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Gale got home from work to find a busy household. Madge's friends were crowding the place with shopping bags and new manicures. Mari was in the center holding up pink denim shoes and little hair bows. He shut the front door quietly and snuck into the kitchen.

He stole a freshly made pigs-in-a-blanket and went up the stairs in search of his sons. They were cooing in their bedrooms, grabbing at their feet and smiling gum filled smiles up at him. They were wearing new overalls and soft little gray t-shirts.

Gale smiled and picked up Will, his newly curly blonde strands out of place from sleep. He crossed the room to hoist Flint up on his hip. Will was the larger of the two but Gale still had to lean over to grab Flint under the armpits and safely under the soft diaper covered bottom.

He danced around the room to make the little Hawthorne's laugh. He could clearly see the resemblance of himself in Will and the same bone structure of Madge in Flint. They were going to be heartbreakers when they got older. Gale chuckled at his private joke.

He brought the twins down stairs into the kitchen where he set them up in their high chairs. He got out baby food and heated it up in the microwave. He squished it down with plastic baby spoons and made sure it was cool enough to eat.

Gale sat down and watched the boys spoon out graceful spoonfuls of baby food and stuff it into their wide pink mouths. Flint caught his eye and stared his father down until he could smile without food in his mouth and Gale let out a belly laugh.

The living room went quiet after. "I didn't know Gale was home." Madge's voice said from the room over. The babies looked back to the wall trying to find their mother. When she appeared in the doorway they offered her little smiles too.

Gale shook his head, "they're getting so big."

"Well you haven't been around to see it, have you?" she said softly.

"No. I haven't" he admitted. "Flint looks like you."

"Really?" she smiled and came to rest on his lap. "I think he looks like you."

"Just because of the hair…" he said and turned his head. "He has your sparkling eyes." Madge rolled her eyes.

"Will is beginning to look just like you and he's getting a little heavy."

"Are you telling me that he's getting this weight from me?" Gale asked tickling her sides.

"No!" She squealed and jumped off of her husband. "I was pointing out a fact." He pulled her back to him by the hips.

"For their second birthday they can get a sibling." Madge rolled her eyes.

"Let's wait until their third or fourth birthday…" she said grinning, "that way they're a little less dependent on us."

"That's so far away." Gale whined and smiled. Madge rolled her eyes and got up again, pulling on Will's blonde strands.

"Don't complain" she smirked and looked over her shoulder at him. Madge pulled down her pants to reveal the top of her hot pink thong. "Talk to you later." She said like a giggling school girl.

Gale sat back in his chair, flabbergasted. He turned to the twins and pointed to the doorway. "Did you see that?" he asked still astonished. The boys only smiled innocently.

It was a while since Gale went to bed with his wife. It had always been he would get home from work and crawl into bed. Or they would go to bed at separate times from dealing with the twins. It was a relief to see Madge undressing in front of him.

He sat back against the pillows in dark colored boxers watching her peel off each piece of clothing. He tried to keep still. He had tried to wait. He couldn't keep his hands from climbing over her soft body. She smirked and let him unbutton her jeans.

The lacy fabric had him climbing the wall. He turned her around so they were chest to chest. "I love you." He reminded her and captured her lips slowly, savoring.

"I love you too" she said once they had parted. He pulled up her shirt and dropped it on the ground. Soon they were tangled in limbs and heated breathing on their bed. Their heads were spinning and their hands were flying to reach every inch of each other.

They were naked and relieved from the tension. They were asleep soon enough. Wrapped together with sheets they're sleeping breaths were shallow. Gale woke up at the crack of dawn and pulled himself from Madge's grasp.

He watched her squirm in the cool air away from the warmth generated from his body. She curved into herself and her breathing slowed once more. Gale sighed and reached out to stroke under her right eye. She squirmed again.

He let his hand fall back at his side. A piece of hair fell over her eye and rested on her cheek. He brushed it back behind her ear. Her breathing slowed again and this time he pulled his finger over her lips. From there, he brushed her bare shoulder.

"If you touch me again, so help me you will lose that hand." She muttered and opened one eye. He chuckled and rolled out of bed. "No, wait. Come back." She whined.

"Make up your mind." He laughed and crawled back into bed. She pulled herself over to him and rested her head on his chest. "Good morning, wife." Gale smiled into her head.

"Good morning." She smiled and hid her face. "Do we have any plans today?" He wondered.

"No…" She smiled. "The only thing is that we have to get the D4 crew back on the train and then I will travel to meet them in three days."

"When did you decide that?" He wondered, straining to look down at her.

"Right now," she smirked looking up at him.

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