Today I woke in the middle of the nowhere. Everything is dark and scary. I have a terrible pain in my gums. I had no idea where to go. I dragged my weak legs into nowhere. I missed my friends and family. I was very hungry, tired, and thirsty. Suddenly I ran into a delicious smell, and saw a man walking. I wanted to tell this man I was lost, but he smelled incredibly good. Excitement filled me, but I was too weak to approach him. He noticed I was too weak and said, "Are you okay? It seems you are bleeding."


I ran into the woods, afraid and terrified. I felt pain on my neck, but that didn't manner. I had to run and run away from this man, I don't remember his name. Then suddenly he appeared in front of me he looked into my eyes and snapped my neck. Suddenly everything turned black.

-End of Flashback-

I tried not to sob, but as I tried to walk toward the man, I tripped over a rock. He ran and catched me before I hit the ground. He was trying to calm me, but as he hugged me, I couldn't hold it back, I was only a few centimeters of his neck and suddenly fangs shot up out of nowhere and my eyes turned red. I bit his neck trying to get to that delicious smell, but instead I got something better. Liquid rushed through my throat and quenched my thirst.

I wanted more and more. The last drop fell into my mouth and licked my lips. The man's drained body fell to the ground. I looked at the man and his neck dripping with blood. I suddenly realized what I had done. I just killed a person.

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