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The clearing of throats behind her, wiped the smile from her face and she turned with a look of horror to face…the entire firehouse behind them. Her face flushed bright red and she hid in Seth's shoulder, he placed his lips, unbashedly on the top of her head and she could feel the reassuring smile he gave her.

"Guys…this is Seth…"

Their faces mimicked that of shock and disbelief. This boy was no 'friend', he was much, much more than that. Watching them, Emily saw this realization dawn on them, watching as though they seemed to get bricks dumped on them as this slapped them in the face- this little girl that they watched struggle to grow up, was hugging this boy like some of them went home to hug their wives. He wasn't just a dance partner, he didn't just play god when he held her in the air- he was her… her… boyfriend. And the thought tasted like poison when it tried to voice itself on their tongues. But this is what she needed; a push is what she needs to move along and grow as her person and to grow out of the phase she'd held onto for so long because she hadn't had her mom in eight years.

Seth stepped forward, first to make any sort of move. He looked down at Emily, smiled and removed his hand from around her waist to begin his introduction to the men that would surely pound him for the next hour. "Hello, I'm Seth. I realize that there will be a lot of questions so I'll start answering some now. My last name is Eller, I'll be fourteen in three months, I've trained at this studio since I was four. I started with hip-hop but I do a wide range of dancing now. I'm one of the strongest in my age range at the studio. I'm adopted along with my biological little sister, Haley, she's 5 and absolutely adores Emily. The three of us have full-ride scholarships at the studio and our title-winnings make up for it. What else should I tell you?" he finished, adding in a little more than he needed to.

Casey was the first to step forward, that analytical knit-brow look plastered to his face as he stuck his hand out for Seth to shake. Seth glanced down at it and took it strongly, "Welcome to the firehouse Seth" he said, letting a grin fall to his features and clapping a hand to Seth's shoulder.

"I appreciate that…" He cut himself off, waiting for a response to know who this man was who was manly enough to make the first introduction.

"Lieutenant Matt Casey, Em calls me Casey" he finished, letting go of his hand to back away and join Gabriela.

"It's a pleasure, Lt. Casey" he said with a smile.

Next up was Gaby, and to Emily's surprise, she was decent with him, "Gabriela Dawson, Emily's sister. And this is my partner Shay. Nice to meet you" she told him.

"Another pleasure, I've heard great things about the two of you, and have seen innumerable priceless photos of you all" he told her, prompting Gaby to give Emily an amused smile at the realization that she was talked about. Shay returned the smile and threw googley eyes at Emily to make her blush with embarrassment.

Hermann got to him next, "What kind of music you like?" he asked.

"Oh, right, well, Em and I really like country right now, but I'm a fan of pop, I like classic rock, and billboards and such. I'm trying to widen my palate and listen to more, but I'm always up for suggestions." He answered, earning an A plus slap on the back from Hermann.

Otis and Mills didn't drill him, Vargas had already sort of met him, and Cruz just slapped his back and joined the rest of the already-introduced.

Emily wasn't worried about Mouch, it isn't like he'd do anything, he was a big teddy-bear that sat on the couch, watched football games and always made sure that the left-overs didn't go bad, "One question" he said.

"Shoot" Seth said with a smile"

Mouch took a deep breath, puffing his chest out as he did so, "What" he began dramatically, "Is your favorite food?" he finished finally, releasing the breath he was holding, his stomach pooching slightly over his belt as he did so.

"Great question. The best meal I've ever had was brisket over rice with lemon broccoli and mac and cheese on the side because five year olds live on that" he answered, making Mouch sigh and practically drool as he imagined the flavors.

"You cook?" Mills asked from behind them and Seth turned to nod.

Kelly was going to be Emily and Seth's worst nightmare, and he was the next to step up. This would go for a while, but Emily needed to find a place for them to stretch without anyone seeing them.

"You take care of her? At the studio?

"Wherever I can, as best I can without crossing the line" he told him, also seeming to have realized the nature of the conversation.

Kelly nodded, "And where is that line?"

"It's where she says it is, and I respect that in all its meanings." Seth said. His chivalry was showing and they all knew it, but only Emily knew that this was no act. This was Seth and everything that went to him; this was how he acted towards all adults. Even though his attitude was a little more playful with Emily, this was and is Seth, this is who he is, polite and to the point most often than not.

"Good answer. One of the strongest?" Seth nodded, "How much?"

Seth thought for a moment, "The last time I checked I could do three reps at 150" he informed Kelly, eliciting a surprised reaction from the seasoned firefighter.

"Ok, but I got my eye on you" He said, backing away.

Emily took him around the firehouse and they eventually sat at the oak table to study various materials. Emily was unsure of how she would get to Abby's stretched without being seen; the fact of the matter was that she just wasn't ready to show what she could do to the men at the firehouse. But the thought came on her that it might not be something she could control today and would just have to show up stretched.

"So…" Seth started, looking at Emily, "Abby Bcc'd me in the email she sent you. We both have to show up stretched and warm." He told her, informing her of something she didn't already know.

"I know… well, I know about the stretch and warm thing, but not about the 'you too' thing." She said, "I just… I don't want to show them yet, and if they get a call, I mean, I don't know if they would make us come, they might, or they might make someone stay. I just, I mean, we can't say, 'we're gonna warm up, so don't mind us doing pushups and sit ups and crunches and aerials and backbends and crap over there.' They're gonna watch… very intently…" she said in somewhat of a panic, causing Basil to sit up and give a low whine.

Gaby turned at the noise from the wolf and gave Emily a questioning look, who didn't bother to hide the look of worry in her eyes and the nod off she gave to signal she was alright. Gaby walked over, "What's up?" she asked, completely butting into the conversation Emily was having in hushed tones with Seth.

She sighed, "Abby wants us stretched when we get there. But I don't know where we can stretch and warm-up and even if we show up early, she wants us stretched and warm when we get there, so it isn't going around anything." Emily explained in a huff, her face flushing slightly.

"Practice wherever" Gaby said as though it were obvious.

"The point, sister, is that I still want to be hidden, I told, but it doesn't mean I was ready to" Emily said, causing Gaby to wince at the words. She knew they were true, she just wishes the girl would feel okay, be more open and let her cares fly away for a day.

Gaby sighed in defeat and sat back down on the couch. Seth watched Emily, catching her eye as she turned to look at him again, "Dance as though no one is watching" he told her before standing, spreading his feet and bending to wrap his arms around his left leg and plaster his face to his knee. It caught the attention of the firefighters in the room, but after a few seconds of watching the currently boring display of flexibility, they resumed to the tasks they'd been doing before. But Emily knew that once she joined in, they'd be watching, no matter what. And when they started their crunches and sit-ups, all eyes would be on them, no matter where they went.

So, swallowing the tears, Emily stood, and dropped herself a little lower to the floor than Seth, and warped herself into the same position, already a leg behind as he moved place his arms between his legs and his hands on the floor about 6 inches behind his heels. Casey, looking back to 'check on them', did a double take as he saw that Emily had joined Seth in the stretching he knew they had to do because of the email succession he saw earlier that day. Tapping Gaby on the arm, she too did a double take. And so starts the chain of tapping and double-takes and watching.

Emily, aware that this has happened, and moving on to her right leg and inadvertently dropping slightly lower as her feet began to give way. The tears she swallowed earlier had never gone all the way down and were now burning behind her eyes as they threatened to appear again. Nearly choking, she pulled out of her stretch and faced Seth, pulling her hands up to her face shield her eyes from what she thought to be an inevitable water-works show.

Placing his hands on her waist, in perfect bounds of where his hands should be, he began to talk, to speak softly and reassuringly to her as they would have to continue their stretching in order to not get yelled at. "Emily, breathe, it's okay. Look at me, look at my eyes. Good. Now, it's you and me, we're at the studio, there's no one else but Abby there, yelling in the room beside us. We're doing our warm-ups on a regular day, we're okay. We're laughing, you threw water at me remember? We are perfectly okay, you are in you comfort zone. You and me, Em, you and me." Her breathing began to even out; Basil sat back beside them and began with her normal panting routine, tongue lolling out to make drool spots on the floor. She nodded, and Seth had to duck to see her eyes as she tucked her chin to her chest to take a final few breaths and swallow the tears.

It took them the rest of the hour to finish out the stretches they normally did, and Emily thought about how they should try doing them in different succession or doing different ones entirely so their bodies didn't expect the norm and stayed with a good range of motion. Though they would usually add a line of walkovers, or handstands, or aerials and back tucks to their warm-ups, Emily was simply not ready to take it that far with the scrutiny of the firemen looming behind her. She'd always imagined that her 'reveal' of her talents would be amazing and spectacular, like inviting them to the last competition of the season-nationals-and winning the overall title with some marvelously complicated and beautifully spooky contemporary solo or duet with Seth. She didn't, however, expect it to be forced stretching at the firehouse like this, where she nearly had an attack and had to battle with her emotions the entire time.

"We should uh… get going" she told Seth, loud enough for Gaby and Shay to hear so they got the hint.

He nodded, "do you have your bag?" she reached under the table to grab it, but Seth reached out as soon as she got her grip on it, "Here, let me take it." She handed it over and he grabbed his own bag, pulling it up as he attempted to 'wave' goodbye to the men of the firehouse, "Thanks guys" he said before following Emily out to the ambo where they'd sit on the bench in the back to ride over in silence. As soon as they were situated and driving, Emily comfortably rested her head on his shoulder and allowed his arm around her waist to hold onto her hand. This was going to be interesting, Gaby meeting Abby Lee Miller for the first time, possibly- and hopefully not- wanting to sit in the skybox and watch until a call came in.

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