I still had no clue of who were my parents. Though I guess Damon can help me tracking my name down with Sheriff Forbes. She knew Damon's real identity, so she'll know mine soon enough. I was nervous for meeting this woman. Our BMW Gina parked in front of Sheriff Forbes's house. Damon stood beside me, holding my hand that was slightly shaking. We stopped in the porch, a few inches from the door

"Are you sure about this?"

"I think so," I lied; I was scared to look after my parents. What if my parents had a real dark past? Or I was a murderer or an outlaw? I had a bunch questions and I was afraid that would keep Damon away. "Calm down, sweetheart." I hadn't realized my grip on him, had turned Damon's hand white, almost purple.

I still thought they wouldn't be bad. According to the memory that came back to me, they looked quite nice. I took a deep breath trying to keep myself calm. I rang the doorbell, ding dong, the bell's noise echoed in my ears.

The door sprang open, a girl about my age with blond hair and olive green eyes. She glared at Damon, not seeing me.

"What are you doing here?" She spat.

Damon looked annoyed, then smirked. "I have some business with your mom." So, this is the famous Caroline Forbes. She nodded then Damon asked, "Can you let us in?"

"Us?" she asked doubtly, I moved a bit so she could see me. She looked back and forth. "Who is she?" Damon started "She i—"

"My name is Emily, nice meeting you," I said calmly. She glared madly at Damon, "She's my girlfriend, and she lost her memory during transition." Now, Caroline was boiling with anger. "YOU turned her!" She dragged him a few feet from where I was standing. I could faintly hear their conversation.

"I thought we agreed you wouldn´t turn anyone innocent!" She said.

"I know the terms, it's just th-" He said.

"No excuses! You just can't be compelling any girl you find then turning them into vampires!"

"I didn't compel her I swear! And she's my girlfriend, and I know her very well. She asked me to turn her, so we can be together!"

"Then I guess, we should ask her-"

"She lost her memory"

I sat down on the chair on the porch. They came back and Caroline said "You two can come in."

"I wonder if she's always like that." I whispered to Damon.

"No, she is actually really nice with others, but with me, not much."


"I have a really complicated past..." I didn't bother to ask him anymore. I was a little anxious of knowing who my parents were.