I jumped and turned to see who had spoken. I inwardly winced when I recognized Mister Douche from that morning and another guy I had yet to meet, and honestly thought I could do without meeting. I stood and faced them. "Yeah, I am. He should be here any minute now," I lied. I had no idea what time it was, when Tyler would be back from visiting his parents or how long it would take him to get back to campus.

Mister Douche smirked, eyeing the jacket I was wearing. "Waiting on Simms? Guess it wouldn't hurt if I kept a cutie like you company until he gets here. After all, it isn't safe for a pretty girl to be outside this late alone," he walked up to me, stopping about a foot in front of me. I cursed Reid, he just had to be late this morning and knock my flat on my ass causing me to break the screen of my phone. I could have really used it about now. But then again, who would I call? The only person I could call would have been Jason but he was still in a pissy mood from earlier today.

"You could just leave me alone. I'll be fine and I won't tell anyone that you did." Yeah, smooth Renee, real smooth. Mister Douche leaned towards me a little, "There's a problem with that, you see. My friend Zack is here. He'll know. What would I do if he told someone else that Good Guy Aaron left a new student alone on a campus they weren't familiar with? What if something happened? So, what do you say just forgetting about Simms and let me escort you back to your room or maybe to get some dinner then back to your room?"

I did not try hiding the look of disgust on my face at what Mister Douche was insinuating. "I don't think so creep," I waved him off and made the biggest mistake I could have ever made: I turned my back on him.

Aaron growled and gripped my upper arm, spinning me to face him. "I am trying to be nice. Why would you diss me for a guy that is just going to use you? That's all Simms and his buddies do, find the most vulnerable girl and use them for their own devices." I tried pulling my arm from his iron grip but to no avail. "Aaron, let me go! You're starting to hurt me." Aaron's friend Zack walked away from us, not even trying to help me or get Aaron to calm down. What a jerk.

Aaron shook me to get me to look at him again. "You're new here, you have no idea what that guy is capable of. There was-"

"Let her go Aaron!"

"Hey dickhead, what the hell you doing?"

Aaron and I looked around and laid eyes on Tyler and Reid running towards us. Aaron shoved me away from him and took a couple steps back as Reid and Tyler stopped between Aaron and I. "Simms, I'm so glad you're here. You're girl was all over me man!" My jaw dropped and Tyler gave an almost feral growl as he advanced a couple steps. Reid adjusted his gloves before grabbing Tyler's shoulder.

"You okay there sweet cheeks?" Reid asked, taking a glance behind him. Tyler looked over his shoulder at me when I gave a shaky yes in return. "You sure Renee? This dickhead didn't hurt you did he?" Tyler pressed.

I gave an exasperated sigh and took a step closer to Tyler. "I'm fine okay? Can we just go? I don't want to be around Aaron unless I have to be, okay?" I grabbed Tyler's hand with my shaking ones; I felt him squeeze mine in return. Reid glanced at our hands before cracking his knuckles. "Baby Boy, why don't you take sweet cheeks back to her room and let me handle this dickhead? I still got a score to settle from earlier today."

I took a quick look around as Tyler started pulling on my hand. "Wait, where did that Zack guy go?" Reid waved his hand again. "It's okay sweet cheeks. Aaron wouldn't dare try double teaming me and, even if he did, he knows I'll kick both their asses." Reid and Tyler exchanged looks that clearly said 'If you need me call me' before Tyler dragged me away from the two other teens.

As we put distance between us and them Tyler drew me into his side and placed his arm around my waist, keeping me there. Not that I minded. He kept me at his side even when we entered the dorm and ascended the stairs. He finally let me go as we stood in front of my door and unlocked it. I shed Tyler's jacket and kicked off my shoes. "Make yourself comfy. I just need to-" I cut off as I walked into the mini bathroom that held a towel rack above a toilet and a sink with a mirror hung over that.

Tyler shut the door to my room and stood at the foot of my bed, hands in the pockets of his slacks and looked around at all the posters I had put up. He walked over to the bathroom door when he heard water running. "Are you okay Renee?" He asked through the door.

"Yeah, I'm okay Tyler. Give me a minute." I stood bent over the small sink in the overly tiny bathroom. I ran my shaking hands under the water and splashed some on my face. What the hell was going on? My first day here and some creep-o was trying to… Just what was he trying to do? I had turned him down; did he think by some twisted luck I would forget about adorable Tyler and just go with him?

Then there was Tyler. Reid told Aaron earlier in the hallway that I was Baby Boy's and just a short while ago Aaron had, in a way, called me Tyler's girl. I just met him! Yes I thought he was cute – very, very cute – but that did not mean I wanted to date him. He is the opposite of my type. Although, with Reid being more my type, maybe change was not such a bad idea.

Frustrated, I grabbed a hand towel from over the toilet and wiped my face free of water. I exited the small bathroom and found Tyler standing beside my bed, checking out the poster above it.

"Like it?" I asked in a quiet voice. He turned around and smiled. "Yeah, it's… Pretty. Are you okay?" Tyler stood in front of me, taking my slightly shaking hands in his steady ones. I nodded, "Yeah I'm fine. I'm just glad you and Reid came when you did. Really, really glad."

Tyler nodded and continued looking me in the eye. He dropped my hands and pulled me into a hug. I tensed for a moment before letting myself lean into him, wrapping my arms around his waist. "Tyler, thank you so much for coming when you did. I had no idea what I was going to do," I whispered into his chest, his natural smell and that of his cologne tickling my nose.

Tyler rested his chin on the top of my head and speaking in a quiet voice, "My parents were only in town for the day. I only got to spend a little bit of time with them before they had to leave again. I ran into Reid when I got back to campus and we were on our way to the dorms when we saw you and Aaron," he gave me a gentle squeeze, "It really did not look like you were the one all over him. Plus we heard what sounded like a girl yelling." I shook my head and chuckled. "I didn't think I was that loud. I guess anyone's voice would carry across a mostly deserted campus in the evening." We stood there in each other's embrace for a few moments in a comfortable silence when my phone went off. I groaned when I recognized the ringtone.

Hesitantly I pulled back from Tyler and answered. "Hey Pops!" I said, adding perhaps a bit too much cheeriness.

"Hey Cracker! Your mom and I were worried when you didn't call us this morning."

"Aw I knew I forgot to do something!" I smacked my forehead; how forgetful could I be? My father's laugh rang out on the other end. "I'm sorry I forgot! I was busy with finding the Provost's office and getting my stuff and then I came back to my room and unpacked. A couple girls down the hall showed me around the campus and I only got back maybe ten minutes ago."

As I continued to chat with my father Tyler plopped down on my bed, watching as I paced passed the foot of the bed to the other one and back. Finally I said my goodbyes and I love you's to the O'Conner's and closed my phone. Sighing I looked back at Tyler. "Sorry about that. I was supposed to call them when I got here but I forgot to. At least I know my phone works; it just has a busted screen." I walked to the nightstand and sat the phone next to the lamp.

"I got a text from Reid. He said he put Aaron in his place and Zack didn't interfere. He also asked if you were still coming with us to Nicky's tonight." I raised an eyebrow as I sat next to him on the bed. "I guess. I mean, I did tell a couple people I would try to be there. They seem like nice girls. I might even make a couple friends tonight." Tyler, already knowing who I was talking about, raised an eyebrow in return. "Oh really? Well that's good. You can't just hang with me and Reid all the time." I stood up and began sorting through one of the dresser draws. "Not that either of us would complain." He finished, checking out the view.

I stopped and turned, throwing a pair of socks at his head. I huffed when he caught them with ease. Turning back to the dresser I began questioning Tyler about what kind of hangout place this "Nicky's" was. As he told me all about this seemingly infamous Spencer's hangout spot, I decided on a pair of skinny jeans instead of my shorts and a pair of low heeled combat boots and a white tank top. Yeah, classy huh? I slipped into the small bathroom to change and changed the subject. "So is Reid all right after going a couple rounds with Aaron?" I slipped off my shorts and began putting on my jeans.

Through the door I heard Tyler scoff. "This wouldn't be the first time those two have went at it. Reid always kicks Aaron's ass with barely a scratch; I doubt this time was any different. He'll be at Nicky's too so you can make sure he's fine there." I giggled as I tugged on my tank top. "Did I catch a small hint of jealousy there Baby Boy?"

Silence greeted me as I took my hair down and opened the door. "You know I was joking right?" Tyler was again sitting on my bed, looking down at his hands. "You all right Tyler?" I sat beside him, leaning down to try catching his eye. Giving up I stood up and grabbed my boots from the closet and tugged them on. "I'm going to run down stairs and change out of my uniform. I'll be back up to get you before we leave," Tyler said as he stood and walked to my door. I sighed and grabbed his hand before he made it that far.

"You know I was kidding, right Tyler? If it makes you feel any better, I'm not interested in Reid like that, okay?" I tightened my grip on his hand; he returned the favor with a small squeeze. "Yeah," he whispered as we stood there in silence. Not an awkward silence but not a comfortable one either. It was just… silent.

"It's just that when Marky or Jason would get in any kind of fight they would usually be messed up, not as bad as the other guy but still messed up, you know?" I tried smoothing over the silence between us. Tyler smirked and pulled me into a one armed hug. "I really need to go now or Reid is going to think something weird again." I quirked an eyebrow as I walked him the short distance to the door. "'Something weird'?" I echoed, "You know, I don't think I want to know," I said as I crossed my arms. Tyler laughed, walking into the hall.

"It's nothing Renee. I'll be back up in a few," Tyler said as he waved, walking down the hall toward the stairs. I smiled as I retreated back into my room.

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