Title: Back to the Drawing Board 1/?

Arthur: Christen (PurplehaysC@netscape.com) and Krystal (krazystar15@aol.com)

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Connor grabbed the few things he had and decided to he was out of here. There was nothing in left in Los Angles for him any more. He headed to the train stain and paid for the only ticket he could afford. He got on the bus and headed off to his destination. As soon as he got on the bus, he fell asleep. He was so tired first losing his father and then all the work he put together to get rid of Angel took all of his energy.

He woke up as he passed the sign into the city he was going to do. "Welcome to Sunnydale"

Xander was heading to the Magic Shop to see if Giles was doing any better and to get someone things for Willow. He just hoped he did not run into to Anya. He was trying to not even think of her any more. He was focusing on Willow and getting her better. He was almost to the Magic Shop when he ran into a kid that seemed to be a in a rush. He knocked the kids bags down, a stake fell out.

"Um… here you go." Xander said as he handed it to him.

"Whatever." Connor said as he tired to pass through.

"Wait you look familiar do I know you?" Xander asked.

Connor stood there brooding. "No, you don't."

"I got it you brood just like Dead boy!" Xander said happily.

"You are a weirdo." Connor said as he ran away.

"Right, that's one strange kid." Xander said as he headed into the Magic Shop.

Connor found an old warehouse and decided it would work as place for him for a little while. He found an old wood box and decided he would at least have enough stakes to last him for a little while any way. He was not planning to stay for a long time any way, just enough time to make enough money to get him to the next city. So far, that if anyone ever did find Angel they would not be able to find him too. He took out a pillow he had taken from the hotel out of his bag and got ready for some sleep so he would be ready for the night so no vampire could attack him while he was sleeping.

"I'm going out!" Dawn screamed up the stairs.  She had to get out this house. Just eh thought of being in the same house where Tara was killed was tearing her apart. Plus Willow and her crying wasn't helping much.

Buffy came down. "Where exactly are you going?"

"Out like I just said I'm probably going to meet some friends like Janice."  Dawn said.

"I really don't want you to go. I mean with everything going with Willow…" Buffy started to say.

"I can't doing anything about it and I can't stand being stuck in the house much longer. Look I'll be back in an hour." Dawn pleaded.


"Please Buffy I'm going nuts here literally." Dawn begged.

"Ok but be home in one hour and take a stake please."

"Got it, thanks so much." She said as she gave Buffy a hug and left.