rest of his life of that sissy scream just then.

Shaking my head, I took off just a bit before I heard a massive splash. As soon as I came in view of the clearing I crouched behind a bush. Oh shush you, obviously I have the courage to go there, but I really didn't want them to know I was there. I sensed something's going on between their eyes and I needed to see it. I had to wait a bit before a few ripples broke the still water. Oh, this is going to be good, I wish I had what those future people call popcorn. More ripples appeared, then suddenly in slow motion Natsu resurfaced with Lucy in his arms. (it looked like one of those cheesy pictures Circe showed us, where the hero is carrying the heroine in his arms bridal style) "OTP," I whispered, a hand against my mouth. I chose to stay hidden and observe how things will evolve.

*Circe is the time celestial spirit. Once she was bored and visited the 21st century and found the culture amusing. When she returned to the Celestial World she told all the spirits about what she has seen in the future.

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