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Emily Dawson was close with a lot of guys in the firehouse. There were a few whose hearts she had stolen completely, those she had wrapped around her small, bony fingers. Casey and Severide were the two she had closest to her heart. Casey was her sister's love muse, and Severide was her makeshift sister's roommate. They were the two she could do anything with from cuddling up to on the couch and falling asleep in, to beating up the guy who made a move on her. The new guy Mills and she were quickly growing on each other, she pounced on him for piggy backs and ran when he threatened to tickle her, and he too would jump on any guy who made a pass.

Cruz was the guy who threw her over his shoulder and ran around with before dumping her onto the couch to pass to Otis. Otis tickled her 'till she squealed, and protected her when time came, and laughed with her 'till the ends of the universe with witty remarks and playful skits and voices. Hermann was her debate partner. Night and day, the two fought like crazy over random philosophical topics. It kept everyone entertained to see the two waltz in and change the subject with just one sentence. They argued without meaning, words dripping with sarcasm. Mouch was her T.V partner, she was every part one of the boys as she was one of the girls. Football and popcorn and root bear were her comfort foods to eat with Mouch and some of the other guys.

Going back to Mills though. She pounced on him for piggybacks and used him as her punching bag. He chased her for miles 'til they couldn't breathe. He helped her with homework, for school she did not wish to attend. He would soon make his way through the ranks to another guy she curled up next to, sleep on, dream on, cry on, talk to, go to, pray for. They fought and played and stayed up late. She helped him to cook and to clean, and made fun of him in a hearty, sister-like way. He was another brother, just like chief was another father figure.

Chief was protective of everyone, but Emily took the lead in the line. He's picked her up so many times from so many things. He gave her advice and helped her with anything. When she was young, she'd trusted him third-and-third-most in the Firehouse; Gaby came in first, Shay in second, and he in third. It still was this way, but from a distance. She was closer to the others now, but she still trusted him still most of all.

Shay was everything all balled into one. She was petite like Emily, strong, like Emily, she was bold and loving and knowledgeable like Emily. She was strong enough to toss the girl around, they debated, and played, cuddled, cared for, helped, and loved. Shay was another sister in the young girl's eyes. One neither Emily nor her sister, Gaby, would give up. Gaby went out sometimes, or stayed late passed Shay, so shay stayed with Emily so she wouldn't be alone or scared.

It wasn't good for Emily to be alone. There are eight million different sides to the girl; some everyone knew, some that a few knew, some that only the very closest know, some only Emily, and some not even Emily knew.

Emily is small. Always had been, always will be. She was special like no one knew and special like she wished she didn't know. Emily was born with a hole in her heart; no one knew whether she was going to survive or not. She spent three years in the hospital, in and out of that cold, sterile surgery room. But there was something special, so special, to counteract that negativity like nothing else would. Emily had an IQ of one hundred ninety-four; there was a part of her brain that was larger than all the rest, and one hundred times more capable of learning than that of a normal human adult. That part was the communications part of her brain.

Emily was fluent in many languages: French, Spanish, Latin, Italian, Sign Language, German, Russian, and a few others. She was a prodigy in more ways than one, special to the max in all of them like the movie August Rush. But there was something her brain was able to do and teach itself, that only four people in the whole world and history of the world had ever been able to do. Only two were alive at the time, they lived on opposite sides of the world, and they were bound by fate to be the closest in the possibility of more ways than one. They were able to mentally communicate with animals. These two people, Emily included, could send a message with their brains, to an animal of the wild or the domestic. All animals already have this ability to do so.

Despite the hole in her heart, and the challenged she should have faced, Emily has moved on tremendously from that part of her life and has beat the odds by more than anyone could ever imagine. Emily is a dancer, a gymnast, a track-star, a world-class horseback rider, and she used to be a singer. Emily of course would only be considered a world-class rider, it's one of the many things Emily would cease to want anyone to see. No one knew that Emily didn't totally give up on her singing either, all anyone knew was that she'd seemed to give it up after the accident.

There are other things about Emily and her history, when she was five, she'd already be living with one of possibly the worst days of her life. Her parents were taken from the world by a man who drowned his sorrows in liquor and made them pay the price.

Emily now had problems keeping calm; she was prone to flashbacks, panic attacks, fainting spells, rapid heartbeat and seizures. She's enlisted the help of service dog, Basil to help with a few of these things. Basil was part white Arctic Wolf, and part albino Ski Husky. But back to Emily, there are moments when her drift to space costs more than time, but also costs energy, happiness, hope. Sometimes, she spirals into a flashback, which can lead to a panic attack or the heartbeat thing. Come this time, Emily has the option to use her I.V. meds through syringe, or use her nebulizer, which is essentially a medicinal humidifier, with a mask for the patient to wear. She only uses this at home, or the Firehouse. This is the part of Emily that everybody knows.

When Emily was five, on that fateful day in the car, a part of her died with the rest of the people in her car. She withdrew, stopped eating, and stopped singing. She didn't talk much to anyone, or want to be held. She was put in a wheelchair due to her injuries, and when she finally got out, she didn't want anyone from the Firehouse to see her do everything she did with her legs. She hadn't even wanted Gabriella, Antonio, or Shay to see. That was saying something because they were her family. She had them drop her off at physical therapy, and when she was allowed to return to everything she did before, she didn't want the people she knew to watch her with her dance classes, her riding classes, or her gymnastics classes. After a while, it seemed as though she let school consume her, and she stayed after for countless activities, it seemed as though she dropped these passions altogether. But she didn't, and she was brilliant at it all. This is the part that only very few or even only she knew.

Present Day, Present Time(this is where I might want the story to actually begin, if I get enough viewers or visitors, or feedback, I may or may not continue)

She's sitting at the long oak table in the open common room of the Firehouse. She has her music in her ears, her dog by her side, her things spread all about, and a pen in hand. Shay is at the other end of the table, hands in her lap, staring at a newspaper, and letting her fresh-brewed coffee cool a little. There were a few guys watching a game on the T.V. with Mouch, and Peter Mills was in the kitchen making her a gourmet grilled cheese. Suddenly, she comes to the realization that she isn't with the present world anymore, but spiraling through space back in time into the first flashback of the night.


Her eyes opened with difficulty, the light was the first thing she noticed, and her eyes squinted and blinked to make it go away. And then, magically, it did. The room got dim, but not dark, she could open her eyes all the way to make out the faces of her much-older siblings. She registered the shift in the mattress and turned her head painfully to the right. There was her sister, Gabriella, holding her hand, tears racing down her cheeks. She sputtered into her smile and young Emily craned her neck the other way to look at the figure that had place a large, warm hand on her forehead. She found herself staring into the puffy eyes of her brother, Antonio.

"Wh-Where's mommy?" she stuttered, those special eyes welling with tears when the faces of her siblings fell nearly to the floor. Her tears overflowed, breaking through the dam and spilling onto her cheeks. The sight wasn't one her sister could handle, so she stood and walked out of the room, holding her stomach with one arm, and clamping her mouth shut with the other hand. She left Emily, swinging her arm in the air, grasping for nothing with her tiny hands, crying and alone with a broken brother who could only repeat to her, "I'm Sorry"

"Emily!" she heard, breaking her from the flashback. She jumped and looked up at Shay, then at Casey, who'd craned his head to look at her, his face screwing with worry.

"I'm sorry, I-I'm fine..." she waved it off and returned to her studying, grateful that her long, thick locks hid her heated cheeks until the pair accepted and turned away. Her work was college level; she was a sophomore in high-school, and only twelve years old. They'd send her right to college, or grad-school even, but they wanted to keep her socially with her group, and didn't want to overwhelm her. She buried herself, concentrated, back into her work and soon got lost in the world's fascinatingly cruel past.

She was so engrossed in her work, that she hadn't noticed it when her sister stormed into the room. She hadn't registered Basil getting upright, or the sound of Gaby's shoes on tile. The only thing that broke her spell was the slamming of papers down in front of her. With a jump, she looked up and pulled the bud from her ear.

"What the hell is this?!" her sister all but screamed in her face. She steeled herself and looked down. She froze, it was the fax of today's write-up to the principal's office, and a full report on what had happened, completed with multiple viewpoints. She looked up at her sister, her face and soul going soft with the raw anger on her mother-figure's face.

"I...I-uh...I..." she couldnt form the words to tell off her sister. But then "It's the write-up I got today, problem?" she said plainly, stacking the cards to her poker face one more time. Gaby's face twisted into something motherly surprised, like you'd had the F-bomb dropped on you for the first time by your ten-year-old.

"Uhh...yeah! What the hell happened?!" she asked defiantly.

"Dawson..." Shay started. Wrong move.

"You stay the hell out of this Shay!" She yelled, throwing her a harsh glare with warning eyes. Shay stepped back and placed her hands palm out in front of her in surrender.

"I...Well... I-uh... I slapped a girl in my class because I'm fed up." she said without fear

"Fed up with what?" Emily froze. This was one of those things that only she knew; only she was supposed to know. No one else.

"Emily. Emily! Look at me." she looked up, swallowing the lump in her throat and shoving the tears into the pit of her stomach. "Emily. Fed up with what?" She began to feel that familiar pain in her chest, she registered her breathing as it started to get heavier, and she registered the feel of wet nose on her palm as her savior pleaded for her attention. She began to clench her fists, it was her way of trying to relax, to even everything. Obviously, it didn't work because Basil began to whine. But she managed, and then, she broke.

"I'm fed up with the way people treat me!" she yelled "I'm fed up with school! Being the baby! It isn't fair! I can do squat at school because I can feel their stares and I start to get anxious! I've gone to the nurse before to sit on her nebulizer because my meds don't work! People purposefully try to break the two of us up" she continued to yell, grasping a handful of fur to keep some sanity. "That crash you responded to the other day? Yeah, I watch the news, I'm literate, I can read, apparently it's so similar to what happened to me, that the broadcasters are putting us back on the news! That was NINE YEARS AGO, GABY! I get weird looks, people talk! My new nickname is 'Killer' because if I wasn't in that car, mom would have been able to protect herself, and maybe even dad! And we'd all be alive!

"You know what else? This time? I was sticking up for YOU and for SHAY because I'm sick and tired of that too! I'm tired of people saying that you're a dyke just because your ambo partner's gay. What do I care? I don't! Shay all but adopted me! I would call either one of you 'mom' if I had the guts to! She's one of the best things that's ever happened to me! I have the photostrip pictures of us in my locker, but the runt of the faggot-family can't just be happy! I'm done. With everything!

" What's the last thing you heard about me and school ah? Do you know where I go afterschool? 'Cause it ain't afterschool, school-run activities, at least some of them! I tell you that!" she stopped, gripping to the scruff of Basil's neck and breathing hard."

Gaby took a small step forward, placing a hand in front of her with her palm to the floor. Emily back hastily away, in perfect sync with the wolf by her side. "NO!" she screamed, "What do you know about my school life huh? What do you know?" Gaby's arms dropped limply by her sides in defeat. Emily managed to straighten and square her jaw

"Nothing. Exactly. You know nothing! Did you know I'm the track-star of the school? But it doesn't matter because everyone hates the twelve-year-old for stealing the title. Did you know that I'm the most well rounded dance student? They pulled me out of Dance II because they felt I was too advanced and put me in AP Dance. Did you know that I go to Gymnastics and other dance classes afterschool? I'm the best gymnast ages whatever to sixteen. And I'm the best dancer of the studio. OF THE STUDIO! Did you know that?"

Before anyone could respond, the bell sounded and a monotonous voice sounded over the PA system "Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, trapped billboard tagger…" she drowned it out. When it stopped, Gaby's shoulders sagged and her eyes deflated, she took a few steps backward and turned, only to start the rush that began whenever the beep sounded throughout the station.

This time…she was left alone…

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