'Break me on the thirty seventh hour...'

She was sure she had been tied up like this for more than twenty four hours, the pain in her shoulders and wrists was unbearable, she was supposed to be unbreakable, invincible, invulnerable. But here she was, feeling more vulnerable than she had in a long time.

'Tout me, doubt me, show me all of your power...'

All she had to do was resist the urge to cry, her bottom lip was bleeding from where she was biting down on it to stifle her cries.

The man before her just smiled, his red eyes shone in the darkness, although she couldn't see his face or his body she could tell who it was hiding in the shadows.

'I will watch you rise on my back from the ground, Friend or foe? I don't know, do you like what you've found?'

If he was an empath why wasn't he doing anything to ease the pain? Or trying to find her communicator to call the X-Men? She would feel better even if he just told her everything was going to be okay.

'Because I will one day shine with you, I'll shine on a faithful few...'

He slowly moved toward her, she had known all along that he was too good to be true, and what did she have to show for it? A headache and aching arms.

'Oh, show me low quotations, have you earned your stripes?'

"Bonjour, chere." He leaned close to her, so close that she could smell his familiar cigarettes and bourbon, if he leaned any closer their noses would be touching.

'Fabricate salvation, Lord, I know your type I've known you all my life...'

He was using the X-Men all this time, he was using her. Now she was locked up in a dungeon with him, if Bobby were here with her he would've made a crude joke about the conditions of the dungeon or what it might be hired out as on the weekends. But Bobby wasn't here; it was just her and Remy.

'I was always wrong, you, all in white...'

He lifted a hand and rested it on her cheek; she felt the soft skin of his palm.

'Brush my cause aside with little trouble Oh my god, I think I'm hearing double...'

He drew back quickly standing above her and looking down with scarlet eyes, she had always loved his eyes, but of course she had never said anything to him.

'I will watch you rise on my back from afar, friend or foe? I don't know, now you're up in the stars...'

He walked away from her, opening the cell door and closing it behind him. Why were things always so difficult between them? Why couldn't things go to plan for once? Why shouldn't she be allowed one good thing against all the bad things in her life?

The way things used to be was better than this. The Brotherhood was better than this. Even Mississippi was better than this.

All her life waiting on a man to come and save her from herself, and now what? She was tied up in a dungeon watching the only person she had ever truly loved walk away from her.