Disclaimer: I don't own Owls of Ga'Hoole (books or film). If I did, I'd be very happy, but I don't, so I'm not. :(

So this is a short little one-shot thing I came up with after watching the film yesterday. It's kind of a variation of Soren and Kludd's confrontation towards the end of the film. I dunno.

First FanFic! Woo!

"Kludd, please, come home! It doesn't have to be like this!"

"Home? That was never my home! None of you understood me!" Kludd spat, slamming a clawed foot against the ground. "No, here is my home, brother. Here, they appreciate me! They understand me!"

"No, Kludd. The Pure Ones are wrong! They're twisted! You don't belong with them. You belong with us! With the Guardians!" Soren countered, his voice pleading.

"The Guardians?" Kludd echoed, bitterness in his voice. "The Guardians are weak! All that talk of fixing the broken and helping those in need? It's pathetic!"

"But Kludd! The stories. Da's stories-"

"They mean nothing, Soren! They never meant anything to me! Why can't you see that the Guardians are weak?"

"The Guardians are strong! They fight with honour and courage!" Soren exclaimed, taking a step towards his brother.

Around them the forest burned and fell, but neither owl seemed to notice.

"Metal beak says that the strong will conquer the weak!" Kludd, roared, flapping his wings angrily. "The Pure Ones will rule over the rest of owl kind, and all of those that are inferior will bow down to them! And he also says that 'honour' is just another word for weak!"

"Metal beak is wrong!" Soren cried, voice shaking with passion.

"No, brother. It is you who are wrong," Kludd said, his tone final. "The Pure Ones are the future. The Guardians are finished. If you cannot see that then you are a fool. And you are no brother of mine."

So, what do you think? Reviews would be much appreciated!

Feel free to point out any problems (there's got to be some in there somewhere).

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