Death Note Alternate Reality- Welsh Edition

Chapter 17- The World through New Eyes

47 Belmont Road, Bangor, Gwynedd, during the final events of the former chapter

Felicity Granger hung up on her mobile phone, and mumbled, "So... that... 'Matt' friend of Mihael's... he's... dead. And... seeing as Mihael stole back his Death Note... that means..."

Suddenly, Felicity couldn't bear to continue, as if she had come to a horrifying conclusion.

Rem looked at Felicity with slight concern, "...what have you figured out? What is bothering you?"

"...I... I... I should be dead... I might be being manipulated before my death..." Felicity said in a bizarrely calm voice, "Mihael probably killed Matt because he was going to meet with me tonight, and was afraid I may have used him to steal the notebook back... or perhaps he's using this to spite me before he finishes me off..."

"What... what do you mean?" Rem asked, her yellow eyes looking over the older woman, "...your... I am not allowed to tell you your remaining lifespan, however... it doesn't seem like your lifespan has been removed..."

Felicity sat down on her luxurious sofa, and thought to herself, before broadcasting said thoughts to Rem, "...why? Why hasn't he killed me yet? It doesn't make any sense... this is worrying, I wish I was able to kill him, but that Ryuk... he tricked me into misspelling his name four times..."

"How do you know this 'Mihael' is in fact, the first owner of the notebook?" Rem asked, "What event allowed you to figure this out?"

"Ryuk and I had a plan in which he pointed out Mihael to me, and Mihael noticed Ryuk, which meant he had at least touched the Death Note before..." Felicity explained, "...he seemed genuinely scared, as if he hadn't seen..."

Suddenly, Felicity's eyes widened, and she looked at her Shinigami, "...Rem, you mentioned that my Shinigami Eyes allow me to see people's names and lifespans... and that Death Note users do not show a lifespan. So, if I call up Mihael, and look at him, I'll be able to tell if he's an owner of a Death Note or not..."

"But I thought you were sure of it..." Rem pointed out.

"But just then I realised something..." Felicity said, her brain uncharacteristically active, "...Ryuk had tricked me so that Mihael would be immune to Death Notes. Ryuk may have been tricking me about other things... I think that perhaps... someone other to Mihael may have been the first user of Ryuk's Death Note..."

Rem smiled a little, before adopting her usual worried expression, "But... what if Mihael is the first user of the Death note, and he is looking for you?"

"Well, if he is, he has held back in killing me so far..." Felicity replied, "...clearly, he has some use for me... or perhaps..." Felicity giggled a little to herself, "...he liked last night so much that he wants me alive for other reasons...sort of like Batman dating Catwoman, don't you think?"

Rem sighed. It seemed that for a moment, Felicity was being thoughtful, however, she had set herself back onto the intellectual square zero from that remark alone. After a brief period of exasperation, Rem mused, "...I guess that you're right. Investigation of Mihael Keehl would probably be a wise move..."

Felicity proceeded to skip upstairs, and decided to change into something less suited for dating, and more suited for casual wear. Once she did that, she called up the person in contacts labelled 'Michael Cain'. Smirking a little, she waited for an answer...

Mello's Room, Enlli Building, Ffriddoedd Site, just after these events...

Mello was sitting in his room, stewing over what the best course of action was... he was unsure if making the first move of he, Near, and L's plan was premature. Near and L had said that he would simply visit Felicity and tell her the bad news as if he didn't know Halley had already told her, however, Mello knew he had a little something both L and Near were severely lacking- the social skills required to know that such an action was highly contrived, especially for someone supposedly grieving their friend- the phrase 'bros before hoes' came to mind, and certainly, it didn't seem right that one of the first people he'd go to regarding his 'friend's' death was an older woman he'd had a one-night stand with...

...however, whether Mello thought of the action as contrived or not, fate seemed to bend over backwards for the plan regardless, and his phone began to ring. Checking the caller, Mello was surprised to see that Felicity had brought the investigation to him, and he answered quickly enough, "...uh... hello?"

"Hello, Mike, darling..." Felicity's voice said, her additional years to Mello showing through her voice alone, "...I... I called Matt's phone today, and his friend told me he was... dead... died of a heart attack, apparently... I just wanted to say... I'm so sorry..."

Mello's face fell... this was not what he expected... she called him, and was offering him condolences... something didn't seem right. However, Mello decided to keep her talking, "...yeah, it... it just came out of nowhere... I... I'm not really sure what to say..."

"...would... would you like to come over?" Felicity's voice asked, "You know, you need something to take your mind off this... come on, get out of that miserable little student hovel and spend the night in a comfortable house..."

Now Mello knew there was something wrong... this act was so unbelievably fake that it almost passed into the other side of the believability spectrum. However, he couldn't just throw away an opportunity such as this, so he allowed for the ridiculous story, "Yeah... that... that would be good..."

"Oh, brilliant! I'll pick you up... at the exit near the Mail Office!" Felicity said, her voice slightly excited-sounding, "Be there in ten minutes!"

With that, the woman hung up, and Mello looked down in slight apprehension, "...this... this seems... wrong..."

Before he went out, Mello knew his first move should be to discuss the event with Near. When he was in Wammy's House, he was always too proud to accept guidance from the child-like genius, however, over the course of this investigation, he had slowly come to accept that their co-operation was paramount to the success of every plan they formulated together.

Knocking on Near's door, the boy instantly opened said door before Mello could even ask to be let in. He allowed Mello the space to go into his room, and quickly shut the door behind him.

"Mello, you really need to keep your voice down..." Near remarked, "The walls in this flat complex are highly permeable with regards to sound. I heard all of your side of your conversation... I can assume that Felicity Granger called you?"

Mello was secretly rather impressed at Near's almost instantaneous deduction from his side of the conversation alone, however, he kept the conversation strictly business, "Yeah... she wants me to meet her at her house..."

Near grinned, "Well, that saves you having to ask her... I shall inform L and provide you with the wire-tap and button camera from before... and the false hearing aid, of course..."

"...thanks..." Mello mused, taking a wire tap and a button camera from Near's drawer, and placing a small device into his ear, "...still, it's strange, isn't it? That she would call me first?"

"Perhaps she genuinely finds you attractive..." Near mused, before scoffing, "...or, more likely, she wants to get her Death Note back. I can't believe she'd be foolish enough to assume you'd carry it on your person... I reckon Matthew wasn't that foolish, wouldn't you say?"

Mello sighed to himself, "...damn it, he's only died today, and already we're talking about him like it's no big deal..."

"...there's no point in letting death that is close to us affect our work any more than the others..." Near pointed out, "...remember, there have been countless deaths that have affected countless lives prior to Matthew's death. He is just one of many. Remember, Mello, you need to look for a second Death Note... and perhaps... perhaps the God of Death will be there, too. That may be a clue..."

Mello looked down, ever so slightly bitter at Near, finding it difficult to take his heartless, yet legitimate point to heart. Finally, he turned around, and said, "Well, I need to be going, she said she'd pick me up ten minutes from when we talked, and it's already been..."

"...five minutes." Near mused, "Be careful, Mello... the creature may be accompanying Felicity once again... you haven't seen it recently, have you?"

"No..." Mello pondered out loud, "...I'm actually surprised, I thought it would have come for it, but it hasn't done anything of the sort..."

"...I see." Near replied, turning on his computer, "Well, good luck..."

"Since when did you believe in luck?" Mello instantly said back.

"...well, if you wish to be pedantic..." Near turned away, and curled his hair tightly with his finger, "...I hope the probability of your survival is high. Is that better?"

Mello simply grunted at this response, and walked out of Near's room, closing the door as quickly as it could be closed. Pretty soon, Near had set up the computer so that he was speaking with L.

"Ryuzaki, Mike's initiated the first stage of the plan. He is wearing button camera four, and wire tap thirteen. I suggest we start watching and listening to them immediately..."

"Of course..." L's voice replied, ", he called her?"

"" Near replied, "...she... she called him..."

"This is undoubtedly a trap..." L mused, "...oh well. Mello is probably aware of the risks... and if it truly is a trap, then we will be able to catch the whole business on camera and at least be able to take Felicity Granger out of the equation... soon, this case will be over..."

"...this is true..." Near mused, "...and if it isn't a trap?"

"It almost certainly is..." L mused, "But I do not know what it is the woman is hoping to achieve... it seems odd... if what Mello told us was true, then the Shinigami mentioned that he was immune to these... 'Death Note' objects..."

"...Mello... he wasn't very clear about what the Shinigami said to him..." Near mused, "I wonder, now that I have touched the Death Note, could I possibly review video footage of this morning, when Mello left Felicity's house with the Death Note and see the Shinigami?"

"That may be for the best..." L said, and stayed quiet, expecting Near to open up one of the many video files on his computer.

Near did just so, and watched the morning's footage. He barely flinched as he saw a naked Mello walk up to the clothes the button camera was attached to, and casually remarked, "...well, that's interesting, isn't it?"

"What is?" L replied.

"Mello has a small penis..." Near objectively stated, "...that explains his penchant for leather..." Near stopped, and after an awkward silence, weakly laughed, "My apologies, I guess this is serious..."

After watching through the footage, Near smiled, as just as he expected, he was now able to see the tall, pale blue monstrosity which had ambushed Mello that morning. It spoke to Mello so calmly, and told him various pieces of information... and finally, the particular tidbit he was after in detail was heard...

Ryuk's voice said over the computer's speaker's, "This is all a game to me. I figured having a powerful piece like you would be fun. Just so you know, only that notebook is ineffective against you. I have a notebook of my own... and I can still kill you with it."

Near's eyes widened, "No... no, it can't... Ryuzaki, we have to stop this operation!"

L's voice suddenly spoke up, "What's wrong, Near?"

"...the... the God of Death... he mentioned that... although Mello is now immune to the Death Note formerly in possession of Felicity Granger and Matthew Dave, other Death Notes are effective to him... not only that, but he revealed he was in possession of one himself..." Near's normally stoic demeanour seemed to be quite rattled, "...he may have given his own to Felicity Granger... and... and Felicity may be intending to kill Mello with this second note..."

L became quiet, his mind's wheels turning, " far, all the killings have required knowledge of the true name of the subject, as the Death Note's rules state... and Mello's true name... at the very least, the spelling of it... is unknown. Mello should be safe. I think Felicity may be attempting to re-acquire the name, but nothing more... Mello should be safe... we cannot waste this opportunity..."

Near hunched over a little more than usual, and thought to himself, "...this... Felicity Granger has to be the stupidest woman with such powers ever... the plan is so obvious, and has so many flaws... it almost makes me think she's a bigger threat than what we credit her with..."

"Near, if it looks like there's a risk, then we'll tell Mello to withdraw, but it would seem that Mello is safe, for the time being..." L replied, "...okay, let's watch the button camera... you'll be able to tell me if you see that 'God of Death', won't you, Near?"

"Yes..." Near mumbled, his tone of voice still anxious. He didn't quite know what it was, but something about this whole situation was making the boy feel uneasy...

Just outside the Mail Office, Ffriddoedd Site, during the latter half of the former events

Mello walked to the exit of the Ffriddoedd Site that was closest to the Mail Office, and Felicity was already waiting there, in her silver Porsche nine-eleven. Opening the passenger door, Mello got in, and said, "...uh... hi."

Felicity looked Mello over, and cocked her head with confusion, before getting into character, and saying, " how are you coping?"

"Well... it's just... so suddenly..." Mello said, putting on a convincing fa├žade of grief, partially because he still was in genuine shock, "...I'm not sure what to think about the whole thing..."

Felicity would have loved to have been thinking about a response to Mello's remark, however, something else was bothering her far more... when she looked at his face, not only did she see the spelling she was meant to have wrote into her first Death Note- 'Mihael Keehl'... but she noticed that a set of numbers were floating above his head, like every single human she saw on the way to pick Mello up.

This didn't make sense... why did he have them? In that case, why would he steal the Death Note? If he wasn't the original owner, what would be the point of taking it...

Felicity gulped, and before she could stop herself, asked, "...M-Michael... what... what are you?"

"What? What am I?" Mello asked, confused by her sudden change in attitude...

Suddenly, L's voice spoke up in Mello's ear, "...what's going on? Felicity Granger seems to have noticed something..."

Mello didn't need L to tell him that... Felicity was now white as a sheet, and quivering in fear. Out of the blue, she started her engine, and said, "G-g-get out... get out... now..."

Mello didn't understand what the abnormal shift in behaviour was, however, he didn't seem to have any other choice but to oblige, and left the car as quickly as he entered it, and once he had shut the passenger door, Felicity sped off into the distance.

Mello looked at the car sheepishly as it left, and whispered to his earpiece, "...L, do you have any idea what's going on?"

"No... but whatever has happened, it has caused Felicity to call off whatever trap she had set for you..." L mused, "And also, it reduces the likelihood of her finding out your real name..."

"My real... wait, why should that be a problem?" Mello asked, "The Shinigami saved my life, didn't he? I'm safe from those things..."

L's voice wavered for a moment, before he said, " Near reviewed the footage... Mello, Felicity Granger should be able to kill you if she uses another Death Note to write your name down. You must be especially cautious that she doesn't find out your name..."

"Well, given my name is so hard to spell, that shouldn't be a..." Mello began to say, before he suddenly fell to the floor, quivering, "...h-h-huh? What..."

However, before he could continue to speak, Mello had fully collapsed, his body lying on the street outside of the Ffriddoedd Site...

"...Mello? Mello, can you hear me? Mello? Mello?" L's voice asked, repeating over and over in his non-responsive ears, his voice becoming noticeably more worried with every repetition, "Mello? Can you hear me?"

However, Mello neither replied to L, nor got up... he simply lay there... it was only a matter of time before a horrified bystander would discover him, calling the police like any good citizen would...

47 Belmont Road, Bangor, Gwynedd, right after this event

Felicity rushed into her house, gasping repeatedly, holding on to her Death Note like it was some kind of comfort blanket. She quivered as she said, "Th-that was close..."

"...why did you kill the human?" Rem asked, "He was not an owner of a Death Note, which means he was not a threat..."

"But..." Felicity began to point out, "...he was the one who stole my Death Note. If he wasn't a killer... he was someone investigating the killers... someone has noticed what I've been doing, and the authorities are now on to me! He was working for the police! If he wasn't, why else would he have taken it! I'm such an idiot..."

"But won't killing him just attract more attention?" Rem asked.

"He probably knew enough about me to get me arrested, and he's probably told other people..." Felicity said, her tone shaky and panicked, "...I need to run. Rem, we're going on a cruise..."

"A... cruise?" Rem asked, "What do you mean?"

"There's a pier on Anglesey which has a boat called 'The Endeavour' on it." Felicity said, "I... I know the captain of it is... Ben Strachan. I'll simply make his death in twenty-three days, and during those days, he'll help me sail out of here!"

"...are you sure that..." Rem began to say, but the frightened woman didn't want to listen to her.

"WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST, REM?" Felicity screamed, "They're on to me! That... Mihael man, he's probably been investigating me for ages, he was probably planning an ambush on me tonight!"

Felicity proceeded to write down, 'Ben Strachan, drowning. Drives to Porth Daniel and meets Felicity Granger there at seven thirty post meridian today. Takes the 'Endeavour' into the Irish Sea, and further out into the Atlantic, before falling off the deck and drowning at twelve midday, January the fourteenth.'

Felicity grinned, and began laughing to herself maniacally, "Ha! This is it... ha ha... this is it! And I'll have a boat, all to myself... ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha... ha ha ha ha! I'm sure I'll be able to grasp how the thing works after watching Ben boating for a while..."

Rem could do naught but watch as Felicity's rapidly dwindling sanity escaped her completely, and she packed together her many clothes in preparation for leaving her house, and her country altogether...

Author's Note: Damn, too many wham moments...

...well, did anyone expect that little twist? It's what TV Tropes calls a 'Literal Genie' moment- the Death Note merely specifies that 'The Death Note will be rendered ineffective if a victim's name is misspelled four times'. It doesn't say all Death Notes would be rendered ineffective, nor does it even say the Death Note would be ineffective only against the misspelled name. It's a very vague rule, and thus can be very vaguely interpreted, and because it was never used in canon...

...such an obscure rule is a fanfiction writer's pot o' gold!