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Chapter 4 – ROUND 1


Okay, so the very first dare was as tame as tonight was gonna be in terms of dares. I just wish I would get a turn and soon. As I look around the room, I see that Draco keeps staring at me. He was smirking his sexy smirk and so I smiled coyly back at him and gave him a little wink before turning my attention back to Carl.

"Alright, that could've been done better but let's move on." He said while Daphne looked affronted. "Alright, now then Pansy, your dare is to trade shirts with the person sat opposite you, male or female." Carl said with a smile. Pansy looked to see who was opposite her and saw that it was Ginny. She gave a small shrug, as did Ginny, and both started to ease their shirts over their heads.

"Woah! STOP! I do NOT wanna see this!" Ron yelled. This caused everyone to roll their eyes at him.

"Then turn around you dolt!" Ginny said disgruntled. I looked towards Harry and saw that his gaze was fixated on Ginny as she stripped her top. A lot of the guy were torn between looking at Ginny and at Pansy. Both were extremely toned girls and both had very nice bodies. It was only natural for almost every guy in the room to stare at them. This however made the two very confident and they both let out giggles at the attention. This made me smile.


Soon enough, both had shirts on and it was time for the next dare.

"Lavender, your dare is to open-mouth kiss Justin anywhere you want below the neck line." Carmen said smiling while Justin looked like he was about to faint. Can't blame him really, he and Lavender never did get on too well. Lavender sighed but crawled over to Justin and tore his shirt off. Justin squeaked in shock at the sudden chill that met his upper half. Lavender then proceeded to trail open-mouthed kisses down Justin's toned torso, and slipped over his right nipple, flicking it with her tongue before kissing him once more on his chest. She grinned when Justin let out a small gasp as she flicked his nipple. You could tell that Justin was restraining himself from holding her head there. It was quite funny to see actually. She moved back to her place grinning her head off, while Justin sat there looking stunned before quickly throwing his shirt back on. He blushed as some of the boys patted him on the back.

"Well, that was fun. Next, hmmmm, who shall it be? You know, I think Lavender needs a bit of repayment for that little display, so Justin your dare is to kiss, lick and suck on Lavender's neck. Whether you leave a mark is up to her." Carl grinned at Justin's look of shock. Lavender blushed as Justin made his way over to her. He looked into her eyes before planting his lips on hers.

"You know the dare said her neck not her mouth, Justin." Cho giggled while Justin stuck his middle finger up. This made the group laugh. They quieted down however, when he trailed kisses down her neck and began to suck lightly on her pulse point. Lavender held in a moan, she didn't realise that it would feel so nice coming from Justin. Soon enough, Justin pulled away, grinning in satisfaction as the smallest bruise was starting to form on Lavender's neck. He blushed as he made his way back to his seat. Ron wasn't looking to happy, while the Slytherins were looking very bored.

"Now, Ron your dare is to get a tin of squirty cream, squirt a fair amount onto Millicent's stomach and proceed to lick it off." Carmen said, grinning evilly at Ron's look of utter disdain at his dare.

"Do I have to?!" He whined as he looked over at Millicent and shivered in disgust. She wasn't exactly the best looking girl around here, or the fittest. In fact she was quite manly in some aspects.

"Yes Weasley, you do. Now hurry up, some of us want to have a go at a dare!" Draco said in an exasperated tone which made Hermione sigh. Thankfully nobody heard her. Ron sent Draco a glare worthy of Lucius Malfoy himself before asking the room for a tin of Squirty Cream, hoping that the room wouldn't be able to provide food. How wrong he had been.

Millicent proceeded to lay on her back and roll up her shirt, much to the disgust of many participants.

"Well get on with it then!" She said a little too excited. Ron scowled at this but proceeded to do the dare. All of the boys in the room were sniggering at Ron as he began to lick the cream off of Millicent's stomach. He was grimacing while doing it, but it was hilarious for the rest of the group to see. After he had finished he looked very pale. Millicent seemed too happy about the whole ordeal and was constantly letting out noises of approval. This just intensified the groups laughter. Lavender felt really sorry for him but was trying to stifle her own laughter. She failed.

He started to crawl back to his place, asking the room for a bucket, but Millicent had other ideas as she grabbed his foot and drug him back to her. He screamed as Millicent placed her lips firmly on Ron's before pulling back. Everyone winced at that, even the Slytherins looked sorry for Ron.

"You can eat off of me anytime." Millicent winked before crawling back to her place in what she thought was a sexy sultry manner. It just made everyone want to puke. Ron almost ran back to his place next to Harry, where a bucket was waiting for him. He promptly spewed his guts up while Harry patted him on his back. After five minutes and everyone was feeling better again, Ron had washed his mouth out with human-friendly acid, the game was back on.

"Right, that was… interesting. Are you sure you want Millicent here for this game, Hermione? The dares are going to get much worse, that one was supposed to be mild!" Carl said looking towards Hermione with concern. Hermione thought this too, as did the rest of the group.

"Would you be able to erase her mind of this game?" Hermione asked.

"Millicent, your dare is to go to the kitchens and get some chocolate." Carmen said, and as soon as Millicent was out of the room with the door closed Carmen spoke again, "Now retract her name from the list and her memory will be swiped, as will everyone else's here. Don't worry it'll just be the memories of her being here." Carmen assured them all. They all breathed a sigh of relief as Hermione retracted Millicent's name from the list. Five seconds later, the game was back on and nobody had any recollection of Millicent ever being there.

"Now Luna, your dare is to allow Seamus to spank you ten times. Above or below panties, I don't think anyone cares." Carmen said with a grin. Luna blushed but Seamus was all too happy to comply. He patted his knee with a cheeky grin and Luna suddenly got a confidence streak. She crawled over to Seamus, in her cute little pink mini skirt, giving everyone behind her a good view, before settling her body across Seamus' lap.

"Above or below panty line darling?" Seamus ask with a cocky smirk, all of the guys and some of the girls were interested in her answer.

"Do whichever will give me the most pain. Oh and Seamus? Don't hold back!" Luna said with a seductive tone to her airy voice. Everyone was shocked into silence. Seamus smirked and moved one side of her panties over to the centre of her arse, leaving one arse cheek completely clear of panty. He decided to go gentle as he didn't want to hurt her, and so he gave her a light tap. "Come on Seamus, I know you can go harder than that. I want my arse redder than Ginny's hair, so get to it!" Luna giggled as she realised she has once again shocked everyone into silence. It wasn't too long before a loud crack was heard as Seamus' hand made powerful contact with her arse. "Ooo!" She squeaked in surprise as she felt her butt begin to warm. This happened another nine times and soon her entire left arse cheek was completely red. Luna didn't cry once, unless it was in pleasure. She stood up before walking back to her place and sitting on an ice pillow she had just asked from the room.

"Wow, never knew you were one with a kinky streak Lovegood." Pansy smiled, impressed with the girl. The other girls in the room agreed with Pansy and Luna gave a small giggle.

"Well, I've been reading a book lately and its got all kink in it and stuff, and the girl gets spanked a lot. She doesn't seem to enjoy it but I don't find anything wrong with it. But you do get a bit of a sore bum after, that's why I asked for an ice pillow." Luna said smiling.

"Luna, you and I are going to be great friends." Seamus grinned at her and she smiled and blushed back.

"Luna, I hope your bum feels better soon. Draco, your dare is to remove your shirt for the remainder of the round." Carmen said with a grin. "Yup, this is the one the girls have been waiting for." She grinned.

Draco gave a grin and looked hesitantly towards Hermione, who was blushing slightly. Draco proceeded to remove his shirt, letting the group see his gorgeous toned physique. He smirked as all of the girls stared unabashedly at him, on girl in particular, was looking at his chest with a hungry look in her eyes. "Enjoying the view there Granger?" he asked with a smirk. Hermione just gave him a saucy wink which left him with a raised eyebrow. To gain her attention once more, he threw his shirt at her. It hit her in the face and she sent a small glare towards him.

"Hey, why does she get your shirt and not us?!" The other girls pouted.

"Because he has been fawning all over Mione for the last who knows how long, and is completely and irrevocably in love with her!" Blaise said in a dramatic voice which made everyone laugh. Draco gave his friend a thankful smile before sending a wink in Hermione's direction. Hermione blushed and threw his shirt back at him, making him chuckle.

"Next up, Gregory, your dare is to choose anyone from this group and make out with them for a minute." Carl said towards Greg. He looked around the room and saw people shrinking away, all except one.

"Pavarti." He said looking directly at her. The girl in question looked up at the sound of her name, her eyes alight with something akin to glee. They both came to the centre of the circle and got on their knees. They looked at each other before Greg took Pavarti's face and planted his lips firmly on hers. She reacted immediately by kissing him back and twining her fingers in his hair. It was quite cute actually. Greg had matured a lot and wasn't fat anymore, it was all muscle, but nobody believe that until they saw it which wasn't exactly every day. A minute had passed and they both broke apart, breathing heavily before giving each other one last peck and going back to their seats.

"So how was it?" Padma asked her sister. Pavarti blushed.

"It was incredible. He has really soft lips!" She gushed about how perfect it was, until Carmen's voice broke through.

"Firstly, that was so cute! Secondly, Padma, your up! Your dare is to unzip the jeans of Ginny with only your teeth, while she does the same to you." She grinned evilly. Padma had wide eyes, as did Ginny. They were the only girls to wear jeans tonight and were now regretting it.

"Woo! Girl on girl!" Blaise yelled grinning ear to ear. This caused both girls to blush once more.

"Do you wanna go on top or bottom Padma? It is your dare." Ginny said looking at the Ravenclaw. Padma smiled at her.

"Umm, I think I'll go on top this time Gin." She said with a wink which shocked the group. Ginny just smirked at her and laid on the floor. Padma was soon on top of her, with her head down by Ginny's crotch and with her crotch in Ginny's face.

"You know what'd be awesome? If they were naked." Vince said to Dean who grinned but shook his head. The girls then continued on with their dare and as soon as it was over they jumped up and sat back down.

"We should do that again some time." Ginny said with a wink. Padma giggled and nodded. They looked around and saw that a lot of the guys were looking uncomfortable, trying to hide their joy at seeing that particular dare. Some of the girls were looking uncomfortable too, but in a good way. Hermione was biting her lip, as were Luna and Lavender, Cho was sat there with a blush brighter than Ron's hair. Ron however, looked away as soon as his sister was mentioned.

"Alrighty then, next we have Vincent. Your dare is to kiss down Neville's happy trail until you get below his belt and give him a good long kiss there, be it on his hip or a certain other place." Carl said with mirth in his eyes. Vince look completely elated at this whereas Neville looked the complete opposite as his face slowly turned green. Everyone burst out laughing at this.

Vince and Nev met in the middle of the circle and Vince pushed up Neville's shirt so as to see his happy trail. Vince then lowered his head and placed open-mouthed kissed down from Neville's navel, before pushing his jeans down a little, so that Neville's hip bones were out of their confines. Everyone could now see the top of Neville's small mass of pubic hair. Vince grinned before delving into it, all tongues blazing.

"WOAH! HE SAID BELOW THE BELT NOT ON MY DICK!" Neville squealed as he felt something wet on the upside of his penis at the base. Everyone was shocked into silence. Vince just grinned and continued to 'kiss' Neville below the belt. Wow he must have a long tongue, was the thoughts of every person in the room. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! You can STOP now Vince!" Neville said shakily.

"Awww, but I'm just getting started!" Vince whined and Neville scooted away back to his seat looking like he had just been violated. At this everyone laughed their arses off. Neville quickly pulled his trousers back to how they were, before Carmen spoke.

"Well, that was certainly interesting. Next Miss Granger, I do believe it is your turn. Your dare is to, strip yourself of all clothing – you may keep underwear if you wish – lay on your stomach and allow Draco to sit on your butt and give you a sensual massage. He will be as unclothed as you are." She spoke and Hermione and Draco both blushed at this. Granted it was what they had both been waiting for but still.

"Well, this is your chance to show us that your not the prude we think you are, Granger." Daphne said smirking her Slytherin smirk.

"To be honest, I think we all just wanna see that fine body of yours." Justin grinned as all heads nodded in agreement.

"Oh you wanna see me strip then?" Hermione asked them innocently. They all nodded. "Alrighty then. Harry, my music if you please?" She said winking at Harry as she stood. Harry grinned back at his sexy best friend and flicked his wand. Sensual music began to play as Hermione started to move her body in ways nobody but Harry thought possible of the bookworm.

She walked into the middle of the circle as the music played, her hips swaying hypnotically to the beat. The zip to her dress was down her front and so as she curved her body she slowly and seductively unzipped her dress, facing Draco as she goes. She was keeping eye contact with him throughout the entire stripping session. As she was wearing killer heals, they really helped her when she bent over at the hips to pick her dress up off the floor. All eyes were on her, some with drool, some just with pure lust, but eyes were on her, both male and female and she loved it. Now she stood there in her matching deep purple underwear, and did a little twirl before lowering herself onto her knees and slowly laying down on the cold hard floor. She then reached up behind her and unclasped her bra.

"Okay, I'm ready Draco." She whispered seductively at him. Everyone was shocked to see that she was wearing a purple lacy thong! "Tell me Draco, are you a boxers or briefs man?" She asked with a small smile. He smirked back at her, as he stood and began to undress from the waist down as his shirt was removed earlier in the game. The other girls were extremely jealous of Hermione in that moment because not only did she have a body to die for, she also was about to have the most gorgeous guy in school give her a massage while being as naked as she is! She looked up at Draco as he shimmied out of his jeans. "Ahhh, briefs. New it." Hermione said to him grinning as he smiled back down at her.

He walked behind her head and slowly felt him sit on her perky round arse.

"You have a very comfortable butt Hermione." He said with a smile as Hermione blushed and the other girls giggled. Right now all of the guys wanted to be Draco.

"Thanks Draco. Now, I want a nice good massage and make it oily. I like to get all slick." She said smirking at her double meaning. Draco coughed to hide his grin but required some Massaging Oils from the room and two appeared. A moisturiser and oil.

Draco leaned over her so he could speak into her ear. To the others it looked like he was just grinding himself on her which made them all wanna trade places. "Do you want moisturising or oil first?" He whispered into Hermione's ear in a husky voice. Hermione's breath caught in her throat.

"Moisturiser first. Oh and Draco, it feels like your happy to see me." She replied and he could tell by the sound of her voice that she was smirking a smirk that would make Salazar Slytherin himself proud.

"I'm always happy to see you, Hermione." He smirked back. Hermione smiled serenely. Draco then squirted the moisturiser onto her back and began to rub it in. As soon as that was done, he poured the oil onto her back and began to rub. "Wow, your actually really tense Granger." He murmured as he rubbed her back, trying to ease out the tension in her shoulders. Hermione moaned at the feeling of how this massage was going. Also, as Draco moved his body with him hand movements, he was actually grinding on her bare arse. Well, almost bare, but then again do the string of a thong count?

As Draco's hands moved lower, he shuffled back a little bit, squeezing his crotch in between her thighs making them both gasp at the sudden contact. "I was wrong, you're very happy to see me." She grinned but then moaned as he got down to the bottom of her spine and hit a particularly sensitive area. He ginned at this. He continued circling his thumbs as he came up the small bump of her arse and Hermione giggled. "You know Draco, if you wanted to touch my arse, you could've just said so." She grinned as she looked back up at him.

"There, all done." He said moving off her legs and giving her arse a small slap. She gave a little squeak.

"Luna, your right. A little spank does feel nice." Hermione said, looking over to her friend who just grinned cheekily back. "Draco, be a dear a reclasp my bra?" She asked sweetly.

"Nahh, I'd rather you left your bra unclasped." He said smirking at her as she pouted.

"But Draco, I don't want everyone to see my boobs, I mean at least not until the second round!" She said with puppy dog eyes as she stood up with her hands holding her bra in place on her boobs. It was strapless you see. Draco instantly got up and clasped her bra back in place. She grinned at him. "Thanks!" And kissed him on the cheek before flouncing back to her place with her dress in hand.

Everyone was still in awe of what just happened. "Oh and Draco, you have amazing hands." Hermione gushed and he smirked. It was about two minutes before anybody said anything.

"What just happened?!" Ron asked looking bewildered. Everyone laughed at him and the game restarted.

"Ginny, this is your wildcard. Choose a guy and dare him to do something dirty." Carmen said, her eyes alight with joy. Ginny grinned at this and her eyes flashed to Harry.

"Oh Harry!" She called and he grinned at her. "I dare you to give me a strip tease and then snog me senseless." She grinned manically as did Harry. Everyone wooped in anticipation. Padma immediately asked for a chair and so Ginny sat in the chair patiently as Blaise started up the music. Justin looked whistfully, wishing he were the one giving Ginny the lapdance, I could show her a thing or two, but then again I could show any of these girls a thing or two, he smirked to himself.

As Harry started to strip off, the girls and Vince were yelling in encouragement as he slipped out of his jeans and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Harry was a bit disturbed that Vince was drooling; I mean he could understand the girls grinning like hell but from a guy it's not the same. He grinned when he was just in his boxers. Now he sat comfortably on Ginny's lap and pulled her face up to his, enveloping her in a heated kiss. Ginny's hands went straight to his hair as she moaned when his tongue invaded her mouth. They kept this up until the last note of the song died out, and even then Ron had to pull Harry off his sister. Ron wouldn't – no couldn't – look at either of them for another half hour after that session. They couldn't care less.

"Alright, I think we just have two more people who haven't been in a dare, so I think you two will go well. Cho your dare is to sit on Blaise's lap topless and let him motor boat you." Carl said smirking. Cho blushed bright red before calming herself. Everyone was either exclaiming how lucky Blaise was, or laughing at Cho's misfortune. But it wasn't really a misfortune, Blaise wasn't exactly bad looking. Cho slowly stripped herself of her shirt but kept her bra on. She slowly made her way over to Blaise, who was waiting with a cocky smirk plastered on his face. She sank down onto his lap and instead of motor boating her, he lovingly kissed the top of her breasts. The action had Cho's eyes fluttering at the sensation. Draco and Harry were thinking the same thing; I wish I could do that to Hermione/Ginny, respectively. After a minute, Blaise stopped and buttoned up Cho's blouse for her, receiving a small smile and a kiss on the cheek. He grinned as she walked away and he got pats on the back for his show from his friends.

"This concludes the first round of this game. The next round will be Truths. You have fifteen minutes before the next round begins." Carmen said quietly.

The group quickly dispersed into the separate friendship groups, with Hermione going over to the refreshments table. That is until a certain Slytherin walked over to a certain Gryffindor.

"Hello sexy." Draco whispered in Hermione's ear. He felt Hermione shiver at the feel of him so close to her and grinned.

"Hello Draco, to what do I owe the pleasure?" She asked sweetly as she turned around, not realising just how close he was. She gasped at the sudden proximity.

"Well, Hermione I was hoping you'd have a drink with me." He said in his aristocratic voice.

"And why would you want to do that?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. He smiled a real smile before replying.

"Because you look completely ravishing tonight, my dear." He replied tucking a stray strand of her hair behind her ear. Hermione blushed before looking him in the eyes.

"Is that a compliment Mr Malfoy?" She asked, looking up at him through her lashes. He let a small laugh out.

"I do believe it is." He replied. "You really do look beautiful tonight Hermione." He murmured as he looked her in the eyes.

"Then let's hope we get more dares together." She grinned up at him, before pecking his cheek and turning to join her friend's conversation across the room. She plonked down next to Ginny and Luna, but her eyes kept shifting towards Draco who was looking straight back at her. She blushed, sent him a wink before becoming fully immersed in the subject at hand. Which was the best dare so far?!

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