Hey there! Sooo I saw Rise of The Guardians on Monday and it was. AWESOME. I loved it and can't wait for the DVD to come out! I must have it. So here's a little one-shot that just was nagging me since I saw the movie. I hope you enjoy.

This takes place before RoTG.

Three Hundred Years.

Three-hundred years was long time to spend in solitude.

All he wished for was for someone to just look at him. Sometimes he would stand in front of countless people, waving his hands in their faces, snapping his fingers, trying uselessly to get their attention- only to have them walk straight through him. He would stare longingly after their retreating forms before jumping into the air and flying to who knows where.

~ *~ ~*~
He spent many nights sitting on the lake - the first thing he had been aware of when he had first woken up- just looking at the moon. Waiting, as if it would suddenly start speaking and tell him- what? What was it that he wanted to hear? He wasn't sure, all he knew was that he wanted it to say something, anything, that would break the silence so pronounced it made him feel as if he were the only person in the world. He might as well have been, considering no one even acknowledged his existence. The few times he had tried to get the attention of the other guardians, he had been pushed away and disregarded. Each time he felt more and more resentful, taking his anger and frustration out with his powers, which almost always ended in a disaster of some sorts. When that happened he would sit there, on the lake, gripping his staff as if it were a lifeline, and staring up until his neck ached and his eyes burned from the moon's light. He would hate the moon for bringing him here and then just leaving him, forgotten and to fend for himself. He would question his very existence, why had he been put here if all he caused was suffering and death? There had to be more than just bringing winter every year. He wanted answers-he needed answers- but he knew the moon wouldn't tell him, it felt like even the moon wanted nothing to do with him.

~*~ ~*~
If being alone taught him anything, it was to avoid the terrible feelings. He would distract himself with bringing storms and traveling the world. He hid the sadness under smiles and laughter. He would entertain himself by causing trouble, not on the grand scale like killer blizzards (at least not as bad as before.) He would mess around with the humans, frosting the ground and laughing as he watched the unsuspecting pedestrians went slipping and sliding, dropping their belongings. But even that got boring and when his laughter and amusement died down he would feel the gnawing loneliness start to creep up on him. He would run from it. He would jump to the sky, letting the wind take him wherever they would, telling himself he was fine. He didn't need anyone. He would close his eyes and relish the exhilarating feeling he got whenever he was flying, trying to convince himself over and over.

He was Jack Frost, and he didn't need anyone

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