Draco awoke suddenly. He sat up in bed wondering what was wrong. Something had awakened him, and he felt slightly disoriented. He hadn't awakened in the middle of the night like this in months, not since he and Ginny had gotten married. Or if he had, it was just to nuzzle his wife's warm body and maybe make love to her. He looked at Ginny's side of the bed.

Where the hell was she? he wondered sleepily. He left the bed. Grabbing the silky lounging pants she loved so much, he pulled them up over his lean legs and narrow hips. Then he went searching.

Ginny leaned on the windowsill of the small sitting room attached to Draco's bedroom in his grandparents' home. It was the bedroom that Draco had used for the four years he had lived here. She loved visiting here and she loved the view. Draco had spent hours showing her the different constellations and telling the wonderful tales his grandfather had taught him. She loved Mr and Mrs Noirtier, too. They had welcomed her into their home like a beloved, lost child. She imagined that the years after Narcissa moved out must have been lonely ones.

Draco watched her for a moment. She was looking at the stars, just as she had been that horrible, wonderful night in the Astronomy tower. It had been more than four years since he had first told her he loved her. He still shuddered sometimes when he thought how close he'd come to losing her and ruining his life. Where would he be now if she hadn't chosen to give him another chance? He didn't like to think about it.

Ginny was just picking out a familiar pattern when strong arms slipped around her waist and tightened. She leaned back into his embrace, sighing.

"Trouble sleeping, love?" he asked softly, nibbling at her neck.

"No, not really. I just wanted to think."

Her eyes closed and she felt her body respond to the things he was doing with his mouth and hands. She shivered. God, she loved this man.

He turned her around and let his hands skim down her shoulder, over her breast and on down the flat stomach. He reached the hem of the silk tee shirt she had stolen from him and slipped his hand underneath.

"About what?" he asked, pulling the tee up and tickling the soft skin over her ribs.

"Mmmm, just this and that," she replied.

She let her hands wander down his spine and slip under the elastic waistband of his pants. Then lower. He breathed in sharply.

"I love it when you do that," he told her. Then he stepped back and took her hands firmly in his. "But not now. Now you're going to tell me what's worrying you."

He lifted her and carried her to one of the overstuffed chairs set near the empty hearth. It was a warm summer night and they didn't need a fire. He sat with her on his lap.

"Nothing's worrying me, Draco."

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her small, firm breasts to his chest. She was trying to distract him. She was doing a good job, too.

"Ginny, love, you never wake up in the middle of the night to think. Something is bothering you, and if you don't tell me right now, I'll...well, I don't know what I'll do, but it will be drastic!"

Ginny giggled. "You could always threaten not to make love to me. That would be drastic."

"That, my love, would be just plain impossible." He chuckled, too, a sexy rumble from deep in his throat that made her heart start beating double- time.

"Was it something Grandmother said? You were having a pretty serious discussion with her."

Ginny gave up trying to distract him. He wanted her to talk and would keep at her until she told. Might as well get it over with. Then maybe they could get back to loving.

"Sort of," she admitted finally. "I understand your grandfather wants you to start traveling for him since he doesn't get around as well."

Draco sat back, pulling her with him. He stroked the beautiful red hair that now draped down to the middle of her back.

"He did mention it. I told him that it was something we would have to discuss."

"Do you want to? What about the Foundation? And there are a lot of people here who would miss you, most of my family included."

It sounded like Ginny was hoping he would stay, but he knew her well enough to know she wasn't offering an opinion, merely stating facts. She would withhold her opinion until he had a chance to think everything out completely.

Draco considered his answer. He had stood with Potter and his bunch during the final battle with Voldemort and his supporters. After Voldemort had been defeated, most of his followers had perished or fled. Few were ever captured and brought to trial. His parents had both perished serving the madman they had given up their son for. Because the Malfoys had been on Voldemort's side, the ministry wanted to confiscate all the family's possessions. But, amazingly, several people had come forward and argued that since Draco had fought against Voldemort, his birthright should not be taken away. The money and possessions hadn't mattered to him, but the show of support and good will had completely bowled him over.

A compromise had been reached. Draco would keep any monies held in accounts under Lucius or Narcissa's names, but all properties and possessions would be auctioned off and the proceeds would go to assist those injured by Voldemort or his followers.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anyone willing or qualified to oversee the disposition of the funds raised for the victims, including what had been raised from the Malfoy holdings, so Draco was also elected as Chairman of the Victim's Foundation. It didn't seem to matter to anyone that he was only nineteen when everything was finally settled.

Ginny and her family had helped enormously. The Squib accountant cousin had been called in to set up the management of the financial aspects. Fred and George, who were running their own extremely prosperous business, had offered sound business advice. His grandparents offered support and encouragement. And Ginny had been his sounding board for every major decision he made. Again, she offered no opinions, but she had the knack of presenting all sides of an issue, unvarnished and easy to consider.

Under the advice of the accountant cousin, who happily discovered a minor latent magical ability, the Foundation made some wise investments and was now self- supporting. Most decisions still came across Draco's desk, but he had never wanted that kind of power or responsibility. At least not since he had left his parents' home.

Instead of answering directly, Draco hugged his wife closer. "Did you know that Fudge's assistant approached me the other day?"

Ginny's head shot up. "What did that pathetic little rodent want?"

Cornelius Fudge was probably the worst Minister of Magic they'd ever had, but his assistant was an obsequious, power-hungry political climber who was constantly trying to make alliances with those he thought might be useful to him in future.

"He said that there were several positions coming open in the Ministry that could eventually lead to the top job. He said he would use his influence to get me in if I would remember him later on."

Ginny scowled. "Doesn't he realize you already have more influence than he ever will? The little worm. You know he sees your position at the Foundation as a huge, unexploited bankroll."

He smiled. "I know, love, and don't worry. I'm not bucking for a Ministry job."

"I should hope not," she answered. "A father and two brothers are quite enough."

Ginny's father, a minor civil servant for years had finally been promoted (over his very strenuous objections) to Minister of Muggle Trade. But he was happy as the job brought him in closer contact with Muggles. Both of the brothers in the Ministry were also successful, with extreme upward mobility.

"The reason I brought it up is that I want you to understand. I don't want any position that might bring more power and influence than is good for me." His face tightened as he said this. Ginny knew he was thinking of his father.

"Draco, love," she caressed his face and looked into those stormy gray eyes. "You are not your father. You don't need to worry about becoming corrupt. You're just not like that. Besides, you'd have to deal with me first."

"Hmmmm, that sounds like a challenge." He idly caressed her bare thigh. "I just wish I felt as certain about it as you do," he muttered. "Anyway, I've been wondering for a while now how to pull myself away from the Foundation, just keep a nominal roll in it. Grandfather's offer would be perfect. I'm taking over the family business. But what do you think? Days, weeks out of town, only seeing your family at holidays, it might get a bit lonely for you."

Ginny considered. "I'd be with you, love. And there are always port keys. Or even airplanes if we want an adventure. But, what about children?" she asked, biting her lip nervously.

"What about them? The nice thing about children is that they are wonderfully mobile." He looked strangely at her. "Are you worried that I might not be such a good father?"

"Heavens, no!" Ginny declared. "All my nieces and nephews love you. You're great with them. But sometimes I have to laugh. I've seen you bring hardened businessmen to their knees, but those nieces of mine have you wrapped around their little fingers!"

He took one of her hands and wrapped his around the little finger. Then he kissed the palm and flicked it lightly with his tongue. Ginny gasped, as she always did when he did that.

"Mmmmm," he agreed. "They're just like their Aunt Ginny. She has me wrapped around her little finger, too."

He looked into her eyes again, those huge beautiful brown eyes. "If you're not worried about my parenting skills, then what are you worried about?"

She took his hand and laid it on her belly. "I just wasn't sure you wanted to start practicing them quite so soon."

His half-lidded eyes shot wide open. A huge grin formed on his face as he looked to where his hand rested on her stomach. "Ginny, are you...are we? I'm going to be a father?!"

Ginny smiled and nodded. "Somewhere around six months from now. If you've decided to take over for your grandfather, we should be in Japan by then, don't you think? Maybe everyone could visit us out there?"

Draco jumped up with Ginny in his arms. Laughing and shouting the good news for everyone and anyone to hear, he whirled her around the room until she was dizzy. He carried her into the bedroom and they collapsed on the bed. He looked deep into those dreamy eyes.

"I love you, Ginny," he said softly.

She tangled her fingers in the fine, pale hair, pulling his face to hers. She arched her body up to his, needing him. "Show me," she whispered.

From their bedroom, Mr and Mrs Noirtier listened to the laughter and cheers from the bedroom down the hall. He took her hand and squeezed it tightly.

"About damned time," he said gruffly. "Wanted to see some little ones around here before I pass."

His wife turned to him and stroked his shoulder softly. "I like her, love. I think she's good for our Draco. And she comes from a long line of breeders. Likely we'll get tired of playing with our great-grandchildren long before those two get tired of making 'em."

Mr Noirtier agreed, smiling. His family was finally a family again